You may now fairly think something like oh my, great balls of fire! That’s the dating service of Blendr, and it is a hot dating site, which you have asked us to write about for all this time, and—there you go—it’s yours now! Weird, but you’ll have to spent much time to figure out any credible and detailed Blendr reviews, which would truly shed light on what the dating service is and how it really works (or not). So, HookupGeek will definitely let you know everything possible (and, of course, even impossible!) about Blendr!

Well, to start off, what is Blendr? As a matter of fact, Blendr is referred to the dating service based on the social networking principle. Some of its users tend to refer the app and the site to as the Blendr hookup service, whilst the other claim it to be another social network with the purposes of dating. So, who can use Blendr and what is impossible with the dating platform in question?

However, initially, it is paramount to mention that the web platform does not support any nude pictures and does not aim to provide the users with the casual hookup and sex, so you be sure that it is merely impossible to hookup Blendr.


Now on, as usually, we would love to pay your attention to the general information about the website, its registration, and legal bases to check up if it is a real site which has been officially and properly organized and registered.

  • the officially acclaimed geolocation of the website is US (United States), FL, Florida, 33132 Miami;
  • the website was initially registered in 2000;
  • the initial name of the service was Project Amicus; but it was changed to Blendr in 2014;
  • the dating service’s idea is owned by Joel Simkhai;
  • Blendr is powered on the basis of the famous Badoo;
  • the last update of the site took place in 2018;
  • the Blendr site expiry date is 2019;
  • the registrant company of the site is, LLC;
  • the company was founded by Grindr LLC;
  • the address of the headquarter is California, US.

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What is more, as promised, we would love to share some stats with you,

  • the approximately estimated number of Blendr users is currently more than 2 million people;
  • about 78% of the users run the paid profiles;
  • the percentage of men is 50%, so the percentage of women is also 50% with the service;
  • the overall value of the web dating platform is estimated at $2 million as of the beginning of 2019.

Hence, the stats are quite convincing, yeah?

Now on, we would like to turn to the process of signing up. So, what you have to do to get it with Blendr? In order to get signed up with the Blendr com, that is the web version of the app, you will need to fulfill the following steps,

  • you should first pick up who you are: a man or a woman;
  • then, you’ll have to insert your email/phone number, password, and location (city and country);
  • after that you will have to verify your email (which you indicated when signing up);
  • what’s more, you need to upload at least one photo of yours, otherwise you will have no possibility to utilize the service mentioned;
  • finally, you have to re-sign in your profile with the credentials you inserted when having registered.

That’s all in fact, so you can start swiping and using the dating website for free. However, there is also a paid mode, and we will show what it is like in the next section of the current 2019 Blendr review!


What about the functionality of the Blendr website and its features?

  • as soon as you signed in, and your profile has been activated (it takes about 2 minutes), you will see the way how to use Blendr (that is kind of an educational short flash video);
  • then, you will have a toolbar on the left and a picture of possible candidates centered, while on the right there will be some personal information of the persons you are showed;
  • you have to either swipe the photo to the right, if you like a person, or if your don’t, just swipe it left.

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Which tools are located on the toolbar of the website?

  • there is an icon of the photo you uploaded and your level of popularity, which can be increased by upgrading the profile of yours to the premium status (for more details, read the next section on Pricing);
  • Encounters: in this section you will be able to set your sexual preferences (who you are interested in: girls or boys, or even both) and private details for the more successful search (the age of the partner and their location). By the way, you can modify your preferences as many times as needed;
  • People nearby: it will show you the profiles of the users, who are located in the closest distance from you in order to fasten and simplify the search of yours;
  • Messages: that’s clear, right? You’ll see the messages dropped to you and the ones, which you wrote to the other users;
  • Matched: this tab will show you the profiles who liked you and who you liked, as well, so that you can start chatting and getting acquainted;
  • Liked you: here, you will discover who of the users consider you to be nice and who liked you or who sent you the SuperLike;
  • Visitors: you will be able to peep on who of the Blendr users visited your profile, and in case if you turn out to like this user, you can like them in turn;
  • Favourites: you can save the profiles of the users, who you liked in order to get back to them shortly.

The toolbar will also let you see how to upgrade your profile and how to purchase the premium membership and credits.

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In this section, we would be eager to share with you some hints on how to succeed with Blendr, since the app and the site are quite specific for the users of the similar dating services. Yay, HookupGeek recommends doing the following,

  • Be sure to fill out the profile of yours properly and in detail. What exactly to fill in depends on your goal in the application and lifestyle. Write interests—not necessarily detailed, just enlist the topics, which the girl will be able to cling for if you want to keep the conversation going. Optionally, you can add a pinch of humor to the description, just do not turn the profile into a set of funny quotes from the local tape. The average girl always reads the profile, so describe yourself so that the eye clings to it and she either has an interest lighted up, or at least a smile flashed—quite possibly, this will be what will play a decisive role in her likes. And then everything will depend on you only and exclusively;
  • It is advisable to make your profile stand out from the crowd—a non-official photo or another distinctive idea, only without rolling into facepalm and clowning. We ourselves noticed, when having been swiping for a long time we put dislikes even to the quite normal profiles of girls only because the look is already blurred, and almost all the questionnaires are the same. By the way, such things as press-like photo and/or a photo with a car will not make you stand out from the selection of guys, even if all the mentioned components are outstanding. For some, it will surely work, but of those girls/guys with whom we had a conversation on the topic of the local contingent, many complained about the same uniformity in the design of the profile, and some said that such questionnaires were dismissed immediately;
  • Do not like if you are not going to write. Seriously!

So, that’s now quite clear how does Blendr work. As a result, we can move on, at last!

Prices of Blendr Dating

When you Blendr login, you will have some options of the profile to choose, from the point of view of payment, of course. Thus, there is a choice of

  • free profile; and
  • paid profile.

Both of them can work nicely, but the fullest range of the tools is provided at your disposal only with the paid one, as you may guess.

So, let’s consider the paid profile costs? As you know, the service functions based on two payment offers: one of them is for the membership, whilst the other one is for the so-called credits. Let’s see what it is all about!

  • 1 day of Blendr premium will go just for ridiculous $0.79;
  • 1 Week of using Blendr premium subscription will cost you $3.99 USD;
  • thee cost of 1 month membership is $12.99;
  • the price for 3 months is $30.99, that is $10.33 per month (billed as one payment transaction);
  • 6 months Premium Blendr would price $47.99; and, finally,
  • the Lifetime subscription to Blendr Premium will be $79.99.


So, what you get when getting the Premium profile with Blendr (irrespectively from the duration)? You will get the following features all at once,

  • You’ll be able to see who wants to meet you;
  • You’d be eligible to highlight your messages to get the responses faster;
  • You will be possible to see who made you their favourite;
  • You would be able to undo your vote (that is to rewind the choice of swipe you did);
  • Your account can become invisible if you need it for a particular time;
  • You will chat with new users first;
  • You will clearly see the photos of the users who liked you (since in the free mode, the icons of the photos are pixelated); and
  • You will see the list of the most popular users.

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What about the costs for the credits? There is only one option,

  • you can purchase the bundle of 2750 credits just for $39.99.

The coins serve to

  • let you rise up to the first place;
  • allow you to use the Get featured now!;
  • provide you that you get shown more;
  • ensure to give the perfect gift;
  • add fun stickers to the chats of yours;
  • meet more Blendr users;
  • let you chat to more people; and, finally,
  • let you be able to show off the feature of I’m online.

So, by going premium and purchasing more coins, you’ll be at the top of the world of Blendr!

Pros and Cons

Woohoo! We’re about to show you the pros and cons! Ready? So, let’s start it all now!

The advantages of dating service Blendr are comprised of the following points,

  • The process of installation takes place very quickly, as the application has a very small weight due to good optimization. During the operation, the Blendr apk does not load the device and, therefore, it functions quickly;
  • In addition to the standard function of adding friends, there is another kind of original list named Favorites. You can add especially liked or important to you users to it. You can also view who added your profile to the list of Favorites;
  • You can always be able to analyze their popularity, you can view the guests of the page;
  • According to the developers at Blendr, over 180 thousand users worldwide are online at the same time;
  • It is possible to add extended information about yourself, as well as write interesting information in an additional field. This will increase the popularity of the questionnaire.

What about the cons? Yep, gee whiz, they are…

  • regardless of the fact that the developers of the app claim that you can freely use the app on the free of cost basis, there are not that many effective tools to go at your disposal;
  • you have to upload and verify your photo or, otherwise, you’d not be able to use the app (so, if you want to have some privacy and do not share your pics, it’d be quite impossible).

Thus, the pros are prevailing in this competition, which is a good news! Yabba dabba!


Oh well, it’s necessary to come across the security right away. A little spoiler by HookupGeek: the bases of security with Blendr app are marvelous! Why? Interested? Read on,

  • in case of the profile cancellation, all (!) of your data are deleted (if you want to check it, so just try to re-sign up with the same email and phone number, and, you know what, you’ll succeed!);
  • neither of the photos, chats or any other parts of your profile can be shared with any third parties;
  • you can block the geolocation-based matching by enabling your VPN app or by having your geolocation switched off.

Thus, there are no real threats to the privacy of yours. Hence, we can refer the app to be safe enough for the usage! So, does or can Blendr scam you? Now way! We’ve found out no proofs to claim that Blendr scams! Cool!

Quality of Tools

With the Blendr app, the depiction of the quality of the tools can seem ambiguous to a particular extent, for the functionality of the site in full details is available only for the premium users. However, we’ll try to sort it all out in order to make a compromise between the free and paid modes of the Blendr dating services,

  • the free mode does not ensure much effective tools, and this is quite obvious why;
  • the paid mode gives all the freedom, and within it, the tools are marvelous;
  • the claims as for the lack of the swipes a day in the free mode have been counted in, and their number was augmented;
  • the ability to rewind the choice of the profiles is greatly built in, and it will let you succeed even more.

In general, HookupGeek is proud that we have a chance to review this app, since it now seems quite a nice option for those who need some more diversity.

About Blendr Dating App

The Blendr dating app is no longer just a program for an Android-based and iPhone-based smartphone, but a cyber place wherein you can also store your own unique universe, where  very active and interesting people live. Each user is very interested in finding new friends and interlocutors. Friends from other countries are especially appreciated, as they can teach the specifics of their language. To get to know them, you just need to select the necessary country in the search.

The app is available for,

  • iOS;
  • Android; and
  • Win Phone

What about the way the app functions? In this Blendr app review we will also depict it along with how the app is different from Tinder or Badoo.

The selection of the candidate is rather weak, since there are no profiles: The reviews on the site are ambiguous, it will be interesting to know foreign languages ​​well here. In a café or cinema you go with an already liked person. While the offline scheme works the other way around: you go to the movies, hoping for a successful acquaintance. So far, about 1.5 million questionnaires are registered with Blendr, and, as some of the reviewers believe, the functionality is poor, since there are very few reviews, so it is difficult to draw any specific conclusion.

What we know about Blendr app? And how, for instance, does the opposition of Blendr vs Badoo look like?

  • Today, Blendr covers 15 countries and more than a half a million people;
  • Unfortunately, the resource reviews are mostly negative since the users claim that Blendr is another clone of Badoo, where every day, millions of messages are sent via Badoo, and its audience is millions of registered users from all over the world;
  • With the Badoo app, every month, 60 million people find themselves a new couple with the help of the application, and during the day the audience of Blendr is increased by thousands of users. Due to this, almost everyone will be able to find a mate for themselves, simply by specifying the criteria and selecting from the proposed list of matches. Since the application is used by people from all over the world, you can find a couple;
  • With Blendr, the Premium account is not that cheap, that is it costs $12.99 per month. Without it, you can neither communicate nor view the accounts of other users. Obviously, this circumstance determines the prevalence of negative feedback on the resource. A suitable candidate is selected mainly according to the criteria of some initial adata compliance—upon registration, you must not complete a detailed personality test, which seems to be endless, like with EliteSingles, for instance.

Although the home page of both Badoo and Blendr has an indication of the complete safety of the user, spam accounts are enough here. In addition to the basic ones, there are also almost no paid features, which cost $ 12.99 per month.

In any case, Blendr is much different from Badoo. What is more, if the swipe system is considered, it’d be also suitable to compare Blendr vs Tinder. Whatsoever, that’s a theme for another review, we guess. The most important thing is that the Blendr website and the Blendr apk are almost the same and possess the same functionality, so that you will be able to successfully utilize both under any conditions and circumstances!

How To Delete Blendr Profile

Blendr must be the best app for dating, where the process of the profile deletion is the easiest on Earth, we bet! Why? Just because you will not need to take too many steps,

  • just log in Blendr and tap Settings tab;
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the prompt Delete Account;
  • in the pop-up window choose the last line of Delete Account and tap it and press Continue;
  • you will need to indicate the reason of why you’ve decided to leave Blendr and again press continue; and, finally,
  • you will need to type in your password and retype the catcha; right away you will the prompt saying “Your account has been deleted successfully, but we’ll be right here if you ever feel like coming back!” and you will receive the email notification about your deletion.

That’s it!

Quality of Profiles

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We’re not going to speak up much about the quality of the profiles on Blendr, since,

  • all of the profiles are credible and real, since along with the photos uploaded to the Blendr database, you will be able to see the photos of the users from their Instagram profile or Facebook account;
  • because of the verification of the email, phone number and pictures of yours, there are no doubts about the lack of fakes!

HookupGeek is really happy, woohoo!

Final Thoughts

God only knows how many dating apps currently exist on the web, and, as you may know, not all of them are that credible and cool. But can it be said about Blendr? No way! HookupGeek has tested everything about the dating app, and we are sure that you’ll find what you want with Blendr! Why? Just because the tools which go at your disposal are quite nice and will surely let you find the best matches for you! Thus, you’ll be delighted.

As for the constant comparisons of Blendr and Tinder or Blendr and Badoo are another point to express at least something negative about the app. However, in reality, there are tons of the more similar apps to Tinder and Badoo. The negative feedbacks about the Blendr app are based mainly on the prejudices about the negative features of Badoo and Tinder.

If you just get rid of any biases and be ready to dive in the world of the overwhelming dating tools and opportunities, you will sure fall in love with either the Blendr website or its app. In the view of the facts we have detected, HookupGeek is glad and extremely happy to state that we would recommend the app for our beloved users! Of course, that’s only your right to make a great choice, but HookupGeek is happy to know that there are so many numerous cool features of Blendr! Test it out by yourself, and you’d be ensured that HookupGeek never lies! By the way, remember to check out our reviews on the adult live cams sites!

FAQ about Blendr

Unfortunately, no. Regardless of some similarities, you cannot have these two profiles—Badoo and Blendr—tight up, since these are not regular social networks like Instagram or Facebook, which, as a rule, can be connected with some of the dating sources. Thus, you cannot do it—and, actually,—there is no point in this. So use either Badoo or Blendr or both.

In order to refund the money you spent for the app’s premium profile, you are supposed to contact the support team. Hence, we can say for sure that in compliance with the official terms of use, “once you have paid for any premium services, you have the right to cancel and be reimbursed for all payments received within 14 days. If you wish to cancel please let us know via Feedback Page. Please note that if you choose to download any of the Content which forms part of any paid for service within the 14 day period, you may lose this right. After the 14 days have expired, the paid for services are non-refundable.” Therefore, you have 14 days to cancel it all and have your money back.

In compliance with the Terms of Use of the Blendr app, in spite of the fact that the credits are in-app currency of Blendr, you are neither supposed to nor allowed sending or sharing the credits. The credits are the in-app currency of the app which can be used by yourself only. Thus, be sure to keep it mind.

In compliance with the terms of use of Blendr, the credits you have been charged for guarantee you the service which you spent the credits for. In case if you believe that the credits did not work properly and you were charged unfairly, you are always welcome to contact the support team. They will provide you with the report on how the credits of yours were used and which results you received. Thus, you will be provided with the uttermost results.

In case if you have any difficulties with communication as a consequence of errors of technical nature, you can direct these claims to the Support team of Blendr. What is more, in all of the other cases, “you can report any abuse or complain about Content on Blendr by contacting us via Feedback page, outlining the abuse and or complaint. You can also report a user directly from a profile, by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ link on their profile, choosing the reason for the complaint and providing us with any additional information you think fit.”