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Disclaimer: Before you start reading the review, you should get deprived of any biases and you are supposed to switch off any logic or reasonable thinking, since we are going to present you a person, who will never suit any thinkable limits. Why? Just because her achievements are more than just doings. Why? Just because her charisma is just a basis for her talent and incredible fame. So, if you are ready to dive in the ocean of the tons of the facts and appealing details about this webcam model and porn actress, be sure to prepare enough popcorn, since you will be extremely positively shocked with what you will have read by the end of the article by HookupGeek!

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In the world of the adult entertainment and one night stand for girls, it may seem that it is merely impossible to surprise someone. It is mainly because of the biggest variety possible which is currently presented by the webcam models and porn actresses. However, is this statement applicable to everyone in this industry? Are there any exceptions? Intrigued? HookupGeek is going to show you that there the most original, genius, and talented models, whose webcam shows are not just a time period but a masterpiece which is created by the body and charisma of the model on her own.

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Can you guess you we are speaking about now? Yes, yes, yes! This is the most frequently watched, asked, visited, loved and acknowledged Brittanya Razavi! Guys, you have been asking us to make up an article about this incredibly wild and unbelievably passionate girl, whose talents go far beyond the ordinary webcam models, who are impossible to be remembered for too long. So, in this big-big article we are going to take a look at the most amorous and alluring webcam model, Brittanya Razavi! Let’s start!

As usually, HookupGeek is going to start the article with some of the general facts, which we have succeeded to find out about this gorgeous girl and talented webcam model! Believe, you will love every detail of this review, for the horny and misbehaving girl is well-aware of how to deliver you the hugest and the most unbearable pleasure. The only thing you need in this case is to switch on the videos with her participation or join either Brittanya Razavi CamSoda or Brittanya Razavi SnapChat profile. So, let’s move to the details of her biography, which would let have even more admiration when she is in front of her cam or in front of the director’s cam. Yep, she knows it great how to be loved badly!

So, these are the main general facts of the biography of Brittanya Razavi. Regardless of the disclaimer located at the beginning of the article, these facts are just the initial stage of the interesting facts about this webcam model and porn actress. Just be ready to find out everything we have prepared for you with our uttermost love and devotion. So, the general facts about Brittanya Razavi are as follows,

  • Brittanya Razavi real name is Brittanya O’Campo;
  • Being born on June 2, 1985, Brittanya Razavi age is 33 years old, however, you will never say she is;
  • The zodiac sign of this cutie is Gemini;
  • Brittanya Razavi is known to be born in Oxnard, Murrieta, California, USA;
  • Currently, she lives in Murrieta, California, USA;
  • Profession of Brittanya Razavi is officially a model, brand representative, business woman, and porn model/actress;
  • Her nationality is American;
  • Her ethnicity is European;
  • Marital status is married;
  • It is known that this webcam model and porn actress has a sister, named Tiffany O’Campo.

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These were just ordinary data which we inform you on when depicting each of the webcam models. In addition to this, all of our regular readers are aware of the fact that we also pay attention to the more important aspects, and this time is not an exception.

  • The height of Brittanya Razavi is 158 cm;
  • The weight of Brittanya Razavi 57 kg;
  • The breast size, which Brittanya Razavi exclusively possesses is 80D;
  • The girth of hips of marvelous Brittanya Razavi is 89 cm;
  • The waist girth of Brittanya Razavi is 63 cm;
  • The hair color of this miraculous Brittanya Razavi is brunette;
  • The eyes color is brown;
  • Sexual preferences of this webcam model are limited to men, so she is absolutely straight.

However, we’d love to turn back to the biography of this webcam model, since we have detected some more interesting facts on who is this webcam model and how she spent her childhood. So, we are sure you will love to read it all, since you will see how heroic her path has been during all these years!

  • Since her adolescence, Brittanya has remained an unprivileged and disregarded youngster;
  • She had a place with a poor and denied family;
  • Any data in respect to her mom can’t be accessible;
  • She was raised by her dad as a messed up family youngster;
  • When Brittanya Razavi was only 15 years old, her dad was sent to jail;
  • Around then, Brittanya Razavi was to act naturally dependent on the grounds that there was none to care for her;
  • She was likewise condemned to a half year of jail since she fiercely struck a lady with a pimp Chalice;
  • In spite of the fact that it was sufficiently adequate to deride her future and vocation, yet this contention flopped in leaving and imprint in her profession;
  • Her earnest endeavors drove Brittanya Razavi to accomplish the objectives that she set in her life;
  • In her youth, Brittanya and her kin figured out how to act naturally adequate and independent;
  • Brittanya Razavi holds the nationality of America, and by ethnicity, she is white;
  • Also, her religion is Christianity.

Maybe, because of living in those circumstances, Brittanya Razavi has understood what it worth to be a real person, who can and is eager to achieve whatever she wants. Thus, one of the domains, in which Britanya has also been popular is films and reality shows. Thus, at present, it is known that filmography of the actress is comprised of three items, namely,

  • Dysfunctional Friends (2012)
  • Charm School with Ricki Lake (TV Series) (2009)
  • Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (2009).

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However, don’t think she is over with movies. Never! No way! She gives her fans more and more webcam shows, filled with unbearably great indulgence of their most hidden needs and dreams. What is more, there are more and more videos online where she performs solo, for instance. So, believe us, you will fall in love with Brittanya Razavi as soon as you just start  watching her wild and alluring xxx videos online.

These were general facts taken from the biography of the passionate and amazing Brittanya Razavi, who will never stop surprising her audience with the brand-new ideas and creative approaches to everything she is involved in. Deprive yourself of any biases, and just dive into the world of pleasure, which Brittanya Razavi exclusively bestows to everyone who is eager to peep on her.

However, this is not the end of our marvelous story about the hero of the adult entertainment and business field. HookupGeeks, as actually always, has elaborated some more and more facts, and we have decided to categorize them as the most interesting ones, for they are really out of the blue if the other webcam models are compared to Brittanya Razavi. So, before you start reading the next section of our article about Brittanya Razavi, be sure to get ready, first off, since you will be both pleasantly shocked and surprised.

Razavi for HookupGeek

Interesting Facts about Brittanya Razavi Sex Model

Some more interesting facts can be taken from the lifestyle of this webcam model. For instance, HookupGeek has exclusively found out that there are many details of this model’s life, which are not even known to the friends of the star. So, we are going to disclose them all right away to heat your interest to this amazing and extremely talented girl! Take a look,

  • the Brittanya Razavi net worth is $6 million as estimated by Forbes in 2017, so you can imagine the level of her talent and her skills to attract that popularity all over the world;
  • the net worth of this webcam model and porn actress in 2018 was already $10 million;
  • having always been a popular social networks and social media’s star, this cutie will never stop being that famous, for she makes everything possible to show her viewers how perfect she in doing what she likes;
  • however, because of being that popular, Brittanya is still aching for the happy and calm family life, which is quite impossible to be, since the popularity makes the girl work more and more;
  • dissimilarly from the other numerous webcam models, as even the official Brittanya Razavi info points to, the girl is a mother to 3 (!) children, so it is quite complicated to imagine how she succeeds in everything she has to do;
  • the first child of Brittanya was born when the webcam model was just 15 years old;
  • The name of her first son is Romeo, and he is known to spend much time with his father (who’s currently an ex boyfriend of the model);
  • the porn actress is married to Moe Razavi (whose surname became hers after the marriage).

We believe you are more than surprised, since the girl being just 33 years old has already done so much to be popular and, along with this, she performs a function of the mother to 3 children. However, don’t hurry to be happy with these facts only, since HookupGeek has so much to narrate about this super-duper talented and mega famous girl! Carry on reading us,

  • Along with being a perfect model, webcam model, and porn actress, Brittanya is a successful business woman, whose clothes brand named 187 Avenue is quite popular;
  • The 187 Avenue brand by Brittanya Ravazi is extremely famous all over the world, so that currently there are more than 500 shops;
  • Along with her marvelous 187 Avenue brand, Brittanya Razavi has successfully designed a kid clothing line, and it is called Legendary Kings named after her 2 sons “Cash King” and Legend.
  • because of being extremely beautiful and stylish, Brittanya has cooperated with several magazines in the field of the fashion industry, Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, Tattoo Energy and some more;
  • In addition to this, this model gained some fame because of participating in the following reality shows, which were popular all over the USA, and are comprised of the following ones, Rock of Love, Charm School, and I Love Money;
  • As she has always been popular in the media, in 2010, she obtained a nickname of Black Widow of VH1 channel.

We are more than just sure that you are eager to find out even more and more about this legend of the modern times, since there are many more facts, which we would love to share with you. And, yeah, all of them are not just interesting but also exclusive! HookupGeek is aware that you are now intrigued even more and more, and, so, we are going to continue  providing you with the top-notch and cutting-edge details about this popular business woman, webcam model, and porn star! So, catch some more details, which are related to both Brittanya and her life and people who surround her,

  • Before her partaking as a general rule appears, in 2008, Brittanya went through a half year the correctional facility since she assaulted a lady with a pimp vessel, which is quite a funny fact, for it means that this girl possesses not only perfect charisma but also the strong will to protect herself;
  • The two of Brittanya Razavi’s children were born with her better half Lucky “Bigg Moe” Razavi who originated from Iran. She was putting a push to brought up her youngsters well and she is exceptionally fruitful in it;
  • Brittanya and her significant husband are in harmonious marriage and they are great guardians to their children who have Mexican and Persians plummet;
  • Brittanya lives with her family in Murrieta, California, in a major and extravagance house with a tremendous yard, so she arranges numerous meetings at home (including the journalists and other media representatives);
  • Her first child in marriage with Lucky “Bigg Moe” Razavi Moe Razavi is conceived in 2011 and his name is Cash King. They named their second child as Legend.
  • Her children likewise have their own Instagram accounts with in excess of 30 a huge number of devotees. She runs their profile and advances her infant and children apparel line by ad’s posts;
  • Brittannya’s husband, Moe Razavi, has a tattoo depicting his wife, while Brittanya, also, has almost all of her body covered with the tattooes.
  • She previously inked when she was just eleven years old, and, in the future, she had kept on being tattoed later on. A portion of her tattooes are expected to her husband and kids and they have exceptional significance to her while others do not possess any importance, they are only beautifications on her body;
  • Moe Razavi inked the Britannya’s picture on the highest point of his head.
  • Britannya likewise prefers to try different things with her shade of hair and she frequently bites the dust her hair in blonde or in red generally. The characteristic shade of her hair is dull dark colored, practically dark;
  • She posts on her Instagram profile very explicite and practically bare photographs on which devotees can see her tattooes, lavish bosoms and attractive round body. She has hazel eyes.

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So, can you see it? This girl is so magic and hard-working that she forces everyone at least to respect her much, since she has gone through a quite complicated way to gain her popularity.

In any case, when assessing a particular webcam model, it is quite complicated to keep in touch with everything she has achieved through all the years of her career. However, when we started to investigate the biography of Brittanya Razavi, we clearly understood that there is no such space on the web to write everything about her. Why, you may ask? Just because the personality of this cute girl goes far beyond the boundaries of the porn industry and any industry at all. If you thought you have committed much in your life, trust us, you are absolutely wrong, for the achievements by Brittanya Razavi are impossible to be fully depicted just in one article. This is why, we believe we will release part two of this research, where we will inform you on even more intricate and appealing details of life of this webcam model.

Why Are Brittanya Razavi Nudes So Special?

So, why are the Brittanya Razavi naked performances create so much fame for her? Why do the fans of hers love her all over the world regardless of their nationality and languages they speak? How does this actress create her vision on the things she does and what guides her to the destiny of a real star? All this questions seem to be answered already in the previous sections of the article; however, on the other hand, it would quite suitable and significant to draw your attention to some more details about the life of this girl and her significance not only in the world of business and fashion, but also in the field of the adult entertainment.

Brittanya Razavi being the owner of an immense charisma and attractive appearance is popular amongst men all around the globe. This is confirmed by ten million subscribers and a bunch of flattering comments on Instagram girls. The glory of Brittanya brought in several reality shows and, of course, shooting adult films. Despite her popularity and excessive employment, in the near future she does not plan to rest on her laurels. Perhaps in the near future, Brittanya will launch its own line of shoes or open a network of tattoo parlors. In the meantime, the girl is the next business plan, so you have the opportunity to look at her candid photos by visiting Brittanya Razavi Twitter account.

After the Brittanya Razavi topless shows and participation in movies, the girl started to gain what she was initially aimed at. She began getting some numerous offers from the incredibly big number of magazines to take photograph shoots for their spreads. In only eight months she was posturing for such famous magazines as Rebel Ink, MMA Sports Magazine, Spire Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Energy and some others magazines. At the moment, Brittanya wins cash by advancing various results of surely understood brands on her online life profiles. Huge numbers of her posts are supported.

Other than that, as we have already mentioned, she made her very own garments line called 187 Avenue and she is likewise co-proprietor of online store “187 Avenue Inc.” where she offers her items and adornments. Why is this fashion line that popular? Maybe, herein, the secret is the same as when concerning her adult industry achievements? So, if you ask yourself, what’s her secret, we, at HookupGeek, believe that this is not magic but devotion.

Her organization is enormous and she have workplaces and even 500 stores everywhere throughout the world. HookupGeek also found out that the “187 Avenue Inc.” did not depend just on garments. The results of this organization is additionally telephone cases and infant line things. She has a couple of garments accumulations for grown-up people, for example, hefty size lady garments, T-Shirts, game’s pullovers and coats for men, shoes, caps and so forth. So, can you see that the phanasy of this cutie is not limited to the sphere of adult fun and xxx videos. She has enough creativity to stimulate the other sides of her interesting personality.

Another secret why 187 Avenue is that popular, is that the T-Shirts and coats for men have extremely fascinating printed illustrations of Indians, comedians, skeletons, unusual animals and so on. Furthermore, that is not all over. She is even the co-writer of the book named Millionaire Self Talk and she is proprietor of a site where individuals paying to watch her private video cuts called Britanya TV. Brittanya is likewise a pornography star. She is acting in grown-up films which individuals can see on the site PornHub having these all Brittanya Razavi free videos.

What is more, this girl is an active user of the social networks, so if you want to get in touch with her or follow all of her newest shots and releases, you are most welcome to join her profiles. Thus,

  • Brittanya Razavi Instagram page contains numerous piquant and alluring photos, which would give you general impression of the beauty of this girl;
  • However, you will not be able to watch any Brittanya Razavi webcam shows on Instagram because of the terms and policies of the social network; however, you can always know when the webcam model is planning to perform or what is happening in her life at the moment, so be welcome to follow her Instagram profile;
  • There are real instances, when this star replies to her followers and subscribers, so you can really obtain the response from Brittanya!

Remember, we told you that Brittanya Razavi is quite a laborious person? So far as Brittanya Razavi’s occupation is now concerned, she isn’t just a displaying sensation and businessperson, yet in addition, she is a creator. She composed My Mind: My Secret Weapon. The book is really her collection of memoirs; where, she uncovered the high points and low points of her life and shared the account of her one of a kind way to progress. Brittanya only uncovered her procedure for going into business adventures. The book depends on her persuasive and moving story that tells how she impelled herself from a battling youthful single parent to a displaying sensation via web-based networking media, and lovely face on unscripted television. She has additionally uncovered that she claims California based land speculation business.

So, in order to sum up this section, we can state the following ideas on why Brittanya Razavi nude pics are not the only reason why she is loved that much! So, look,

  • being extremely laborious and creative, Brittanya has succeeded to conquer everything she wanted to have and it took place in such a way as she dreamed of;
  • Brittanya Razavi is quite courageous, since she had no fears to change her life to the best option, and, we must admit, she is a real champion in it!;
  • the achievements of this marvelous girl are not limited to the porn industry only: she is a cool fashion specialist, smart business woman, creator of books, and just a real woman;
  • being a mother to her five children, Brittanya Razavi clearly understands the value of time, and, as a result, tries to accomplish as much as possible in order to achieve the highest tops of the mountain called life;
  • the fans all over the globe adore this cutie because she is able to provide them with what they need, and, as a result, they give her the same: tons of the most positive feedbacks, millions of fans and followers in the social networks, extremely high level of popularity, and of course love;
  • Regardless of the fact that the filmography of this actress is comprised just of three items, it does not harm her reputation and fame, since she is quite successful in online sexcam videos and social media in general.

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So, if you have some more reasons for why Brittanya Razavi is that unique and famous, be sure to direct them to us, at HookupGeek by leaving your comments. Be sure we will read them all and analyze. You can always help HookupGeek and our readers be on top of the wave!

Final Thoughts

Being extremely popular, Brittanya Razavi pornstar career is not the only trend of her development and making money. She is quite a versatile person, who is aware of how to make everything perfect with no losses. On the one hand, it is possible because of the hard years of her childhood, where she was initially taught to be independent. Thanks God she has always been talented and laborious to succeed in everything she was keen on. Thus, in such a way, a brilliant star of Brittanya Razavi emerged.

Razava For HookupGeek

It actually goes without doubts that the porn actress and webcam model’s talent she possesses is difficult to underestimate, for the extremely passionate and beauteous appearance of hers works magic whenever you decide on peeping on this cutie. And, you should admit it, if she had not had any of these prerequisites, you would have never fallen in love with her to such a perfect extent. In addition, if she was interested only in camming, she would not have ever received and achieved what she already has. So, just try to evaluate her versatility, heroic nature, and creativity. We bet you have never seen anyone who would be that perfect and, at the same time, laborious.

When preparing the article on Brittanya Razavi, we actually did not expect much, since there are not that many webcam models and porn stars, whose field of expertise is shaped by so many diverse (and frequently opposite) interests such book writing, fashion, business, and family life. It seems that neither ordinary person would be able to accomplish all these tasks at once, however, this is the secret of Brittanya Razavi of how to get unachievable and how to stay perfect not only for the fans of hers but also to her family.

Truth to be told, HookupGeek can hardly imagine if there is any similar example of porn actress or webcam model, who’d work on herself to the same intensive extent! Miracle. However, we want to believe that Brittanya Razavi will never get exhausted and will marvel all of her fandom with the numerous newer and newer performances. At least, this is always expected, for the miracles she commits when getting naked or getting hotter, no one in this world would be able to accomplish. Remember to consider the sex dating sites to have more titillation!