About Charley Hart

Yo, guys! Welcome back to sex dating sites  and best dating websites for one night stands reviews and HookupGeek with its constant flow of the most unbelievable satisfaction! Yep, we’re again going to depict some pleasances, and—believe us—you’ll be all ears in love with the today’s porn actress! Oh, yeah, how many porn actresses have we investigated, and of how many of them really professionals of their domain. But HookupGeek is in constant search of the more and more skillful girls to write about. In addition to this, we always read your feedback, and we try to fulfill everything you are asking us for. This time is the perfect instance of how we are glad to have your dreams come true! This is why we are going to bestow you the article about a passionate and extremely talented porn actress, whose name has been known for the very long time! You know who we mean now: this is Charley Hart!

HookupGeek as always has numerous facts discovered about this gorgeous cutie, and from now on, we are absolutely happy to announce that this article will be as hot and horny as the porn actress is! If honestly, we will of course start off the general information about this marvelous girl; nevertheless, we have so much to narrate and, thus, we are eager to deliver everything tasty what we have detected about this nice girl with the most outstanding skills!

Thus, the general biographical data go first about Charley Hart, and then, you will be exposed to the most intimate and alluring preferences and details about this lovely lady!

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Hence, this is what HookupGeek has found out about this gorgeous Charley Hart,

  • So, the real name of this cutie is Charley Hart (since HookupGeek was not that successful to find any other nicknames (except the nickname of Ryan Hart) or proofs that this is her unreal name);
  • Officially, the profession of this cutie is comprised of two main occupations, adult model and a porn star;
  • She has never been encountered as an adult dancer;
  • Charley Hart’s ethnicity is Caucasian;
  • The country of the Charley Hart’s origin is the United States
  • She comes from the state of FL (Florida);
  • However, we did not find out the real city which could be referred to as the place of birth of this marvelous porn actress and adult model;
  • The date of birth of Charley Hart is on June 10, 1984;
  • Thus, the age of Charley Hart is 35 years old;
  • The astrological sign of the porn actress is Gemini (which is since May 21 up to Jun 20).

Charley Hart There is also not that much information about the past of the model and porn actress, however, HookupGeek has discovered some facts, and we will inform you about them right after we show you the physical parameters of the babe. Yeah, they’re cool, so maybe that is why there numerous porn actors (and, by the way, there are many porn actresses), who would be eager to be cammed along with this horny princess!

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Well, this is what we can share with you as for the body of this extra beauteous girl,

  • The girl’s eye color is brown;
  • her hair color is also brown;
  • The height of this porn actress is 168 cm (that is 5 feet and 6 inches);
  • The weight of this cutie is just 50 kg (110 lbs);
  • The boobs of this cutie are fake, but they are nicely made;
  • There is no exact date when the girl has started her porn career, but HookupGeek can state that it happened approximately at the beginning of the 2010s;
  • There are some tattoos on the body of Charley Hart, and they are located on her right shoulder, next to her right breast, and on both of her feet; and
  • There are two piercings on the body of the girl: the one of them is situated in her nose and one is on her clit.

So, her body seems to be more passionate than it can, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the numerous interesting facts about the sexual preferences of Charley Hart! Why? Just because they’re so versatile and deep, so that you could have not even imagined that such a skillful girl can seem even more talented! So, we will disclose everything we know and everything that Charley Hart shared with in her private and exclusive interview.  We’re sure you’re intrigued now, and it’s not in vain! Just dive in the new world of the passion with Charley Hart right in the next section of our article about this horny porn actress!

Interesting Facts

If you think that Charley Hart is frivolous and that’s it, you’re absolutely wrong—pardon! Why? Just because the porn actress knows what she likes (or, it would be quite suitable to say that there is nothing what she couldn’t have loved at all, since her passion is so overwhelming and pulsing even if is just giving another interview.

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So, we will now tell everything about the sexual preferences of the girl, and you will go nuts with what she can do in the movies with her participation,

  • The first and foremost thing, which Charley Hart adores (or even what she really aches for) is doing blowjobs to her partner(s), she is just crazy, and she admits it not only in each of her interviews, but also in almost every movies she takes part in;
  • There are also some more preferences of this porn actress, which she performs with the utter excellence and pleasure, and their list is comprised of the following, blowjobs, big cock, POV, hardcore, missionary, teasing, blowjob (pov), doggystyle, outdoor, milfs,  and pool;
  • As you can now see, Charley Hart adores not just a classical blowjob but also in the pov format as well;
  • One of the craziest fantasies of the girl is to take part in the orgy with over 50 men at once, and the action should take place on the stage with the  real viewers sitting right in the hall;
  • The final scene of this play should finish with the tons of cum over all of her body;
  • When she is shot, Charley Hart adores having the rudest and the hardest sex experiences with the men, who have extremely big sizes of their organs;
  • In addition to these all facts, Charley loves having sex with the double penetration included, so that she would feel the most unearthly and magic sensations.

Charley Hart Hence, for now it can be clear more or less that the very this particular webcam model and porn actress is great, and all of her movies and shows would surely bring you to the desired and inexpressible emotions.

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Let’s move further on, so that you will find out even more about the porn actress and her special desires and career particularities!

  • There are numerous Charley Hart xxx videos where she gets f— in the pool by a hot (or the hot) guy(s);
  • One of the most spread web platform, which Charley has cooperated with is BangBros, and there are numerous Charley Hart BangBros videos, which cause innumerable satisfaction from the millions of actress’ fans;
  • One of the lusts of this porn actress is sex with the Afro-American guys, and she cannot leave this dream of having sex with five men at once;
  • There are some fetishes, which Charley Hart cannot get rid of at all, and they are comprised of being f— in front of a mirror or mirrors, since the girl loves watching her appearances, as she finds herself much beauteous;
  • She adores looking at the men whose body is athletic and sexual;
  • She does not like being with the hairy men, if you understand;
  • The girl is in the most passionate love with the adult toys and f— machines, and she is ready to utilize them as often as possible, so just imagine how the Charley Hart nude videos and solo cam sex performances are cool;
  • She is not against having lesbian sex, and she does it quite regularly regardless of her lust for the well-built men;
  • When being with girls, she loves anal sex and… fisting, which is quite atypical for the porn actresses, but in this case, it means that the porn actress is all ready to give herself totally to the passion and the camming process in order to get satisfaction even if the scenes require some hard experiences;
  • Gangbangs are another dream she wants to turn into the life, since she has a strong conviction that the viewers of hers (as well as she herself) would adore it to the highest extent!

Thus, just turn on your imagination now in order to get an idea of how horny Charley Hart is and how gorgeous her videos are, so that you will never be ready to stop watching her, since she always performs the most unbelievable stuff! In any case, even for now, we are sure that you have already fallen in love with her, and you will always be dreaming of this unbelievably alluring and misbehaving girl, whose styles do not have any limits and whose videos are the dream of the most saturated and keen viewers!

Why Is Charley Hart So Unique?

After we have narrated the tastiest facts about this marvelous and horny porn princess, you may not even need any additional proofs for the uniqueness of this cutie. In any case, HookupGeek would love still to single out our reputable opinion, and you will be marveled even to the greater extent now!

Charley Hart So, the uniqueness of Charley Hart is mainly determined by the following aspects and facts,

  • The porn actress is not afraid at all of doing the most misbehaving things in front of the cam;
  • The diversity of her sexual preferences is constantly changed, for Charley tends to unlock the newer sides of her talents;
  • The most unbelievable experiments are waiting for you as soon as you just start watching any of the videos of this porn actress;
  • Being a professional, Charley Hart has a tendency to create the unique content of the movies with her participation and she avoids having someone to copycat

Final Thoughts

As for us, we have been that happy to know that this cool porn actress is so famous, and now we even know what is the main reason to such a popularity to emerge all around her figure. We cannot say for sure about you, but as for HookupGeek, we have really been delighted to disclose all of those horny facts about Charley Hart, her career, her life, and, of course, her sexual preferences (yep, you are to admit that her sexual preferences are so cute and horny that no one could be prevented from the most unbelievable pleasure to be gained!).

As you know now, the fate of Charley Hart is not that difficult as well as the path of hers to the world of the adult entertainment. Yeah, the girl has been working hard (almost Hart!) to become the porn star with the world known and acknowledged name. But, as you can also realize, this was not only her hard work to lead to the success! Her inborn charisma and marvelous body have done everything as well. Hence, you are now informed on what the secret of this cutie is, and why she is so passionate for all the fans of hers. So, be amongst her fans in order to diversify your pleasant impressions out of watching the horniest porn movies with this porn actress’ participation! She is all aware of how to unlock your satisfaction and deliberate you!Charley Hart

In addition to this, we are always happy to know your desires about the webcam models and porn actresses who you would want us to write about. What is more, we will not take it for too long to accomplish it, since our professionalism and unbelievably great desire to assist you are too immense that we have nothing to do but to deliver you the most incredible content. So, you can always feel free to ask us for any content related to the adult industry, and we will create it for your convenience!

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