As usually, we would love to draw your attention to the general details about the website and its dating app,

  • The release of the Bumble hook-up site and one night stand in USA took place in 2014;
  • Bumble was created by Whitney Wolfe Herd;
  • Before Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble, she was a co-founder of Tinder, so there is no point in comparing Bumble vs Tinder;
  • The geolocation of the app and the website is US (United States), FL, Florida, 33132 Miami;
  • The website was registered by MarkMonitor Inc.;
  • The site and app are owned by Bumble Trading Inc.;
  • Frequently, Bumble is considered to be a feminist app for dating;
  • In 2015, the percentage of the women was 46.6% in comparison to men;
  • In 2019, the percentage of women is 50%, so the men’s percentage is the same;
  • the app and the site are priced at the rate of $1 billion;

In fact, HookupGeek believes that the data provided above is quite convincing, and it will let you use the app and the website in the most legit manner! However, we’re not over yet, so carry on!bumble

Now on, we would love to take a look at the platform composition and its users. What are the users like? How many of them are presented? It will help us, first of all, provide you with the stats, and, on the other hand, we would be easier to analyze the quality of the profiles further on. 

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So, this is what HookupGeek has found out,

  • by 2017, there had been 27 million downloads of the Bumble app, while in the 2019, this rate is 35 million;
  • about 15,000,000 users originate from the USA;
  • about 500K visits are from the USA;
  • approximately 11K users go active on the daily basis;
  • there about 1M visits on the monthly basis;
  • there are about 5 million conversations on the daily basis;
  • on average, the users of the app spend about 65 minutes a day to be online with the platform.

For now, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that the data provided is a good sign, since the app is popular and it has been popular since recently! So, we would love to keep on our investigation, since we are sure that we will let you know much more than just these boring general data!

Finally, in this section we would love to draw your attention to the fact that you will not be able to use the website in order to sign up or log in. Also, you will not be able to date anyone with the help of the website. To do everything you would love to, you will need to download the app and install it to your mobile device. That’s it—you’re a new members of the Bumble network! All the details about the app, the way it is designed and how does Bumble work, we will show you in the next sections of this review. However, now, we would like to show the pricing tariffs for the users of the Bumble app!

Prices Of Bumble Dating Service

So, the main question, which would like to respond here is: is Bumble free? Or, if it is not that free of price, is there any chance to use it in the free mode or with the trial period? In fact, the pricing approach by Bumble is not that regular. It means that as soon as you go Bumble online you will have three options to use the app, namely,

  • free mode (with the limited functionality);
  • membership fees to purchase the premium profile (with the absolute number of functions); and
  • purchase of coins and SuperSwipe, a special feature provided exclusively with Bumble only!

Let’s have it all sorted out, then!

  • the Free mode is nice and it shows all the possible functions, which the app possesses; however, it does not give you any results of the search as such;
  • every time when you want to or when you are proposed to do something on the app, you will be directed to page, which would say that you need to upgrade;
  • the diversity and all the majority of the functions are available only from the paid mode.

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What about the premium membership? What is it like with the Bumble date app?

  • the premium profile will enable you to utilize all the functions of the app;
  • it will let you have the unlimited number of messages sent and received;
  • you will use the search engine and the number of results obtained will be absolute;
  • you will be eligible to enable the coins of Bumble;
  • you will have access to the Blog by Bumble;
  • you will have a chance to use both Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz (we are going to narrate everything about these two formats later on within this present Bumble review);
  • with the paid membership you would be able to use the function of rematch;
  • also, the paid membership boost will ensure that you use the function of BeeLine, which will help you see who already liked the photos of yours;
  • the function of BusyBee will also be available, which will help you extend the deadlines for your matches by 24 hours.

Hence, the paid membership unlocks really great functions! What about the coins and SuperSwipe powered by Bumble, as well? With the help of these coins you will be able to leave a virtual heart to those who you swiped right, that is to those who you really liked so much.

What about the pricing approach? First of all, let’s consider the subscription pricing. As a matter of fact, Bumble supports the payments in any currency, that is in the currency of the country where you come from.

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In this review, we would consider the prices in US dollars and UK pounds, since there are some differences in packages duration provided,

  • if you want to use only 1 week paid profile duration with Bumble, it will be available only for the users from the USA, and it will cost $8.99;
  • in case if you are eager to obtain 1 month paid membership boosted by Bumble, you can pay £20.99 (if you originate from the UK) and $24.99 (if you come from the USA);
  • the 3-month subscription would go for £41.99 for the users from the UK, while if you are from the US you will need to invest $49.98;
  • in case of purchasing the 6-month subscription, the UK based residents will pay just £44.99, and the US residents will pay off $79.98;
  • there is also the option of the lifetime subscription, which is available only for the UK citizens, and its price is £79.99.

Hence, the pricing varies from country to country. In any case, it is designed in such a way that the users can afford using the Bumble app!

Pros and Cons

Let’s now consider the benefits which you are going to have with Bumble as well as the disadvantages, which could spoil your impression. Traditionally, HookupGeek starts off the pros, and this time is not going to be an exception. Thus, the list of the pros which we loved much about Bumble, is as follows,

  • Bumble can really be characterized as an original idea of the app, since it stands for the newest experiences with dating apps;
  • Bumble is not only for romance but also for the business and friendship (who knows, maybe once it will substitute the well-known Facebook!);
  • there is encrypted data transmission with the Bumble app for the higher levels of the users’ security;
  • even in the free mode, there is a real lack of advertising;
  • the app is characterized by the high performance score;
  • when signing up or logging in, there is an integration with social networks like Facebook, for instance;
  • Bumble requires constant photo verification, so that you can really count for the truthfully credible profiles deprived of any fakes.

However, HookupGeek has unfortunately discovered some cons, which Bumble still delivers to their users. This is what we found about the disadvantages of the app,

  • there are few search filters, that is it would be great if the app would incorporate more search opportunities at least in the paid mode;
  • it is also possible to state that user profiles are not that much informative, so you will need to waste much time for communication in order to find out everything you are interested in;
  • the users claim that the there are high cost of VIP status.

Of course, these cons cannot but will be reflected on the HookupGeek’s hookup rate of the app, since we believe that such a famous app should be deprived of such cons, even regardless of the fact that they can seem not that complicated.


What HookupGeek does really like about Bumble is the security. Why? Just read the following passage to find out our reputable opinion,

  • the security of the payment system is great, since it presupposes that you do not inform the app about your payment details, but insert them in the special field powered by the bank agent site;
  • it means that if the app is hacked, no one will ever steal your payment information;
  • the security of the apps is also proved by the additional verification of the photos;
  • such an approach absolutely excludes any possibilities to create the fake profiles;
  • the linkage with social networks is another step to prove your identity;
  • the Bumble app also stands for the ethical grounds of the adult date, and thus, they have developed special rules to utilize the app;Bumble
  • the terms of use clearly state that they stand for the users’ privacy storage in a proper manner, and, thus, you can really be sure that no one would have access to the private information of yours;
  • you will never be exposed to the sexually explicit content, which can be found on sites like WellHello or Pure Dating App;
  • you are always prevented from committing anything illegal with the dating platform.


Hence, HookupGeek is quite happy to know that the app takes that much care about the users, and that you can really feel safe when utilizing the app at any time!

Quality of Tools

As HookupGeek has previously mentioned it, the tools of the app are quite nice, but they would surely need some elaboration, since the word does not stand still, and the users are in constant search of diversity. However,

  • the free of cost membership will only serve a function of the demo version of the app;
  • you will hardly ever permitted to use all the functions of the app within the free mode;
  • the paid functions are nice, but they lack versatility;
  • the search, as we have already made an emphasis on, could have been more advanced in order to satisfy all the users’ needs.

Thus, HookupGeek wants to believe that the tools will be upgraded and will serve more efficient role in the app. In any case, the Bumble app works, and it does not slow down the work of the devices. So, this is a real advantage!

About Bumble Dating App

We will now move to the functionality of the dating service, so that you will have much more ideas on what is Bumble and how to use Bumble. So. just be ready to swallow more and more information, you know!

Bumble app

So, Bumble is different from all the other dating apps, since it has three essential functions, which you will never come across with no other app, namely,

  • Bumble is the first and the most significant part of the Bumble app, since it is aimed at helping people date;
  • Bumble Bizz; and
  • Bumble BFF.

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Now, let’s consider each of the sections of the Bumble app in order to clearly understand what they stand for! So, we will start off Bumble section,

  • Bumble is the first and the most significant part of the Bumble app, since it is aimed at helping people date;
  • Within this section, the girls are known to do the first step to get acquainted with men (this is why the app is quite often referred to as feminist one);
  • You are expected to always indicate what you want and what your purposes are in your Bumble profile;
  • Bumble is only for dating between the men and the women;
  • It would be quite complicated to find a person of the same sex to date.

The section of Bumble Bizz has been created in order to,

  • let you organize your business;
  • find employees;
  • find employment;
  • undergo professional career development and growth;
  • create some networking tools for the business.

Hence, in this type of Bumble, you will not be supposed to seek love, romance, or friendship. This is only for business-based approach.

What about the Bumble BFF?

  • as you may know, the BFF abbreviation stands for the Best Friends Forever;
  • thus, you will be able to look for friendship only using Bumble BFF;
  • no romance or business can be included in this section.

Now, we would love to move to the overall principle of work of the Bumble app and partially compare Tinder vs Bumble,

  • To access Bumble, you will need to Bumble login with your Facebook account (reminiscent of Tinder, yeah?);
  • You will need to carefully review the permissions that you must provide: to use Bumble, you do not need to provide access to your photos, so there is no need to provide such permission, since the most basic information is needed
  • Later on, it will ask you about your main interest: make new friends to create the Magnificent Five, live an unprecedented romantic love story or become famous in the world of business and networking through your photos after drinking on Facebook.

After you have selected the option you want, the application works basically the same as Tinder,

  • you swipe the person’s left to the left if you are not interested, or to the right if you like the user;
  • if this person has enabled this option, you can read basic information and a brief biography;
  • if you like this person, you can start chatting;
  • however, in Bumble, women take the first step so that men do not nudity, and application developers can boast of lack of sexism.

Are you interested? You can install the basic version from the Play Store for free, but if you want to take advantage of all your advantages, you will have to pay to try Bumble Boost in order to,

  • Find out who to whom you like;
  • Restore expired connections;
  • Carry on connections without restriction.

Or you can also go to your nearest bar, order a beer and start chatting with anyone. The classic method may be a bit more risky, but also more fun.

How To Delete Bumble Dating Profile

Fortunately, if you have decided to have your Bumble app and Bumble profile deleted, it will not take much time! Just about a couple of minutes. You will have to accomplish the following steps,

  • log in your Bumble app;
  • go to the Settings tab in the app;
  • choose the function of Delete your profile;
  • then type in the word Delete in the line below; and
  • press the confirmation button.

That’s it. You have nothing else to do with the app. You can free of the service forever. However, we are sure, you will be missing it, indeed!

Quality of Profiles

Again, fortunately for you, HookupGeek has only the most positive news about the Bumble profiles! Yeah, that’s really amazing! HookGeek in this Bumble app review is going to share our insights with you, our beloved users,

  • because of the verification process, the app absolutely excludes any instances of the scam and fake profiles;
  • the profiles are sorted in such a way that each user can see what the other users are looking for;
  • the principle of swipes will prevent you from the unnecessary time to spend for search;
  • the millions of the profiles are all ready to go in compliance with all of the needs of yours!

Hence, HookupGeek would surely suggest you using the app at least because if you have been exhausted by the innumerable scamful apps and dating websites, you would surely want to have something real. Bumble is eager and is ready to provide you with it!

Final Thoughts

Oh, how truthful it is that if you do not live in a cave, you are probably very knowledgeable about the boom of dating apps and websites. Actually, we believe that currently we should consider it like the world before and after Tinder. Many developers have tried to release their ideal version of this experience, trying to make the most of demand. The problem is that the market is quite saturated at the moment to such an extent that if you want to use one of these tools, you probably don’t know what to choose.

The Bumble app is comprised of Dating, Friends, Networking in one mobile app, and it is an original online dating service: it’s not the men who are taking the first step, but… the girls! The evaluation of the questionnaire is carried out by ‘swipes’, and in the case of mutual sympathy between a man and a girl, the girl has 24 hours to write first, and the man has a day to answer her. If sympathy has arisen between people of the same sex (the app allows you to search including friends and business partners), anyone can take the first step within 24 hours.

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The application supports integration with Instagram and Spotify services, allows you to manage the visibility of the questionnaire, but has only two search filters and uninformative questionnaires. The security level of the application is high. The mobile application regularly receives updates, demonstrates correct and stable operation.

Thus, HookupGeek does suggests you using the app by Bumble, since you will really be able to find what you want in compliance with your expectations, purposes, and needs! By the way, in order to be more appealing in communication, be advised to use the unique and interesting phrases and quotes by HookupGeek! Then, you will 100% achieve the best results with Bumble! If want some more diversity, just unite Bumble with some webcam girl sites!


FAQ about Bumble

In compliance with the policies and terms of use of Bumble, you can use each of the Bumble’s sections. The main thing is to clearly indicate in your profile (and in the course of communication) what you are expecting to find.

Both Bumble, Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF are not accessible from any country, unfortunately. The company is currently working on expensing the app to make it absolutely international. For now, Bumble is available for the US, UK, some of the Western Europe countries, some of the Eastern Europe countries, and India. However, the list of the countries gets bigger on the monthly basis.

Unfortunately, no. As soon as you have your account deleted, you will never have access to it. Also, you will never be able to restore your chats and other users’ information.

Yes, you can. There are actually two modes available with Bumble: the free mode and the paid mode. The paid mode ensures that you have absolutely all the features at your disposal. What is more, the SuperSwipe coins are just an add-up, which can help you show your feelings to a person you liked. That’s it. They are not obligatory to use, but they make your dating experiences much more interesting!

As Bumble stands for the security of the users, they enable the function of the hidden profile. However, please mind that as soon as you go your profile hidden, it will not be exhibited in the matches and search results of the other users. To switch this function off, you will need to modify your settings in the app.