If you’re a regular reader of our sex dating websites, one night stands dating site range, and adultwebcam reviews, you might have already understood that the development of the dating and hookup industry is everlasting and is damned to provide the users with the endless torrent of the hottest and most pleasant experiences. Can you count for the same with Black Crush? HookupGeek will sort it all out exclusively for you, so that you will not need to waste tons of time for reading the other reviews on Black Crush dating site! Yay, don’t thank, guys!

Let’s initially disclose some of the details about the website to assure that it is real and has been properly registered,

  • the officially acknowledged geolocation of BlackCrush is US (United States), VA, Virginia, 20149 Ashburn;
  • the site was registered and has been owned by eNom, LLC;
  • the date of its creation is 2002;
  • the expiry date is 2019;
  • the address which the site is registered to is PO Box 639, C/O blackcrush.com, Kirkland, WA, 98083, USA;
  • the phone number of the website administration is +1.4252740657,

Hence, this is a great advantage that the website clearly indicates the data about its registration. It can seem now that it is more or less credible. However, our further investigation will show if it is really so!

In order to sign up with the Black Crush dating site, you will need to accomplish just four easy steps, including,

  • firstly, indicate who you would love to look for: a man or woman (please, mind that only straight relations are possible with Black Crush);
  • secondly, make up a username of yours to be able to get in via the BlackCrush member login;
  • thirdly, create the password to ensure the security of your profile and data; and
  • fourthly, you are expected to type in your actual email.

There you go: you will have all the cool features of the website right away at your disposal! However, be sure to understand that in order to use the features at their fullest extent, you’re supposed to process the payment (for more details, please proceed with reading the next section of this review by HookupGeek!

BlackCrushSo, as we’ve already mentioned a couple of words about the functionality, we’d love to shed light on it. So, what you will get as soon as you are in, and have committed the payment?

  • Home: this tab will let you see the most recommended profiles to visit as they can hypothetically suit your needs;
  • Search: you’ll be eligible to enable the search engine of the site to insert the needed filters and generate the most fruitful results (however, the whole list of the results in compliance with your search is possible only under the conditions of the paid membership);
  • Messages: this is a section, where you can have all of your messages sent and received; by the way, you can categorize them as well as prioritize them in order to ensure that you can clearly understand who you would love to carry on communication with;
  • Quickie: this is an interactive game, which will let you better understand how successful you are in dating, which can score your dates and provide the interactive and entertaining search for the possible partners for the hottest hookup;
  • Newest: in this tab, you’ll be exposed to the newcomers’ profiles, so that if you’re exhausted of accumulating the same results of your search and need some freshness, you’ll be constantly given such a chance;
  • Friends/Favorites: feel free to add the new friends to your profile to easier get in touch with them;
  • xxx Movies: yep, similarly to some sex cam sites, you will be eligible to watch some adult movies in order to have the diversity; by the way, the xxx movies are devoted totally to the specifics of the website—ebony dating and hookup;
  • Chat: similarly to the Messages tab, you’ll have a chance to chat with the users in the instant manner. The difference is that you’ll not be able to categorize the messages you sent or got.

The functionality is rather nice, isn’t it? But what you are supposed to pay off for using all the brilliant benefits? Proceed with the next section, and you will know everything!


Similarly to the other dating websites, the payment nature of the services is quite a usual thing. Let’s first of all see the approach to BlackCrush tariffs, and then we’ll narrate what you get right after you have released your payment.

There are the following tariffs for the types of the membership,

  • Free Basic Profile (which is absolutely for free of price, as you may understand);
  • The limited trial period would cost you $2.97 a day;
  • The monthly membership is just for $29.95;
  • The Silver membership would go for $16.65 a month, but you’ll be billed as one payment of $49.95; and, finally,
  • The gold membership on BlackCrush will cost you $11.65 (this sum includes the 60% discount), and you will have to pay $69.90 by one bill.


BlackCrush Pricing

Nice, let’s move on, and see the benefits of the paid membership (irrespective of the duration and with the exclusion of the trial period),

  • with the paid profile (silver or gold ones) you’ll get action guarantee;
  • you will be exposed to the list of the New Members on the daily basis, so you’d never be bored;
  • you will be eligible to utilize the service of cell phone texting;
  • they will give you an opportunity of the personal matchmaking in compliance with your needs and expectations;
  • you will be able to see all the private friends’ photos even if they are hidden under the privacy settings;
  • you will be able to execute the unlimited profile views, so you can never stop having pleasure and satisfaction; and
  • the multiple search features will also go at your disposal.

So, be sure to understand each of the features, since neither of them is possible within the Free basic profile or limited trial period. Thus, if you want to feel yourself a king of them all, you’d love these features, with no doubts at all!

Pros and Cons

Yay, pros and cons are very important within the review, for you’ll be clearly seeing the advantages you can have as well as the possible issues to come across! Let’s commence with the benefits, of course,

  • the functionality of the web platform is great and will never make your leisure time dull;
  • the pricing is quite loyal and affordable;
  • the chat in the right hand toolbar will set you on fire; and
  • numerous hot profiles presented.

Unfortunately, these seem to be the only benefits you can get. Are there any cons?

  • there are the online cupids, that is the bots you will initially communicate with in order to understand the way the site works;
  • the functionality of the free basic profile is quite poor;
  • there is no BlackCrush App for the users to get the service via their mobile devices; and
  • there are some hidden fees like automatically renewable subscription.

In fact, the drawbacks are, thanks God, not that numerous, as well. Will the security aspect be a  benefit or a drawback? Let’s get it now!


The website claims to function under the power of the following legal regulations and laws,

  • telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA,” 47 USC Section 227);
  • the FCC’s regulations implementing the TCPA (47 CFR section 64.1200);
  • 47 U.S.C. §230(d); and
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Can these laws guarantee you the online protection with BlackCrush? Does the Black Crush hookup website really function under these conditions?

  • the terms of service of Black Crush claim that only 18+ years old users are in;
  • you’re strictly forbidden to utilize the photos of the other users in any purposes;
  • all the issues related to the security and legal protection with Black Crush dating should be directed to: Stephen Workman, Esq., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 8400, Chicago, IL 60606;
  • you can send the same claims via email: legal@dateprofits.com.

To be honest, the website is really for the legal usage. Also, it seems to take much care of the protection of the users. So, if you test it on your own you can have the similar experience. In any case, feel welcome to share your experiences and feedbacks with us!

Quality of Tools

BlackCrush dating and hookup service functions on the paid nature mainly,

  • so, if you run a paid profile (with the exception to the trial period), the tools are quite efficient;
  • the search is based on your preferences and the filters you insert, so you can really count for the best results;
  • the chat system is great, for it ensures that you can instantly exchange the messages;
  • the ability to block the users is super great, so you will be able to comfortably use the site;
  • the processes of signing up and logging in are easy and will not require you spending much time;
  • in order to quit the membership, you’ll need to complete a couple of simple steps.

HookupGeek is really happy to understand that the site unlocks all this good quality to the users. Truly! But we’re not over yet, and we have to investigate everything to understand if we consider BlackCrush scam or not.

How To Delete BlackCrush com Account

As we’ve already indicated that, you will have to accomplish just a couple of actions to get rid of your Black Crush profile, including,

  • you log in and visit the upper toolbar right above the username of yours;
  • you tap Account Settings;
  • right beneath the prompt to Upgrade your profile, you will see the option to have it deactivated;
  • as soon as you press that button and confirm your action, you are not a member of BlackCrush anymore!

Hey, just really about a couple of minutes to leave the website in order to get into the search of the other fuck sites!

Quality of Profiles

Unfortunately, the quality of the profiles with Black Crush could’ve been much better. Still, it has some nice features and characteristics, namely,

  • there are numerous alluring profiles grouped by the Ebony category, so that if you visit this particular website for hookup, you’ll know that you will communicate with the ebony users only;
  • the presence of the so-called Fantasy Cuties is disappointing, since the website clearly indicates that they are presented and you will be exposed to them;
  • the number of the profiles is nice, and you will surely be able to search for the best matches;
  • the profiles are detailed but they are fortunately not overloaded with the tons of the data.

Thus, the quality of the profiles with Black Crush dating website can be referred to as satisfactory. We’re sure (or we want to believe that it will be improved within the shortest period).

Final Thoughts

Heh, we’ve believed and we also have had a strong conviction that the dating of BlackCrush could’ve been much and much better. In reality, it does not seem absolute scam, of course, but it could have been really a perfect location to hook up. We are sure that in the course of time it’ll be all improved. However, for now, you can count only for the satisfactory or medium quality of the experiences. In any case, you can check up some best hookup sites devoted to the same category by reading HookupGeek’s reviews. Be affirmed that we will surely let you have what you want to, if you understand what we mean now!

FAQ about BlackCrush

In fact, you don’t have to inform anyone about your desire to quit the membership. But we have come across some of the negative feedbacks by the users who claimed that if you don’t inform the support team, you bank card will be charged for the usage of the services even after the deactivation of your profile. Thus, we have checked it out, and can state that be advised to contact the support team to get ensured that you have successfully deleted your profile and no additional charges would be applied to you.

Unfortunately, the Terms of Use of BlackCrush do not clearly indicate the instances, reasons, and procedures of refunds to be taken. There are some short notes on refunds, but they are connected with any possible harm caused to the website. Thus, it seems to be quite evident that you cannot count for any refund at all.

Well, there are no exact data on how long it would take you to hook up and date in order to be satisfied with either your communication or dates in real life. Thus, be sure to make everything possible to get what you want. Follow just common sense and ethics to seem friendly. Only you decide on what format of communication you will have and what the consequences would follow.

There is only one payment method available—bank card (no matter if it is VISA or MasterCard or any other system or bank).

There is no such a function on the BlackCrush website. However, you should remember that the Fantasy Cuties are available only during the first attempts to use the service. As soon as you get accustomed to it, you will not be exposed to any communication with the Fantasy Cuties.