You must have heard about one of the most popular platforms for adult webcam shows named CamSoda, and you might have wanted to find out everything about the company. If you are a person, who’s aimed at becoming an adult webcam model with CamSoda, you will never regret reading these facts. If you are just a member who admires the cool models (who, by the way, have been described in detail by HookupGeek), you will also be marvelled to know who and when ran the site and how it functions.

So, HookupGeek is going to disclose some important information and data about CamSoda as well as about the most passionate and adorable models loved by thousands of their fans. So, let’s start off the company and some facts standing behind it,

  • CamSoda is known to be established in 2014, so you can see that it has been functioning only for five years; however, the popularity of the platform is more than perfect;
  • The founder of CamSoda is Daron Lundeen, who leads the company to the highest tops by implementing the most up-to-date technologies to surprise the members;
  • CamSoda is currently owned by the company, whose title is Secure Live Media, Ltd.;
  • For now, CamSoda ranks third in the overall list of search results by Google, so you can easily understand the prestige and level of the platform;
  • The address which the website is registered with is: 15100 NW 67th Avenue Suite 110, City: Miami Lakes, FL, 33014, US;
  • There is an office of the company located in the UK, and the address is Office 17, Greenhill House, 26 Greenhill House, Watford, Herts, WD18 8JA;
  • In case of postal correspondence, the claims should be forwarded to the address Lawrence G. Walters 195 W. Pine Ave. Longwood, FL 32750-4104.

So, you can see that the legitimate nature of the webcam platform is evident, for the information on the ownership and address (contacts) is easily found. So, if you have had any doubts about the legitimateness of CamSoda, you can have none, since the legality of the platform is exquisite!

There are also some facts about CamSoda, which rank the company first. In other words, CamSoda is the first in the industry in compliance with the numerous aspects. So, why is CamSoda so special and first?

  • CamSoda is the first broadcasting web platforms which conducted the first broadcast of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event in 2018this is even regardless of the fact that the MMA event and webcamming are quite different;
  • CamSoda is the first webcam platform being supported, promoted, and advertised by such world-known magazines as Glamour, The Howard Stern Show, PC Magazine,  and Cosmopolitan;
  • CamSoda has been the first webcam platform for adults which intromitted the special number of the exclusive devices to make the shows by the webcam models even more and more advanced and passionate, namely, virtual reality and exclusive touch-screen technology as well as the opportunity of the 360-degree virtual reality live streams;
  • CamSoda has become the first webcam site, which supports payment transactions using the technologies by Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the installation of the products released by these technologies;
  • CamSoda was the first webcam site, which started functioning in compliance with the legislative framework, and, thus, they optimized the platform to suit the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • CamSoda is the first because it introduced the system of Camodji, that is the ability of using the digital avatars to provide more and more anonymity (herein, Camodji system for CamSoda contains the avatars of xxx character);
  • CamSoda supports the cosplays and conducts some events to promote this genre of webcam broadcast.

Therefore, the exclusive character of the adorable CamSoda sex cam site is determined by the incredibly great number of the features where CamSoda was a pioneer in delivering a special approach to the quality.

What is more, there are some more stats about CamSoda, which you will be marvelled with! Intrigued? See them now,

  • The overall number of CamSoda users has already achieved the index of 800,000 people, so you cannot even imagine the degree of diversity and sexual preferences you will be exposed to;
  • The organic search for CamSoda has exceeded the rate of 850,000;
  • The quality of both video and sound is the most contemporary, so you can count for the best quality and your satisfaction will be bigger and bigger.

So, you may now comprehend that you will have too much to do with the site, and you will always be thirsty for the overwhelming and everlasting gratification of your sexual preferences without even leaving your home.

Now, we’d love to pay attention to the pricing policies in comparison with the other popular webcam platforms. So, HookupGeek has provided you with the pricing tariffs comparison for your convenience,


Webcam Site Pricing per Tokens
CamSoda 50 Tokens $5.99
100 Tokens $10.99
200 Tokens $20.99
550 Tokens $49.99
800 Tokens $69.99
1205 Tokens $99.99
3100 Tokens $249.99
StripChat 90 Tokens $9.99
200 Tokens $19.99
520 Tokens $49.99
1085 Tokens $99.99
2255 Tokens $199.99
xCams 25 tokens €1.99 / $2.10
120 tokens €29.99 / $31.68
300 tokens €69.99 / $73.93
460 tokens €99.99 / $105.62
CamFuze 17 Tokens $2.99
54 Tokens $7.99
139 Tokens $19.99
247 Tokens $29.99
439 Tokens $49.99
661 Tokens $74.99
MyFreeCams 200 Tokens for $19.99
550 Tokens for $49.99
900 Tokens for $74.99
3775 Tokens for $299.99
7575 Tokens for $599.99

So, if all these webcam platforms’ pricing lists are compared, it is evident that the most affordable and fair pricing approaches are recorded with CamSoda and MyFreeCams webcam platforms. So, you receive even more than it can be if you opt for CamSoda. The diversity presented on the website as well as the affordable pricing would create the best atmosphere for you to have adult entertainment and fun!

This platform is the place, wherein you’re more than welcome to test the best camsoda models’ performances in order to get engaged in the most comfortable and interesting practices in your private life. When using the service on the payment basis, you’ll be able to get,

  • The access to the numerous hot profiles, whose main purpose is to gratify you to the maximum in order to show you that passion is limitless;
  • An opportunity to unlock the most desired intentions when watching the diverse cams which are chosen by you in accordance with the categories;
  • A chance to perform your own videos, as well, in order to be able to bring satisfaction and alluring passion to you and your viewers (optional); and
  • A chat room to be able to communicate with the live sex cam performers and guide their actions to show you the most appealing and triggering experiments.

In addition to this, we’ll inform you on how to get free tokens on camsoda. Certainly, you will need those to be always tuned and obtain the uninterrupted experience, while watching the online broadcasts of the adult interests. So, hurry up to watch the best models’ shows ever and discover the most unbearable instances of gratification you might have ever thought of!
Camsoda - Hookup Geek

If you ever read the camsoda reviews, you might have possibly been informed that the online location mentioned is filled with the most deep-toned experiences ever. It means that similarly to the websites like camsoda, it is a powerful mechanism to make your thinking more wishful and lustful, and, what is more, you’ll receive a chance to have all the possible opportunities to have your dreams come true.

Thus, when circumnavigating the platform, please, kindly pay attention to the interesting features you are provided with in order not to limit you and your most secret desires,

  • tons of videos for any kind of desires you can have;
  • thousands of the active profiles, who are on air regularly so that you’ll never get bored;
  • numerous languages available to comfortize your stay with the platform; and
  • an important aspect, which is camsoda legit nature so that you’re not supposed to have any worries about the information you share.

Top CamSoda Models

Models! As we have already mentioned, the number of models and users is growing rapidly with CamSoda, since the website is now representing a versatile conglomerate of the most unpredictable, lustful, horniest and sweetest experiences ever! So, we would love to shed some light on who the CamSoda models are and how to pick up the best webcam model to suit particularly your preferences and desires! Interested? Carry on reading HookupGeek, and you will be deeper and deeper within the satisfaction ocean!

So, what can be said about the most adorable and amazing models performing as the webcam show models with CamSoda?

  • their professionalism and fantasy will amaze everyone;
  • the categories of models are diverse so that you will easily find someone, who’d be absolutely able to gratify you totally;
  • the diversity of the sexual preferences and shows formats is incredibly great, so that you can easily realize that the better platform would be quite complicated to find.

If you didn’t know, HookupGeek has recently started writing about the models of the most famous webcam sites, and overall, the major number of models are employed by CamSoda and are referred to the best of the best. What is more, they have much interesting information standing behind them. So, if you want to unlock some biographies of the webcam models working for CamSoda, you will adore the HookupGeek’s new section about the models.

In any case, we’re about to move to the models who perform exclusively on CamSoda and who are known to be absolutely the best and the most famous ones with the webcam platform mentioned. Guess, who of them you know? Guess, who of them you watched? Gosh, guess who of them are newcomers and who of them are the most professional?

  • Brandi Love is one of the mature porn actresses and webcam models, whose popularity recognizes no limits, since the girl is full of enthusiasm and passion to gratify everything you have wanted before joining her video chat room;
  • Dani Daniels is much popular mainly because of her talent to be as lustful and horny as possible and indulge all the users’ desires by working magic in front of her webcam. Being both a CamSoda webcam model and porn actress, the girl is aware of how to lead the viewer to the incredibly great indulgence of the most hidden and secret desires;
  • Real Diamond Doll is fairly referred to the most intriguing girls on CamSoda, since her shows are not just classic improvisation or following the desires of her viewers, but the intricate and impulsive performance. It is usually filled with the unbelievable passion and everlasting lust to attract as many viewers as possible and to show the viewers the most unpredictable sides of the xxx pleasure for adults;
  • Vanessa Veracruz will guide you to the world of the endless satisfaction and most theatrical webcam shows, which would be remarkable for you for the longest period of time. In addition to this, because of the exotic appearance and exquisite body, this cutie will appeal you even when you’re offline and she is not performing. She will enchant you to the most unbearable extent ever!;
  • YourGirlBlaze webcam model for CamSoda is for those viewers, who know exactly what they want her to show off, since the character and charisma of the girl are irregular, and you can get incredibly happy with her or, oppositely, dislike her for being some harsh with her fans, but this is not her purpose to offend but to force everyone obey her and get satisfied out of watching her getting hotter and hornier;
  • Mileena Kane being one of the most mysterious CamSoda webcam models is still included in the HookupGeek’s rating of the most passionate and best webcam performers ever. It is because she is against any particularities of her private life to be disclosed, while she stands absolutely for the everlasting passion to be acted up in front of her cam. So, you can easily chat her and ask any questions and order everything you would be eager to see. trust us, she guarantees the kinkiest experiences ever to everyone who has joined her webcam chat room;
  • Moriah Mills is aimed to indulge her viewers by showing her incredibly big breasts and playing horny games with them. The viewers of this webcam model from CamSoda are fond of her communicative skills, charisma, passion, beauty and frivolous behavior. In case if you have been eager to find some models, who are different from the regular ones, yep, you’re right here now, and Moriah Mills will give you what you wanted to grab!

So, of course, these are not all the models to be the best on CamSoda. To find out more, you can follow HookupGeek, since we post bios of the models on the regular basis or you can be a regular user of CamSoda to always stay tuned for the most unbelievable shows by the best models you could have only dreamed of in your life! So, be the first to unlock the most interesting details about your favorite models by reading HookupGeek’s blogs about the most popular models and webcam platforms in order to be able to pick up the best option for you. Remember that the satisfaction is only up to you if the way is meant; however, HookupGeek is always here to assist you to get the best impressions. Believe, it’s worth of it, and you will be more than happy by knowing that everything you fancied before has come true with HookupGeek. Sounds unreal? Just try it out with us, and, be sure that you have never had anything more special and unique.

If you have been inspired by the models we were narrating about, and decided on becoming a webcam model to earn perfect volume of cash and have everyday pleasure, you can read the HookupGeek’s post on how to become a webcam model and what to know in this case if you really loved CamSoda. Believe, you will be oh-my-goddamn surprised and amused!

Reputation and Feedback

Camsoda - Hookup Geek

The most important question, which is asked by the HookupGeek users on the regular basis is “Is camsoda safe?” In any case, when being either a guest or a user for the platform, you have no doubts about the private information security. Because of the policies, which have been elaborated being based on the national laws, the legit character of the platform is guaranteed as well as the security of the personal data.

When using the website, you’ll see the most incredible video performers, who are about to bring you the most lustful experiences. So, the main principle herein is that you have to leave your shyness and shame behind. After this, your stay with the website will be the most pleasurable! Give it a try and, you will see, you’ll not regret!

So, is camsoda safe? Surely, yes! The reasons provided above are more than enough to show you that your pleasure will be secured. Just visit it, and you’ll get ensured!

Advantages of the Platform

Camsoda - Hookup Geek

As soon as you become a user with the platform, you’ll be glad to appreciate the most outstanding positive characteristics of the website. Don’t waste your time and do find out about them more, The platform is possible to get access to via usual web based format as well as by the means of the camsoda app;

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  • The best camsoda token price in the industry;
  • Incredibly simple registration procedure;
  • A user’s ability to get the private shows by the top camsoda models;
  • An ability to discover even more videos by using the camsoda tube;
  • Numerous privacy policies to keep you safe; and
  • The camsoda cost is the most affordable.

If you gave a try to the platform at least one time, you might have probably understood that these are not the only features which would cause your interest. We kindly recommend you the place and, along with this, we are kindly asking you to leave your opinions and comments in the review section so that we could share even more detailed reviews of the platform! We’d also be glad to go through the stories you might have experienced! We bet, they’re so pleasant and numerous!

What You Need And How Does Camsoda Work?

Camsoda - Hookup Geek

The main thing you need to know about the platform is that you need tokens to get access to the oceans of the online cams performances. However, it does not mean that you are supposed to purchase themoppositely, you may get them absolutely for free. Here are some pieces of advice to assist you in getting the first and the most precious tokens absolutely for free of charge,

  • you get 100 tokens for free as soon as you get enrolled with the website;
  • you can earn the tokens by inviting the new people to the platform;
  • and finally, you can become a star of the website by performing your own videos online.

In any case, if you don’t want to be engaged in the tips listed above, you may just purchase the tokens and have the uninterrupted access to the juiciest videos! Yes, this is true, absolutely, because the administration of the platform does take care of the most comfortable pastime of yours!

Camsoda Review: Conclusion

Camsoda - Hookup Geek

Having the website reviewed, it becomes evident that the alluring experiences are more than guaranteed, and you’re most welcome not to waste your time and hurry up to catch up to the most incredible and hottest performances you might have ever dreamed of! Because of the advantages you could read, the legit character of the web platform will constantly appeal you to be a regular client of the web location. In addition to this, the place gives you the most brilliant opportunity to get rid of the most hidden biases and shames, which might have spoiled your previous experiences in real life. So, be strong and courageous to make your first step in the world of the virtual web cam pleasure!

If you do need to get involved even in more passionate experiences related not only to adult dating, you may be eager to visit the sites like camsoda, since they also provide you with a perfect chance to pass your time having innumerable pleasures. So, just check the list of the web locations, which are similar to camsoda and have your jackintosh always been loaded with the marvelous contents,

FAQ about Camsoda

Surely, in case of any errors, you should directly contact the Support team of CamSoda. However, you should also remember that as soon as you enter the main page of the site, you will be able to see that you will need to install (the newest) version of Adobe Flash Player. It will help you see all the webcams available for you unless you go premium with the service.

You can want to watch new top, pvt top rated, spy shows, voyeur, cam2cam, ticket shows, scheduled, private, ohmibod, women, pornstar, men, couple, shemale, and latina. Also, you can always enable the search in order to pick a model who would absolutely satisfy you.

In compliance with the Terms of Use, CamSoda is “not responsible for any incidental, consequential, special, punitive, exemplary, direct or indirect damages of any kind whatsoever, which may arise out of or relate to your use of the Platform, including but not limited to lost revenues, profits, business or data, or damages resulting from any viruses, worms, "Trojan horses" or other destructive software or materials, or communications by you or other users of the Platform, or any interruption or suspension of the Platform, regardless of the cause of the interruption or suspension. Any claim against us shall be limited to the amount you paid, if any, for use of the Platform during the previous 12 months. We may discontinue or change the Platform or its availability to you at any time, and you may stop using the Platform at any time, please see details on cancellation below.”

The main way to check if you are really watching the online streaming is to drop messages to the models and see if they react. Also, along with your message, you will be able to see the other users’ ones. Finally, if you’ve paid for the private show, you are the only user to communicate with the model, so you can really evaluate if a model is real and if s/he goes online right away.

Shall you have any issues or questions to discuss as for the work of CamSoda, you are always welcome to get in touch with the following representative of CamSoda: Lawrence G. Walters 195 W Pine Ave Longwood, FL 32750 Fax: (407) 774-6151.