Who’s She, Cherise Roze?

As you may know, HookupGeek carries on not only to review the dating websites for one night stands but to find out about the most passionate and alluring models of webcam industry in order to inform you on their biographies and interesting facts. This is surely needed in order to settle even more interest of yours when you watch their webcam shows and/or their hot xxx adult movies. So, today, we’re considering the roles and facts about Cherise Roze, a well shaped and gorgeous Afro-American babe, whose talents appeal thousands of viewers from all over the world.

So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about this cutie, Cherise Roze,

  • We have discovered that the date of birth of Cherise Roze 23 April 1991, so this hot babe is quite young, and she can be even more skilful than the majority of the mature webcam actresses;
  • The place of birth of Cherise Roze is in Oakland, CA, USA, so Cherise Roze is a native American girl, so that you will easily communicate with her in English;
  • The main and predominant occupation of Cherise Roze is pornographic actress;
  • The ethnicity of Cherise Roze is Afro-American (black);
  • The nationality of Cherise Roze is American;
  • As for the nickname/alias of this porn actress, she has never hidden her real name and prefers performing using her real name, which is Cherise Roze.

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Along with the biographic data on the place and date of her origin, HookupGeek has found out about the physical indexes and parametres of the cutie, and they are as follows,

  • Being extremely beautiful, Cherise Roze has the black/brown hair color;
  • The height of Cherise Roze is 5 feet 4 inches (that is 163 cm);
  • The weight of this cute and horny porn actress and webcam model is 81 lbs (37 kg);
  • Cherise Roze possesses the following measurements: 40D-28-52 (wherein the first number is the breasts size);
  • The eye color of this ample and amorous actress is brown;
  • The body type of Cherise Roze is average;
  • The bra/cup size is 40D;
  • It is also known that the Cherise Roze’s boobs are real/natural;
  • She has got a nice and appealing piercings located in the navel;
  • Cherise Roze also has some tattoos. The first is one her right shoulder blade, whilst the second one is in the form of the chinese characters on right collar bone and left side of stomach.

So, watching her pics and video shows, one cannot but feels overall absolute gratification of the needs and desires, since she is as hot as one can just think of! So, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that you will definitely be loving Cherise Roze, since she knows how to work miracles well!

Interesting Facts about Cherise Roze

So, what the most interesting and hot we can tell you about Cherise Roze? We’re sure you’re looking for it! So, let’s start off the films she took part in, and HookupGeek has created the rating of her best movies to watch in order to understand how perfect she is and what talents she possesses! So, catch up to the movies she was shot in,

  • Twerk Booty Poppers episode from the movie Evasive Angles (2013);
  • Booty Clappin’ Superfreaks 7 episode from the movie Evasive Angles (2013);
  • Round and Brown 35 episode from the movie Manwin Content (2015);
  • Black GF 10 episode from the movie Manwin Content (2015);
  • Black Ass Suffocation 6 episode from the movie Evasive Angles (2013);
  • Cumm Do Me Babies 3 episode from the movie Stripes Videos (2012);
  • My Black Hard Candy episode from the movie Evasive Angles (2013); and, finally,
  • Thicker Than A Snicker 2 episode from the movie PYT Productions (2013).

So, it is obvious that the star movie for Cherise Roze is Evasive Angles (2013), wherein she performed namely in each episode and did it in such a way that the fans got in love with her immediately, for the things she committed were more than just provocative and hot, but full of passion and love!

What else interesting can be about this horny beauty?

  • she prefers all the types of sex, and she is for the experiments;
  • she does not have any prejudices as for the number of partners and their actions;
  • she has a strong conviction that the main thing in her profession is to be absolutely devoted to the role, and be ready to do everything possible to ensure that the viewers are happy;
  • regardless of her young age, Cherise Roze is aware of the numerous secrets, which would surely appeal her fans in the future.

So, now on, it’d be cool to discuss why Cherise Roze is so special to the fans of hers and why HookupGeek believes that she’s worth of writing about!

Why Is She Special?

Cherise Roze is that unique and special, for the reason that she is able to provide the viewers with what they have been looking for when watching the other models. Yep, it may seem somehow vague but she is indeed aimed at providing the most alluring actions instead of just chatting with her viewers in the course of the best webcam sites show.

What is more, Cherise Roze is known to an active user of the social networks. HookupGeek has discovered that the majority of her fans prefer following her with Cherise Roze Instagram official page, wherein the actress shares the most recent pics and is ready to respond to the messages of her fans. So, if you have ever wanted to communicate with a real star, she’s that close, you can easily follow this babe on Instagram and have communication with her.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you have been expecting from Cherise Roze, you can easily count for the best quality live webcam shows by her, since she is a real professional. In addition to this, whenever you pick up one of her hot videos for adult entertainment, you can always count for the uttermost devotion. Thus, we will be happy to encounter any feedback of yours in order to see how you perceive the art of this cutie. In addition, if you have any suggestions on some popular and your favourite live webcam models and/or adult movies’ actresses, you are most welcome to get in touch with HookupGeek to single out your ideas! We will be happy to assist you in finding out more about your favorite and gorgeous cuties ever! Become happier with our sex dating sites reviews!