About BiggerCity.com

Well, of course, it would quite complicated to surprise by saying that we’re going to review one of the best websites to hook up the gay men, as we have a plenty of the gay apps reviewed, right? If we say that we’re suggesting now a regular gay adult dating service, you would also hardly be impressed, wouldn’t you? Besides, if we’d say that we’re going to review one more one night stand sex gay site, you would also wouldn’t be that motivated, yeah? And there is no point in saying anything about gay live sex cams, alright!

In this HookupGeek’s exclusive BiggerCity review of the gay dating app and service, we would be some different, as this is not just a regular gay connections platform but a special thematic web location for the largest online community for chubby gay men and their admirers! So, if you are fond of the men being some fatty and hairy, you will find a ton of them right on this website!


The site is built in such a way that you can have a lot of fre features being at your disposal but to obtain more and more steep ones, you will have to release the payment. In any case, we are sure you would love this site and/or app, and you will really succeed in the search of the best bear man you have always dreamed of!

What Is BiggerCity?

BiggerCity gay site is not only a dating platform to encounter hairy gay men to have sex with but it is also a gay chaser app. This is not just a fuck site to have some casual ties for one night. BiggerCity is positioned to be one of the community-like types, similar to Fubar or CooMeet from the point of view of interaction. What is more, one can really attribute BiggerCity to as one of the most successful chat systems.

So, who and what can you encounter when using the site? Let’s briefly take a look at the key points,

  • you can find a man or a couple of men who are referred to as bears, you know;
  • the site functions globally, that is you will have no problem to access it wherever you are;
  • the interactive tools of the site are magnificent, so that you’d never get bored;
  • there are thousands of the profiles (some of them contain some nudes, so be sure to tolerate it);
  • you can use different modes of search;
  • there are two types of chats to join along with the private messages inbox.

So, now you have some initial and primary impressions of the dating service, and we are ready to carry on communicating all the other findings we have stumbled upon when reviewing the site.

biggercity search

Let’s also take a glance at the features that go at your disposal whenever you log ion with the service. To be honest, there are so many of them, so that don’t get confused! So, just have a look at the following traits of the profile,


  • My home: whenever you are on this tab, you will be able to manage your account settings, blocks lists, favorites, flirts, matches, profiles, photos of yours, your videos, and see your visitors. In addition to this, you will also have a chance to see who’s online now being from your country and city for the local search, of course;
  • Inbox with all of your messages sent and received;
  • Messengers to communicate, and we’ll describe them in detail in the Interaction section of this present BiggerCity review by HookupGeek;
  • Profiles: be ready to tap this section in case if you want to enable the search with the numerous parameters being possible;
  • City Radar: use this feature to generate the profiles of the persons being close up to you;
  • Now Online
  • Now on CTM;
  • My Matches: to see who you have matched with to begin the conversation or even to meet in real life to have some passionate experiences;
  • Blogs: to read the insights by the other members of the service;
  • Forums: to discuss different topics related to the leisure time and health;
  • Galleries: visit the tab to see some pictures of the horny bears (some of them are models and some of them are the members of the BiggerCity community);
  • Store (BulkMale): is the place where you will be redirected to purchase some hottest gay adult movies with the fat guys starring.


As for us, we believe that such functionality is pretty good, and being a user of this website would really contribute to the most interesting pastimes! By the way, the same features are accessible from the biggercity mobile version.

This is what we have discovered about the legal data related to the Bigger City.com website,

  • the start was initiated in 1999
  • its expiry date is 2020;
  • you can use the following phone number to get in touch with the administration: 480-624-2505.

Unfortunately, no other data are possible to be discovered. We are sure that we’ll investigate all details within the nearest future. So, wait for it if you need this information!

Registration Process

In order to use the site (no matter if you want it for free or paid), you will have to sign up. The process of sign up can seem some weird, since it would require you to indicate the email and phone number to be both valid as they’d be verified. On the one hand, it may seem that it violates your personal data, while on the other hand, it is a direct proof that all the profiles on the site are real and you would hardly ever encounter any bots or fake ones.

So, what’s needed to get in? Nothing complicated, namely,

  • make up your login;
  • create a password and confirm it;
  • confirm you are over 18 years old to use the site;
  • indicate the place of your residence (for the easier search);
  • fill in your physical data (like age, length, and weight);
  • type in your email address (mind that it should be valid as the site would send you the code of verification);
  • type in your phone number and mind to have it valid, since you will also receive the SMS with the verification code.

After you have accomplished these steps, you are supposed to fill out your profile and upload a couple of pictures. That’s it, you can easily be a part of the BiggerCity website for gay adult dating online!


As previously mentioned, there are diverse ways to have interaction with the other users, and you’re most welcome to use whatever approach you like or all of them at once!

The first and the most traditional way to interact (that is to communicate) is the private messages located in the Inbox tab (where you will also be able to manage all messages for your convenience). How you message someone? Easily: go enable the search and pick up someone who you would like to send a message. That’s all. In case, if you get a response, you will be notified. The inbox messages are categorized in the following way,

  • Inbox (the messages someone sent to you);
  • Unread;
  • Saved; and
  • Trash.

There are also two types of the chats to use in compliance with what you want on the site and what is more preferable for you.

The first type of the chat is called BiggerChat, and the second one is City Messenger. What’s the difference between them? Let’s get it all sorted out. The BiggerChat is BiggerCity’s multi-user public chat room. It supports webcams for real-time video chat sessions with other citizens. To enter the chat room, just click the button below. It’s that simple! The City Messenger is Bigger City bears Instant Messenger application. You can use City Messenger to privately connect with your chat buddies in a one-on-one environment. City Messenger also supports real-time video chats. Hence, you can easily see that the two great ways to chat online! With BiggerChat or City Messenger you’ll instantly connect with other guys in our community. BiggerChat City Messenger.

biggercity chat

BiggerCity also suggests one more way to interact; nevertheless, this way is more local, and is mostly spread in the USA. Whenever you tap the Community tab, you will see a calendar of the events related to the LGBTQ+ culture. These events can be comprised of the purely gay sations or also may be aimed at the mixture of gay and lesbian dating. So, when you see these promos, you can decide for yourself which one is of interest for you.

So, because of the quite an extensive approach to interaction, we are sure that BiggerCity is right that web platform to deliver the funniest impressions along with the horniest instances, as well. It means what? Yep, that everyone can find something that they’ve been looking for!


Regardless of the fact that there are innumerable features being absolutely for free, there is special tariff for purchasing the membership with Bigger City dating service. Of course, by running a prepaid profile you double your chances to have access to the bigger number of the profiles and, as a result, have more and more intricate communication with the fatty and hairy members of the site.

So, the pricing is as follows,

  • 1 month membership would cost you just $7,99 per 30 days of using the paid service;
  • 3 months membership package would be priced at $6,66 a month (but billed as one payment at $19,99), so that you would be able to save up 17% of the monthly cost;
  • 6 months membership is just for $5,00 a month (but billed as one payment at $29,99), so that you would be able to save up 37% of the monthly cost;
  • 12 months membership costs $4,17 a month (but billed as one payment at $49,99), so that you would be able to save up 48% of the monthly cost.

biggercity pricing


Regardless of how appealing the annual membership price can be,m we always suggest you try the shortest membership period in order to get ensured that you really like the service.

As for the payment methods being at your disposal, you can use Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Unfortunately, it is impossible to refer this website to the adult dating sites that accept PayPal as a payment option.

Free And Paid Features

When you decide on choosing a free mode, you should certainly know how it is different from the paid one, right? With www.BiggerCity.com, there is not much difference in the functions being accessible for the paid membership and the free one. The main difference lies in the number of the profiles to be generated in the search engine.

In other words, if you really want to have 100% search results with no limitations, you should be advised to run a paid membership profile. However, if you see that the search accumulates suffice number of the profiles, you are not obligatory to pay for the membership.

Pros And Cons

Yeah, you have the same, possibly: the same positive impressions! Anyway, we have to be more critical, and we’re ready to single out the pros and cons of the BiggerCity dating site for gay men.

The following advantages can be easily singled out about the web location under review:

  • there is a nicely built app to use for both iOs and Android;
  • the diversity of the features and interaction tools is adorable;
  • there are innumerable users from all over the world, so that you can browse the search locally or globally;
  • the pricing is quite affordable, so that you can be sure that it’s always easy to have everything at once;
  • the range of the free features is magnificent to the extent that you don’t have to pay if you feel like the features and search results are enough for you.

What about the drawbacks of the site? What kind of difficulties you can come across when navigating the site? HookupGeek has discovered a couple of things to pay attention to, including,

  • the site is possible to be accessed either in English or in Spanish (however some elements of the site can be in your language but partially if you’re outside the USA);
  • the diversity of the tools may make you confused, as you should get accustomed to everything;
  • the site contains some links to the external sources (these are mainly the adult movies stores), so if you are not fond of the movies of this genre, keep away from being redirected.

Honestly, we would not actually refer these features to the cons, as they’re absolutely impossible to spoil your impression or experiences with Bigger City com. In any case, we had to warn you about some of the possibly negative experiences to stumble upon.

Now on, let’s consider some more aspects of the site to have the fullest vision!

Quality Of Profiles

As we have been reviewing the platform, we had to communicate with the other members to be sure that you are given access to the real people’s accounts. Otherwise, that’s no point in carrying on writing anything positive. BiggerCity web and BiggerCity com mobile app surely give an impression of a credible website for adults. Why so? We have a couple of reasons for this,

  • the double verification (of your email and of your mobile phone) would surely prevent any other user from creating the fake profiles for nothing;
  • all of the profiles contain the real photos of the real people;
  • the profiles contain the detailed information about the users, so you can easily see if a person suits your expectations or not.

Along with this, all the tools of the site are aimed to provide the diverse approach to dating: from the casual affairs to the real serious relations and/or friendship.

Quality Of Tools

Oh yeah, there is no need to speak too much about the quality of tools, as they are really adorable! When we prepared the section of Interaction, we were in love with the diversity of means to unite people and let them communicate in the way they are eager to!

Regardless of the fact that the BIggerCity website suggests using some paid membership items, you can freely use all of the tools almost to the fullest extent in the free mode. Isn’t it a great news to enjoy?


The security measures of the BIggerCity site are also fabulous, for they are aimed not only to protect the online stay of the users but also to prevent any illegal actions. Thus, this is what we have found out about the measures to ensure the users’ security by the administration of the BiggerCity website,

  • there are special anti-spam filters built in the platform to prevent anyone from posting or sharing any spam information;
  • the site totally undergoes the legal framework of both the US legislation and international law;
  • there is a strict approach to age limits of using the site, so that you would never be able to encounter any under age persons.

In addition to this, BIggerCity has some supplementary approaches to handle any security issues on their website, and they include,

  • there is a special Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure additional protection online;
  • the support team of the site gradually checks the profiles to find the fake ones, so that you can never come across the fakes.

However, along with this, BIggerCity warns you that “when you use… services to publish or post content, some of the personal information and content you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. You are responsible for the personal information you choose to share or submit in these instances. For example, if you list your name, phone number or email address in a forum posting, that information is public. Please take care when using these features.”

In other words, no matter how strict and sound the security measures are by Bigger City gay, you should also be guided by the reasonable thinking and take much care to stay protected online.

How To Delete Profile

The process to have your profile deleted and your membership cancelled is easy. So, you would need to accomplish the following steps,

  • go biggercity login using your details;
  • tap My Home and choose Account tab;
  • scroll down to the very end of the page;
  • find the button ‘Cancel Account’ in the right corner;
  • push it;
  • press ‘Continue’ if you are sure that you want to get rid of your BiggerCity profile.

In fact, that’s over. However, do keep in mind that neither of your personal data or your chats would be preserved. So, just wait for a couple of minutes to have your profile deleted forever.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it: we have completed the review about BiggerCity app, so that you can know now what the service is about! As you may guess, our verdict is the most positive, since the diversity of the features being united with the great approaches to security create the best and the most fabulous platform ever!

By reviewing the BIggerCity dating service, we have come up with the conclusion that the gay dating industry is growing dramatically, and you can thus have much diversity at your disposal! Whenever you access the dating service, you will really have the most unbelievable experiences!

What do you think of the site? Have you heard of it before? Would you like to visit it? What’s your impressions? Be sure to share your feedback with us in the comments tab located right after the FAQ section! We’re always happy as hell to read your feedback!

Finally, if you still have some questions having been not responded, feel free to address our FAQ section. What is more, if you have interest in some more adult dating websites’ reviews, don’t hesitate to come across them on our website!

FAQ about BiggerCity

BiggerCity offers a place to meet, interact, share, and communicate with other users. The BiggerCity community is a diverse place made up of users from all over the world with different opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs. The guidelines documented here have been devised to promote respect within our user base and maintain a level of experience that is enjoyable and satisfactory for everyone.

In compliance with the Community Guidelines by Bigger City, the following reasons can serve as a basis for deactivation of your profile by administration: “BiggerCity, in its sole discretion, may terminate, re-locate, or remove any content, be it text postings, images, photos, or video clips, immediately and without notice if (a) BiggerCity believes you have acted inconsistently with the spirit or the letter of the BiggerCity Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, (b) BiggerCity believes you have violated or tried to violate the rights of others, or (c) BiggerCity deems the content to be inappropriate or off-topic with the purpose of this site or the sections of the site where the content was posted to.”

Yes, you can. If so, just indicate in your profile that you are a chaser, so that it would be easier for you search for the fat men.

Unfortunately, this feature is not accessible. You can use your Visa, MasterCard and/or Discover to release the payment for the membership by BIggerCity.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, as the adult movies are located on the affiliate website of BiggerCity.