About Brandi Love

Brandi Love – CamSoda cam show? Sounds well-known, yeah? Sounds appealing? Surely! And you must have adored her, right? So, who is she? What is she like when she’s not shooting her perfect live adult show and what she loves in her everyday life? Here, at HookupGeek, we are giving you a unique chance to find out more and more about this marvelous model and actress to better adore her shows and movies with her participation.Brandi Love

So, what general information about Brandi Love would you like to know first and foremost? First off, we’ll give you some nice and appealing points to love Brandi Love even more!

  • Brandi Love was born on March 29, 1973, so currently, it is evident that Brandi Love age is 46 years old; however, you shouldn’t think that she is not able to work magic in the course of her performances;
  • Brandi Love is known to be a nickname, for the real skillful and talented pron actress is supposed to have the name, which would appeal. The real name of this cutie is Tracey Lynn Livermore;
  • It is known that the place of Love’s origin is Raleigh, North Carolina, the USA; however, the pornographic actress of English and German descent. That is why the features of her appearance can seem unique and exquisite. That is why, you will definitely love her;
  • It is also an interesting fact that Brandi Love graduated from the Central Michigan University, since she grew up mainly in Dearborn, Michigan, the USA; so her education is of good level and, thus, it stimulated her success to a great extent;
  • The physical parameters of the porn actress are as follows. Her height is 5 ft 7 in (that is 1.70 m); and her weight is just 125 lb (56.7 kg), her breast size is 36 inch (0.91 m), her waist size is 25 inch (0.64 m), and hips size is 36 inch (0.91 m); so one can easily imagine how appealing and good-looking Brandi Love is!;
  • Her hair is frequently blond (but she is known to experiment with the hair color and sometimes dyes it red), and both colors suit her perfect and cause the most positive reactions from the public of her fans and lovers;
  • Her breasts underwent augmentation. So, since 2011 her breast size had been transformed from C to DD, which had caused even more positive feedback from her regular viewers and attracted some more ones;
  • Brandi Love is believed to be married. Her husband’s name is Chris Potoski, and they have a daughter. Of course, this fact is not quite typical for the porn actresses; however, Brandi Love is successful in family life, as well;
  • Her working preferences are majorly blowjobs, soft core and hardcore videos, but they are not directly and exactly limited to these features only. Read on Hookupgeek to find out more and more about what she loves doing when being in front of the cam in the adult webcam chat.

Brandi LoveBeing absolutely unique among the other adult performers for webcams, the creative approach by Brandi is more than perfect. It is because this actress is a lover of the exquisite forms, and she is aware of how to use her talents, and she has no limits and prejudices about the way the pleasure is delivered. So, all the viewers who have at least once watched her videos and shows are fond of her and prefer her videos to the other actresses’. Thus, become one of those who is aware of what real talent is and how it is to be used in front of the cam!

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Certainly, these are not all facts, which would marvel you about CamSoda Brandi Love actress and model, for she has even more interesting facts in her biography. Now on, HookupGeek would love to exhibit some honorable awards, which Brandi Love won in the course of her career for being a super talented and professional person ever in the industry,

  • The most prominent step in her adult industry career is referred to the year 2004, when she ran her first adult site which gained much popularity and has functioned till current time providing the fans with the exclusive content of adult character performed uniquely by Brandi Love herself;
  • In 2013, Brandi won award of Best Cougar/MILF Performer (Editor’s Choice) in the NightMoves Award because of the numerous successful actress’ performances and fans’ love;
  • In 2018, the XBIZ Award ceremony awarded Brandi for the position of the MILF Performer of the Year;
  • In 2018, the XBIZ Award ceremony proclaimed Brandi Love the Best Actress – All-Girl Release.

Brandi LoveTo read more about the ceremonies and nominations Brandi Love took part in, you can easily access Brandi Love wiki page. There you would find some less important nominations, which Brandi has not won but which let her become even more successful and famous.
Next, it’d be suitable to have a look at career development of this famous adult webcam model and porn actress,

  • Brandi Love nude performances and videos can be easily accessed via the companies’ sites which the actress has collaborated with. They are comprised of Brazzers, Hustler Video, Girlfriends Films, Tom Byron Pictures, and Wicked Pictures. Of course, as it’s been said, the whole range of videos is better to be accessed from her official site;
  • Along with actress’ career, Love is fond of writing, and, she, as a result, in 2008, she published her book, Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman. The book got popular and brought the actress much more fame as the sincere and provocative content of the masterpiece caused much attention from her audience;
  • Since her official website functions, Brandi Love is also a co-owner and chief financial director of two major porn content multimedia companies, which serve as a major article on the income of the star.

So, the prominence and fame of this marvelous porn actress have no limits, for the professionalism and talents she possesses would surely create a perfect basis for her future! The only thing we have to do here is to enjoy the masterpieces she acted up in and follow her. It would quite complicated not to admire what this woman does!

Interesting Facts about Brandi Love Brazzers

After the general information on this nice and talented porn star, we should move to the most interesting facts, which characterize her and her shows online for adults exclusively! So, let’s discover even more about hot and passionate Brandi Love!

  • The career of an actress by Brandi Love was quite prosperous and successful because when starting it, the girl did not do anything directly for money because her family descends from the well-known and rich Jesse Lauriston Livermore, who was a stock trader;
  • because of the financial freedom, the girl could have all she wants and could direct all her energy to make the best quality product;
  • currently, it is known that the Brandi Love net worth is $9 million, which is, in fact, a perfect result. That is why, the actress is frequently referred to the richest porn actresses in the history of the pornographic industry at all;
  • the approximate total number of the views of the Love’s profiles in different social networks and on diverse porn sites is even more than 52,900,000;
  • the first adult video she took part in was Hot Wife, which brought her the absolutely new level of popularity and made a star of the industry;
  • due to the fact that the star is fond of professional activities in business, media, and marketing, she is a well-skilled user of the social networks, wherein her fans can easily access her hottest and cutting-edge news, follow her announcements, and drop her messages to be grateful for what she bestows to her viewers.

Brandy LoveThe diversity of these interesting facts about Brandi Love would be incomplete if some more piquant details are not communicated. So, what are the most alluring and passionate facts you have to know about Brandi to adore her videos even more?

  • When Brandi Love was young, her videos were much different from the ones she performed later on. Why? To be frank, Brandi did not prefer being engaged in the experimental things. However, when the time passed, the viewers could admire the Brandi Love lesbian shows and movies;
  • The openness of Love emerged with the development of the skills and talents of the actress. So, the diversity of experiments with genders was turned into the diversity of adults toys Brandi loves playing with when making up her adult webcam shows;
  • The lesbian performances by Brandi are that numerous that the adult male viewers can admire all the shows she creates. Along with this, the girls also prefer watching Brandi for her experiences in the same sex ties are so passionate, horny, and hot.

The hottest lesbian videos and movies which Brandi cams for her fans have been caused by the numerous inquiries by the fans and viewers. They have always been interested in the interesting choices by the actress. In addition to this, the fans of the adult model are not limited to the male audience only, bisexual and homosexual girls adore the figure of the model in the adult entertainment industry. So, it has been another branch, wherein Brandi decided on experimenting, and these experiments have gone with utterly great pleasure for all the participants of the lesbian movies with Brandi Love.
Being an extremely skillful professional, Brandi is well aware of how to gratify not only men, but also women, since she is a woman as well. So, who is an if not she can deliver the highest satisfaction to the other women being shot in front of the camera? Where one can see the lesbian videos with Brandi’s authorship?

  • You can easily access the Brandi Love snapchat (realbrandilove) profile to watch the most unbelievable and hottest performances, which are composed not only for men but also for women;
  • you are also eligible to peep on the CamSoda’s profile of Brandi performances. Here, however, you can see not only lesbian shows but also the straight and solo ones;
  • in addition to this, you may wish to have a glance at the Brandi Love pictures which are mostly lesbian and there are some more ones, where men take part, as well.

So, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that you will surely fall in love with the most unbelievable lesbian experiences by Brandi, for she’s a real professional, and she’s full of passion and talents to work her magic over the viewers!

Why Are Brandi Love Videos So Special?

Well, if all the facts as well as the bio of the famous porn star analyzed, it becomes more than evident that Brandi Love is more than a miracle or a phenomenon. She is a real professional, who has a total and absolute devotion to the occupation of hers. So, what makes Brandi special amongst the variety of the other adult webcam models and porn actresses? Let’s analyze it now,

  • Brandi Love is different because regardless of her age (we are reminding you that this hot cutie is already 46 years old) she is able to be even much cooler and much more alluring than the younger actresses;
  • Being extremely educated and smart, Brandi is not only an actress or only a model, but also she is a perfect businesswoman, whose success in the multimedia industries has been dictated by the education and business skills;
  • Brandi is fairly acclaimed to be one of the most famous and richest porn actresses in the history of the market because she owns all her videos and participates in other companies’ shows;
  • Brandi is fond of experiments. If she is engaged in same gender relations in front of the cams, she does not react to the skin color or appearances of the other actresses, since she is for the diversity. If the male scenes are shot, the multinational performances are more than welcome. So, each viewer can easily find something interesting in compliance with the interests and preferences.

Brandi LoveWhat is more, there are some more interesting points to know about the specific differences of Brandi Love. Want to know which? Surely!

  • The limitations which Brandi has about the experiments in front of the cam are comprised of the ones, which could have harmed her. That is, if a particular part of the script can bring her physical harm, Brandi would have never take part in such a video;
  • Brandi is not for shooting with the persons who belong to the transgender or transsexual preferences; however, no direct explanation has ever been given out;
  • Brandi takes much care about her appearances, for she is well aware that the way she looks like is paramount for her fans, and she wants to stay on the top of the business and stay a queen of the passionate experiences being cammed.

As a matter of fact, there are so many extreme differences, which make Brandi so special, exquisite and unique in comparison to the other models and porn actresses. So, what you need to do is to adore her and watch at least once some of her performances in order to get the highest titillation, which would marvel you so much!

What is more, being a well-known multimedia specialist, Brandi possesses numerous accounts in the social networks and some profiles on the most famous porn sites. So, for instance,

  • if you want to follow Brandi Love Instagram profile to keep up to date, you can easily access it and stay tuned about the newest facts and details about the model;
  • the Brandi Love Tumblr profile contains the majority of the erotic pictures, which would heat your interest to the star and would definitely force you to go online to seek the real videos by the model;
  • if you are in love with reading the hot and horny content, you can simply join the blog by Brandi (;
  • some short ideas and thoughts by Brandi can be accessed from her Twitter profile.

So, now you can evaluate it by yourself that the professionalism of Brandi Love is not limited only to the participation in the adult xxx videos but exceeds these boundaries because the field of expertise of the actress is also comprised of the business one. So, she can successfully promote her social networks profiles and other porn companies’ movies’ profiles. So, don’t forget to follow this marvelous and piquant actress to support her and enjoy her creativity! You will be driven mad because you have never been to such a pleasant atmosphere!

Some Final Words

The success of Brandi Love is based on the charisma she possesses and on the laborious approach to the job she performs. In addition to this, Brandi is in love with her audience since they brought her income and pleasure. Thus, you will definitely fall in love with the talents by Brandi and will become her fan forever!
Brandi Love broke up to the industry of the adult content as she has always been incredibly beauteous and amorous, and has gained the success. Being extremely independent if her features of character are taken into account, she was not afraid of experimenting. Due to this fact, we can easily see that almost all the possible experiments are accessible with Brandi,

  • she is fond of camming the solo shows, wherein the adult toys are frequently used to amuse the viewers regardless of their gender and age;
  • she adores two people format of the scenery (for instance she is cammed with a man);
  • she adores two people format of the scenery (for instance she is cammed with a woman);
  • the thressome practices also go ok with the model (she can be seen in both straight and bisexual episodes);
  • different races and ethnicities of the partners has no limits and Brandi is sure that the main thing is only the final result, so all the participants of the film should do everything possible to deliver the top quality to the end user;
  • the number of participants can easily exceed three, so be sure that you will see so many experiments, which would provoke your satisfaction;
  • Brandi is aware of how to gratify all your most hidden needs. Also, when watching her CamSoda performances, you can easily chat with her in the course of the performance to let her show you what you want!;
  • Brandi is filled with the numerous plans and ideas as for her creative work; so in the nearest future we will be able to observe the brand-new videos and pics with her participation. Just follow HookupGeek to be the first to find out the most important facts about Brandi.

Thus, having observed the works and skills by Brandi Love, each viewer can easily see what love is like and how to gain the highest manifestation of love per se. Brandi Love is able to show you more than you expect to see, hence don’t forget to hold on to HookupGeek and find out more and more about more nice actresses to have a chance to have them compared.

In addition to this, you are always welcome to contact HookupGeek to propose any ideas on which actresses you would wish to read about. We are always happy to know your feedback on what we perform for you to keep this all more and more appealing and interesting! So, catch up to us and you will never get bored. What is more, you will always have so many ways to develop your entertainment to have not only fun but also adult satisfaction! Believe, Hookupgeek knows how to deliver it to you exclusively and how to make useful pieces of advice on how to diversify your private life with the newest and horniest experiences ever, so be with us and follow our adult dating reviews to find the best website for one night stand!