About CamPlace

While you’re reading on our marvelous reviews on adult dating sites and hookup apps, and think of the only question—“are hookup sites real?”,—we would love to draw your attention to one of the live webcam sites, which you’ve been asking us to review! Yes, we’ve arrived to reviewing CamPlace, a webcam platform for those, who are not afraid of experimenting and for those who constantly stand for lustful diversity.

As you already know, our respectful reader, the diversity of the cams is adorable, and can really gratify all the expectations: thus, you can watch not only Asian and male cams, but also the female ones! So, no limits can be evident, right? What about CamPlace? What is it like? What kind of cams can you expect it to broadcast? What is the price like? Is there any scam when you sign up with the service? We’re discovering it all in this present CamPlace review by HookupGeek!

In addition to this, we’re going to consider some even more important aspects of the site, namely,

  • the way you can get bonuses to save up your funds;
  • how you can search for the most alluring models?; and
  • how you can get paid for using the site!

All this awesome information is going to intrigue, you, and we’re sure you’re ready to start in, you know… start in reading!

What Is CamPlace?

Being quite a fresh website, CamPlace can seem to be like or resemble the well-known and legendary LiveJasmin; nevertheless, it’s just the first impression! CamPlace web site is a unique spot to peep on the horny models, and we’ll prove why it is so!

Now, we’d want to shortly consider what the platform can bring you as soon as you sign up with the service. Thus, who is CamPlace suitable for? What can you find on it and how you can satisfy everything which is heating you from inside? We know that all,

  • being in search of the solo live webcams, just go use the CamPlace sign in feature;
  • if you love watching just beautiful models, like the users of WellHello, you know, you’d find them on the site;
  • if you are fond of BDSM-like videos and if you’re registered with either Alt.com or CollarSpace, you’d also be able to peep on such experiments;
  • if you’d like to watch some transsexuals’ performances, you’ll get them;
  • if you like some couples to be streamed when having their adult hot pastimes, you’ll have those;
  • if you’re in need of the cougar dating but need some more inspiration, you’d succeed to have a look at the horniest cougars.

So, the diversity is granted and is ensured not only by the models on their own, but by their inborn charisma, sexuality, and, of course, by the numerous interesting adult toys. So, there is no time to waste, as your satisfaction is awaiting you right there! However, we have to complete the review to be sure if the satisfaction is not that harmful for you!

What is absent on CamPlace? What can you never find with this website?

  • there are no cams to watch if you’re in need of male models, so you’d better try some other options of the sites like CamSoda or the ones like ChaturBate;
  • the gay cams are also not available yet with CamPlace, so you’d better have a look at SCRUFF or Badoo, whereon there are streams of boy or pick up some SnapChat nudes (as they include both gay and straight male performances);
  • if you want to have some more experiences to share on the lesbian dating sites, you’ll be quite complicated to find any lesbian cams (but still, you can just watch the female cams presented).

After reviewing the features which are not available on CamPlace, we’re sure that the site is evolving, and you’ll be given everything! Why? Just because this is newly born site to make you feel more gratified! For now, we believe that it resembles the new beginning of the webcam industry revolution, as, say, CamSoda or CamFuze! Anyway, carry on reading to find out the most hidden details about the site!

Reputation And Feedback

In order to sign up so that you could use the CamPlace login function, you’ll need to accomplish just a couple of the easy steps, including,

  • make up and type in your nickname;
  • insert your valid email (as the email verification message will be sent requiring some actions from you);
  • create a password and have it confirmed; and
  • scan the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policies and press you agree on them.

That’s it: just a minute, and you’re in! What’s next?

camplace_signupAfter your signup, you’ll have access to the greatest range of tools to use to ensure that you use the site to the maximum!

Thus, after the registration, you’ll have the following features and functions,

  • you’ll have access to your profile, wherein you’d be able to purchase tokens to watch the hottest streams, point out the favorites, and be informed on your transactions and notifications;
  • the Channels tab would give you a range of the online webcams to peep on;
  • the Random Sex Chat section would generate a webcam room for you to watch a model and chat with her (you can also tip her);
  • the toolbar is also equipped with the button to become a webcam model (you can read all details on how to become a webcam model by HookupGeek);
  • you can also register a studio with CamPlace to earn more and more; and, finally,
  • the customer support team would assist you in all issues to emerge.

We’re sure that this functionality would surprise you, and, what is more, you’ll have more and more to obtain, as the site is really evolving rapidly.

You may wonder if there is any search on the site, and we’d say, yes! However, as we got it, the philosophy of the search tool is as follows,

  • there are no search filters as you might have got used to with the other webcam sites like ImLive, for example;
  • however, when you type something in the search line, you’d be given even more choice than if you chose exact categories of the streaming by the models;
  • whenever you enable the search tool on CamPlace, you’d have a range of the free of cost chat rooms ranked on the first place.

Sounds magnificent, right? Why not try it?

One more thing we’d love to focus on is the so-called random sex chat, which is called to

  • give you more diversity via the blind choice (random) of the rooms to peep on (yes, this is done by the algorithm, so you’d have no impact over the randomly generated video rooms);
  • give you all freedom, which means that you can both tip the models and/or watch them doing horny stuff for free; and
  • let you arrange the private webcam shows with a particular model, whose skills you could assess when watching them for free.

Well, it seems really interesting, as there are not so many webcam platforms suggesting the same system, right? If we’re wrong, just drop us your comments as for CamPlace, and we’ll consider fixing the issues!

The Random Sex Chat is equipped with some additional features, including the following,

  • whenever you are showed a model, you can see their nickname (so that you can add them up to the list of your favorites);
  • you will see some of the piquant photos of the model right beneath the video streaming window;
  • the profile information is also given under the window of the video, so you could see which language(s) the model speaks, and what s/he is like;
  • you can ask a model for a private chat;
  • you can see the prices established for the diverse actions by the model(s) in front of their cams.

camplace_video chat

By the way, as we’ve discovered it from our personal experience of watching those hot girls getting wet, they’re sooooo friendly! You can get everything just for being generous and friendly! So, whenever you are going to tip, just say a couple of pleasant words, and the models would do everything and even more than you have expected them to!

So, it was the general information about CamPlace, so if you feel like having more questions answered, be addressed to the FAQ section of this review or kindly contact the CamPlace support team to be informed on even more details. Anyway, we have to move on to the next section on Pricing, and we’ll let you grab even more and more details to either adore or disregard the site.


Whenever you’ve been signed up, the system would propose you getting more acquainted with the service by unlocking more and more webcam rooms and tipping the models. So, it means that you’d need to have some funds on your account. Thus, similarly to almost any other webcam site, the internal currency of CamPlace is tokens, so you’d need to either purchase or have them for free. (YES! We’ll soon tell you how to do that, since it is not that difficult!)

In fact, there are four main options of tokens bundles you can pick up to pay for, and sweet three of them are accompanied by a special bonus from the site, namely,

  • 200 tokens pack costs €19,99, which means that 1 token is just about €0,09;
  • 500 tokens pack would go for €49.99, and the price of 1 token is also €0,09—BUT you’ll have 50 bonus tokens absolutely for free;
  • when purchasing 750 tokens pack, you’d need to pay €74,99, but you’ll get 150 tokens as a bonus; and, finally,
  • 1500 tokens bundle would be priced at €149,99, but it is generously provided with 375 bonus tokens for the most alluring and wishful users.

camplace_pricingIn order to release the payment for the bundles you’ve chosen, you can use only your credit/debit card, as no other payment option is currently available.

In terms of billing, we can single out the most essential points to keep in mind,

  • all the payments are processed by the third party—TwisPay (PCI and DSS compliant payment processor) operating under the following company: Capital Financial Services S.A. located in 4C Gara Herastrau Street Bucharest, Sector 2—so, it’ll give your private data even more security;
  • in case if you have any questions related to billing, you’re supposed to mail the finance team via billing@camplace.com;
  • in the future, the company is planning to intromit some more payment options, so once we’d include CamPlace to the adult sites that take PayPal.

Another aspect we’d need to shed light on is the way you can earn with CamPlace, and this is really possible with no joking at all!

  • you have to become a webcam model and get paid for the streams you’ve arranged;
  • you can run a webcam studio with CamPlace, and, thus, you’ll be able to employ the models and earn more;
  • to become a CamPlay model, you need to be at least 18 y.o., provide your national ID, and sign up the terms of use.

These three steps would advance you to the biggest earning ever, and—who knows—maybe, once, you’ll be as popular as Ryan Ryans or Gianna Michaels.

Advantages Of CamPlace

If you’ve been reading in the most attentive mode (we’re sure you’ve been doing like that, lol), you’ve already singled out a couple of the advantages to love CamPlace for, right? Let’s have them compared, and maybe you have discovered even more than we did. In other words, we’ll check who of us is a professional and/or an expert!

When we first discovered CamPlace, we did not know much about the site, as it is really some new, and it’s always complicated to assess if it is worth our attention. As for now, we can really claim that it was not a waste of time!

However, we have to shed some light on the advantages of your using CamPlace, and we’re sure, you’ll love them much! So much!

HookupGeek has discovered the following benefits of CamPlace,

  • each user obtains webcam chat rooms for free that is with no additional payment to be released;
  • the cams are all live, so you’d never see any pre-recorded videos as some of the scam webcam sites can do to you;
  • the diverse bonus tokens would also cheer you up and will let you more have more and more satisfaction;
  • the tools of the site are efficient and they will never keep you from observing how those lustful cuties are engaged in pleasing themselves;
  • the quality of the stream is marvelous (however, be sure to have a good internet connection);
  • there is a wide range of the categories to pick up the video room to peep on;
  • the payment is safe and you’ll never have any hidden fees; and
  • the pricing for the services is quite affordable, so you’ll not need to waste much money.

There is a plenty of some side benefits, which would include the technical ones, like, for example,

  • the site is available in about 10 languages, so you’d not have any problems with navigation;
  • both models and users have access to the same languages, so there will be no issues in communication and navigation of the site;
  • by becoming a webcam model with CamPlace, you’ll earn much money;
  • there is much security for both users and models;
  • the data you share as well as the cookies data are never disclosed to any third parties;
  • there are different kinds of the webcam streaming, so you’ll never get bored.

Of course, we could carry on this list of the benefits, but it would be not that interesting, for we’re sure when you try the site, you’d elicit even more cool sides to love CamPlace for!

However, we believe that it would be absolutely unfair not to touch upon the drawbacks, which CamPlace can be characterized with. Well, you can wonder like what on earth negative you’re going to single out about CamPlace if there are so many pros of CamPlace! But our professionalism would be incomplete if we have not found any cons. So, hope you’re ready.

When we started watching the videos and picking up the chat rooms to peep on, we’ve noticed a couple of moments, which we’d be happy to be have fixed by the administration, as they might negatively impact the perception.

The list of disadvantages would comprise of the following,

  • there is no app to use the site on, yet (anyway, we have a strong conviction that it will be provided in the nearest future, so that we’ll update the information);
  • the search tool would be needed to be some fixed, as it would require more and more categories to exhibit;
  • the number of the models is gradually increasing, but still the viewers would definitely be happy to have even more profiles;
  • there are almost no couples streaming;
  • no gay or lesbian models are currently presented.

Well, the list of the cons may seem some big, but in reality, it is not, as they’re not that outstanding and impacting. Of course, that’s your choice, and we’d be happy to know about it, so don’t hesitate to leave your comments.


CamPlace appeared to be a nice place to spend time to get much satisfaction. In any case, we’d need to draw a line and elicit some final thoughts we’ve had when using the site! So, we’re sure you’d like to know them all, as you’re ready with your own conclusions about the site. So, let’s have them compared, yep?

As we said, when we signed up we didn’t even expect that the CamPlace website would give us so much adult fun! By the way, the girls do also watch the other girls, since they all have much to share for the more enriched experiences! So, be sure to let you gf watch some other webcam models going wild! You both will love it!

Anyway, we have to make some conclusions.

Well, the site is really hot, and there is no reason to doubt, right? Surely, it is not as big as, say, StripChat or RedTube Live but within the shortest time it is going to compete with them. Bet?

The choice of the models could have been much greater but as we can sum up, it is nice for now. Actually, when there are not that webcam rooms to peep on is also an advantage, since you’ll not need to waste a ton of time to opt for the best one you’d love to watch right away. So, just enjoy the ones presented!

One of the things we loved the most is the versatility of the site being united with minimalism in the most magic and harmonious manner! Yep, nothing would keep you away from watching.

One of the biggest pluses is that the webcam rooms are really free, and you can watch them as long as you need. Of course, it goes without saying that it is always appreciated by a model if you tip, as it is another motivation. Thus, be generous enough, and you’ll notice how they will love you all!

Well, our verdict is now to be announced, and you can actually guess what we are going to say. Yes, CamPlace is a perfect place to spend your time, as you’d be absolutely impossible not to have gratification of your most hidden male desires! In any case, if you believe that this website does not suit you, you are most welcome to check on the alternatives which we provided in the beginning of the review.

So, thanks for being with us! Do kindly remember that we always appreciate when you leave your comments and ideas after the reviews, and it doesn’t matter if they’re positive or negative, as our mission is to provide you with the top quality websites only!

FAQ about Camplace

Yes, you can

Becoming a model means that you as a model work for yourself. However, by running a studio with CamPlace, you will be able to employ the models to work for you and perform. This can also be possible with the adult movies studios.

You will need Internet, a PC/laptop and a webcam. That’s it.

In fact, the Terms of use do not either allow or prohibit it. You can chat with the model, and if they are ok with this idea, you can make some arrangements.

Yes, you can. Just choose Purchase Tokens button on the left toolbar, and you’ll have your tokens renewed with no interruption of the video.