Lesbian Dating Sites Lists (2019)

If you have long been seeking to use the most fruitful lesbian website for dating and hookup, you might know that there is a plenty of scamful ones. Choose only the best ones with the highest level of trust and reputation. HookupGeek is here to assist you to opt for the best ones to achieve the purposes you have!



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Lesbian dating sites have been the place, wherein the girls could find the most alluring ties of their dream with the other girls. Herein, the dating sites for lesbian girls serve not only the function of hookup to have a night with a hot girl in the format of no strings attached. Lesbian dating sites can assist you in the choice of the long-term relations partner in order to build a family. So, in compliance with your choice and preference, you can visit the websites, which HookupGeek reviewed and recommended as the best lesbian dating sites ever!

HookupGeek is now going to review the queerest and the most surprising type of sites, the one designed for the lesbian girls. Of course, best dating platforms, utilized by the lesbian females are not that numerous and are different from the point of view of their functionality and credibility. In this review, we are going to share some nice adult opportunities of both paid and freenature. So, be the first who would rediscover the best options for dating and/or hookup which would run your private life upside down!

The List of Lesbian Fuck Sites

Lesbian Fuck Sites are the internet based sites, which can provide its users with the ability to find the best partners for the one time sex intercourse with no perspective of gaining the serious relations.

Site TitleReaview PagePricing Plans
BeNaughtyBeNaughty Review3 days would cost £ 2.97 (£ 0.99/day)
1 month would cost £ 29.99
3 months would cost £ 65.37 (£ 21.79 a month)
6 months would cost £ 71.94 (£ 11.99 a month)
Compatible Partners Not YetBasic Plan is $19.95 a month for 12 months,
$29.90 a month for six months,
$29.95 a month for three months, and
$59.95 for one month
FlirtFlirt.Com Review1 Month would go for 27.30 $ / Month (Total: 27.30 $)
3 Months would go for 15.30 $ / Month (Total: 45.90 $)
6 Months would go for 12.27 $ / Month (Total: 73.60 $)

So, what you are to expect from the lesbian fuck sites and what they propose you as soon as you are a member of one (or several) of them?

  • the ones HookupGeek recommends are deprived of the scam and fraud, so that you can safely utilize them to achieve your purposes;
  • as a rule, the lesbian fuck sites tend to work on the principle of the best match; so you may be sure that the service would find the best suitable variant for you;
  • the lesbian fuck sites tend to provide the services to find a person for a one night stand. However, there are cases when the girls meet more often to have some pleasant experiences;
  • the lesbian fuck sites are based on the most current legal regulations, so your private data would definitely secured.

In addition to this, the lesbian fuck sites would ensure that you can search and opt for the ones, who you really like. In case if this stuff is mutual, you both can decide on what is going to be next and which format of ties you should move to. In any case, HookupGeek guarantees that the lesbian fuck sites listed on this page would be assisting and would bring you the overall freedom of choice. So, do not hesitate to take a look at all of them in order to choose the best one, which would suit all of your desires and expectations.

Because of the high interest rates among the popular lesbian dating sites, it is necessary to distinguish between the free lesbian dating sites and paid lesbian sites for dating. So, at HookupGeek, we have prepared an extensive review on how to hook up online in format of woman seeking for a woman. Take a glance on the list of sites we collected for your convenience!

Lesbian Hookup Sites

Lesbian Hookup Sites are the websites, on which you can find a perfect partner who’d have the same intention with you, that is to have perfect sexual intercourse(s) which are not limited by the time frame but which are not about the serious ties.

Site TitlePricing Plans
match.comBasic account: Free of cost
$20.99/month for 12 months
$23.99/month for six months
$26.99/month for three months
Elite SinglesBasic account: Free of cost
1 year – $31.95 per month, with a total of $383.40;
6 months – $44.95 per month, with a total of $269.70;
3 months – $59.95 per month, with a total of $167.85.
PinkSofaFree of cost
We Love DatesFree of cost
GirlFriendsMeetFree of Cost

When being in search of the free lesbian hookup sites, one can find so many fake sites, which do nothing but fool their users. However, there are some really cool dating sites for lesbian girls, which are capable of providing the needed outcomes. As you might have observed, this list consists of both free lesbian fuck sites and the paid ones, as well. So, you can easily get signed up with any of them to have them compared and by distinguishing the pros and cons of each.

So, first off, let’s single out the pros of the best free lesbian dating sites,

  • only the real lesbian dating sites are able to provide you with both short-term and long-term ties of female homosexual format;
  • the pricing, which has been mentioned in the list, are diverse, but they are all actually affordable for the users;
  • each of the lesbian dating sites give free registration opportunities and this procedure will not take much of your time;
  • the lesbian sex dating sites serve as a platform to gratify all your secret adult needs;
  • many sites contain not only the opportunity to get acquainted with someone but also get involved in the virtual world of xxx hot videos;
  • as a rule, there is an opportunity to use the function of local search on lesbian dating sites; and, finally,
  • the security of the data you share is always at the highest level.

lesbian hookup sitesSecondly, it would be necessary to have a look at some tips you would love when first using the online lesbian dating sites. So, the pieces of advice we are going to share with you are valuable even for those users who have a profound experience in seeking their couple,

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  • be as friendly as possible when you go online to chat with someone;
  • don’t forget to speak up about yourself to create the vision of your personality;
  • be interested in your interlocutor;
  • be sure to upload only the good quality and good dimension pics to attract as many persons as possible; and, finally,
  • do ensure that you respond to the messages in a timely manner.

These hints would surely provide you with the opportunity to faster find the best person in compliance with your needs and expectations.

Lesbian Teenage Dating Sites

  • HER
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hinge
  • Tinder

This type of services is mainly used by the teenagers of the same gender, that is females only;The diversity of the lesbian teenage dating sites is not that great because in fact the teen relations are merely impossible because of their illegal status. However, because of the demand for the services of this kind is great, one can count for the relations even if they are less than 18 years old. Thus, what are the teen sites for lesbian dating?

  • The main purpose of the teen lesbian sites is to ensure that people whose age is under 18 or just 18 could find the partners for the serious relations;
  • no sexual basis or hues can be expected directly, however, of course, everything depends on the circumstances of the dating of each particular case;
  • when entering the teen lesbian sites, it is highly recommended not to visit the sites of the similar type if you don’t want to violate the law.

Black Lesbian Dating Sites

  • SheMeetsHer.com
  • PinkCupid
  • Black lesbian dating

The essence of the black lesbian dating sites consists in the idea that one can easily have sexual relations of the long term nature with people of color. Let’s see it in more details,

  • one can date the girls whose ethnicity is referred to as Afro-American regardless of the persons’ color of skin;
  • the Afro-American women and girls can date the same Afro-American ones;
  • the long term relations are ensured on the sites of this type, since they are dating ones.

So, if you have always wanted some female exotic relations, you can count for this category of the websites. be sure you will love them!

Older Lesbian Dating Sites

  • HER
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hinge
  • Tinder

If you love the MILF or cougar like style of relations or casual sex, you will be glad to realize that older women as partners in relations are no less great than any other styles. So, what do you gain when you attend the older women dating sites?

  • Regardless of your age, you can always find women of age for lesbian long term relations;
  • even if you’re young you can still want to get engaged with a woman of age;
  • even if you are in search of the older women and you are not young that much as well, you can still count for the relations in this format;
  • if you have some special purposes (such as financial support) you can also count for it when looking for the older women to date.

Top 5 Best Lesbian Hookup Sites

1. OkCupidBasic account: Free of cost
A-List Basic: $4.95 a month
A-List Premium: $19.90 a month
2. Plenty of FishBasic account: Free of cost
Premium membership with additional traits: Starts at $7 a month
3. HingeBasic account: Free of cost
Premium membership with additional traits: Starts at $7 a month
4. BumbleBasic account: Free of cost
Boost account: $7.99 a month and $2.99 per week
5. PinkCupid1 Month is for 24.98 USD;
3 Months 16.66 USD/ month, (total: $49.99)
12 Months 8.33 USD / Month (Total: 99.98 USD)

As a rule, the dating sites for lesbian girls presented above are equipped with the numerous functions and have perfect design to attract the new users, and, by this, to expend the users’ database. Also, when you register with one and/or several HookupGeek’s Top 5 good lesbian dating sites, you are given a chance to refer your friends to it, so you will be able to diversify the profiles.

The innumerable lesbian dating sites reviews point to the fact that whenever you decide on becoming a part of one of the LGBT dating communities or platforms, you would have to pay attention to your security. So, here, along with the numerous queer sites, we are going to show you how to take care of the security of yours. Take a look,

  • before you sign up, you are expected to go through the Terms of Use and Policies sections of any site or app;
  • get ensured that they guarantee you the overall safety of all the data you share for signing up process;
  • try to not disclose your privacy information with the interlocutors in order to avoid any unpleasant situations;
  • do not inform anybody on your phone number and address unless you are not sure that the person is credible;
  • when registering, be sure to utilize an email, which would not be attached to your work in order to avoid any type of confusion;
  • do never disclose your banking details to the people from the chats; and, finally,
  • when you commit a payment (if the paid services have been chosen) be sure that the site and its administration do not have any access to the data you share, since for the payment purposes usually the agent banks are used.

These easy measures are called to guarantee you the protection of all the data and will make your hookup and dating process more comfortable. Also, remember that these features would work only with the most credible and real sites.

What features are you about to expect when you want to sign up for any of the sites we provided? What are the key characteristics of the LGBT dating sites we have enumerated in this article? We are going to share some nice characteristics, which would definitely show you the benefits of the dating and hookup online. So, here they go,

  • as a rule, all the sites we have mentioned above are dedicated to the needs of the LGBT community;
  • surely, some of the platforms enumerated can contain some features for the male LGBT group;
  • along with the purely lesbian relations, some of the sites propose you trying bisexual ties;
  • no straight people would register with the LGBT dating and hookup sites, which we shared with you;
  • if you choose the paid services and apps, you can have unlimited access to all the features, including not only chatting but also webcams, hot adult videos, and hot horny galleries (these are located not on all sites, but still you can have access to them if needed);
  • the payment system is, as a rule, secure, so no one would have access to your bank (credit) card and any banking details;
  • some of the sites contain forums for the women who are in love to discuss some relation-related issues or read the stories of private experience; and, finally,
  • in majority of the cases, the tools utilized by the LGBT dating and hookup web locations are characterized as the most updated ones for your comfort and convenience.

As you may find it, the list of the core features of the lesbian dating platforms is big, and in any case you are more than just welcome to expend it in compliance with your experience. So, carry on reading in order to find out how to get the horniest or the most long-term ties with the women, who are in search of women or some bisexual experiences.

Best Lesbian Dating Sites

What can you find on the best lesbian dating sites?

  • Due to the fact that this is dating opportunity, you are expected to obtain long term relations with a partner of your choice;
  • you won’t be able to have some kind of relations which would be referred to as no strings attached;
  • perfect navigation and incredible design of the tools;
  • only credible and real accounts with no scam possible;
  • ability to get subscribed to the newsletter in order to be in touch with all the actions which take place in your profile;
  • great choice of profiles, which would definitely create you a proper space for choice.

So, as you may have noticed, the diversity of the perfect features of the best lesbian dating sites are great. So, why not to choose one of them to achieve the desired intention to find your destiny there? Herein, it is not important which category of search you are interested in: whether you want an experienced girl/woman or just a person to be in love with.

When it comes to the best sites for the female LGBT communication, it is quite complicated to single out just a couple of them. In reality, there is an incredibly huge plenty of the platforms, which are aimed at providing you with the most engaging experiences regardless of what continuity of relations you are expecting. So, which features are assigned to the best dating platforms for the lesbian girls and women?

  • the ideal lesbian dating and hookup platforms are accompanied with the best and quality tools such as search engine, chat system, registration, payment/wallet system, and support team working all around the clock;
  • the search engine, as a rule, will be equipped with the diverse filters and would support the search using the nicknames (user’s names) and hashtags;
  • the premium quality lesbian sites will never have you exhibited to the improper ads;
  • the functionality and work of the sites would never overload the work of your mobile device or your computer; and, finally,
  • the diversity of the profiles as well as their number would be a pleasant surprise for you.

So, if you encounter one or more features listed above on one of the sites be sure to sign up, since it will give you even more than you expect it to deliver.

Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Sites

Working under the slang phrase ‘sugar mama dating’, the lesbian platforms for adult dating and hookup are eager to and are capable of performing the best functions to make your search successful. When you surf such a dating location online, you will be definitely delighted by the diversity of the profiles and options, namely,

  • the search enables not only ‘a woman seeking a woman’ format;
  • the search can also contain the following options to pick up: ‘a woman – two women’ or ‘a woman – three women’ or ‘female couple – female couple’;
  • swinger functions are also provided with the sugar mama dating;
  • some of the web places can be referred to as free online lesbian dating sites; and, finally,
  • no fake profiles or so-called ‘web cupids’ would encountered.

Thus, it seems evident that you can get the whole diversity of the functions! Enjoy!

Free Lesbian Dating Sites In USA

HERFree of cost
FemFree of cost
LesbotronicFree of cost
Curve PersonalsFree of cost
Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating App ClubFree of cost
Sugar Mama’s Love FreeFree of cost

The majority of the lesbian free dating sites presented above and located in the USA are possible to bring you some nice benefits, such as

  • you can use the local search of the free lesbian chat dating sites, that is you can seek a person/persons whose location is not far off yours;
  • if you are a non-resident of the USA, you can still chat with someone of American origin in order to find love in the overseas format;
  • because of the US legislation, in some states, the same sex marriages are allowed, so you can search not only locally but using the states which give you as a woman an opportunity to get married with a woman;
  • because of the US legislation, in some states, the same sex marriages are a tool to adopt a child in the same sex family; and, finally,
  • in case if you are not from the USA but want to date a lesbian girl from the USA, and a particular site is not accessible, you are more than welcome to utilize the VPN to hide your location.

So, if you prefer free lesbian dating sites in the USA, you have no obstacles on your way to get the expected things! Just do it since there is no one else in this world who would be that responsible for your private life and your own happiness.

Conclusion on the Lesbian Online Dating Sites

As you can now find out, there is a wide variety of the LGBT-related platforms, whereon you can successfully make all your dreams come true. Some of the sites are aimed at providing the dating services, which assume the long-term relations; whilst some are nothing else but casual ties or hookup ones, which do not presuppose any serious partnership or ties. In addition to this, the Internet gives you a chance to get signed up with each one we showed you in spite of your geographical location. What is more, we are sure it will help you move to another country and have perfect relations with a person of your gender.

Lesbian Online Dating Sites

In case if you are in search of the no strings attached type of adult communication, you will still fall in love with the sites we kindly shared with you, since they would serve you as a perfect chance to find those short-term ties, which do not require any serious attitude either from you or from your partner. So, as usually, the choice is made by exclusively, so no one would ever force you to opt for a particular decision. Hence, we are sincerely happy to wish you best luck in your search endeavors and successful private life regardless of what type you would prefer, since LGBT states for freedom, and we at HookupGeek support this freedom and diversity of the frivolous personal life! Good luck and all the best – we bet you will adore the opportunities we have just disclosed!

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