Anton “Yurchman” Yurchenko

Anton “Yurchman” Yurchenko


hi there!

i’m Anton Yurchenko, i have a pet cat named Marpha; and i’m exasperated of scam on adult dating and live sex webcam sites.

after a plenty of disappointments in dating i decided to create a site to make a revolution in the best hookup apps industry!

HookupGeek is not only my job or my hobby, no, it’s my meaning of life, since after i dag deeper into the hookup industry i unlocked so much genuine titillation, so that i cannot but have to share it with you! just know that i’m much aware (unfortunately) of how complicated it is to opt for the reliable and efficacious app or site to date or hook up.

you know why so? just because i’m too passionate (i’d say too touchy) about private life and all related to it. the thing is that i’m crazy about experiments in my bed and… at the kitchen, you know. if you really want to be sure about my ‘expertise,’ you’ll get it all right on this page. trust me, you’re going to be much thrilled!

i’m 26 yo, and you can’t even guess how many things i’ve tried out to get much experienced. to get all sensations, i had to taste everything. yep, i’m 26, and i have been working on HookupGeek for 2 years for now, and—you know what?—i’m not going to quit it!

after i invented an idea and concept to run HookupGeek, i decided to recall all of my former sex experiences. i got it. so, now you’re reading my sex biography, since i don’t think you’d like to know the stuff like “where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth,” as good old Salinger would put it down.

my first sex with a woman was when i was just 17 (hell, still can’t believe she was 45 then, lol). yeah, that was a nice fiasco not to remember at all. thanks god i didn’t use any scam dating sites to pick her up. we’d not ever been happy, since the we both knew we’d been together because had nothing else to do. i didn’t love her as neither did she.

you know what the most ridiculous thing is? i’d been dating her for about 7 years until i left her, since i fell in love with a butt-nut guy who i dated for half a year and whose parents i made love to, as well.

having sex with a woman was ok, and i was fond of cougars, sometimes. the girls of my age were also nice. and i was not against the same-sex stuff, you know. i remembered how i got into my ex boyfriend. he was as warm and wet inside as any other girl could be. i also loved the way he did blowjob to me. adorable.

you see now: i can play both fields, and so i have no problems to date both men and women. as a result, i can double check both apps for dating straight users and homosexuals, as well.

if you really want to know, my experiments were not over after that. no, i’m not going to tell you the stuff like i rode one of my ex-gf’s mommy (nope, she’s not a sugar mom), no, but it also happened. not interested at all, yeah.

i also dated a young plump-lipped guy who takes some female hormones not to be hairy and has a conditional release after he smashed a drunk stanger’s face and hardly did him in. yeap, he’s been a bastard to like and have sex with, but a bit drama queen.

after i got exhausted because of my ex-bf’s mad stuff he did to me, i decided i am about casual sex and hookup. yep, one-night stand opportunities became top for me. i got hyper turned on by the fantasies i was into. swinger parties i attended and swinger parties i arranged unlocked the most fabulous sensations i could only count for.

since then, i’d ached for the similar impressions because i was thirsty for some newer ones. what’s more, i wanted to have more and more interesting and intricate experiences! one of the things i fell in love with was kinbaku, and being binded was one of the greatest sources of getting new levels of gratification. when i tried binding someone, i was also happy.

currently, i travel all around the globe but the most of my time i spend either in ukraine or in the usa. yeah, in such a way, my team and me hang out in the hookup spots of different usa cities. hope you’ve been successful to read about our remarkable trips to new orleans hookup locations or the ones of jacksonville!

in any case, it’s been just part of the bio i have gone through to provide you with the mind-boggling quality of my reviews on this website. can you guess what kind of experiences you can have when you use my reviews?

My Skills

thanks goodness i possess a plenty of different educational levels and occupations that are currently assisting me in providing the top quality reviews for you. by the way, the blog section i put on HookupGeek is also based mainly on my experience. so, if you don’t want to read any fake stuff posted on any other sites, you’d better be stuck to me. you’ll have the best experiences ever!


I’m a writer and a head editor for HookupGeek and just a person keen on horny activities in my life to feel the constantly changing taste of satisfaction!

so, my skills.

as you may know now i’m from ukraine, and i graduated from three universities:

  • i have bachelor’s degree in economics and management
  • along with this, i was studying psychology, since i was always curious about the way people build up their relations. yeah, i was not that successful in it, if you read the previous part of this page, heh
  • after i finished all that stuff, i decided i want to learn to write and i got my postgraduate degree in literature.

yeah, writing has always been one of my passions (together with sex, huh). so, you can see i’m absolutely for the quality of the product i post here, and i’ll always be thankful if you share your feedback with me using the form located on this page.

so, it’s evident that the skills of mine would assist to deliver the most stupendous content for you to turn on and pick up the most reliable hookup and dating offers!

you may also wonder how i’d assess the lesbian dating sites. yep, with the gay dating apps it’s more or less clear. in fact, that’s easy. my team of professionals consists of experienced lesbian girls (partially), so that it’ll not make any problem to assess the lesbian sites for hooking up.

i guess now you’ll have no doubts in how to grab the best hookup experiences! i adore every person who’s succeeded using my tips! truly, just expand your limits, and you’ll feel the only thing, satisfaction in your adult dating!

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But how can you decide if this or that platform is good enough for you? Of course, you cannot test all the hookup dating sites or adult webcam dating and choose the best one just because it is impossible.

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