Adult Friend Finder Review

Being a pioneer of the dating and webcam industry for adults, Adult Friend Finder web platform is able to deliver the most unique and, along with this, the most unforgettable experiences ever! By using a simple instance of Adult Friend Finder browse option, you will be taken to the unreal world of love and passion by undergoing the sign-up process.
So, what is Adult Friend Finder and how it can assist you? In compliance with the numerous Adult Friend Finder reviews, it is quite complicated to understand if the site really gives you what you pay for. We will make a good attempt to sort it all out in order to shed light on the real essence of the dating and webcam site. So, we will find out is Adult Friend Finder real? In addition to this, we will respond the question is Adult Friend Finder free. So, keep in touch with us now!
First off, the Adult Friend Finder site is able to give you,

  • access to the innumerable profiles (the number of the profiles is super great since the site has been functioning since 1996 and has already gained much popularity);
  • access to the so-called web zines, which would give much more inspiration for the future adult meetings and experiences;
  • access to the webcams, which are designed not only for the ordinary adult desires but also even for the most exquisite ones;
  • opportunity to hook up the persons, who would be of your choice being based on the preferences you have.

Secondly, what do you need to do to start messaging and watching the webcams?

  • firstly, you’re supposed to get your free Adult Friend Finder profile;
  • then you are expected to have a look at the site via the Adult Friend Finder free trial to understand if it goes right with all your desires;
  • in case if you really like what you have just signed up with, you are expected to provide your bank details to accomplish the payment for using the services;
  • after the payment is made, you are charged and can have an unlimited access to the messages, profiles, cams, and pictures.

Herein, it is necessary mention that here goes the first issueeverything you are doing with the site, is supposed to be paid off for. Even reading a single messages is an option to pay for. Certainly, it may sound weird, but it is always the matter of your choice either to read the message or have it ignored.
What categories can you browse to get what you want? Whenever you login Adult Friend Finder, you have the following adult preferences at your disposal,

  • menwomen;
  • menmen;
  • womenwomen; and
  • search of transsexuals, transgenders, and transvestites.

In any case, the site is more focused on the dating for straight ties; however, you can always get engaged in any types of relations to have your satisfaction. In addition to this, the webcams, which are at the users’ disposal, will always marvel you with the most unbelievable impressions ever!
So, each time when you use the Adult Friend Finder mobile version, you can generally get what you want but be ready to pay for each function. Hence, you can always expect the horny senses to be experienced, which are to be paid. For this reason, some of the reviewers consider Adult Friend Finder scam. We will shed light on this fact but a bit later. Keep on reading!

Adult Friend Finder

Pricing Policies of Adult Friend Finder

In order to gain access to the numerous pleasant functions, you are supposed to have it purchased. It is done for the site needs to be developed and improved. What is more, you can always understand that the price you are proposed to be charged is not that big, and you can always cancel your membership.
So, what tariff plans can you encounter when getting registered? Take a glance,

  • 1 month of premium membership is for $29.95 (however, if you are the first time client, you are given an instant discount of $10, so your first monthly payment is automatically reduced by $19.95);
  • 3 months of premium membership would cost you just $14.95 per month (so, it is evident that if you decide on going in for the mode months, you can easily save up money);
  • 12 months of premium membership would cost just $9.95 per month (however, in case if you buy this plan, you are given 6 additional months of premium usage absolutely for free).

So, it is more than evident that the pricing policies would never make you feel fooled up. In addition, you can always same up your funds, which is a perfect news!
So, what else can you count for when you sign up and purchase the membership?

  • the monthly payment (the tariff you choose) does not actually guarantee you that you will find what you want instantly;
  • you will need to pay additional $1 per reading the messages you have been sent to;
  • you will be also charged for watching the webcams additionally, wherein the money to be charged is charged from your bank card before you start watching;
  • the payment rate for the webcam shows are partially established by the models performing the cam show.

So, you can see that there are some not loyal pricing approaches. However, due to the fact that the site has existed since 1996, it means that the users are satisfied with this approach. So, again, we say, it is absolutely up to you to either opt for the very this service or ignore it.

Pros and Cons

The section of pros and cons for Adult Friend Finder site is now going to be one of the most complicated to describe, since both of them are actually equal and can cause some additional questions. So, first off, let’s move to the pros, and they are namely as follows,

  • the Adult Friend Finder database is more than great, for it is comprised of more than 4 million profiles of different adult preferences;
  • the Adult Friend Finder home page can give you an impression of what the site is and will definitely engage you;
  • the quality of communication and interactive tools will marvel you in any case;
  • the users have a chance to utilize the Adult Friend Finder free trial period, however, it does not give access to even a half of the functions;
  • you will also can fall in love with the super great Adult Friend Finder customer service, whose representatives will definitely assist you in any issues, related to the work of the services;
  • due to the updated safety measures, there will never be another Adult Friend Finder breach so you can feel safe.

What about the cons? Are there any of them? If yes, how are they influential? Can they spoil the impression of the users? Have a glance,

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  • if you are a supporter of the app versions of the sites and services, you will be disappointed to know that there is (and there will be no) Adult Friend Finder app;
  • the Adult Friend Finder legit bases are not always safe enough to protect the users, thus, some reviewers have a negative feedback about the site;
  • the additional charges for reading the messages, for instance, can be another spoiler of your impression;
  • the website can charge your bank card even when you have already quitted the membership of yours (the numerous court decisions have been made to have the site compensated the funds back to the users);
  • you will encounter the communication bots (i.e. the programs to force you read messages, however, they have been sent by the robots), since it is necessary to make you feel liked.

Of course, some of the disadvantages mentioned can never make you feel disenchanted, namely, for instance, if there is no Adult Friend Finder mobile app, you can easily use the mobile version by accessing it via your browser.
As for the unpleasant data on the fact that the company charges the users even after they have not been a member of the site, it should be discussed additionally. So, this con can be subdivided into some more shortcomings,

  • you can never feel safe if you insert the bank details to the website;
  • you should always monitor the transactions you complete, and you’ll see that some of them have not been committed by you voluntarily;
  • you can always direct your claims to the court in order to have your money refunded.

In order to avoid such a situation, be sure to approach this point of registration with the uttermost responsibility. So, is Adult Friend Finder a scam? Of course it is not 100% scam site, since the number of users presented can interact and gain their purposes and outcomes. However,

  • you can be contacted by the bot, which is not a person, so you will not get your desired date;
  • you can be exposed to the undesired pop up ads, and the site can request you to disable the ad blocker function to get the functions of the site, which is, indeed, improper;
  • you can easily find numerous claims about the fraud actions by either the site per se or by the other users, who can suggest you their escort services.

So, we can see that this site is equipped with numerous positive features; nevertheless, the negative characteristics are also numerous. Just in case, if you have doubts about the site in question, you can easily access our reviews on the sites like Adult Friend Finder to generate more options of the safer nature. In any case, we should mention that if you decide on using the services by this Adult Friend Finder, be sure to take additional measures to protect yourself and your banking details.

Security: Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

Yes, we have partially considered the approaches of security and have doubts that each user can be safe. Let’s have it discussed in more details. So, is Adult Friend Finder safe? We would leave this decision exclusively to each separate user, for there are both positive and negative features and feedbacks.

  • as it’s been mentioned, you can never feel safe about your money and safety of your banking details;
  • due to the fact that you are charged for every messages you have read, you cannot be exposed to the chatbots, however, you can encounter some;
  • the constant payment for each function and feature can cause some irritation from you since it is quite complicated to take the expenses over;
  • regardless of what the policies and Terms of Use claim, you can be exposed to some extent of the fraud.

So, it would be really unfair to refer the platform to the safe locations; however, you can be lucky enough to get your desires satisfied. So, it is worth of trying out but under the conditions of your personal control over the funds you have on your bank card and over all of your activities on the site. So, be as responsible as possible.


Quality of Tools

One of the advantages, which we have elaborated when reviewing the platform is the tools. The interaction tool is characterized by the following features,

  • the communication is easy and the messenger will not cause any irritation;
  • due to the fact that the site resembles the famous Facebook social network, you can be absolutely sure you can easily browse everything you need;
  • the quality of the payment tool is, of course, under the question, for the reasons, which we have already discussed;
  • the registration process is also easy, so you will never waste much time.

In the view of the good tools, we can say that there are some nice experiences. So, judge it yourself and decide if you want to utilize the site.

Quality of Profiles

The quality of the accounts, which are located on the platform for adult dating and webcams, is characterized by the following features,

  • because the site has been in the industry for such a long time, you can count for any type of diversity;
  • the millions of the hottest profiles will marvel you;
  • the communication with the owners of profiles is taken in such a way that you discuss everything you want to expect from the real life communication and adult pastime.

So, you can enjoy the tools and profiles, however, your task is to generate and pick up the most suitable ones to have yourself granted the most alluring experiences as soon as possible.

Adult Friend Finder Review: A Conclusion

After having everything reviewed, one can say that it would be extremely difficult to come up with a certain exact conclusion, for the pros and cons of the site are numerous both. However, there are some minuses, which can absolutely spoil your impression. In any case, our task was to shed light on everything to make the comparison of positive and negative traits fair. So, do your choice and either enjoy or quit the platform.

FAQ about Adult Friend Finder

Similarly to the other websites of the same type, Adult Friend Finder cannot give you any guarantees on hooking up the persons you want to. In addition, the monthly payment (the tariff you choose) does not actually guarantee you that you will find what you want instantly. However, you can always try your best to succeed!

In fact, everything is believed to be possible, so you can try everything out right after your first date arranged. What is more, the main thing is here that you should clearly communicate your intentions to the interlocutors of yours, so that no misunderstanding emerge.

Unfortunately, similarly to all the other numerous dating and hookup sites, you are not (and cannot be) eligible to have any refund on your request, since in compliance with the Terms of Use of the site, the refund is possible only in case if the web platform does not provide you with the proper functioning of the services. In all the other cases, you cannot receive any refund if you decide on quitting the site (no matter what kind of reason(s) you tend to have).

In fact, Adult Friend Finder functions in the US only, so there would be no need to use any other currency than the US dollar. However, if you arrived to the USA and you have your bank card issued for any other currency, then, yes, you can use any currency you want to, as it will be automatically converted to the US dollars as soon as you decide on executing the payment. The conversion of the currency takes place on the basis of the actual exchange rate of your bank.

Being absolutely for the entertaining purposes, this dating service is believed to be legit. In addition to this, in compliance with the Terms of Use, Adult Friend Finder functions absolutely on the legal basis, and provides the services, which do not violate any current legislation.