Welcome back to us and our most profound reviews on the webcam websites and sites for one night stands of the most diverse types (yep! you’ll never be able to find any similar platform like HookupGeek, which would provide you with such a versatile approach to adult dating website functioning)! Yeah, you may know now that there is an incredibly great diversity of the hookup websites and apps to use to find what you are in need of! This review is going to shed light on one of the cougar-like dating website for hookup. So, welcome Age Match!

Jeez, what’d be good start with is to explain what this hookup and dating web platform is for, right?

  • the AgeMatch dating service is to provide you with the ability to get acquainted with persons to create a couple, where one of the partners would be of age, while the other one would be younger;
  • Age Match also ensures that you can be engaged in dating and hook up to make up the couple, where both partners are of age;
  • there is no aim of the site to provide the users with escort, since the escort presupposes payment relations between the partners, and AgeMatch does not provide this type of service;

the functionality and philosophy of AgeMatch resembles a well-known Lonely Wife Hookups to a particular extent, but they are rather different.

age match

Age Match Login
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By using the Age Match dating website, you can have the following types of the relations, namely,

  • straight (man–woman and woman–man);
  • homosexual for men (men–men);
  • lesbian (woman–woman); and
  • bisexual.

Yikes, we have totally forgotten about the general information about the website and the company it is powered by. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out,

  • the official geolocation of the site is US (United States), TX, Texas, 75270 Dallas;
  • the website was registered by Moniker Online Services LLC;
  • the AgeMatch website was initially set up in 2002;
  • the latest update of the web platform took place in 2018;
  • the expiry date of the AgeMatch platform is 2021;
  • the official address it is registered with is 2320 NE 9th St, Second Floor, FL, Fort Lauderdale, 33304, USA;
  • you can contact the website administration and customer support group at support@agematch.com.

Hooray, the website seems to be legally registered, and, as a result, should be expected to provide the real services. However, this is only the beginning of the review on the cougar dating website, so that we will have it sorted out, with no obstacles and doubts!

Age Match Login
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What about the stats and numbers connected to and associated with the website? Yay, HookupGeek has these data, as well, so don’t thank, lol!

  • the overall number of the AgeMatch users is approaching the rate of 3 million people;
  • about 1 million of users of of the US origin or are US-based;
  • the daily activity of the website registers about 500K views and instances of AgeMatch com member login on the weekly basis;
  • the gender proportion of the users is more or less equal, that is there are about 50% of men and 50% of women, which is quite nice;
  • the average age of the users is 39 years old (however, it does not mean that there no younger or older users).

The search of cougars is not possible there but if you feel like having old age serious relations, you’ll never fail on AgeMatch

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko

In order to sign up and, then, use the AgeMatch login function, you will have to accomplish the following steps,

  • choose your gender and the gender of your preferred partner;
  • indicate the age range of your search;
  • indicate the country of your residence;
  • insert and verify your phone number by receiving an SMS;
  • determine the income of yours;
  • then you will fill out your profile in order to indicate the preferences of yours;
  • you’ll also need to upload some pics of yours; and, finally,
  • you’ll shortly write about what and who you are currently looking for.

Thus, it’ll not take more than necessary as for the time. So, you’ll start your search immediately, and all of the hookup and dating partners will be at your disposal within the shortest period—right after the Age Match login!

Age MatchThe next step, which we are going to take, is the functionality of the website (its quality will be narrated in the Quality of Tools section), so be patient!

  • Reverse Matches function is a special and unique feature, which allows you to insert the special search filters, wherein you will search for the users who have ever liked your photos or your profile;
  • Send Wink feature will let you better approach the persons who you liked. It also can work as an ice-breaker, which will simplify making your contact with a person you are eager to communicate with. By the way, the winks are absolutely free, which is quite dissimilar from the other hookup and dating websites;
  • Blog section is designed in order to ensure that you can freely read the thoughts and pieces of advice on how to better set up the dating process. In addition to this, the AgeMAtch blog is comprised of the ability of the AgeMatch users to conduct their own blogs absolutely for free, where it is advised to share their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and preferences. The Blogs can let your discover a person in more details, can’t they?;
  • Forum is another tool to use to interact with the other users of the Age Match web platform. It will let you hear the most unbiased details about the dating experiences with the opportunity to discuss and argue. Also, the AgeMatch Forum is equipped with the function of asking and answering questions;
  • First Date Ideas will encourage you with innumerable ideas on how to arrange a date (no matter if it is the first one or not, as a matter of fact). Therein, you will be able to find some experiences of the AgeMatch users as well as the ideas generously shared by the Age Match website, so along with the nice words to say, you will accompany your dates with the cool atmosphere;
  •  “Let’s Meet” is a fun way to find matches for you. Herein, you will be given a chance to see the numerous users’ photos and evaluate if you like them or not, and then you will see how well you could’ve been matched with each other.

Gee whiz! No words to say now, since the special features, which we have just depicted are that cool! We adore them, to be honest! Also, we’d be eager to find out your opinions and feedbacks about these features, so be always welcome to leave your feedback to us just right after the text you will have read!

Prices of AgeMatch Dating

We are moving to the pricing on inch by inch principle, as you see. So, here will show you what kind of tariffs are used and what you will be eligible to grab right away after you have completed the payment. In addition to this, we will enlist the whole list of the free of price features, which you will surely fall in love with, as we bet!

So, the AgeMatch dating website proposes the following tariffs for the users,

  • 1 month subscription to the premium membership with Age Match will cost you $29.95;
  • 3 months subscription to the premium membership with Age Match will go for $19.98 per month, which is in total $59.95; and, finally,
  • 6 months subscription to the premium membership with Age Match will be priced at $15.99 USD a month, which in total makes $95.95.

Age MatchIn fact, due to the numerous reviews written, we can claim that this is an average approach to hookup and dating pricing. So, we are sure that you will admire it, indeed.

Now, let’s consider what you receive when running the free profile and when you decide on having the AgeMatch com premium membership. Let’s start with the free of cost features of the dating website,

  • you will be able to create Blogs (in an absolutely unlimited way);
  • you are going to be eligible to go through other members’ accounts with AgeMatch;
  • you will obtain a right to join the forums (regardless of their number);
  • you could reply to all the messages sent to you as well as to the chats (in an absolutely unlimited way);
  • you will grab a chance to send wink (in an absolutely unlimited way);
  • you will add the AgeMatch users to your list of favorites;
  • you will be given an opportunity to have access to the AgeMatch members’ first date ideas (which is a special feature of the website);
  • you will utilize all the basic search filters to simplify your search;
  • you can add public photos (in an absolutely unlimited way);
  • you would be capable of adding the private photos (in an absolutely unlimited way);
  • you will check out all of the latest activities in your profile;
  • you will be able to comment on the other AgeMatch users’ profiles, photos, and blogs;
  • you can give responses to the questions on all the AgeMatch forums;
  • you can like photos and posts of all the Age Match users (in an absolutely unlimited way); and, finally,
  • you will gain access to the “Let’s Meet” game, which we have already depicted in the previous section of this current review by HookupGeek.

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My, great balls of fire! Is this real that a hookup web platform could’ve had so great many (!) free of price features! For now, to be honest, we cannot recall any! Hell, what do we have to expect from the paid features of the premium membership? Whoop de doo!

So, the list of the paid premium membership features and tools with AgeMatch is comprised of the following points. Thus, you will be able to

  • begin the chats and messages with the users of your choice (so, it means that all of the initiative will be at your private disposal);
  • give answers to the AgeMatch members’ first date ideas by providing either positive or negative feedback and critique;
  • check up how frequently a particular Age Match user provides replies to the messages sent to them;
  • check out the lists of who is online at the same moment as you are;
  • utilize all the numerous advanced search filters developed exclusively by the AgeMAtch designers for the higher probability of the successful meetings;
  • observe who favorited and viewed your AgeMatch profile;
  • notice who has put a like to your photo(s);
  • hide others from search results (it means that if you have had some unsuccessful communication with the other users, you may want them not to be displayed in the search results of yours);
  • add personal notes on profiles of the other users (to recall in case of necessity some details from communication with the profile’s owner);
  • browse anonymously online all the profiles of the other users;
  • highlight your profile in order to make it more noticeable;
  • view compatible matches along with the reverse matches; and, finally,
  • have the priority customer care, which is you will be given responses to all of your issues and questions in the fastest prioritized manner by customer support.

Oh goodness! That’s magnificent, isn’t that? (Now, we are having some doubts if there is any point in depicting the advantages and disadvantages of the service, lol!).

Pros and Cons

As usually, every time when approaching this traditional section of our reviews, we tend to investigate, analyze, and criticize the other Age Match reviews by the users in order to make our vision less biased. After we’ve narrated you all the features which you will be eligible to have with the hook up dating website, we are sure that this section will be quite short.

So, welcome the advantages and benefits of the AgeMatch platform for adult dating,

  • there is innumerable number of the features, which go for free (of course, they could’ve been absolutely efficient for your purposes, since there would’ve been no point in the paid ones);
  • there are some interesting and unique interactive functions of the website;
  • the measures of the security for the members are quite strict and will surely have you protected;
  • you can sign up and log in with your Facebook profile.

What about the cons? Oh, fiddle de dee! The only drawback is that the users of the website may somehow seem to be less active than you might’ve expected. However, this is just a reason to single out at least one drawback.

As we’ve mentioned already, the aspect of security is among the key priorities of the this dating site, so let’s have some more light shed on this feature.

Security: Is Age Match Legit?

All the activities of the AgeMatch dating website are known to undergo the authority of the following laws and legal regulations, namely,

  • Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C. § 230(c);
  • JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures;
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”); and
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG).

It means that all the issues related to the work of the website, the services, disputes, and financial concerns can be resolved only via the regulations of the acts and laws mentioned above.

All the issues related to the security with the dating website are supposed to be addressed via the following methods,

  • Legal Counsel – DMCA Agent RE: DMCA NOTICE 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6 Canada;
  • by phone at 1-855-599-8811 (working hours: Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST).

Yep, that’s really possible to be affirmed that you can really feel protected when using the website. All the data, which you share, will also be protected and no disclosure would’ve taken place. Why not test it, yay? However, are the tools are that good, as well? Are they able to successfully cooperate with the security measures, and, along with this, provide the users with the most desired outcomes?Age Match

Quality of Tools

Literally all of the AgeMatch reviews by the site users claim that the diversity and versatility of the tools to use are super-duper great! Why? If you’ve not used this website, you might be interested and intrigued to know that,

  • the free of cost mode of using the website is not the overall functionality, but it can work perfectly under conditions that you are not an initiator of any activities;
  • the messages and chats are absolutely instant, so that you will be able to see the messages dropped to you within a second right after they’ve been sent;
  • the special features which are presented on the website will definitely marvel you and brighten your leisure time;
  • the search is powerful and sensitive enough in order to provide you with all the necessary search results (if the premium membership is meant, you will be able navigate the advanced search tools being absolutely marvelous!);
  • the processes of signing up and deleting your profile are super easy.

To be frank, HookupGeek is all ears in love with such an approach to hookup and dating, since there are not that many credible websites, which would’ve given you the same approach at your disposal. The special attention would be necessary to pay to the app, as it is another advantages of AgeMatch!

About Age Match App

The AgeMatch app is available for both the users of Android and iOS. What is more, it is super easy to be downloaded and installed. The usage of the app is absolutely free. Hence, what are the main features characterizing the app are possible to notice when using it?

  • the app is designed in such a manner that it totally duplicates the features of the web version of Age Match dating service;
  • you can both sign up and sign out with the app;
  • you can process your payments and pick the diverse options as for the payment methods;
  • the Age Match apk is equipped with the feature of deleting your membership.

age match

Being elaborated for the users’ convenience, the Age Match app is able to,

  • provide you with the access to all the most necessary features of the service;
  • as soon as someone’s dropped you a message, you will receive your phone notification, so that you will be constantly in touch to fasten your search and improve communication.

Hence, you can use the Age Match apk in the same manner as you used the web version of the hookup and dating service. And, yep! You’ll be able to have your Age Match profile deactivated forever using either the site or app by Age Match!

How To Delete Age Match Account

Hence, whenever you believe you want to quit the Age Match membership, you are to do the following,

  • first off, be sure to log in the service either via your app or site (using your credentials or by linking the Facebook profile of yours);
  • secondly, find the Settings tab and tap it;
  • thirdly, be advised to find the prompt of deactivating your profile in the Settings tab;
  • choose the option of cancelling your membership and (if you want to) indicate the reason for why you have come up with such decision;
  • after your confirmation of the action, your profile is forever deleted from the Age Match database.

Please, be warned that as soon as you have your membership cancelled and your profile deleted, you will never be able to access the correspondence you have had with the other Age Match members. However, you will be most welcome to re-sign up with the site to carry on searching. This is quite possible, since the profiles’ quality of Age Match will force you to do that, as there are numerous opportunities for the dating!

Quality of Profiles

Phooey, we’ve mentioned that the profiles of Age Match may seem to be not much active, and this is the only drawback, which partially (only) impacts the quality of the profiles. In fact,

  • there are no fake profiles and online cupids;
  • the users’ profiles are well built and filled out;
  • in majority of cases, the members of the service are friendly;
  • the photos of the users do really correspond to reality;
  • there have been no instances of attempts to scam you.

Thus, that’s marvelous, indeed, since the profiles of the database of this site will surely let you find the most perfect match ever so that you’d be able to be successful in romance and marriage or have the most lustful hookup experiences!

Final Thoughts

Woohoo, what do you think of the website we have just reviewed? Have you ever tried it out? If not, would you be eager to? We bet you would! So, now you would love to know our verdict—as it seems to be quite logical, yeah?—and we’re ready! So, whoop de doo what kind of intrigue we’d post here now after so many positive facts disclosed, hah! Of course, HookupGeek believes that Age Match is one of the most progressive and credible dating websites, whereon you would find what you want and whereon you would perform everything you have been dreaming of! Yay, feel absolutely free to test it on your own in order to make your own decision. We are more than sure that you’ll have it the same!

FAQ about Age Match

Because of the dating specifics, you actually cannot stay absolutely incognito with any dating and hookup website. However, AgeMatch leaves you a right to have some of your photos private. In addition, the Service Rules of the website state that “you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when using the Service because anything you communicate through the Service may be seen by users you choose to communicate with”

As a matter of fact, there are two approaches to the content on AgeMatch. The first is the content you upload to your profile for the public access. The second is the content which you may share with the other members in the chats and messages. As for the first kind of the content, the Service Rules claim that “you will be able to use pictures, text, images and other material in connection with your use of Services ("Content"). You understand that your Content including your user name and picture) may be viewed by other users of the Service. We, in our sole discretion, may reject or approve submitted Content. You are solely responsible for submitted Content and shall indemnify, defend and hold us and our employees, officers, directors, shareholders and agents harmless for any and all losses, costs, disputes, demands, claims and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from your Content.” Thus, you are strongly advised not to upload any sexually explicit content. However, when you communicate with the other users, you may send them what you think is suitable within the framework of your communication.

Unfortunately, this is impossible with neither AgeMatch nor any other hookup and dating web service. You use the membership being pinned to the exact period of time.

The AgeMatch site does not have the option of the refund, since you confirm the privacy and service rules when signing up and committing the payment. The same philosophy goes with all of the websites for hook up.

The dating website does not guarantee you anything as for the outcomes of your search. The responsibility of the service is to provide you with the necessary tools to execute your search, with the innumerable profiles to get in touch with, and with the means of sustaining your communication. However, AgeMatch.com will never be responsible for the quality of your communication.