About Anisyia Model

Anisyia has already made up about a ton of the hottest performances, which are available to her viewers both for money (with the uttermost premium quality) and for free of price (having the quality worse since they are located on the free platforms for adult videos). So, HookupGeek is going to investigate some private stuff of this model as well as her biography in order to let you know more and feel more when you are watching that passionate girl camming!

So, carry on reading this article, which has been exclusively composed by HookupGeek and find out the things about Anisyia which no one would tell you!

To begin with and to be precise and credible, we are going to disclose how we have succeeded to collect some interesting facts, which you can never google or encounter on the web. Before preparing this article, one of the HookupGeek’s agents arranges a meeting with the model in order to enlighten some data and interesting facts about her and being based on the interview conducted. In such a way, we can find out the things and secrets, which cannot be disclosed to someone else. And, yeah, models trust us for our perfect reputation and authority. So, be the one who obtains the most exclusive information about this model!

So, which important and nice facts of general character we can share with you?Anisyia LifeJasmin Model

  • Anisya is also well-known as Anisyia XXX, since when she started her career she used the pseudonym of Anisyia XXX. Thus, you can easily watch her earlier works by searching for Anisyia XXX;
  • The real name of the prominent and talented webcam model Anisyia is Anna Abramova. However, the girl prefers being Anisyia in order to cause much more interest among the international viewers of her erotic webcams shows;
  • In the course of time, it has become possible to find out her date of birth, which used to be initially hidden, and the viewers could not even guess how old she is. HookupGeek knows now for sure that her date of birth is April 14,1981, and, as a consequence, she is 37 years old;
  • The origin of Anisyia is quite specific. She is known to be born in Bucharest, Romania, however, she does not look like Romanian;
  • In general, it is possible to reputably claim that her ethnicity is Caucasian even regardless of her frequent experiments with her appearance in order to surprise her regular viewers and fans and in order to attract the newer ones;
  • Being of Romanian nationality, Anisyia looks like she is of no specific origin. Her ability to transform, modify and change her look is more than marvelous. So, neither of her fans can ever expect something regular or routine from this particular webcam model;
  • She has been working as a webcam model for 8 years, and, it may mean that she is a well skilled professional and she really knows how to marvel her fans and viewers, who adore watching her performing that adult like stuff in front of her cam.

These were the short facts concerning Anisyia’s biography and origin. However, we are here to shed light on the more exquisite details of hers. So, let’s take a glance at the physical parameters of the model in order to better know her and see how changing she is when it comes to the profession of the perfect webcam model ever!

  • The main measurements of the models’ body as for Anisyia are as follows, 34D-22-38;
  • Her fans, as a result, adore seeing her putting off her clothes since her bra and cup size is 34D (75D); so just imagine how adorable she is and how hot your experience can be set when you are engaged in watching those hot expressions of passion by Anisyia;
  • her height is 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m), so it is easy to imagine how gorgeous she is having that nice silhouette and bra and cup size;
  • We have even succeeded to find out her weight, and it consists of the rate of 108 lb (or just 49 kg), which can be referred to be quite slim or skinny. So, you can freely judge that her body is more than appealing and ideal;
  • Anisyia’s eye color is blue;
  • Anisyia’s hair is radically black;
  • As for the intimate pubic hair of Anisyia, she is always shaved.

Anisyia has a strong conviction that her creative activity should be accessible for all people, who are eager to watch her doing bad things. So, you can easily access her official website and read the fact that she says, “whether you are about the free content I post on my PornHub account or the exclusive content only members of my site have access to or you want to see me live, there is something for every boy and girl here. Enjoy!” This phrase means that she is in favor of different experiences regardless of the people’s genders. So amusing, right?

Anisyia Model

Thus, if you have never watched this hottie playing and acting up before, you are strongly encouraged to do so, since she will never make your regret or never disenchant you, trust us! What is more, she is well open to the contacts and messages, which you can easily direct her by using one or several of her social networks. So, which of them are available for her viewers?

  • The Anisyia Instagram profile has both numerous pics of the cutie and the ability to drop her a message directly. Be sure not to miss any of her stories or posts!;
  • The Twitter profile of Anisyia is another perfect chance to follow her and keep in touch, so that you can always know when and where she is acting up to watch those hot videos the first. By the way, the twitter profile is still owned by Anisyia XXX, as you will see when reading it; and finally,
  • You can easily get in touch with this beauty by using her SnapChat profile and having subscribed to it to watch her performing for free or for the tips which you decide to live. Also, don’t forget that you can always watch her videos and performances on LiveJasmin web platform for adult webcam shows as well as using the ModelHub website.

By the way, Anisyia told us that she is a regular user of social networks, so that if you get a response, you can have no doubts that it was she who reacted to your message!

Anisyia LifeJasmin

Interesting Facts

Now, it seems to be the high time to move to the most intriguing, piquant, and, of course, interesting facts, which would provoke even more desire from you to watch her playing a bad girl when camming. So, what she is like and how hot and kinky she can get when producing her top quality shows for her fans and newcomers?

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  • Her favorite things to do when being cammed are comprised of being topless, bush, full frontal, and pink;
  • As it was mentioned, she does not have any limits as for the partners’ gender, so she is equally cool and natural with boys and girls (this is why, regardless of your preferences, you will love her);
  • Her favorite actions are blowjob and vaginal games and experiments; so if you expect someone to be sincere and maximally open to you, Anisyia will definitely do her best to gratify all your hidden needs;
  • Anisyia adores somebody accessories, which can make her even more attractive and hot. Thus, she has some tattooes on her back and ribs, so if you are a lover this approach, you would be happy to see her;
  • Anisyia has some piercing located on her belly button. It would definitely suit the needs of the fetishism lovers and some soft bdsm supporters.

So, all these facts would definitely attract you to force you to peep on that cutie of ba behavior and hot character! Thus, don’t miss your chance to be a witness of the most unbelievable and unique shows by this girl and webmodel!

Why Is Anisyia So Special?

After you have read some facts about this naughty girl, you may of course want to know why she is so special and loved by the audiences? First off, some stats facts would suit perfect in this case,

  • the overall number of views of her video shows in the format of the webcam performances is already exceeded the number of 5 million. These views have been registered only on the pre-paid webcam platforms and her official website;
  • the number of the views of her videos on the free platforms is two times bigger, so you can just imagine how popular she is and how gorgeous she can be if you also join the community of her lovers.

Now on, it’d be great to discuss why she is so particular and why she is that prominent among the other similar models of the industry wherein she is a professional.

  • Anisyia sex videos are not just a series of routine actions, since the model spends much time to evaluate how it is better to perform;
  • She creates all the scripts on her own and does not follow the ordinary rules of the industry, so this is why her shots and movies are characterized as unique, piquant and exclusive;
  • The content of the private shows is mainly decided by the user; however, Anisyia is that professional, so if a viewer has no idea of what s/he would wish to watch, Anisyia can take it easily and turn this performance into the cooperation of magic, beauty, inspiration, and passion;
  • Because Anisyia has a strong conviction that the thing she is doing are attractive, she tries to develop the plots of the scenes and the setting, as well;
  • Anisyia pays much attention to the tiny details of the performances, which assist her in creating the overall unique canvas of performance. So, if she decides on providing the viewers with the solo show, she collects the best toys to do so, which would suit not only her body but also her clothes’ color and shape;
  • Another important aspect in this case is the approach to the clothing. Surely, if this is a purely private show, she lets her viewer decide what s/he would like her to look like. However, if the group webcam shows for adults are meant, she approaches the matter of clothing seriously and creates a picture of a dream.

Anisyia from LifeJasmin

What is more, another factor which makes Anisyia so unique and, thus, special, is her charisma. Even in spite of the fact that you cannot really touch the model because of the distance, you can easily feel her energy and charisma. So, whenever you watch her shows or movies with her participation, you can always count for the most exquisite and alluring practices. It even seems that this girl knows nothing about being exhausted as well as her phantasy and energy. So, you’ll fall in love with this cutie in any case, since she is aware of how to indulge the men and women’s desires and have them developed in the future.

Some of the regular viewers of the model tend to kid that she  has addicted them. Of course, it should not be perceived directly and literally. Nonetheless, the opinion of the viewers is quite frequent, so you can feel this addiction as soon as you start looking at her going online. Yeah, this cutie works magic and has no end to stop being that kinky, hot, and attractive.

So, what are the sources of her inspiration? As Anisyia says, she has so many ways to be inspired and motivated to produce the top quality shots! So, HookupGeek kindly shares the torrents of her inspiration with you,

  • inspiration comes from the mere process of shooting: every time when Anisyia gets positive feedbacks and reads on the encouraging comments, she feels like heaven, so this is one of the ways to keep motivated;
  • inspiration originates from the fantasy: when Anisyia plans to make up a certain video, she creates a script, wherein she includes only the things she’d feel pleasure from, so she admires what she does;
  • the process of camming for xxx videos (not for the webcam models’ shows) is another inspiration source, for she can come across different people and see their experiences.

So, it seems to be more than evident that when Anisyia tries to master her skills she requires some encouragement and some pleasure. If you have a desire to watch her shows and have them even better, you would better drop her a message using one of her social networks we shared with you in this article. In addition to this, when watching her camming on LiveJasmin or ChaturBate, feel free to contact her in the chat to express your admiration. It would definitely assist her in developing her talents, and the viewers would encounter even better and better shows by this hot model for adult webcams.

LifeJasmin Model Anisyia

Summing Up

As you may understand, the hottest webcam models have never been that close to their audience as it is now, since the HookupGeek’s professionals are happy to investigate this all and share the results of the investigation with their readers. So, in order to be informed and stay tuned about the innovations in the adult industry, you can always consult the Hookupgeek’s articles and professionals.

So, turning back to Anisyia and her creativity for adults, it is impossible not to mention that she is a real masterpiece and a real talent of the industry. So, if you have always been searching for the best and the most exclusive models’ shows for adults, be sure to try Anisyia’s performances out. What’s more, she supports the free of cost views of her videos. In any case, you can always tip her in the size you prefer suitable.

The shows of Anisyia are saturated by the most unbelievable and horny impressions, for the model is aware of how to deliver the satisfaction which her viewers do come to her for. In addition to this, the experience of Anisyia is more than 8 years, so that she is aware of the key points of how to look beautiful and how to create the versatility of the final video to attract the viewers from all over the world. Thus, be of no fears to contact her, and just kick out any prejudices or biases, for the model is quite professional, and she will surely let you see what you have been craving for.

In any case, HookupGeek is always here to help you better choose the models to watch. So, you can easily get in touch with us in order to stay tuned on what the satisfaction is and how it is better to be grabbed! So, follow us as well as our articles about the most famous adult dating, best one night stand website and webcam platforms and models. We are sure you will be happy and satisfied with our help!