All the overwhelming diversity of the one night stand site free dating services (along with the ones for hookup) would be impossible and incomplete if they did not comprise the LGBTQ+ community. Adam4Adam is quite a special hookup website, since it is, on the one hand, a real social network with a plenty of the most interesting tools to use, while on the other hand, it was created for the different purposes of private relations like dating, friendship, flirt, and, of course, hookup! As a result, HookupGeek couldn’t but paid some attention to this dating service, and we have so much to narrate about it!

So, what is Adam4Adam and how this text is different from the other adult dating site reviews?

  • this is a famous dating and hookup web platform and app for gay males only;
  • the website supports the registration of either men (singles) and couples (for the hotter experiences, you know);
  • the website is equipped with the innumerable number of features and tools, so you’ll never get bored;
  • Adam4Adam uses both the principle of your geolocation and manual search for the other gay users.

So, let’s move on. Traditionally, let’s consider if the website was properly registered and functions legally,

  • the website has functioned since 2002;
  • initially, the website was launched by Convergent Ideas, LLC;
  • the website is owned by A4A Network Inc.;
  • the site was registered on behalf of the company, LLC;
  • the phone number of the website administration is 480-624-2505;
  • the official address of the website it is assigned with is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US.

So, we can consider this platform to be legal, for now.

adam4adam registration

Now on, let’s have a glance at some of the stats being associated with the website,

  • the overall number of users in the Adam4Adam database is already approaching the index of 10 million;
  • about 7 million of users come from the USA;
  • there are actually 70K users going online whenever you log in;
  • about 500K daily logins are noticed with Adam4Adam;
  • there are 82% of men on the site, and 18% of gay couples, and there are no women at all;
  • on the monthly basis, there are more than 2 million unique views of the website;
  • the average age of the Adam4Adam users is ranked at 27 years old.

The next step which we would love to take as for Adam4Adam gay website is to take a look at the functionality of the service. What kind of tools is available for the users? What are the extra features? HookupGeek knows everything about this all, and this very part of the review is going to be extremely informative!

adam4adam account-

So, what kind of tools you get as soon as you get in with Adam4Adam log in? Let’s start with the upper toolbar, which is comprised of the following,

  • My Profile section: it is comprised of features like managing your profile, uploading and arranging the photos of yours, editing the list of your favorites, upgrading your profile to premium subscription, and a special feature of Plan-A-Trip (where you can arrange the trips with the other Adam4Adam gay users by indicating the location and the dates range);
  • Mailbox: this section contains all the chats you have, including the letters from the administration (for instance, on the matter of approving a photo you might have added recently). By the way, all of your conversations in the free mode are stored only for 10 days, and then they are deleted;
  • LiveCams: you will get access to the cams powered exclusively by Adam4Adam, and you will be able to have three opportunities, namely, Adam4adamLIVE, Adam4CAMS, and A4A LIVE, so by opting for one of these alternatives you will be redirected to the affiliates of Adam4Adam mentioned (by the way, these cams have their own tariffs, which can vary from the site to site, so be aware of the fact that you will need to pay additionally to watch the hottest gay webcam models’ shows);
  • Sex Shop (it is also known as Adam4Adam store): you will redirected to the official sex shop powered exclusively by Adam4Adam, and you will be able to have a chance to shop around the site and purchase innumerable adult toys;
  • Movies: you will be again redirected to the special Ada4Adam TV site, where you will be able to watch innumerable perfect quality adult movies. Also, mind that you will have to pay additionally for the unlimited access to the movies;
  • Undies: there is another store powered by Adam4Adam, where you will have a chance to purchase innumerable models of underpants for men (there are both classical and special purposes ones).

Adam4Adam Login
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If you think that this is the end, you’re quite mistaken, since there is a left hand toolbar to use some more features,

  • Members Online: that’s easy, you’ll be able to search by using the criterion of who is going online at the moment, and, aslo, you will be showed how many users of the dating site are currently online;
  • Featured Members: the list of users who paid for the ads is located in this tab;
  • Popular Members: the most popular users’ list will be exposed in this section;
  • New Members: you’ll be able to hook up and date with the users who are newcomers of the Adam4Adam service;
  • PROs: you will be able to search the users by the criterion of their location based on their longitude and latitude;
  • Favorites tab will ensure that you have some categories to sort the users by Favorites Online, Favorites Notes, My Smiles, My Blocked List, and Last Visits;
  • Visitors: have access to the list of the users who visited your profile;
  • Members Directory: will ensure that you can browse the locals by geolocation, last login, and alphabetically;
  • Parties & Events: you’ll see the calendar of the gay events being based on the cities and dates of their place;
  • Change City;
  • Search;
  • Health Specialists: you will be able to get free consultations from the users who work in medical industry by easily dropping them a message;
  • Blog: it is comprised of the numerous safety tips and health recommendations;
  • Safe Dating Tips: you will be showed some approaches to make your dates safe with the safe people.

Woohoo, you can now judge that the functionality of the dating site is more than perfect, and it will surely cover almost all aspects of your life, so that you will feel constant support.

As a result, you might be eager to find out the costs for these innumerable features and tools, yep? And, you know what? HookupGeek is aware of everything, and will gladly share this information with you right away in the proceeding section!


First of all, let’s what kinds of profiles you are supposed to encounter with Adam4Adam?

  • Free Adam4Adam profile (with all the features of the site to be limited);
  • Paid membership.

Also, the website, as we have already mentioned, contains numerous additional links to the special features being exclusively powered by Adam4Adam, and they require additional payment. Thus, if you don’t want to have a paid profile with Adam4Adam, you can have it for free but limited, and it will not restrict you from getting the VIP access to the special features like cams sex, movies, store, and undies.

Adam4Adam Login
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So, what do we know about the pricing on the Adam4Adam gay dating site? There are two main tariffs,

  • VIP; and
  • VIP + ProAd.

Let’s consider the prices for the VIP membership,

  • 1 month of VIP Access to Adam4Adam would go just for $10.00;
  • 3 months of VIP Access to Adam4Adam would cost you $75.00, wherein 1 month will cost you $25.00.

The VIP + ProAd tariff has the following prices,

  •  1 month of VIP + ProAd to Adam4Adam would go just for $30.00;
  • 3 months of VIP + ProAd to Adam4Adam would cost you $75.00, wherein 1 month will cost you $25.00.

However, currently Adam4Adam gay dating proposes the following discounts,

  • the VIP membership starts at $6.67 a month; and
  • the VIP + ProAd membership will be priced at $20.00.

Hence, if you register now with Adam4Adam gay dating site, you will have some financial benefits.

Let’s sort out what kind of features you receive additionally if you run either VIP or VIP + ProAd membership profile? The VIP and VIP + ProAd memberships presuppose that you will have the following features at your disposal,

  • Advertise your service;
  • Remove publicity;
  • Invisible mode;
  • Get featured;
  • Featured grid;
  • PRO grid;
  • Conversation history;
  • Saved conversations;
  • Photos in profile;
  • Party/Event ads;
  • Plan trips;
  • Saved searches;
  • Favorites & Blocks;
  • Visitors track lists; and
  • Customer support.

The only difference between these two tariffs is that you will have different amount/volume of these features.

adam4adam prices

Hence, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that Adam4Adam has innumerably many free of price features as well as the unique and cool tools within the paid mode of the website.

Also, as we have already told you, the access to Movies section requires additional payment, which is based on the principle of the minutes you spent. Thus, the costs for the minutes bundles are as follows,

  • $84.95 to purchase 1000 minutes of the hottest gay adult movies;
  • $49.95 to get 500 minutes of the most alluring gay xxx films;
  • $29.95 to buy 300 minutes of the lustful gay videos;
  • $19.95 to obtain 200 minutes of the passionate sex videos for gay users;
  • $11.95 to grab 100 minutes of the horny videos where gays star;
  • $8.95 to enjoy 60 minutes of everlasting gay pleasure;
  • $5.95 to peep on 30 minutes of videos of sexually explicit content;
  • $3.95 to watch 15 minutes of gay videos for adults.

Adam4Adam Login
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By paying for the minutes, you will also receive the following features,

  • you will be able to download the movies;
  • you will have 1 minute previews of the videos before you start watching;
  • renting more than one movie at the same time;
  • ability to carry on using the minutes left from the previous monthly package (starting from the second instance of purchasing the minutes package);
  • you’ll have access to the premium videos; and
  • you will be absolutely deprived of any possible ads to watch before the movie starts.

So, the pricing, in general, seems to be more or less affordable, if we compare it with the other dating services of the same niche.adam4adam app

Pros and Cons

This section is fairly going to be very hot, as you can understand, since we have identified so many cool characteristics! So, the advantages of the Adam4Adam gay platform are as follows,

  • the diversity and availability of the features and tools in the free mode is adorable;
  • the paid membership ensure merely ideal tools and access to them, so that you will surely be able find a perfect partner (or even partners!);
  • the quality of tools is great and works for the comfort of the users and fruitfulness of the results;
  • the quality of profiles is also great, since they are all real;
  • the special features like store, TV, webcams and undies would surely contribute to your leisure time and style;
  • there is a great app to use if you prefer the Adam4Adam mobile site;
  • the measures of security are great, since the website and app do take much care of the users’ protection;
  • the number of users will surely ensure that you can have many nice experiences;
  • some of the videos from the Movies section support the feature of virtual reality; and
  • the blog to make an emphasis on the security and healthy dating and lifestyle is a great and unique tool, which will let you change your life to better.

Adam4Adam Login
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In fact, the list of the pros can be indeed everlasting! We’d leave you some space to test the site and share your experiences with us! And now the disadvantages of the website go,

  • there are some annoying ads in the free mode;
  • the messages tab will sometimes be loaded with the ads-based messages in the free mode.

Thus, the balance of the advantages and shortcomings is much nice, so you will fall in love with the Adam4Adam dating website. However, we would love to pay some additional attention to the security, quality of tools, and quality of profiles as well as to the essence of the Adam4Adam radar gay app and how you can have your profile deleted. So, scroll down a bit and you will find out even more details about the marvelous Adam4Adam online dating!


The overall functioning of the website undergoes the following legal regulations and laws,

  • 18 USC 2257 Record. Keeping Requirements;
  • Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act;
  • Child Online Protection Act; and
  • Copyright Act.

In case of having issues with the security on the site, you are always eligible to get in touch with the site representatives in order to narrate all the things you think are improper or went wrong,

  • contact the site via email at;
  • A4A Network Inc. Fax: (866) 707-4498;
  • via the phone number at 1-800-628-0241 or 704-529-1600; and/or
  • via the contact form located on the website.

So, what are the key principles of the security with Adam4Adam?

  • Age: as you can understand because of the sexually explicit content, the users are supposed to be at least 18 years old, and this is clearly communicated in the Service Agreement  that the Adam4Adam “services are not available to anyone who is not at least 18 years of age. If you are not at least 18 years of age, you are not permitted to become a Member or use our services”;
  • Privacy: the site utilizes the cookies system, so some of your data will be detected in order to commit the analysis. Also, you will have to expose some of your private information in the course of registration, since it would let the system to match you with the most suitable users;
  • Non-disclosure policies: the website and the app tend to claim that they will never disclose the information of yours to any third parties with a little exception. Thus, the Privacy Policies section of the site claim that the administration can and has a right to “disclose personal and aggregate information when required by a valid legal mechanism such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court order, or when we deem it necessary, in our sole discretion, to protect our rights and the safety of others, or our members, employees, or properties.”

Adam4Adam Login
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Hence, the terms of security with the Adam4Adam dating are more than beneficial, and can certainly be an integrative part of the advantages section!

Quality of Tools

As you may know, the Adam4Adam radar gay website possesses quite positive and beneficial quality of tools, and you will always be able to utilize those in compliance with your intentions. Thus, we would love to explain in more details why consider the tools of Adam4Adam apk and website so great,

  • each of the tools is made with the idea of the comfort of the users;
  • along with the dating and hookup functions, the tools serve the entertaining and lifestyle-making functions;
  • each of the features presented on the website is designed in the easiest way, but, along with this, it is called to provide the best results ever.

We would like to consider some of the most important tools in detail, since they play the most significant role ever. Thus, let’s start with the signing up procedure,

  • in order to register with Adam4Adam you need to fulfill several details, including you age, gender/couple, your location (country, city, district), upload the photo and verify that you’re not a robot;
  • the process of sign up takes up to 3 minutes, and it is nice, indeed;
  • after you signed up, you have to verify your email;
  • the process of registration is based on the photos approval system, so that it gives a real guarantee that the profiles of the users are quite real.

What about the tool of search with Adam4Adam?

  • the search is great, since it can generate the results based on the filters you insert;
  • you can pick up the search which would show you the nearest users located (if you don’t want to insert the filters manually);
  • you can just browse the recommendations by the website and get someone shortly;
  • the users’ profiles generated via the search engine are really the ones, which you could like.

The next tool being advantageous is the process of having your profile deleted,

  • you will not need to waste much time;
  • you will not be asked to indicate the reason of why you’ve decided on leaving the site; and
  • you will not need to communicate your intention to leave the membership to any support team agent.

Hence, we have nothing to do but to admit the tools are a real advantage of Adam4Adam! What about the app? We’ll disclose also how it is beneficial for the users of Adam4Adam!

About Adam4Adam Gay App

The Adam4Adam Gay app (which is also known as Adam4Adam radar) is suitable for all operating systems and mobile devices. In order to download the Adam4Adam mobile application you just have to visit the App Store (if you’re a user of the iOs system) or utilize the Play Market (if your mobile device is powered by Android).

So, what are the features of the app? How is it built? Is it anyhow different from the web version of the Adam4Adam dating site?

Similarly to the web format, the Adam4Adam profile of yours in the app consists of the following fields to be filled out,

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Height;
  • Weight;
  • Waist Size;
  • Body Type;
  • Hair;
  • Eyes Color;
  • Body Hair;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Penis;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Sexual preferences;
  • Looking for;
  • Sexual Practice;
  • HIV Status;
  • Relationship Status;
  • Communities;
  • Out;
  • Smoke;
  • Drink;
  • Drugs;
  • Zodiac.

Thus, you can fill in everything or leave some fields empty in case if you prefer staying private.

adam4adam match

The app is also equipped with all the other features and tools,

  • if you want to shop around in the Adam4Adam store, the app supports this function as well;
  • the webcams of Adam4Adam (all the three alternatives) are available in the app;
  • you can sign up, log out and delete your profile via the app;
  • you are not supposed to use the web version to further use the apk (so you can use only app or only website, or both);
  • you can process all the payments via the app as well.

So, app by Adam4Adam is a real advantage, similarly to the other ones, since the designers of the app took much care of the comfort of the users. Hence, that’d be a real crime not to admire it and its exquisite design!

How To Delete Adam4Adam Dating Account

As we have already told you, the procedure to delete your profile from the database of Adam4Adam is super easy, and we will show you how to complete it,

  • be sure to log in the Adam4Adam profile of yours;
  • find My Profile on the upper toolbar and choose My Profile in the popup window;
  • when the page is loaded, scroll it down up to the bottom;
  • at the end of the page find Delete Account, which goes right after My Settings line;
  • press Delete Account and push Confirm in the popup window.

Here you are: you’re again on the signup page. You’re not a member of Adam4Adam anymore. But we’re sure you’ll be regretting it! Why? Just because the quality of this website is marvelous, and the profiles of the users clearly show what the main purposes are followed by the users.

Quality of Profiles

One of the advantages, which we have indicated with Adam4Adam, is the quality of profiles to adore and enjoy to the greatest extent! We would love to explain why we do love this aspect and why it is so great for the users?

  • the first reason is that there million of the users being really active and online;
  • secondly, the profiles of the users are mostly all filled in, so you will be able to get on well with the possible successful matches;
  • thirdly, in case of wanting to go private you can hide your photos, so you will regulate it yourself who you would let see them;
  • fourthly, there are no fake profiles and online cupids, so you will always be communicating with real alive people.

So, why not love this perfect platform, yay!

Final Thoughts

Well, there are so many benefits of using the greatest gay website ever, as it seems! When you first start using the Adam4Adam gay chat, you will understand that there are no real boundaries between the users, since they can be either your friends or sexual partners. You can also find love, which is another great advantage. So, HookupGeek suggests you trying the website and app by Adam4Adam, and you will have the best leisure time ever!

In addition to this, you may want to find out more about the gay sites like Adam4Adam, and we would be glad to provide you with some Adam4Adam alternatives right away!

Of course, neither of these websites and apps are purely for gay men, but they support the dating opportunities for men seeking men.

In any case, we do hope that you have been really enjoying your stay with us. Finally, we would like to give you a small hint on the most successful communication—you can make your communication much intriguing and brighter by using the specially designed and unique sexual quotes prepared by HookupGeek. Don’t even thank us!

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FAQ about Adam4Adam

You can use the website only under the conditions that you want to have some sexual experiences with men in the homosexual format of ties. So, if you feel like trying it, you are welcome to join Adam4Adam!

In order to process the payment for the VIP services, you will be able to use either PayPal or your bank card. The payments are processed instantly.

You will not delete your profile by deleting your app. In order to get more details about how to delete the profile of Adam4Adam, be sure to log in and find the needed tab in My Profile section.

If you are not sure about some users, you should better avoid communication. However, the Adam4Adam website is equipped with the Blog section, where you can read some safety tips during the dates in real life.

Unfortunately, no one can be sure about this aspect. It means that all the communication and dates are your private matters, so only you and your partner can regulate the speed of the communication and relations of yours.