About Chatib

Be that as it may, but times of Tinder and Blendr are coming to an end just because the users always need something new, brand-new in the field of dating sites one night stands! The times of the scamful platforms like Erotic Affairs and Quick Flirt are also becoming less prosperous, for the users do actually need something real. The myriads of the top webcam sites, hookup sites and hookup apps are not that popular nowadays; however, there is another category of the sites, which are gaining their popularity again and again! Chat platforms! Yes, you’ve heard of them, as we wrote about them, and we have some more to say. If you’re tired of the paid regular and even the best adult websites, you can enjoy the free of price ones, which sometimes do not even require any registration. So, we’re talking about Chatib, and its easy approach to communication!

Before we show you all the functionality and features of the site, which you’d experience right after the chatib sign in, we would be eager to come up with some legal aspect of the site. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about the registration of the website and its contacts,

  • the service was registered by Track LAB SARL;
  • the site is owned by Dynadot LLC;
  • the date of creation of Chatib is 2016;
  • the expiry date of the site is 2022;
  • the address of Chatib registration is 917 S. Lusk St., Suite 200, Boise, 83706, Idaho, USA;
  • you can get in touch with the office of the site via the following phone numbers: +1-315-210-83-64 and/or +1-650-262-01-00.

So, one can now be aware of the legal status of the site. So, this is one of the advantages of the security when you use the Chatib chat platform!

Chatib Log InLet’s now look at what the Chatib registration is like. In fact, there are two main ways to join the site. The first of them is to join the chatib chat room with no registration. For this you will need to indicate the following data about yourself,

  • make up a username for you;
  • indicate if you are male or female;
  • state your age (if only you were at last 18 y.o.);
  • choose your country and city from the two lists; and
  • press ‘Start Chat Now.’

Here you are! You can pick up the users to begin the chat with (the private chat is meant) or join any chat room. Yes, this is chatib no registration process.

Chatib OnlineThe second way is to sign up for free with Chatib. What you will need to indicate is as follows,

  • make up a username for you;
  • indicate if you are male or female;
  • state your age (if only you were at last 18 y.o.);
  • choose your country and city from the two lists;
  • type in your email address;
  • think up a password you’d use when logging in; and
  • press ‘Register For Free.’

So, you’d wonder if there is any difference in the quality of communication or tools in terms of being a registered user or just a stranger. We’ll say in the following way: there is no difference. When you tend to use the registration, you will appear in the chat rooms using the same username; nevertheless, when you omit the signup process, you can create as many usernames as possible. Also, if you’ve registered, you will need to use the chatib member login field to join the chats.

We would also like to show you some nice features and tools of the website, so that you might fall in love with it just immediately! One of the tabs in your profile would be the games, and their list is as follows,

  • Gummy Blocks
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Reversi
  • Apples
  • Katana Fruits
  • Master Checkers.

These are the entertainment features to make you more fun! You can play these games online either on your own or in pair with some other user(s). By the way, the games are accessible in both modes of access, so you don’t have to specifically make your chatib login.

What about the themes of the chat rooms? What can you expect to discuss? Can you find any hookup? Well, as soon as you used your chatib login members field, and joined the system, you can have access to all the users in the site’s database. What is more, you have access to all the chat rooms. The following categories of the chat rooms are available at the moment,

  • 50+ Chat Room
  • College Chat Room
  • Dating Chat Room
  • Mobile Chat Room
  • Music Chat Room
  • Philosophy Chat Room
  • Politics Chat Room
  • Religion Chat Room
  • Singles Chat Room
  • Sports Chat Room
  • This Crush English
  • This Crush Italy
  • This Crush Spain

Chatib chatIn addition to this, there are the special chat rooms devoted to the games located on the website, and they are comprised of the following,

  • Apples Chat Room
  • Gummy Blocks Chat Room
  • Katana Fruits Chat Room
  • Master Checkers Chat Room
  • Reversi Chat Room
  • Tic Tac Toe Chat Room

When you join a certain chat room, you will have a chance to see the following data,

  • the number of users online in this peculiar chat room;
  • the theme of the chat room;
  • the users’ messages;
  • the users’ nicknames;
  • the users’ country and age.

So, you’d be much difficult to get bored when using the website. Hence, we believe you should try it at least once.

Do you think there are no other tools to take a look at? Well, you’re a bit wrong! You will have a chance to see some more tabs, namely,

  • Chat Rooms—to pick up one of the thematic chat rooms to use;
  • FAQ—to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions;
  • Privacy Policy—to be aware of how your personal data are stored;
  • Cookie Policy—to know what information is collected via cookies;
  • Terms of Service—to get informed about all the possible rules of chatting;
  • Safety—to find out how you can get more protected when using the website;
  • Contact—a special field to get in touch with the support team of the site in case if you have any concerns related to the work of the service.

Hence, the website is well-equipped with everything to know about the service. Hence, there is no need to worry for now. We’ll show you even more about the service, so that you will have so much at your disposal! It is turn to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the website, right? Take a look!

Pros and Cons

Yeah, it’s almost the core of the review, and you’ll be able to compare all strong and weak points about Chatib! Let’s traditionally begin with the advantages and benefits, which you are going to have right after you sign in,

  • the free Chatib nature is one of the strongest benefits you’re going to have when you join the chat platform;
  • there numerous users of Chatib US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Asia, Europe, and so on, that is the chat is available all over the planet;
  • it is not a must to register and have the Chat ib login;
  • the themes of the chat rooms are numerous and mostly interesting;
  • there are all the possible ages to get acquainted (starting with the users aged at least 18 y.o.);
  • there are no ads which would irritate when you navigate the website;
  • there is a principle of geolocation identification (that is if you chat ib US, then, your city and state will be showed to the users).

Gorgeous, indeed! What about the cons? Are there any? Unfortunately, yes. Let’s approach them now,

  • regardless of the fact that the site claims to have chatib app, you’d hardly be able to pick it from either Google Play or App Store;
  • being absolutely free Chat ib rooms, they don’t possess too many users at the same time: the number of online participants at different time can vary from 90 up to 200;
  • you can have only straight relations (that is no homosexual and lesbian ties are supported), so you’d better use Taimi (for gay men) or Pink Sofa (for lesbian girls).

That’s all. What do you think of the cons? Would they be able to ruin your positive attitude? Of course,we’d be eager to know that no, they don’t; however, this is—as it is always—the matter of your choice, purely your choice! Maybe to make it simpler, we’d consider some of the supplementary features, which could be referred as either pros or cons? Keep on reading to find out more and more!


Chatib is one of the most interesting web locations from the point of view of the security. Along with the Terms of Use, as we told you already, they have a special tab of Security. One of the most appealing phrases in the Security tab is as follows, “Do not meet anyone in person who you have met online from Chatib. You might think you’ve met someone who is completely trustworthy, but you can’t be positive they are who they say they are. Always alert your parents before making decisions about meeting people from the internet and be sure they come with you and that it is in a public setting. Don’t let yourself be lured by senseless promises such as a model agent wanting to make you a model or promises of money, gifts, and the like as a reward for photos or a meeting. Use a nickname online that doesn’t include your real name and isn’t aimed to attract sexual attention.”

Well, this is so kind of the site to warn you; however, we would not agree that fast to these claims. When meeting people in real life—people, who you encountered on Chatib—you can be just more than always protected. Why? How? Just find out about the person everything you can including the links to the social networks, as they can tell you much about the owner. Then only, you can agree to have a date.

One more aspect, which was quite weird to read is that the “Terms together with the Privacy Policy and the use of this website will be governed in accordance with the laws in Tel Aviv, Israel.” Why? The site is registered in the USA, functions all over the world, and undergoes the laws of Israel only? This is not correct. What do you think?

Quality of Tools

In spite of having not that many tools, Chatib can really surprise with the uttermost number of features, which can be found on such sites like OkCupid, Zoosk, and Fubar. We are talking about the games. So, what is their quality, of the tools?

  • being quite an interactive platform, the chat system is greatly evolved;
  • the games tab is comprised of numerous games to have more and more fun;
  • the process of registration is as easy as anything in the world;
  • the customer support is easy to reach, and they are quite responsive.

So, we have no doubts as for the quality of tools. We’re sure you will enjoy them to the maximum extent ever! Anyway, we are to move on, and it’s turn to consider the way how you can delete your profile with Chatib in case if you don’t need to the website anymore. You’ll see it’s easy and it would never take much time from you!

How To Delete Chatib Profile?

Of course, if you did not register, there is no need to delete anything. But if you decided to register a profile, and them, if you want to quit it, you will need to do the following,

  • you have to log in your profile;
  • in the upper right-hand corner you’ll find My Profile tab;
  • tap it;
  • choose Edit Profile;
  • scroll down and find the line to delete your profile;
  • confirm your action; and
  • that’s over!

At the end, you’ll be notified to your email inbox that you’ve succeeded to delete your Chatib profile! So, as we told you, that’s not complicated. However, we have some more facts left to show you! It is the turn of quality of profiles. Will they serve as another advantage? Let’s check it out!

Quality of Profiles

Well, because of the fact that there are two options to join the chats, it can be complicated to consider the quality of the profiles. In any case, we have a tiny lifehack on how to do it perfectly! So, let’s see what we have found out from the CHatib dating chat platform,

  • the users who are in the chat with registration are marked with a special sign—a small yellow key next to the flag of their country;
  • the profiles are not to be filled out to the uttermost extent—just basic data about yourself;
  • in fact, it is possible to state that one can stay anonymous;
  • there is no ability to upload or update the profile photo;
  • the profiles are mostly credible, since not many data are needed to be filled in.

Actually, when we prepare any review, we are engaged in communication with the other members to find out if they are real. When chatting with them, it becomes evident if the user is real or just another bot. Lucky we are, since we have not encountered any bots at all! The chats are alive and active, so there is no doubt that the users are real people. So, you can count for the fakeless communication!

Final Thoughts

Actually, we always finish our reviews with some alternative sites. In this case it should have been sites like Chatib, but we thought well twice and decided that there is no point in suggesting any other opportunities. Of course, we could have said that you can visit Ulust or Uberhorny, but you’ll not have the same cool experiences. Why? Just because Chatib is absolutely free—similarly to ChatStep and CollarSpace. Of course, their specifics is quite different, and you can distinguish between them.

What is more, we know that some of our readers use Chatib, and they asked us to review the website. We’ve done it, and now it’s your turn to share your feedback with us: what you think of the review, what you know about chatib, what are your impressions, and if you would recommend the site to our readers. So, we’re expecting you to give us even more truth! Leave your comments, and we’ll go through them to modify (if necessary) our review! For more details, feel welcome to visit our FAQ section to find out about some supplementary questions, which you might have after you’ve finished reading the review given!

FAQ about Chatib

In fact, neither website can grant you the utter accuracy of the data. However, “Chatib takes reasonable efforts to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is displayed on all pages of its Website. Our Content on this Website has been prepared with reasonable care, and is believed by Chatib to be true as on date of preparation of this Website, or the date of subsequent updates. However, we make no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of Our Content made available on this Website. There may be technical inaccuracies, or other errors in Our Content uploaded, including typographical errors. Chatib shall not be liable for any incidental, direct or indirect losses or damages arising to you or any other third party from use of Our Content on this Website.”

The users are ordinary people who seek communication and adult fun. You can get in touch with any user from any place, as the site supports the signup of the users from all over the world. Thus, you’ll have no boundaries in your communication. However, if you are in search of the dates and hookup, you’d be advised to chat with the locals only, who are most suitable for you and your purposes. When entering any chat, you will see not only the nickname of the use but also their geolocation at the moment. Thus, the search is even easier than if it were completed via the search engine.

In fact, currently Chatib has run a brand-new department to monitor the safety of the users. Thus, at the moment, all the concern of the safety online are handled by Chatib Development Team and Administration. So, you can get in touch with via using the contact form in the Contact tab in the lower right-hand corner of the website. The response is usually provided within 15 minutes; however, they inform you that the approximate time to give you an answer is 24 hours.

Games as well as everything on Chatib are absolutely free of cost. So, it means that you don’t have to pay for anything. No fees are required from the users. What is more, when playing the games, you can see the other users playing the game at the same time with you, so you can discuss the strategies in the special chat devoted to a particular game. Fun!

No, you don’t, since every tool and every feature of the website are absolutely free. You can use the website to the extent you need with no obstacles or limitations at all! So, be sure to grab all the opportunities given to you exclusively, and you’ll find the website more and more useful and funny! That’s really a good alternative to the paid platforms for adult dating and hookup! So, there is no time to waste, just go and join the site to have everything at once!