Adult Dating Sites Reviewer Needed

Adult Dating Sites Reviewer Needed

What We Need

HookupGeek is seeking a person, who would be professional in writing engaging and profound reviews devoted to the adult dating sites and adult cam live sex platforms. For this, the advanced and/or proficient level of writing in English is required as well as creative approach to analysis of the sites.

For this, we expect you to be ready to review approximately five platforms a week in order to keep our users posted and updated on the new features and characteristics of a particular site.

Basic Requirements:

  • professionalism in epistolary genre;
  • proficiency in English literacy;
  • creativity of information narration;
  • ability to critically analyze the contents of the sites;
  • knowledge on work in the document editor and skills in Microsoft Office;
  • understanding of the sites’ functionality.

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • meet the deadlines indicated to the reviews to be accomplished;
  • meet the requirements for the reviews to be accomplished;
  • comprehend the whole cycle from preparing the review to its publishing;
  • be able to efficiently utilize the required vocabulary;
  • be capable of professionally approaching the tasks and working in team;
  • possess a degree in language(s);
  • perfectly write in English to appeal the readers;
  • be able to edit the written text;
  • properly utilize the document editors;
  • be flexible enough to be ready to start work anytime when needed;
  • be perseverant when analyzing the sites;
  • have knowledge on the functionality of the sites and their constitution.

These expectations are designed in order to let you understand the essence of the work as well as the quality of the produced content. In addition to this, Hookupgeek would be extremely happy to encounter the candidates who are creative enough and can be extremely productive; hence, laborious and creative candidates are always welcome. What is more, if these requirements and expectations are met by a candidate, HookupGeek would serve as a perfect employment location to get freedom by making good money!

The expectations, which we have enumerated, would surely seem to be affordable, and you – as a candidate – will be able to prove that you are the best of the best. So, the criteria referred to as expectations and requirements are basic for the further employees. it would help us build the best employees’ team being extremely professional and creative!

Who We Are

HookupGeek is one of the leaders of reviewing the adult dating sites, for the reputation of the company is perfect. The trust of our users has been built for the years of successful cooperation. In addition, HookupGeek is a company, which has already assisted thousands of users on how to pick up the best and the most credible adult dating and hookup site(s). So, when cooperating with us as a reviewer, you would be able to contribute to the assistance in the most piquant and passionate domain, which is surely another prerogative. Thus, when cooperating with HookupGeek, each employee obtains numerous privileges, which would show you that this type of work is more than perfect for those who love freedom. So, HookupGeek delivers this opportunity to both readers and employees.

Hence, our advantages are as follows,

  • perfect compensation rates;
  • perfect conditions for work;
  • ability to express your opinion and all creative skills;
  • security of the payments;
  • good reputation on the market;
  • the most professional and contemporary team with a zero turnover rate.

Our team is aimed at being contemporary, deliberated, and trustworthy. Thus, each of our employees is granted a lot of freedom when working! Because of this, our motto is “Get more freedom and… deliberation – extend your… borders by combining business with pleasure!”

What You Get

  • competitive approach to the salary you earn;
  • great, friendly, and professional team ready to assist you;
  • numerous benefits of material and non-material awards;
  • constant development of your skills.


  • Remote

Apply for this job

To apply for this job drop us a note at

Please include:

  • Salary expectations.
  • Your CV and short description of how we can benefit each other.
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