Finding Out More About Badoo: A Badoo Review

Badoo is an international, rapidly growing service that offers a search for friends around the world and just chat. It is especially popular among young people and is rather entertaining.

  • Being launched back in the year of 2006, as well as badoo apk quickly gained popularity despite the rather large competition among social services for dating online;
  • Badoo is one of the few domestic products of this direction that has become widely known all over the world;
  • The idea of its creation belongs to Andrei Andreev, since 2008 he began to invest his assets in the Finam holding company;
  • The site received a considerable part of its popularity due to a user-friendly interface and free services.

How does Badoo work? Let’s take a glance at it,

  • First off, you should badoo sign up, as it is regular with any similar credible service for dating;
  • After confirmation of your email and phone number, you’re expected to badoo sign in;
  • You able to use the badoo search in order to find the best matches;
  • For free communication, just upload three of your photos. Thus, almost every member has a photo in his profile;
  • For a small fee, you can activate the so-called superpowers, such as anonymous visit mode, viewing visitors and others;
  • Users can buy credits and send gifts to each other, see more users or raise their profile. Unused credits expire after six months (except for credits purchased through iTunes).

So, it seems to be easy enough to utilize the service and to achieve the best results. Now on, we’d move to the other characteristics of Badoo.


So, what’s badoo? There are many original features on Badoo, such as,

  • the chat feature. Its essence is that within three minutes you communicate with a stranger and then must decide whether you would like to get to know each other better;
  • The same applies to privacy: a variety of settings are configured;
  • For example, a user can allow or prohibit showing his/her online status, share a link to an account site, or even make it invisible to all unwanted individuals;
  • No less interesting is the mode of invisibility that is available here, it’s worth it if you don’t want to be noticed among the visitors of one of the user pages;
  • Other features are also turning off visibility on the site and hiding from others with your “Superpower”;
  • Also in the settings proposed asset management, that is, those same loans and special connected services;
  • Regarding the so-called “Superpower”, on Badoo is a wide list of privileged options purchased for an additional fee.

So, you can have many tools at your disposal in order to date the persons, who you’ve fallen in love with.

In addition to these features, several other options are presented,

  • Priority when reading your messages, access to new participants, again the “invisible” function;
  • But for getting “Super Power” for free, there is a small condition – you need to invite 30 friends from various profiles or contact lists from your mail service to the site;
  • So, it is already completely clear that for making new acquaintances a game from the “Dating” section of the same name will be suitable;
  • The principle is simple – like the user, express sympathy, or immediately go to the profile to start a correspondence.

BadooWhat sections can you use when being a member of Badoo?

  • The next section is “People close by”, where the closest participants of Badu are visible, that is, everyone from your city;
  • The section “You like” – here all the marks from the users, separately those who liked you, and “It is mutual.” Just come here to be aware of what is happening;
  • “Favorites” – he has already been mentioned, you can send a user here with one click;
  • But here I can keep track of who added me to my list – another sign of attention;
  • And an equally important section is “Visitors”, where all those who are interested in you are displayed (an exception, of course, is the owners of the “Invisible” option).

By the way, setting up a search in the section is as convenient as in “Dating” – choose the required parameters:

  • “I want” – the purpose of communication (Find new friends, Chat, Go on a date);
  • “Show” – men or girls, select the age range;
  • Where is the location, that is, the city of residence or the approximate radius (from “in the whole city” to “in the whole country”);
  • By clicking “Show results”, the list is automatically built, it can be all existing contacts, or select only “New” or “Online” above;
  • One of the most interesting sections is “Friends”, the question arises how to add a person as a friend.

In the social networks we are used to, there is always a corresponding button next to the username; on the same site, everything is a bit more complicated – on the right side of each member’s page there is a verification section in various social networks and not only.

In general, the principle is clear – the more you provide personal information about yourself, the more you can see more about another person,

  • If you do not have a section with personal information sufficiently filled out, you cannot see it with the candidate you liked;
  • Friends are invited in the same section, just a few services – Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or any other email address;
  • That is, you don’t actually make new friends on the service itself; there is a “Favorites” section for this, all visitors are displayed in the profile, and you can find acquaintances in the “People nearby” section;
  • Going back to the “Verification” section, an experienced Badoo user usually has confirmation of the phone number (especially if he uses the mobile version), mail, and so on;
  • Provided that you also have confirmation of, say, mobile, you can feel free to submit a request and a community member may well provide you with it.

So, it is evident that there are many nice functions, which provide the users with the best level of convenience. Thus, there is a big probability of the fact that you will fall in love with the app, and you will get more and more successful in dating the partners, who you really liked much!

Pricing Policies On Badoo Dating

Now, it’s a perfect time to take a look at the pricing policies, which you should expect from Badoo? Herein, we’d  like to mention that the only main free feature is your ability to sign up and get your badoo free download app to have badoo install. So, badoo gratis is not that possible, and the pricing is as follows,

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  • Lifetime subscription to premium account would go for $59.99;
  • 6 months Badoo premium package would go for $34.99;
  • 3 months premium package would cost you $24.99;
  • 1 month premium package would cost you $9.99;
  • 1 week of your Badoo premium package would go only for $3.99; and
  • 1 day of using the premium service by Badoo is for $0.79.

What can you expect from the premium membership? What kind of features would obtain?

  • The premium package by Badoo is comprised of all the possible free features, including a plenty of bundled upgraded options;
  • With the premium package of Badoo, you will be able to see who liked you. It means that you will be able to see who has voted and Liked you in Encounters section of the service online;
  • You will be eligible to undo the last vote you did (you will be able to undo your actions by the means of the function of “Skip” votes in Encounters);
  • When you go premium, you will be able to use your invisible mode to stay incognito;
  • The premium account provides you with a function of getting and sending the Stickers;
  • You can also highlight your messages if you update to premium account;
  • You can also see who likes you the most from the visitors of your profile;
  • When you purchase your premium account, you get are eligible to obtain a direct access to the most popular profiles on Badoo;
  • As you are on the premium account, you can be the first person to see and to contact new users, who have just joined Badoo.

BadooBadoo also uses the system of credits, and it is impossible to gain badoo free credits, since this is a purely paid trait. So, the cost of the credits is as follows,

  • the package of 100 credits would cost $2.99;
  • the package of 550 credits would cost $7.99;
  • the package of 1250 credits would cost $9.99; and
  • the package of 2750 credits would cost $19.99.

Thus, by using the credits you can some other interesting features and functions unlocked. So, be sure to test these as well in order to obtain the best results of your romantic search.

Pros And Cons

So, what are the main advantages of the service? Let’s have it all discussed now with HookupGeek,

  • What attracts to Badoo is the versatility, multilingualism and attractiveness of the site and/or badoo app. You can access the site with your accounts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and some other social networks. The smart system links up your account and sees those friends who are already registered in Badoo;
  • Simple registration is another positive feature of Badoo. The registration (and badoo login) form is simple and does not take your time, in three clicks you are already on the site;
  • You can easily see the list of your visitors. When you just registered on the site, you will have received notifications that someone visited your page, this suggests that there are many active users on the site who want to meet. This is also a plus for those who would like to know their visitors on the page;
  • Badoo really delivers dating directed to the meeting. In the “Dating” section you come across a random user and you choose if you would like to meet. That is, the site is aimed at real meetings;
  • Your photos. The system has built-in intelligence, because it determines the photos that may not belong to you. When the system treats with confidence that these are really your photos, you will receive the “Real” status. Without photos, unfortunately, it will not be possible to get full access to the profiles, but the dating site is so attractive that you want, you do not want, and you will have to upload photos;
  • The search form is perfectly built in the site. In the search form there are 3 goals for acquaintance “Find new friends”, “Chat”, “Go on a date”. If you specify your location, a smart search will find people within the radius that you specify.

After evaluating all the features of Badoo, HookupGeek can say that the badoo reviews are mainly very positive. Although, of course, there are complaints, for example,

  • the majority of participants, which was registered on the site several years ago, indicate the emphasis of the service on paid services. In HookupGeek’s opinion, this moment is the place to be, because the rapid progress by our own efforts is very problematic, however, it seems to me that this concerns the majority of such resources, where such an impressive audience is present;
  • Another point is complaints that the site does not produce results, while there are also enough positive reviews and stories about finding your soulmate here.

In general, at HookupGeekb we believe that if you properly dispose of opportunities, there is always a chance to achieve the desired result. At a minimum, this is a site (as well as badoo mobile format of the site, or app) for a pleasant pastime, and if you don’t like a specific resource, look for participants you are interested in on other social networks (Facebook, etc.). So, Badoo makes a good impression, being the site with its small flaws, however, in the spirit of modernity. Thus, HookupGeek advises you to register and look around yourself; at least you will find interesting people from your city.

At the same time, you should not forget that fraudsters always enjoy living on any dating services, it’s easy to protect yourself – don’t share personal information about yourself. One more thing – here you will not find a search for interests or even physical parameters, which is rather unusual for the dating sites, and some users claim that this fact is a disadvantage.


After having reviewed about a ton of similar dating web platforms, HookupGeek is aware of how security aspect is significant. So, this is our opinion about the security measures and levels you will receive with Badoo,

  • no hackers’ attacks have been registered in terms of Badoo;
  • the policies of both the website and the app are aimed at providing the security of the highest level;
  • if you use VPN, it works well with the app, as well;
  • all the number of badoo chat room diversity you have on your account is protected by the websites’ special security measures.

So, it is evident that dissimilarly from the majority of the similar hookup and dating platforms, Badoo is nicely designed from the point of view of security, and the users can freely care about the personal data they share to sign up.

Quality Of Tools

Due to the fact that Badoo’s premium functions are numerous, the question of Badoo’s tools and their quality is much evident, however, it does not even need any proofs for the level of the quality. In any case, HookupGeek in short will show you what these tools are like and what characterizes them,

  • the app and the website ensure that you can freely use both global and local badoo usa search;
  • the quality of the chats is great and it appeals the users, for they are equipped with some funny features as stickers, for instance;
  • the sign up process is not complicated; however, it ensures the overall security of your stay online with Badoo;
  • in order to delete your account from the database of Badoo, you will have to contact the support team;
  • the payment procedure as well as the payment information is easily found in the Settings section of the site and app.

Overall, HookupGeek is more than satisfied with the quality of the tools you will come across as soon as you get your Badoo app and release your payment for a particular package of your choice. So, why not test it out by yourself?

Quality Of Profiles

Because of the high popularity of this Badoo services for erotic dating services (as you’ll know how to find one night stand near me), the quality of profiles is characterized by as follows,

  • there will ever be no instances of badoo scam profiles, for it is merely useless and purposeless;
  • the credibility of profiles does not also cause any additional suspicion, since 10 out of 10 persons we chatted online had the same appearance when we met in real life;
  • the number of profiles in the Badoo database is extensive, so you will surely find someone who’d be interesting for you.

So, in general, HookupGeek is also fond of the quality of the profiles which you come across on the Badoo website and app.

Sum Up On The Badoo Dating Site

To sum it all up shortly, the services kindly provided by Badoo are innovative to a particular extent and are characterized by the credibility of the platform. It all means that there is no point in thinking which dating app is better (for instance, badoo vs tinder) or to look for the sites like Badoo, since Badoo can provide all you have always wanted from the different other similar apps and sites for adult dating. So, you can freely have to download badoo app and carry on dating in the most comfortable conditions. Thus, HookupGeek can recommend this platform for dating to all our readers! By the way, don’t forget to visit some of the adult live webcams we reviewed for you!

FAQ about Badoo

Currently, there are almost 500 million users, and each minute about 50 persons join the website.

Badoo does not have a search engine in the regular understanding of the word. It means that the user can include some filters for the matches, but there is no list to pick up from. However, based on your geolocation, the app shows you possible partners to get in touch with. The principle of swipe works in the app, and in case if two profiles are matched, you will have the notification and ability to chat. Until you match with someone, you will never be able to drop a message.

In order to see all the user who liked you or to have more profiles to swipe, you will need to upgrade your profile to the premium membership. In such a way, you will have no limitations at all, and, thus, you will have more chances to date someone in a more rapid manner.

When being eager to utilize Badoo, and to pay for the services, you will be able to use either your bank card or your PayPal profile. For this, you will need to have one of the options charged with money and be on active status.

Each time when you use Badoo, you should keep in mind that “all cash-out transactions will be reviewed by Badoo. Badoo takes fraud extremely seriously. If Badoo terminates your account for cause (including fraud), any outstanding tokens remaining in your account at the time of termination may be irrevocably confiscated, as determined by Badoo in its sole and absolute discretion, in accordance with our termination policy specified below.”