Best Free Sex Live Cams: A Unique Selection

Best Free Sex Live Cams: A Unique Selection

Did you ever think of peeping on passionate models performing nude in front of the cam? Have you ever encountered any scam when using these websites? Did you fancy chatting with the models and asking them to show you the things you would like to see? HookupGeek is your real and working solution!

When in search of a perfect sex cam site, you may be trying many and not finding the erotic webcams site. HookupGeek is a platform that unites the reviews on the live cam sites to your services at one place. No need to try every other free sexcam website and get disappointed. By choosing the one from our list you will finally find what you want and get your ultimate adult cam experience online. is reputably engaged in the affiliate programs, which are aimed at providing you with the uttermost results of your search. In other words, cooperates with the websites to be recommended under conditions of the good reputation and enables you to follow the links of the websites to test yourself. What is more, because of the free nature of the HookupGeek’s cooperation, you as a user will not be charged for anything, for any action or for any decision. Thus, you can refer this actions absolutely free for you, so you have just benefits out of using both HookupGeek and the affiliate programs. By the way, strongly encourages you to follow all the recommendations we provide in order not to be scammed.

In case of coming across any ads of any services or products which can appear on the pages of HookupGeek, you do not have to refer them to the responsibility of the site. In other words, does not have any responsibility for the contents of the ads as well as of the products and services’ quality advertised. In any case, we do our best to allow only the most credible and quality ads, which will never harm you.

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Relevance Of Adult Cam Sex Sites

As you may know, the boom of the adultwebcam typology and adult cam show platforms has been caused by the numerous factors, which, in fact, are even more than obvious (the same is applied to any best app for 1 night stands).

One of the prerequisites for the development (successful and rapid one, of course) of the best sex webcam shows sites was the advent of the Internet and absolute change of the adult content distribution.

The second reason why the myriads of the adult cam site options are now available is the piracy, when the adult movies were frequently stolen and shared in an illegal way.

Finally, thirdly, best cam sex sites have become that popular just because of the adult entertainment industry revolution taken place along with the spread of the Internet. Thus, you can know now that a plenty of the adult cam site reviews as well as the adult cam websites per se are at present extremely popular.

As a result, it seems quite logical to consider the relevance of the adult cam websites in the perspective of the 21st century. It is because this industry is not developing anymore—but a developed one, resulting in billions dollars income to the owners of the services.

So, HookupGeek has decided to shed some light on the relevance of the online adult webcam in the USA for you to evaluate the scope of the choice. What is more, it will let you better understand all of the horniest opportunities you can have when peeping on the kinky actions of the adult cams models.

Thus, before we will show everything about the webcam sites brands, we will familiarize you with the stats and indexes observed by HookupGeek as for the development of the cam industry:

  • There are about 2,500 adult live web cam platforms on the web;
  • About 75% of all the adult live web cams are registered in the USA;
  • The adult cam software elaboration has doubled since 2013;
  • About 75% of the adult webcam sites have the function of adult cam to cam built in;
  • Approximately 25% of all webcam sites are top free cam sites platforms;
  • Only 5% of the free web cam adult platforms can be at least partially referred to as credible;
  • The other 20% of the adult free webcam options are just the broadcast of the pre-recorded video shows stolen from the paid ones;
  • The gender ratio of models on the adult live cam sites is as follows, 80% women, 20% men (of course, this is quite an average rate, since it may vary from the site to site).

HookupGeek has also found some interesting stats data on the types of adult live webcam alternatives. So, the distribution of the male and female models on the adult sex web cams types is as follows,

  • The free adult cam sites Free/Public Chat: 75% females, 25% males;
  • The live sex web cams Private with voyeurs: 60% females, 40% males;
  • Private live cam adult shows with no voyeurs: 70% females, 30% males;
  • Group: 50% females, 50% males;
  • Gold Shows: 85% females, 15% males.

Hence, you will always have access to the most passionate adult web cam sites models, especially, the female ones!

Some more stats, yay? When reviewing the adult live sex cams, HookupGeek also made some calculations about the origin of models. The share of the adult sex webcam nations and ethnicities is as follows,

Nationality/ethnicity Share (in relation to 100%) Female Models percentage Male Models percentage
North American models 45% 75% 25%
European models 20% 60% 40%
Asian models 15% 50% 50%
South American models 15% 50% 50%
Other nationalities models 5% 45% 55%

As you may see from this table, the webcam models sites industry has already spread all over the world. What is more, not only women are eager to show themselves but also the men. As the table shows, European, Asian, and South American male adult web camera models are the most deliberated. The US adult web cams females are more frivolous than the female models from the other regions of the world.

What about the demand for the webcams? These stats are also another observation by HookupGeek:

  • About only 30% of the users tend to look for the free nude webcam;
  • Only 3% of the users find the credible free sex web cam;
  • About 50% of the users tend to get only the best adult cam sites for money, since the quality for them is of paramount importance;
  • Gradually, almost all of the users of free web cam sex sites leave them in search of the credible paid ones;
  • Live webcam adult sites’ users number has already exceeded the rate of 30 million;
  • About 45% of the users of online sex webcam would love to try themselves as models;
  • The free online webcam sex are in their majority overloaded with the ads and spam.

These stats surely show that there is a real and acute need in clearly seeing how to rate the the best web cam adult platforms. Interested? Keep on reading to be absolutely sure that you are into the most correct choice of the adult cam shows.

How We Test And Rate Sex Cams

If you ever wondered about the way adult cam sites function or have been a visitor to some of them, you will probably want to know how these websites differ and how to tell a good one from a bad one. The things to consider with the live stream sex here are many

  • Time of the online sex cam on the market;
  • Number of regular users with the adultwebcams;
  • Availability of information on the Internet (feedbacks, reviews, etc.);
  • Quality of software (including the free cam website quality);
  • A diversity of services provides, and others.

Testing the adult cam sites is a time-consuming process. You cannot easily go to each of 20 or more most popular adult cam websites and check which one you like best. What we did with the adult web chat sites, was getting registered on each of these sites, testing the trial accounts, depositing required sums to get access to more functionalities, and many other operations.

Each adult sex cam site is given a mark, which will define its place in the rating. Regardless of the number, each of our top ten list is a trusted website that guarantees you a rich choice of models, fair pricing, and complete security.

HookupGeek approaches testing live sex sites with utter carefulness, since we know that you may be concerned about safety of your personal info when using the live nude webcams. Besides, these websites are a true attraction to phishers and scammers.

sex cam site

Reputation and Feedback

Reputation is one of the most defining factors of any paid and free webcam sites when it comes to adult cam sites. You’d rather go to a website that you know is popular, trusted, and visited by many users regularly rather than some newcomer. Such live sex webcams give you a freedom to relax and just enjoy yourself watching camgirls live instead of worrying about protection of your personal data and other issues.

reputationYou won’t be disappointed if you choose one of the top webcam sites introduced in our list. What do we offer as for the adult live cams?

  • Only trusted live cam site;
  • Secured and licensed free adult webcam chat;
  • With free and paid features available;
  • Great choice of models on all top adult sites;
  • Protection of personal data and anonymity.

HookupGeek rates and tests webcam sex sites to give you the list of the best xxx sites according to the criteria above. Sure enough, you cannot deal with the web cam sites on your own, and you don’t have to!

We gathered feedbacks and reviews of real users about their experience with adult sex cams on each of the tested websites. And we also did the most boring part for you, checking website’s licenses and the way it secures its users from scam, fraud, and viruses.

Besides all security issues settled with the live adult cam, these sites offer a great choice of models, best sex cam activities, a variety of free and paid features for you to have the most pleasing time.

But let us also introduce you to the other side of the coin of the sex web cam. Live adult webcam sites (as well as the live sex free ones) that don’t guarantee you a decent level of protection and are not transparent about their activities will give you nothing but trouble.

You losing your money and not getting what you wanted instead is, by all means, a disappointment you encounter with live adult cams. Yet, not the worst thing that can happen to you. Imagine yourself trying to make a transaction to a sex website of poor reputation and your card gets blocked.

Surely, you can go to the bank or a financial institution that issued your card but that’s a whole new trouble you get out of the webcam adult sites.

Other common issues that users of bad cam sites come across are running out of credits without using them, problems with connection, bad quality of soft, etc. In other words, they plainly get ripped off without a chance of refund by the adult free cams.

The sites recommended by HookupGeek will never put you through this, since they are based on the precise reviews of the webcam sites. What we offer, camsites, are safe, reliable, and fair adult cam websites that will undoubtedly let you find what you are looking for. Each of them values their name and reputation and won’t be willing to risk it.


Consistency With Your Needs

Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, and personal preferences, webcam sex sites can satisfy your needs (we wish it would be the same with the free cam site diversity). Only top webcam sites can guarantee you maximum correspondence to your expectations and the diversity of the best sex cams activities.

You can choose whether you want to watch a hot girl on cam with other users, or order your private show. During a private live webcam sex show, you are free to communicate with a camgirl, tell her what you want her to do. With the help of modern technologies, you may even engage in sex play with your model remotely.

Another advantage of using best adult webcam services is that they cater to the needs of every client. If you have a paid account on the cam site or you purchased a private broadcast, be sure that your every wish will be considered.

If you don’t want to spend money on private shows on the adult web cam, you can always join sexually provocative broadcasts and cam chat adult by camgirls with other users absolutely free of charge! There is an excellent choice of free adult porn cam sites online and adult live cam, yet we want you to trust only those whose reputation and security measures are impeccable.


Advantages Of Paid Live Sex Cams

If you are no newbie to sex cam sites, you probably know that paid subscription accounts give you a whole lot of possibilities apart from just passive watching. Surely, you can sign up for a bunch of free subscription accounts and check the very basics of how the system works.

You can join a free broadcast performance of one or several models and watch it with thousands of other users for free (as it is accessible from the free adult web cams). Some sites give you several minutes of private video chat with a model. But do not expect a full-fledged performance from a webcam girl. You’ll have to pay from $2 to $10 for a minute of her time. If there’s something else you want her to do, she will charge you as per her price list.

sex cam

Why pay for private performance with the best webcam sites?

Well, there’s a whole list of reasons, namely:

  • Firstly, you will be connected to the model you like and left with her one on one (only if the free adult cam chat is not meant here);
  • Secondly, there won’t be any comments from other guys, and you will get her full attention, isn’t it better? and,
  • Finally, adult cam to cam chats are rated the highest in terms of user satisfaction.

So, if you really want it to go the way you imagine, don’t be greedy for money—sometimes even with the free adult web cam.

Some other benefits of paid cam sites and the best cam site diversity,

  • You can watch the best free cams girls from any place and any device you want—with VPN turned on, even public networks should not be an obstacle
  • You are free to choose live sex webcam cam girl based on her age, skin color, ethnicity or other preferences on the best adult webcam sites—no matter how exotic your preferences might be, be sure that you won’t wun out of choice
  • You have the power to control the performance of camgirl with the best web cam sites—with modern technologies and high speed connection, you can participate in the video show, communicate with your model, and generally feel like a full-fledged participant of the performance.

While both adult free cam and paid sites may be different, quality adult cam sites do not charge users for registration. Instead, they try to pick the most convenient payment methods so that you could deposit money and enjoy adult live web cam right away.

Having the ability to access sex webcam sites any time from virtually any location, you won’t have any ‘girlfriend’ problems with the liveadultcams.

There’s no need to spend money taking her out, making small talks, and telling her you aren’t just trying to get her into the sack. Instead, you make a payment on one of paid webcam websites and paid webcam sites give you 99.9% guarantee that you’ll get what you want. No need to even mention how much time it can save you to pick up the best adult sites.

Overall, with the paid webcam sites you can have the girl you want, the kind of relationships you want, while not having to leave the house. Both you and the model spend great time together and mutually benefit from each other on each adult cam site.



When you decide to open your browser and seek sexy girls to cam with, security (especially of the free adult webcam sites) is probably the last thing you think about. But you’ll thank yourself later for doing so because we can assure you that not all adult webcam sites are secure.

If you pick best free cam site from our list, you may consider you’ve completed the security check. Here are a few words about the way we check the paid and free adult web cam sites in terms of security:

  • Check whether best webcam site is a licensed webcam business;
  • Check for seals and logos of security agencies;
  • Review user feedbacks;
  • Read terms and privacy policy of the free adult webcams;
  • Check expert reviews (if any).

Cam Site

We want you to know that you also can protect your own privacy when utilizing the cam adult platforms. How? Well, there is no secret that any web cam site that offers sex services is not widely acceptable. In some countries, such websites are illegal and you can get into trouble for entering and spending money there.

If you are a resident of a more democratic country, there still may be consequences. For example, your wife or gf may accidentally find out about your secret passion while using your laptop, so also be sure to be careful with the free sex cams.

While deleting browser history is one thing, completely changing your IP address grants you a much better protection. This way, you can enter your favorite webcam sex sites from an entirely different location. To do this, you only need to install VPN on your PC or even add it as a browser extension to protect yourself with the sex cam live platforms (especially, with the free webcam sex).

This quick and simple process does two things for you: a) masks your actual IP address and b) hides your activity from authorities. The main question now, what VPN is the best to fit your needs? There are quite a few very good options to choose from

  • ZenMate. One of the leaders on the VPN market for its quality and simplicity of usage, and it can be easily suited with the free live sex sites. You can download it to your computer or find it among Chrome extensions. Free account has servers of several countries available for connection with the free webcams. If you want the IP address of a particular country that’s not on the list, you gotta buy the full version.
  • HolaVPN. Another safe and reliable VPN for your laptop if you use the free web cams. One of the advantages of Hola with the free live sex cam is that it does not slow down the connection speed so you’ll be able to enjoy top cam sites with no picture quality loss.
  • PrivateInternetAccess. A personal private network service that supports multiple VPN technologies and enables you to connect to servers in more than 45 regions around the globe to let you safely access the free sex cam sites.

There are other famous VPNs like NordVpn, Hidemyass, Torguard, VPN Unlimited, etc. to use with the free live sex cams. No matter which VPN provider you choose, be sure that your activities on the adult web cams won’t go beyond sex webcam sites you visited.

Note that making payments with your VPN on on the sex live sites can get you into trouble if your card issuer decides the transaction is suspicious. Surely, if you are a resident of one country and used to make payments there, and suddenly appear in another part of the world making payments in another currency—weird, isn’t it?

Thus, you can turn the VPN off for a time you make a payment, or simply choose to connect to a different region in your country. This way, you both change your IP and hide your activity from the live cam sex site and stay within the same region, with the same currency.

HookupGeek Cam List

Quality Of Profiles

Unlike user profiles on ordinary hookup sites, the quality of model profiles you see at sex cam sites is of crucial importance. Best xxx sites offer profiles of their sex live cam models broken down into categories.

Are you a guy looking for a cam-to-cam with a girl/couple/2+ girls or else with the live free sex cams? Scrolling over existing profiles, you can stumble upon virtually any combination of the free sex web cams.

If you are looking exclusively for hot models to have a sex chat one-on-one, there won’t be any problems at all if you’re not opting for the free adult cams. You can find profiles of beautiful cam models with all services and prices included and created by the best webcam model sites.

The distinct feature of the best sex cam sites is that they are very straightforward about pricing; you know exactly how much and when you are going to be charged.

High quality of the live sexy cams profiles is a distinct feature of each of the top ten sex cam sites from our list.

As a first-time visitor of the live sexcam, you are free to check how the website functions and whether the girls on the picture are real. Pick any cam live sex girl you like and use your trial minutes to make sure she’s real.

Trusted camgirl sites and live free sex cam won’t have their models get naked or do other things for free. That’s why you’ll have to make a payment if you want a show to go on.

Quality of Software

An ideal adult webcam chat is the live cam chat where nothing lags, the quality of picture is super high, and no technical issues emerge. Top websites (including the free adult webcam sites) from our list are the ones that can guarantee you the best sex cam experience.

Powered by some respected software providers, each best cam website charges you fairly for their services. There won’t be such unpleasant situations when the nude live cam broadcast gets closed or you get disconnected because of lack of funds. Sounds like ripping off, doesn’t it?

When it comes to the cam sex online financial operations, best cam sites from our list offer the most secure transactions of your funds. You can choose from the variety of banking options on the webcam site available to proceed with payment in the most convenient manner.

Cam girls that work for reliable adult cams websites from our rating are waiting for your invitation to use adult cam chat without an intention to rip you off. You can be sure that you receive each minute of paid performance, whether you just watch it or remotely participate in it. And, of course, the best sex cam sites (including the free adult cam platforms) would not make you spend hours making payments or learning how the free live web cams website functions.

cam sites

Cam Sites Types

The rapid growth of the webcam sites number is predominantly determined by the high levels of the demand for the services. Because of the fact that the webcam sites are close to the dating sites in their specifics, you should be able to distinguish between the credible sites and the ones marked with the sign of the scam alert. So, let’s consider the types of the cam sites, which the adult sex sites can be of, so that you will easier grab the desired effect.

As a rule, there are two essential types of the cam sites, which are to provide each of the users with the quality content of the videos by the horny models,

  • Male cam sites;
  • Female cam sites (or cam girl sites); and
  • Asian webcam sites.

What are their characteristics and what they are special for?

  • If the male webcam sites are meant, they can be devoted to the straight men webcams (that is the webcams for the women who would love to watch the men doing horny things);
  • There are also the gay webcam sites, where the gay men perform for gay men only;
  • The female webcam sites can be also for both straight men and homosexual women;
  • The type of Asian webcam platforms can unite not only straight and homosexual relations, but also you will be eligible to watch the transgenders getting hot in front of their cams.

From the point of view of the payment approach, the male, female, and Asian webcam sites can be subdivided into the following/,

  • The first type is free sex webcams; and
  • Prepaid adult sex sites.

As a matter of fact, these two types of the cam sites are different only from the point of view of the payment needed or not.

Thus, if you prefer using the free nude web cams, you should remember that neither of the free ones will require you to insert the payment details of yours. Otherwise, you can be scammed since the website will apply the uncontrolled (or hidden) fees. However, there are some features, which the prepaid web cam sex platforms can grant you—oppositely to the free sex webcam sites,

  • The paid cam sites are, as a rule, aimed at providing the users with the diversity of the types of the cam shows;
  • The types of the cam shows tend to include the gold, private, and cam-to-cam format;
  • When choosing the paid webcam sites, you—in majority of cases—can really have numerous additional features, like chat with the model, great diversity of the models (in accordance with the sexual preferences of yours);
  • The paid type of the webcam sites will provide you with the most sensitive search functions;
  • The paid webcam sites let you be eligible to re-watch the webcam performances after it has been finished;
  • The paid webcam sites demonstrate the videos by the models only in real time.

Because of the reputable and professional approach by HookupGeek, we would also like to single out some more cam sites types, including,

  • Live nude cam sites, which are equipped with the adult dating features;
  • The adultcam sites which are equipped with the database of the video recordings by the famous adult movie studios.

There is enough diversity of the cam sites types, so that you will be eligible to opt for the best options, which suit your most special interests.

Regardless of the cam site type, it is possible to single out special features, which each of them is to possess in spite if you have to pay it off for or not. Thus, these characteristics are to be comprised of the following,

  • Each of the webcam sites is expected to provide you with the real time videos recorded by the model;
  • The credible sites are to ensure that the actions, which a user has tipped for are to be performed by the webcam model;
  • The sites are to enable the best quality of the video, so that the viewers could have adult fun;
  • Each of the types of the webcam sites are to function on the legal level without exposing a user to violate the current law;
  • Even if you use the sex cam free features, they are to let you peep on the real shows;
  • You may be wondering in what way the sexy web cams get for free for the users, and we have the answer: they’re free just because they expose you to the ads;
  • Some of the dating webcam sites (which can be fairly referred to as the best webcams) are to contain the diverse options of search and choice of the webcam models and webcam chat rooms;
  • Some of the webcam sites can be devoted to a particular sexual preference: for instance, the webcam site for the straight persons only or, oppositely, the site for the homosexual men or LGBTQ in general.

So, you now know how to determine if you will be able to get the expected services from any of the types of the webcam sites. Hence, before you want to watch any webcam sites or peep on the webcam models, you can easily decide what type of the webcam site you would love to be engaged in, and, as a result, you will simplify your choice by yourself.

The Webcam Sites and Famous Adult Movie Actresses

If you have ever watched the webcam shows by the horny models, you might have caught yourself on the idea that the famous adult movie actresses would be great if they participated also in this type of adult industry affairs. And—can you guess, what?—HookupGeek can provide you with the fact that there are cool webcam platforms, where the adult movie actresses (both active and ex) perform to marvel their fans all over the world.

So, you will have the world getting closer to you. In other words, if previously, you did not have any chance to get in touch with the webcam models or adult movie actresses, now on, it is possible, so just don’t hesitate and recall the adult movie actresses you liked before (or who you like now) and dive in the brand-new format of their videos, which are shot in purely real time online exclusively for the users joined their video chat room.

What else here? The adult movie actresses are not a secret anymore, and they do want to extend their audience, and you will be able to watch not only their adult movie movies and videos but also their online broadcasts. What do we mean?

  • If, say, you pick up such a webcam platform as CamSoda or Chaturbate, you will be able to watch the performances not only by the famous webcam models like Carmen Ortega, but also by the famous adult movie actresses like Kakeyxxx or Rachel Starr;
  • When you want to watch the webcam performances by the adult movie actresses exclusively, you can read some of the reviews by HookupGeek to find out which sites support this function;
  • With such reputable webcam platforms as MyFreeCams, CamSoda, ImLive, and Chaturbate, you will be able not only to watch the webcam shows for adults by the famous and horny adult movie actresses, but also you will be eligible to participate in the private shows, but you will need to order this function and arrange it with the model beforehand;
  • Only with the best webcam sites, you will be able to have the private or even gold shows by the adult movie actresses, where you will be able to peep on the shows in the format of cam to cam, so that you will have the most unbelievable impressions from the experience of viewing the adult movie actresses’ shows;
  • Herein, there is one more point to consider, where you can really encounter the real adult movie actresses to perform—this is the SnapChat for adults, where not only the webcam models but the famous adult movie actresses perform live and you are supposed to tip them in the amount you choose;
  • Some of the Playboy models have been turned into the webcam models, so that if you like this adult men’s magazine, and you have always wanted to watch those girls going online, you will be able to have it, as well.

Hence, if you still did not come up with this idea, we will announce it right away: if you are a regular reader of HookupGeek you will have the most exquisite and exclusive details about how to meet the real adult xxx actresses in virtual space of the webcam sites.

In addition to this, by reading the biographies of the webcam models and adult movie actresses provided by HookupGeek, you will be able not only to pick up the website to watch the cam shows but also to pick up a particular model, who you might have liked when reading our information and biographies.

So, can you get it now? Only with HookupGeek, you will receive the overwhelming freedom of choice and freedom of pleasure to be gained. Thus, follow HookupGeek and you will get the best impressions ever and you will be eligible to watch the adult movie actresses who you might have loved before.


Unfortunately, there are no really great sex webcam free sites which would be the same great as the paid ones. The webcam adult free platforms are, as a rule, overloaded with the numerous ads. What is more, there are merely no live shows being broadcast at the moment when you watch. It means that you will be exposed to the videos stolen. Finally, the best free webcam site alternatives are quite small, so you would be better pick some paid ones and have real satisfaction!

The models broadcasting on the platforms are either ordinary people who love earning money in such a way or the professional and skillful models, who are known to cooperate with the adult movies companies and studios or famous magazines for adults.

In fact, that is really easy, since there are numerous opportunities. First of all, you have to pick up the most popular cam sites to broadcast, since it’ll let you have as many viewers as possible! Secondly, the top adult webcam sites provide the models with the transparent and trustworthy payment. Thirdly, be sure to have a good quality of the equipment you are going to use. What is more, be sure to provide your real information and ID scan to the employer, since all the credible sites would require it all for the timely payouts.

As this article points to, there are not that many trusted free cams to watch. What is more, if you want some exclusive attitude towards yourself, you will never have a chance to watch the free private webcam. In addition to this, the free web sex cam sites are mainly built on the pre-recorded videos, so you will never have a model broadcasting live sex web cam. Finally, the free live webcam sex platforms will overload you device with the innumerable ads.

First off, please, mind that the following data does not relate to the free webcam adult platforms—only to the paid ones. The models are paid in the in-website (or in-app) currency, which is in most cases named as tokens or credits. In order to have them withdrawn, you as a model are supposed to convert them automatically on the site to have your salary in the US dollars. By the way, if you’re not a US based model, some of the live adult web cams can ensure that you are paid in any other currency. The amount of your salary with the best webcam sex sites varies from site to site and is directly dependent on the time you spend and the number of viewers you have. Thus, the more skillful you are, the more money you are expected to earn! Please, kindly mind that the webcam adult free sites do not have any of these options.

As a rule, the best webcam sex platforms are not focused on the dating opportunities. Nevertheless, some of the options, which HookupGeek has reviewed, are able to provide you with both cam and dating services. Also, there are some websites, whereon you will be able to chat and date the models (upon their consent, of course) from the live adult sites. By the way, HookupGeek has already gone through the dating sites, which are also equipped with the webcam, so you will be able to be a part of both!

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