About Chanel Foxx

Regardless of how complicated it was to find out at least any data about Chanel Foxx, HookupGeek investigated some interesting cases and watched some short interviews by the webcam model. In such a way, we have composed an article in which we would disclose some piquant details. So, be sure to read it all out in order to grab the most exclusive information on the model who you might have been dreaming of once. So, this article has been one of the most complicated to compose because the presence of information is quite little. However, HookupGeek does not have anything impossible. So, lucky you are now!

We will start off the fact that HookupGeek is beginning of the series of the brand new cutting edge articles on the most passionate models of the livecam sex sites and porn actress. We have decided to do so in order to help our viewers better understand the personality of the beloved models and actresses. Of course it is so great because you now can know some routine and everyday life facts about your favorite models and porn actresses. So, catch up to us to get more and more data about your most exquisite and loved actresses of the hot adult industry.

This time, it is the turn of the most secret actress and live cam sites’ model whose nickname is Chanel Foxx. In spite of the fact that the model is presented in the numerous social networks, it would be surely quite complicated to find out at least any details about this hot and appealing cutie. But lucky you are because you have HookupGeek and its agents who have so many tools to determine the most intriguing facts about Chanel Foxx!

So, as usually we would love to start off the general facts about the model. Yep, as we told you already, there is no much diversity of them however it was possible to examine some of them. So, just kindly take a glance at the acts we have found out about Chanel Foxx?

  • Unfortunately, the real name of Chanel Fox is not known, and even HookupGeek could not find it. But we promise you that we will discover this information within the nearest period of time. However, we could assume that the real name of this cutie is Carmella
  • The real age of this model is not known for sure; however, HookupGeek has numerous bases to state that Chanel Foxx is now 30 years old. This information is currently being tested, so we believe that we will let you know Chanel Foxx’s real age;
  • The weight of the model hardly achieves 50 kg, so it is possible to see that the body of the model is perfect and alluring;
  • The height of Chanel Foxx has not been known before, however HookupGeek has found that her height is 170 cm. Thus, the proportions of this perfect girl are more than gorgeous;
  • The size of the breast of Chanel Foxx as Camsoda profile of the girl shows, is 34DD;
  • The color of her hair is black, so if you are in love with the brunette girls you would fall in love with her in any case;
  • The native city of the webcam model is Los Angeles, and Chanel Foxx still lives in this city as it is quite promising for her career;
  • The color of her eyes is well suited to the black hair since her eyes are light brown, so it is even complicated to imagine how hot she can get with all her appearances;
  • Chanel Foxx does not smoke and hates the smoke in general so she stands against this bad habit. The same can be said about her attitude towards alcohol: she do not like this habit and prefers being sober as well as she likes sober persons to partner with. Herein, there is no point in explaining that she does not support any drugs.

What did we find out about popularity of Chanel Foxx? Surely, the facts are not numerous, but still they are so much precious! So, take a glance at them,

  • The number of her followers on CamSoda is approaching the index of 50 thousand people. So, you can easily imagine how she is liked;
  • The views of the videos has already exceeded the number of a million, so we are sure that you have been amongst her viewers, since the fame of this beauty is overwhelming and does not require any proof at all;
  • The model does not want to cooperate with any famous studios as a porn actress. Nevertheless, she used to cooperate with such porn studios and companies as Brozzers. So, it is evident that the fame of the model has never been limited by the live cam sites.

So, we are sure that you will want to find out more about this cutie. So, our next section is devoted to the most interesting facts about this nice and talented model.

Interesting Facts

As we have already told you there are not that many facts about Chanel Foxx. In any case, we have succeeded in finding out the most intriguing and piquant facts. So, despite of the fact that they are not numerous, you will find them interesting and informing!

So, these are the most exclusive facts which HookupGeek has found about Chanel Foxx,

  • Chanel Fox is not limited to certain genders to have pleasure with. This is why, we can freely claim that she is absolutely bisexual and knows well how to set both men and women fire;
  • Chanel Fox is a well known supporter of LGBTQ people because she concerns them as equal as the other persons;
  • Due to the fact that Chanel Foxx is fond of LGBTQ, she also adores to be cammed with transgenders. On the one hand, it makes her cam shows more exciting and appealing. On the other hand, she makes a perfect contribution to the support of the LGBT representatives’ rights.

So, it is perfect to know that the interests of the model are quite versatile and tend to contribute to the social development. Now on, we will move to the special features of Chanel Foxx and why is so loved by her fans. You will see why she is so popular now!

Why Is She Special?

Well, we can surely know why the personality of this model gains so much popularity because the facts which we have discovered are the ones, which you would love!

So, what is the most unique about Chanel Foxx?

  • Chanel Foxx has created an extremely great secret around her personality in order to appeal more and more audience;
  • Chanel Foxx is unique because she adores to get engaged in the relations with transgenders. It can be referred to as a new trend in the industry and hot adult shows on the live cam shows;
  • Chanel Foxx is aware of the bigger sizes of her popularity; nonetheless, she does not make much afford because she stands for the quality but not for the quantity of the videos.

So, because of the special attention to her career and job, Chanel Foxx emerged as one of the most desired and appealing girls whose talents are impossible to underestimate. So, we are sure that after reading this article you will be more interested in personality and videos by Chanel Foxx. In case if you want to always follow the actress and webcam model in the social networks, you can easily find Chanel Foxx. For instance, Chanel Foxx Instagram account can give overall impression on the model, since she posts numerous exquisite and unique photos which have never been posted somewhere else before.

Final Thoughts

So, we have done it right away. This is the most updated and exclusive article about Chanel Foxx and her performances on the most promoted live cam sites. Thus, do not forget about your sweetest opportunity to watch and peep on the Chanel Foxx CamSoda webcam platform in order to stay always live with this hot and gorgeous cutie. So, we are grateful you have read it by the end and found out so many interesting details about your beloved Chanel Foxx.

In addition to this, as always we are encouraging you to leave your suggestions on which models you would be happy to read about. Be sure that we will definitely fulfil all your expectations! Finally, you are always welcome to read all the other articles in order to have firm and reputable assistance and navigation in the pleasant world of the adult entertainment and fun. And if you want some similar horny experiences, address our adult dating insights and options for the best one night stand apps free services!