For this Ashley Madison adult meet site review, we carefully tested and rated the app to give it a fair mark as per each of our selected criteria. And guess what? With Ashley Madison, you are a user of one of the highest rated app, which brings you one step forward to finding easy casual hookups for fun regularly.

About Ashley Madison

If you are new to all the online dating stuff, no wonder you inquire about Ashley Madison. Probably, you’ve heard the name and found it catchy. Or, you’ve heard some positive feedbacks and now want to know all about this dating service. In this review, we will tell you what (not who!) is Ashley Madison and how it can help you find a woman to hook up with fast and easy.

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison app is a hookup tool for single (married / in relationships) men and women, free for download, registration, and use (partially).

How Ashley Madison Works?

Ashley Madison is no different than other dating websites. You have to sign up with all the personal info required and only then can browse profiles of other users. You can contact other users and/or use matchmaking option after you buy a subscription package that suits you.

Is Ashley Madison free to use?

There are both versions: free and paid subscription. Either way, you have access to profiles of other users and basic communication possibilities, yet with a paid account, your choice of women and ways to contact them is considerably wider 😉

Is Ashley Madison safe to use?

Ashley Madison dating site is one of the most trusted and reliable out there. Just take into account how long this brand is on the market: it is hella difficult not to give up positions in such a competitive niche like online dating. Yet, Ashley Madison stands still, which proves that it does not fail to satisfy its user’s needs year after year.

Don’t you worry, we’ll discuss each and every aspect you are interested in more in detail.

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

Ashley Madison - Hookup Geek

Ashley Madison scam rumors have probably gotten to you as well. It’s been a raucous story with the website’s hack and data leakage more than 3 years ago – but it’s long over. Nowadays, there is nothing that can undermine the reputation of this dating giant.

Ashley Madison lawsuits and scandals served as a push button to website’s owners to review and improve security measures.

Today, Ashley Madison website rates top along with several other leading dating websites regarding user protection and security. Madison Ashley is firmly gaining user trust and reputation back because more and more of them have made sure that nothing bad is going to happen.

Ashley Madison Cost

Ashley Madison - Hookup Geek

At Ashley Madison, the pricing system is very cunning. The thing is, if you are a woman seeking men – the registration and services come to you free of charge. However, to all those men and women looking to hook up with other women, payment is needed.

There’s no need to explain why it is the way it is. Historically, males have always been more interested in finding women for casual sex than females have been in finding men. The website, however, has got to keep the equal presence of both genders. This guarantees that both men and women have chances to find a hookup for the night right when they want it.

You can log in as Guest and check out how Ashley Madison web site works for as long as you want. But if you feel ready to interact with female users, you gonna have to upgrade your subscription. You have the following options:

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  • Golden Account. This type of subscription allows you to rate #3 in women’s search results, which means you will get more views, more messages, and more offers.
  • Priority Message. When you have a priority message purchased, be ready to ascend in the eyes of chicks that you text. Messages from you will be shown pinned on top, making sure not a single word of yours passes a girl’s eyes.
  • Travelling Man. An option to those men who travel often and want to meet women regardless of their location.
  • Another User Begins Communication is a choice of self-aware and confident men. Just put this one on and wait for hot girls to text you first!
  • Other tools for communication include winks, gifts, personalized messaging and more. As a rule, these tools come with a subscription package or you can purchase them separately.

We won’t display the full price list here since the price you pay depends on lots of factors like user status, duration, number of paid features, etc. On average, the cost does not excel the one of their competitors. Yet, what you as a user probably want to know, “Is Ashley Madison worth it?” While is it impossible to give a yes/no answer to this question, let’s briefly outline some positive as well as negative aspects of this dating provider.

Ashley Madison Hookup: Pros and Cons


If I’d been married, I’d’ve used AshleyMadison, since no matter how pretty my wife could’ve been, I’d’ve loved having some more diversity!

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko
Good things go first:

  • Ashley Madison price – truth be told, Ashley Madison is highly rated yet affordable. Don’t think that sites increase prices as their popularity goes up, it is not so.
  • Ashley Madison search by city feature – very convenient to those who want to travel and meet girls whenever they are. This feature goes with paid membership, however, it is worth it.
  • Ashley Madison search by zip code – another convenient feature to speed up your hookup process.
  • Ashley Madison experience in the online dating market – don’t you have doubts that Ashley Madison is a brand with history. It has seen its best and it has seen its worse, but it hangs around.
  • Ashley Madison renewed security – the main question of many users ‘Is Ashley Madison safe now?’ Yes, and you have no reason not to trust it again. Hacker attacks is something that happens even to the most secured websites. Even sites with governmental confidential info get hacked, not to speak of dating sites!

However, there’s always a fly in an ointment and for Madison Ashley, it is a not yet forgotten scandal caused by a hacker attack. The website dropped in price and lost its reputation. Many people suffered from misdeeds of hackers and Ashley Madison got blamed for everything. Ashley Madison owner admits that even though people have nothing to fear anymore, it will take time before it gets back its former reputation.

The negative experience of the past is one and only negative thing we managed to find about Ashley Madison. Yet, we are confident that it will prove users its innocence and will make its way back to the top.

Ashley Madison Scams

Regardless of the fact that the scandal happened to the site was a hacker’s attack case, there are some negative feedbacks as for the scam nature of profiles on the platform. Is this really so? We could not but identified the situation and are ready to share with you. So, just read on to leave all your doubts behind and start using namely the best platform for adults ever!

So, what we have found out is as follows,

  • there are some instances of scam accounts registered by the users in order to spam the other profiles; however, Ashley MadIson administration tries to detect the suspicious activity of the users in order to protect the real profiles;
  • there once was an option of the so-called online cupid, which had to help the users with communication. Certainly, it was a kind of fake profile, but its main purpose was to show the newcomers how the site functions. Now, when the audience of the Ashley MadIson site is quite big, there is no need in online cupids;
  • the scam cases are immediately blocked by the support team or administration, so if you found a similar case where you believe a profile is fake, you are more than welcome to report it back to the support team to protect your stay online with Ashley MadIson.

Therefore, in spite of the idea that scam can happen with Ashley MadIson, you should not worry about it much because the site makes everything possible to block such profiles aimed at the illegal actions. So, nothing would spoil your perfect impression of the Ashley MadIson adult dating platform. You can use this site freely without any doubt that someone would make a try to scam you or commit any actions, which would harm your security.

Security Issues – Is Ashley Madison Safe to Use Now?

Ashley Madison - Hookup Geek

Having dug deeper into the scandal from 3 years ago, we have to give credit to Ashley Madison. Today, they grant users the level of security that many dating websites can only dream of. Millions of users have already set all doubts aside and gave Ashley a second chance after that horrible leakage. While the website guarantees protection from fraud, scam, and viruses, it also provides users with invaluable advice on how to stay safe and to protect your personal data.

  • Do not use your work email for registration. It is better to create a separate email or even a temporary email such as the one offered by Hotmail.
  • Come up with a good password. Ashley Madison sites help users create a unique and secure password for ultimate protection
  • Be aware that you allow the app to access your location data
  • You may or may not insert your date of birth
  • Only username is required (should be different than a real name)
  • It is obligatory that you provide truthful info about your marital status.

Overall, if you create a separare email and use Ashley Madison under a username, there is nothing to be afraid of. Even if you think that such super security measures are an overthinking – feel free to rely on the website’s security mechanism. www ashley madison com is the address of hookup dating provider you can trust.

Ashley Madison Dating Hookup Rate

Ashley Madison - Hookup Geek

Despite all the past security issues that this website have been through, it keeps showing great results as per the most important metrics – hookup rate, which in our case is whole 91%. This number expressed in percentage demonstrates what part of Ashley Madison users got lucky and found their perfect hookup.

Ashley Madison sex meetings are arranged in the best traditions of online dating. Here, you won’t find dubious profiles or users that try to pass for someone else. Due to the work of moderators and bots, such profiles have no chances to stick around for long. This, probably, is why the hookup rate of this app is so high: each matched couple is 99% real users with trustworthy personal info on their profiles.

Does Ashley Madison Really Work?

We believe that hookup rate is the best proof to the fact that a website works. Let’s name all the things that Ashley Madison can do for its users.

  • finding one night stand
  • finding quick local hookups
  • finding hookups for married
  • finding hookups in other towns/cities
  • providing absolute protection and anti-leakage guarantee

These are not all favors that Ashley Madison can do for you. Nevertheless, we do want you to check other adult dating websites that demonstrate good enough results to be worthy Ashley Madison alternatives.

Sites Like Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is not the only website that promotes open relationships and extra-marital affairs. We want to give you a whole list of Ashley Madison alternative services, with which you can be confident that your marital status is not an obstacle for getting acquainted with as open and straightforward people like yourself. Hopefully, these 14 websites will open a whole world of possibilities that you didn’t know existed.

  1. Fuckbook;
  2. Free hookup search;
  4. Snapsext;
  5. Wellhello.

Take a look at full list of sites like Ashley Madison on our blogpost.

Once you are registered on any of them, get ready to use up all opportunities you are given for free. These sites vary in terms of services they offer: some are centered around text chat, while others are all about video chatting. Besides, at live web sex cams sites like Livejasmin, Stripchat, CamsHQ, and others, you can enjoy watching real models performing live just for you.

We hope you’ll discover online dating world anew once you try out several of these sites. They will allow you to choose the communication option that will suit you best.

FAQ about Ashley Madison

Safeguard your privacy by following a few simple steps: Before you sign up at Ashley Madison, create a separate free email account to use just for our site. Don’t use your personal or work email address if privacy is a concern. Gmail or Hotmail offer free email addresses and don’t require you to use your home address or phone number to sign up. Create a username that doesn’t identify you in any way — like Romantic_at_Heart Be cautious before sharing any personal details (telephone, email, social sites) with people you meet online.

To help safeguard your data, every Ashley Madison member is asked to create a strong password. Our password meter will help you determine the strength of your selected password when you sign up. A mix of letters, numbers, and symbols offers the most security. Never disclose your password to anyone. Ashley Madison will never ask you for your password – either via email or telephone.

Ashley Madison accepts PayPal payments, pre-paid VISA/Mastercard, and other discreet methods based on your region. Ashley Madison even redeem major retailer gift cards, allowing you to pay without sharing any personal information at all. When you pay by credit card, the transaction details are encrypted, securely transmitted to the payment processors—and a discreet, nondescript charge will appear on your account. We store the last 4 digits of your card along with your name and address for accounting purposes (in an encrypted format). They do collect and store some information shared in your member profile and account set up in an encrypted format.

Keep browsing private by opening the incognito window in your Google Chrome browser when you visit. If you use Safari or another browser, delete cookies and browsing history after each visit to Ashley Madison. Use extra caution if you are accessing Ashley Madison from public locations, like coffee shops and airports. Though it’s tempting, don’t use the auto-remember password feature – especially if you share your computer with family and friends.

As with all of the world’s most popular websites, spammers sometimes send fake emails posing as customer service. This is called a “phishing” scam and it’s how fraudsters try to get personal information. Be suspicious any time you receive: An email message, text, or phone call asking about your personal or financial information. An email that requests you to “click here.” Hover your cursor over the link without clicking. If the URL link is legitimate, you will see a domain name that matches the company name – If the URL link doesn’t match the company name, it’s a phishing email from a scammer. Hit delete or block the sender. Reputable companies usually have a verifiable 1-800# on their emails. Check the 1-800# is legitimate through a web search and then call the company directly if you are concerned about an email, phone call, or text. Remember, if you receive an email from Ashley Madison asking for personal information: It’s a scam. Hit delete or block. We will never ask for personal information through email or text.