Ow, good old HookupGeek has always stood for the leshery and healthy hookup, since these are the only credible ways to get the utter satisfaction ever, yey? What is more, if you’ve been reading our innumerable and the most trustworthy reviews and blogs all this time, you can really be aware of the fact that we are the ideal platform to get the most piquant experiences and lustful practices in your dating and hookup intentions! Just recall our reviews on the best live cam sites! Today, we’re considering AffairAlert and everything that is related to this horny platform for hooking up the married but hottest cuties! Scroll down a bit!

Let’s first of all see what is Affair Alert and how it can be the best one night stand app?

  • that’s a website where you have access to the married members Affair Alert;
  • you can have only straight type of relations, as you may get it: only between men and women;
  • the website provides innumerable users profiles;
  • you can range your search in compliance with the age of the partner and their geolocation;
  • the philosophy of the website is not to break the existing families but to lead them to the new impressions (so, hypothetically, you can hook up the persons to have the sexual experiences which are not limited to two people only).

Affair Alert start pageThus, the Affair Alert members are more than frivolous and deliberated than on any other hookup site ever! We’re sure you have always wanted us to write about such a category of the websites! So, let’s proceed further!

Let’s have the general details about the website disclosed right away?

  • the geolocation of the service is US (United States), VA, Virginia, 20149 Ashburn;
  • the registration of the website was accomplished on behalf of eNom, LLC;
  • the Affair Alert dating site was created in 2012;
  • the latest update of the web platform took place in 2018;
  • the date of the site expiry is 2019;
  • the address which the Affair Alert is registered with is as follows, PO Box 639, C/O affairalert.com, Kirkland, WA, 98083, USA;
  • the phone number to use to get in touch with the company and the administration is +1.4252740657.

Seems to be properly registered, so we have hopes that we will not consider Affair Alert scam! But who knows?

Affair AlertWhat about the functionality of the website?

  • the search engine of the site is presented in two sections: Home and Search (itself);
  • the difference is that the Home tab contains the recommendations based on your profile and your previous search, while the Search tab is designed to use the special filters which will let you indicate the parameters of the candidate to hook up;
  • the system of messaging is also divided into two parts: Messages per se and Chat;
  • their difference is that in the Message tab you are allowed to categorize the messages and see when your message was read, while the Chat section is publically open messaging, which emerges on the right hand toolbar of the website;
  • the website also stands for the interaction between the users online, and has designed the Quickie game;
  • along with this, you will have access to the most lustful and alluring xxx Movies tab, where you’ll unlock all the adult movies possible (the price for the movies is included into the membership cost of your choice);
  • when communicating with the other members, you can add them to the Friends/Favorites tab to have them accessed in a faster and easier manner.

Rats, the functionality goes ok, as it now seems. But we’re not in a hurry to make any hasty decisions, you know!


Similarly to the other hookup and top adult dating sites and hookup apps, you are expected to process the payment for the services by Affair Alert. Let’s see what they suggest you, our beloved reader,

  • the Affair Alert free basic profile is $0.00 (but, trust us, it’s absolutely useless, since you’ll have no features at your disposal);
  • the limited trial period of three days will cost about $9.00;
  • the monthly subscription to Affair Alert is priced at $29.95;
  • 3 months of the premium membership with this dating and hookup site is for $49.95, that is 1 month costs $16.65 (and all the three months are supposed to be billed as one payment);
  • 6 months (which is claimed to be the best option to save up your funds) is for $69.90, wherein 1 month costs $11.65.

Affair Alert pricingAs the official website points to, by choosing the longest membership duration, you will have 60% discount (or benefit) in comparison to the cost of a monthly subscription.

What kind of features do you receive as soon as you have paid off for the services? Hence, as soon as you Affair Alert member login within the paid mode of the site, you,

  • have unlimited access to all the features and tools presented;
  • have the messages to go absolutely unlimited, so you will not have to take care of the number of written chats;
  • will see all the search results;
  • should be able to play the Quickie game;
  • get the first served support services.

Pros and Cons

So, what are the benefits of the dating with Affair Alert? The numerous customers’ Affair Alert reviews tend to state that

  • the functionality of Affair Alert is great;
  • the interactivity of the website is quite nice;
  • the number of profiles is convincing;
  • the cost of the months (and the constant bonuses and discounts) are affordable and cause excitement.

Next, what are the cons?

  • the first drawback of the dating platform is that you will encounter the so-called bots named Fantasy Cuties;
  • there is no app to use (so, in this Affair Alert review, we will omit the section devoted to the app);
  • you can experience some uncontrolled fees applied to you until you get your membership cancelled in the full way by contacting the support team;
  • when deleting your profile, you can come across some technical errors.

Hence, for now, that’s quite complicated to assess all the benefits. Thus, we will keep on this section and will determine if the security of the site is an advantage. At least, we want to believe it is!


One of the eternal questions which worries us at HookupGeek is Affair Alert is it real? What is more, we are always aimed at detecting any possible scam or the instances of faking the users. So, what we have found out about Affair Alert?

  • both web and mobile Affair Alert versions undergo the power of the current laws,
  • the legal regulations to govern Affair Alert are comprised of 47 U.S.C. §230(d), Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Copyright Act, the Communications Decency Act and Federal Regulations, and 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • All the issues related to DMCA are to be directed to Stephen Workman, Esq., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 8400, Chicago, IL 60606;
  • The DMCA representative can also be contacted via email as follows: legal@dateprofits.com.

Well, is Affair Alert legit? It is not quite clear for now, but it seems to be, at least!

What are the bases of the protection online with Affair Alert hookup platform?

  • each member Affair Alert is ensured not to have their privacy data disclosed under any conditions and circumstances;
  • the issues related to the security can be directed to the support team (and if you are of paid membership, you will be given priority of fast response);
  • the users of the website are forbidden to share any of your privacy data (however, Affair Alert does not bear any responsibility for this, and this is quite fair).

Honestly, HookupGeek refers the security of the dating platform under review to the advantages, for the users can really count for the most positive impressions. Unfortunately, we have some negative aspects to narrate you as for the pros and cons, but they do not relate to the security. Scroll down a bit, so!

Quality of Tools

As we have disclosed already it to you, there are the so-called fantasy cuties on the website. Of course, we would not be so foolish to refer them to the quality of tools, but they significantly impact them. Hence, the quality of tools cannot be referred to the real advantages of the website, for,

  • the majority of the tools (about 99%) are available only in the paid mode, so you cannot use them until you purchase the subscription;
  • the trial period of the website—regardless of being of paid nature—does not unlock all the features, so that you’ll use everything in the limited manner;
  • the search engine is quite nice, from the first glance, but it does not work properly with the locations which are far off the big cities, so if you live in a small town you can come across the issue that the recommended profiles’ users are located in a hundred of kilometers far off you;
  • the email confirmation is complicated, for the emails do arrive neither to your inbox nor to your junk mail folder—which quite out of the blue;
  • the messages which you receive in the course of the usage of the website are innumerable, but their majority seem to be sent by the bots.

Well, as you can agree upon this all, HookupGeek do not refer the quality of tools to the benefits and advantageous points of the Affair Alert dating web platform.

How To Delete Affair Alert Account

One of the advantages of the site is that you can easily delete the profile of yours in case if you feel like stopping using it forever.Affair Alert account

So, in order to have your profile with Affair Alert deleted, be sure to fulfil the following steps,

  • sign in your profile and find the upper toolbar being left-aligned;
  • choose the Account Settings tab and tap it;
  • scroll down up to the bottom of the page and choose Delete my login and profile;
  • then, finally, confirm your choice by inserting your password one more time.

There you go: you are not a member of Affair Alert anymore!

Quality of Profiles

AffairAlert Login
Yep, we’ve already told you some ‘nice’ facts which you have to be aware of about the quality of profiles. What do you think: we will refer it to the pros or cons? We bet, you know the correct answer, since

  • because of the Fantasy Cuties presented the overall quality of profiles gets really spoiled;
  • the number of the real users tends to get lowered since they want real communication instead of the chats with the bots;
  • frequently, it is quite complicated to sort out if a person writes to you or a bot.

Thus, the quality of profiles is evidently disadvantageous!

Final Thoughts

We’re gradually going to be over with this review. Too many ambiguous impressions have the Affair Alert dating site left to us. On the one hand, there are quite cool opportunities to use, whilst on the other hand, there is no desire to get engaged in this all. So, is Affair Alert real? Partially yes, partially no. Fifty-fifty. We bet that it is possible to have successful impressions with AffairAlert, but the experience we have had now with this platform are not that perfectly positive. Of course, you can test it (if you have not used it before) in order to share your impressions. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky one to succeed with hookup and dating on this website. In any case, we would love to believe that you will be able to!

FAQ about Affair Alert

Similarly to any other dating website, there can be no real guarantees, since the service cannot be responsible for the quality of communication you have or your initial intentions. As for Affair Alert, the Terms of Use clearly indicate that “you comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that... Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You… Site does not guarantee that You will find a date, partner, or participant, or that you will meet any member, user or profile in person.”

In accordance with the internal policies of the website, you can pay for the services only by using your bank card. All the payments are processed by Epoch billing company. Also, in case of having any billing issues, you’re supposed to address Epoch, not Affair Alert support team.

Unfortunately, no user of Affair Alert is eligible to receive the chances to have the money refunded under any conditions.

No, since Affair Alert is positioned as dating and entertaining platform, but it does not deal (and has no right to) with the financial operations.

The tokens used to be the in-website currency for the special additional features. In the course of time, the administration of the website has come up with the decision to reject them. Thus, if in your profile there is a tab for tokens, you should know that this is just a matter of time when this tab will be replaced.