Adult Webcam Sites Reviewer Needed

Adult Webcam Sites Reviewer Needed

What We Need

HookupGeek is currently searching for a person, who would be professionally capable of composing perfect quality reviews of the adult webcam sites. It is clear that the field of this expertise is quite intimate and would require a person who knows what freedom is and/or how to become more and more deliberated.

The requirements and expectations listed below are not the strict list, which is a must to be utilized. However, HookupGeek’s team is in search of the most creative, talented, and laborious employee, who would accomplish all the reviews in a perfect manner.

Basic Requirements:

  • professionalism in writing genre;
  • proficiency in English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary;
  • creativity in narrating the obtained information and conclusions;
  • capacity of critically analyzing the contents of the websites;
  • knowledge on the document editor and presence of the skills in Microsoft Office or Google Docs;
  • understanding of the essence of the sites’ functionality and arrangement.

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • be able to work in compliance with the deadlines indicated to the reviews to be accomplished;
  • be able to complete the requirements for the reviews to be accomplished;
  • realize the whole reviewing cycle and be able to cooperate with the other participants of the review production;
  • professionally approach when cooperating in the team of the HookupGeek’s professionals;
  • have education related to the linguistics and languages;
  • be capable of perfectly writing in English in order to attract the readers;
  • be able to suitably the required vocabulary;
  • edit the written text in order to master it;
  • professionally work in the document editors;
  • be flexible to accomplish the needed projects;
  • be perseverant when analyzing the sites;
  • have knowledge on the functionality of the sites and their constitution.

These expectations are supposed to be present in you are going to become our candidate, since these are going to assist you in successfully employing and performing your job-associated tasks. What is more, HookupGeek requires these expectations to be met in order to make it easier to review the webcam sites for adults.

If you have always wanted to be read and to be creatively engaged, you will find this job opportunity more than attractive, since along with the perfect and the most competitive on the market salary compensation, you will be given an ideal chance to express all your skills and talents! What is more, if you require special attention to the job, you will be delighted to know that HookupGeek’s is ready and able to give you what you wish for! Therefore, if you believe you definitely and ideally suit these expectations and requirements, we are looking for you, at Hookupgeek! Be sure you will never regret about this marvelous experience! So, good luck with the endeavors of finding the best options of work with Hookupgeek!

Who We Are

HookupGeek is rightly and reputably referred to a leader of the adult industry, since the company provides the most credible and the most upgraded data on the work of the most famous webcam sites for adults. We have no complexes, so we tend to undercover all the truth about the webcam sites with the purpose of suggesting some of them to our numerous regular users and readers.

So, if you love writing and have always been looking for a perfect workplace, you should surely address HookupGeek, since this company is capable of keeping the promises and makes everything possible in order to develop the employees’ skills and talents!

Our main benefits are comprised of,

  • absence of limits and borders;
  • absolute freedom to express the attitudes and talents;
  • unbelievably great compensation rates;
  • friendly employees’ team;
  • programs for the professional growth and skills’ development;
  • high reputation rates all over the web from the regular users and employees;
  • perfect location and perfect conditions of work.

So, if you are ready to turn your work into pleasure and freedom, be sure to become an honorable part of the HookupGeek’s friendly team of professionals! This is why, our motto is “Get more freedom and… deliberation – extend your… borders by combining business with pleasure!”

What You Get

  • competitive compensation for the work completed;
  • great, friendly, and professional team ready to assist you;
  • super great diversity of the motivation tools by HookupGeek;
  • exclusive approach designed by HookupGeek to develop your skills.


  • Remote

Apply for this job

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Please include:

  • Salary expectations.
  • Your CV and short description of how we can benefit each other.
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