Oh, no matter how many had there been top adult websites and one night stand hook up sites, there would have always been some other alternatives to indulge all human desires of the adult life. With the development of the dating industry, the regular dating services have become less in demand, since the users want to get involved in something more exclusive. Thus, the nich of the specialized dating sites has emerged. You might have probably seen the sites like Alt.com specializing on the hard format of the private life or BBWDesire, whose field of expertise is women with big forms. Currently, HookupGeek would love to provide you with the special dating website dedicated to the dating of the Afro-American population. By the way, the site was created by the same company owing the OurTime.com web platform, so, we believe the same perfect experiences can be encountered! But still, let’s check it all out in order to get ensured with the truth!

First of all, let’s consider the general details about the website and the way it has been registered in order to get ensured that everything is official,

  • The site was registered and is currently owned by People Media, Inc.;
  • The official geolocation address of the site is Geolocation: US (United States), TX, Texas, 75225 Dallas;
  • The address of the company and the site is as follows, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA;
  • HookupGeek has also found another address to send your claims and issues as for the copyright issues related to the work of the site, Copyright Compliance Department 8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400 Dallas, Texas 75231;
  • BlackPeopleMeet com phone number is (214) 576-3272;
  • The email, which you can use to get in touch with the company and the administration of the site is copyright@match.com.

Hence, for now, it is more or less evident that you will actually encounter the official company, which tends to provide the services of adult dating to the users. Also, after we have reviewed the OurTime.com website by the same company, we are now less sure that you will be scammed; however, we will have to examine everything with the uttermost attention and precision!

The next step we would love to accomplish in this current BlackPeopleMeet review by HookupGeek is the general stats about the work of the site and the presence of its users,

  • The overall number of the users at the moment approaches the rate of 5 million;
  • it is known that about 900,000 users are from the USA;
  • the average activity of the users is that 30,000 active users weekly;
  • there are more than 4.5 million original visits on the monthly basis;
  • 4.3 million of views of the site come from the USA, the other part is from Canada;
  • The percentage of the female users is 45%;
  • The percentage of the male users if 55%;
  • The representatives of the other countries are not that numerous, since the website functions mainly for the USA and Canada.

Hence, the popularity of the website is quite nice, and you can really estimate that if it were something like scam or something similar, the dating platform would not be that famous. In addition to this, you would surely fall in love with all its exquisite and, along with this, laconic features and details, which will never irritate you. What is more, the numerous positive BlackPeopleMeet com reviews will also prove the same fact!

So, as you might guess, we are going to shed light on the features and functionality of the big BlackPeopleMeet dating website in order to better understand if the site is worth of using and having paid for. So, what features do you receive as soon as you sign up and log in your profile?

  • similarly to Fubar or EliteSingles dating sites, you will have the number of matches detected by the site to simplify your search;
  • the number of matches can sometimes exceed the index of 30 matches a day;
  • as for the BlackPeopleMeet search, you will be able to insert the filters, which is similar to, say, OkCupid, and you will be able to generate the results in compliance with your own preferences;
  • to a certain extent, there is also a set of functions similar to the EstablishedMen dating service, and it is like an advantage, for the ability to share the gifts and promote your profile are great, and they really double your chances to find the perfect match;
  • the gifts section functions on the basis of the tokens (their costs will be announced right away in the next section);
  • you can use the gifts in order to attract someone’s attention, to flirt or just to have them served as another icebreaker, which is a bit similar to Happn web dating site;
  • as soon as you BlackPeopleMeet login for the first time, you will be asked to upload some pics of yours, since it will make some perfect conditions for the future search of yours;
  • the section of settings will make you be able to manage all the tokens you have as well as edit the profile of yours;
  • the Setting section will also allow you to see how to cancel BlackPeopleMeet;
  • also, in the Settings section you will be able to modify your BlackPeopleMeet contact number;
  • all the financial issues can also be resolved via the Settings section, as well;
  • in the left-side toolbar, you will see the messages, the likes, and the people, who would like to date with you or flirt with you, as well.

Hence, HookupGeek can for now sum up that the functionality of the profile is quite nice, and you will not need to have much time spent in vain to get it all sorted out. Thus, just test it by yourself and you will see how nicely this kind of interface is done for you! Furthermore, you will surely get it all right away after the BlackPeopleMeet com login!

Prices Of BlackPeopleMeet Website Service

When speaking about the pricing approach, it is the most important to know if BlackPeopleMeet com free or not. And we will shed light on this aspect, as well! So, let’s see how it all works, and what kind of service do you get when you choose the very this website!

As for the pricing approach, there are some points to make an emphasis on, namely,

  • there is no BlackPeopleMeet free trial period, but there is actually a free Basic profile, which you obtain right after the registration process has been completed;
  • the payment for the dating service by BlackPeopleMeet online platform is a two-way process: on the one hand, you are supposed to pay off for the membership, and, what is more, on the other hand, you will need to purchase some tokens bundles;
  • of course, you are not supposed to believe that tokens are obligatory, but they will surely make your stay online greater!;
  • the use of the app by BlackPeopleMeet is absolutely free to have it downloaded and installed.

So, now let’s gradually move to the pricing approach and what membership duration options you can opt for,

  • there are essential Premium Membership duration packages, in which the costs vary on the principle of the duration of the BlackPeopleMeet Premium Status of yours;
  • the monthly subscription to the BlackPeopleMeet services of the Premium Profile will cost you just $16.75 (including the tax);
  • the BlackPeopleMeet Premium membership with the duration of three months will be priced at $41.85, that is the cost per month within this tariff is just $13.95 (including the tax);
  • the 6 months BlackPeopleMeet Premium Membership account will cost you $71.70, wherein the cost per month is just $11.95 (including the tax);
  • currently, the BlackPeopleMeet dating platform suggests purchasing the 6 months pack, so that the users will be able to save up 45% in comparison to the monthly subscription cost.

The first important thing here is that the site takes care of the users and ensures constant discounts. It means that the loyalty principle is provided and included, which is great!

What is more, we would love to pay your attention to the packages of the Tokens, which you would love to have in order to boost your profile or in order to send the gifts. By the way, the Tokens will let you have more and more matches generated for you by the website automatically!

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  • there are three essential packs of the tokens for your choice;
  • the BlackPeopleMeet 25 tokens pack will cost you just $0.99;
  • the BlackPeopleMeet 110 tokens package would go for $3.99; and, finally,
  • the BlackPeopleMeet 280 tokens bundle will be priced just at $9.99.

The website claims that the 280 tokens proposition is the best value, for the cost per a token is the lowest only within this particular pack.

What about the payment methods available with the BlackPeopleMeet dating platform? If we speak about the membership costs and payments, there are the following payment methods you could use,

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Amex;
  • Discover; and
  • PayPal.

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If you need to purchase the tokens, the payment methods are some different, namely,

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express; and
  • Discover.

So, there is no option to purchase the tokens via PayPal.

In general, when we have investigated the costs for the BlackPeopleMeet dating services online, we can make up a conclusion that everything is transparent. In addition to this, you will not encounter any extra exaggerated costs, which can be seen with the dating sites like LonelyWifeHookups or SecretBenefits dating. Thus, we believe that there is no reason not to have it tried out! So, don’t hesitate!

Pros and Cons

Well, there are nice features, agree! Also, there are cool benefits, as well! So, let’s have them considered in order to determine the best of them and have them compared with the cons, if there are any, of course. Yeah, need to see the advantages, first of all, and we believe you will love them to the greatest extent,

  • the website is open for the Afro-Americans as well as for the other races, but the target audience of the dating website is still the Afro-American population;
  • there are literally tons of the most positive BlackPeopleMeet reviews, so that the users do really like the dating service;
  • the database of the BlackPeopleMeet dating online service is great, and you will surely forget about any solitude you might have been suffering from;
  • there are almost no explicit content, which is everywhere with the Fling dating or InstaSext one;
  • there is quite a nice app to access the dating website in an easier way;
  • the functionality of the website is great and laconic at the same time, so you will not be confused with any of the functions;
  • in the course of the review, we did not indicate any instances of scam;
  • the payment procedure is quite transparent, and there are no hidden fees, which you would not be able to control, as we saw it with the FreeHookupSearch or CheatingCougars;
  • there are options for both serious relations and casual ones—however, you are supposed to always communicate what you are aimed at with your interlocutor;
  • the diversity of the search filters will simplify your search process to the maximum, so that you will communicate only with the persons, who really suit your expectations.

Woohoo, HookupGeek does not even recall the same number of the positive features to meet with any other similar website. But are there any drawbacks?

  • the free mode of the website does not give you much to do;
  • in the free mode, you will not be able to send the messages to any users of the site.

Of course, these cons seem to be nothing else but our desire to detect at least something negative. However, as you can surely understand, these cons are even more pros than the drawbacks, since they ensure the absolute security of the messaging. Thus, we believe you will once want to test this platform to gain the best impressions in dating!


Honestly, after we have released the payment and chatted with some users of the dating platform, we have lost absolutely all the doubts possible about the security. However, we have to shed light on this aspect, as well, in order to be finally sure that nothing bad can happen.

Hence, this is what we have detected about the security with the BlackPeopleMeet dating,

  • the site functions in compliance with the most current legal framework, and it will never violate any of your rights;
  • the site forbids signup for the persons under 18 y.o.;
  • all the chats you have are kept in secret and will never be shared with anyone by the site;
  • neither of the information you share with the site will ever be disclosed to the third parties;
  • the usage of the app is also secure;
  • whenever you utilize your BlackPeopleMeet login mobile, you will have to enter the login and password, so no one except you could have access to the data in the app.

In any case, HookupGeek has already reviewed numerous dating sites and best site for sex platforms, and we hardly ever encountered the same serious attitude to the users’ security. So, we are sure that you will also appreciate this approach when you try out the dating service under review.

Quality of Tools

As we have already noted, the tools, which the BlackPeopleMeet dating platform is equipped with are great and laconic. In this section of our BlackPeopleMeet review, we would love to pay attention to the quality they are characterized by, since it is also significant for the fruitful usage of the site, right?

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  • all the systems of the BlackPeopleMeet site—search, messages, gifts, and likes—work promptly and will never cause any issues;
  • the payment system is nicely done, but it would be great if it were the same for both purchase of tokens and the membership payment, as well;
  • the option to cancel BlackPeopleMeet account is easy to accomplish (we will tell you how to do in the How To Delete BlackPeopleMeet Account section);
  • the quality of the mobile app is also nice, since it possesses all the same functions as the web version and it suits both Android and iOs systems.

Thus, our conclusion on the quality of tools is mostly positive (if the payment system is modified, it’ll be the most brilliant)! Hence, we want to believe that all the other parameters, which we are going to have considered by the end of the current 2019 BlackPeopleMeet review will be the same great and magnificent! However, we need to move on to shed light on the app by BlackPeopleMeet!

About BlackPeopleMeet Com App For Dating

As you already know, yeah, there is a BlackPeopleMeet app, and it has some characteristics, which we have to consider as well. So, let’s see what they are like!

  • the BlackPeopleMeet application is accessible from both iOs and Android, as we mentioned it;
  • the app is absolutely free to be downloaded and used;
  • every time, when you are about to use it, you will need to BlackPeopleMeet login app for the higher level of security;
  • Right after BlackPeopleMeet login app, you will have the same exquisite functionality of the website in the apk format.

What about the characteristics of the BlackPeopleMeet apk? What are they? Let’s see it together,

  • the app has been powered and designed by People Media, Inc.;
  • the size of the file to download is 88.6 MB;
  • the apk has been accessible since 2017;
  • the latest version of the app is 10.0.

Hence, bearing in mind that the installation process is as easy as with any other app, you will not encounter any problems as for the functioning of the BlackPeopleMeet apk! Gorgeous, right?

How To Delete BlackPeopleMeet Account

In case if you have found what you have been searching for (and HookupGeek is sure you have) you will have a chance to delete BlackPeopleMeet profile of yours. In this case, you should know that after the profile’s deletion, you will never be able to access the site and all of the data you inserted (your email, BlackPeopleMeet number, date of birth, etc.) will be deleted, as well. So, in case if you really want to have it deleted, you should do the following,

  • enter the section of Settings in your profile;
  • when you see the profile information, just find the line of Account Status and press Edit;
  • in the Account Status subsection just choose to cancel BlackPeopleMeet account.

Yep, here you are! Within a couple of seconds everything has been deleted. So, similarly to the registration process, you will not need to waste much time! In case if at least any issues emerged with the process of deleting the profile of yours, feel free to contact the BlackPeopleMeet customer service number, and the guys from the support will assist you within the shortest period of time!

Quality of Profiles

Right here were, and we are checking the quality of the profiles on the BlackPeopleMeet dating site. So, the BlackPeopleMeet profiles can all be characterized in the following way,

  • 99.9% of the profiles listed on the BlackPeopleMeet are not fake;
  • only 0.1% of the profiles are run by the BlackPeopleMeet administration in order to show you how the site functions and how the correspondence takes place;
  • the composition of the profiles is nice and it would give you all the necessary data about the partner of your choice;
  • the communication takes place, as a rule, in the friendly and cozy atmosphere.

Thus, if you behave well, the other users will act in the same way to you. In general, if you could have awarded 5 stars to the profiles on BlackPeopleMeet, we would have done it with no additional troubles or doubts!

Final Thoughts

Oh, that is the time to say farewell to the BlackPeopleMeet dating platform, since we have communicated everything could and we have showed you everything we have detected about the online dating platform. Thus, the only thing we are supposed to single out is our, HookupGeek’s, reputable verdict on the website. However, this time, we believe, there will be no intrigue at all, since almost all the section of the current review showed that we were even more than just pleasant with the quality of the site, its security, its design, and its approach to the way they treat the users. Hence, we would surely suggest you becoming a part of this nice dating platform, for you would be quite complicated to find any drawbacks about the work of the site. Of course, the final choice is, as usually, all yours, but we know that you trust us, and your decision will be in any case correct.

Should you still have questions or believe that some details have not been covered, be welcome to visit our BlackPeopleMeet FAQ section. What is more, we are always ready to make everything possible for your successful dating, so we encourage you using the special dating phrases, which will make you even more and more attracting! In any case, be free to leave your comments and reviews for us to see your own experience with the site!

FAQ about BlackPeopleMeet

In fact, you can just buy the membership status only, and use all the features of the site, but the tokens will give you more add-ons to advance your success of the search. In addition to this, yes, you are not forced to buy the tokens, but because of their low cost, we believe, that will not be a serious issue. Thus, you can both buy or not buy the tokens. Everything depends on your choice and purposes.

In case if you buy the tokens, their exp. date is shaped by the expiry of your membership. As soon as you need to renew your membership of the Platinum status, you will be able to use the tokens again with no additional purchase. In other words, we can say that the tokens are life-long, if you have paid for the membership and if you have not deleted your profile.

In compliance with the official terms of use and policies of the site, you are eligible to write unlimited number of messages to the unlimited number of persons under conditions that you have a Premium membership, since the Basic account does not have a function of writing or receiving the messages at all.

In fact, the website is not racist, and everyone can join it, however, it is necessary to remember that its target audience is Afro-American population, so if you need to flirt with a representative of the very this race, you can sign up. Otherwise, there is no point in doing so, since you will never have the same great choice of the other users.

In case if you delete your profile, you will never get access to the data you stored there. It means that with the cancellation of the account all the data of yours is also deleted, and you will have no chance to have it renewed. You can just run another, new profile with this website.