About Chatiw

Instant chats built in the social networks like CooMeet or Fubar and numerous hookup sites are already not that new and may get the users bored. The newest trend on the best adult dating websites is the chats (not very similar to the live sex web cam chats), which don’t require even registration! Sounds cool, right? If you remember, we wrote a nice iSexyChat review, and there you could find the same system of a chat like Chatiw: a site for chatting with no registration required. So, Chatiw is another cool place to do the same. Our task is to investigate everything about the site and show you our experiences, and you, of course, would be able to judge if you would use it or not!

As we already accustomed to, we would begin with the legality of the website, that is we have to check if the website is really properly registered and has all the legal information at our disposal. Heh, this is what HookupGeek has found out,

  • the website is registered by Name.com LLC;
  • the country of registration is Montenegro;
  • the site functions in the USA, Canada, and EU;
  • Chatiw was created in 2010;
  • the expiry date of the web platform is March 2020;
  • the email of the site is support@chatiw.com;
  • the Chatiw app is designed by Chatiw.

As you can see, this information list is not filled out to the fullest extent, since we did not succeed to find any information about the address of the registration and the phone number to contact the administration, which is quite a thing to be double checked. In other words, this can be one of the proofs of scam. However, we are not ready now to give you our exact verdict. Read on for now!

Chatiw accountWe’d love to focus on some unique features of the site, so that you would be able to assess them when you first use it. These features are as follows,

  • there is no need to sign up (as it is with any regular one night stand hook up app), as you can visit the chats every time with a new nickname;
  • there is no email confirmation, so you can be sure that no one would spam you;
  • you can use either free chats or the ones available for the premium (VIP) users if the payment is provided;
  • there is no phone number verification process;
  • the chats you are given access to are based on your geolocation;
  • both chat iw website and Chatiw app are easy to use with no extra complicated stuff with meaningless names to guess;
  • regardless of the time of your membership, you have to follow the rules of chatting in order not to get Chatiw ban.

Chatiw registrationHence, all these features seem to simplify the process of communication, as you can rapidly find someone to exchange the phone numbers and carry on communication in more private atmosphere.

There are some gorgeous tools to admire when using either Chatiw com website or Chatiw mobile app. These are comprised of the following,

  • the site and app are both equipped with the marvelous blog, which would let find so many cool ideas on how to chat, on what the main issues not to encounter, and on how to successfully communicate;
  • the specially designed section of Safety Tips right in the end of the page will let you know how to avoid any unpleasant cases related to the online and offline communication with the other chat users;
  • you can also admire the tool of chat history, which is a record of all of your chats you had in the past;
  • you can follow the website in the social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

As you may notice, these features are necessary but they are not primary. The primary one is the chat itself, so that you cannot waste your time for the unnecessary stuff. Actually, this is quite a reasonable approach to chats, since the users’ main intentions are to hook up!

To simplify the communication and working interface, Chatiw chatting resource is available in the following languages and also, now we’d want to share some stats related to the percentage of users in terms of the nationalities. By the way, the overall number of users of Chatiw free online resource has already exceeded the rate of 2M (while the number of downloads of the app is 100K+), and neither of the Chatiw reviews contains these data.

English 40%
Russian 5%
Spanish 15%
German 20%
French 10%
Arabic 5%
Italian 5%

What does it mean? Just imagine that these are the most frequently spoken and the most widespread languages, so just think of the number of users! Really gorgeous! In any case, we have to discuss some other points related to the work of the site, so be sure to carry on reading to find out the most important things!


So, as you know now, the matter of price is also important when it comes to Chatiw online service. Why? Just because there two essential modes to use with the site,

  • absolutely free mode with the limited features; and
  • paid VIP mode with no limitations at all.

In this section, it would be logical to consider the paid mode, so that you would know the paid features and the costs. It’d be easier to decide if you need the VIP membership or not.

Before we’ll show you the prices, we would be eager to draw your attention to the following stuff,

  • if you decide on running a VIP profile, you will need to use the special button for logging in, so it means that the registration with the site and app is possible only if you are a VIP user;
  • the payment options at your disposal are not that numerous: PayPal and credit/debit cards, which are processed via PayPal with no need to register a PayPal account;
  • the service ensures the lifelong membership option.

So, what are the costs for the VIP membership with Chatiw?

  • 1 month membership costs just ridiculous $4.95;
  • 6 months package would be priced at $25.95, that is just $4.33 a month paid by one bill—including the savings of 10% off the monthly price;
  • 12 months membership is just $49.95, wherein 1 month’s price is $4.16—including the savings of 15% off the monthly price; and, finally,
  • the lifelong VIP membership with Chatiw is $99.95.

Hence, we can really claim that the pricing is nice and much affordable!

Chatiw siteNow on, it’d be suitable to consider what kind of traits you would receive if you run a paid VIP profile with Chatiw! So, the benefits of using VIP Chatiw are as follows,

  • exclusive support team’s help in the most instant manner;
  • you will have a function of sending your contact data to the other users when chatting;
  • you will have no ads to be exposed to when you use the site or app;
  • there will be a chance to have your nickname reserved so that you will use it to constantly log in.

So, these features may seem to be nice as for a VIP member, so if needed, you can always try your VIP membership, since the price is quite affordable.

Pros and Cons

After we have reviewed the pricing for Chatiw, we can fairly move to the pros and cons comparison as for the website for chatting. If you were reading the previous part of the text precisely, you would surely noticed some of the advantages of using Chatiw. However, our task here is to provide you with even more details.

Let’s first consider the nicest positive traits of the chat service, which are, by the way, quite numerous,

  • the diversity of the Chatiw free features is great and they do not create any negative impression;
  • the prices for the VIP package of additional features is affordable and appealing;
  • there are millions of users almost all around the world;
  • easy to use interface would never interrupt your communication;
  • no need for the registration if you run in a free mode;
  • support of the geolocation principle to pick up the users to chat with;
  • multilingual approach would simplify the usage of the service;
  • absolute safety of payments with no third parties and private details disclosure;
  • ability to pay with both credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Woohoo! We’ve done it! Putting a tick, lol! You must admit that this is quite a nice place to chat and find a couple to have the best hookup practices ever, right? Now, let’s find out if you can encounter any cons? How are these cons meaningful? Are they possible to ruin your most positive attitude towards the website? HookupGeek knows it all, and is all ready to share these data with you! Hence, the list of cons would be as follows,

  • as for a 2019 web service, the site could have the ability to send videos;
  • the feature of video calls would also be another cool tool;
  • some ads in the free mode are annoying.

That’s it! As you can compare, there are so many gorgeous sides of Chatiw and some just tiny drawbacks, which may never even disturb you. So, this is your right to analyze and judge what is good and how it can be improved. As for us, we’re happy to know that this website is equipped with so many advantages! By the way, it’d be a nice time to take a look at some more details as for pros and cons, including the quality of profiles and tools, and the security and measures for free Chat iw users and for the VIP ones.


One of the aspects, which HookupGeek treats with the uttermost attention, is security because one should be protected when using the websites for acquaintances, dating, and hookup. What is more, we need to know if the site is governed by the legal regulations and if the Terms of Use are able to provide you with security measures and some guarantees.

So, let’s shortly have a look at everything we noticed with Chatiw, and you will have more criteria to decide if you like the service or not,

  • because of being registered in the EU, Chatiw undergoes mainly the European laws and regulations, namely Art. 13/14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), EU – U.S. and Swiss – U.S. Privacy Shield, European data protection law, Personal Data protection standards, and European Commission’s regulations;
  • the Privacy policies by Chatiw state that some of the data of the users can be transmitted to the third parties like mail deliverers, including MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC.), Mailgun (Mailgun, Inc.), OneSignal (Lilomi, Inc.), as Chatiw can send you the email notifications on some actions in your profile;
  • the users data which is transmitted to the third parties by Chatiw are comprised of cookies, email address, geographic position, language, unique device identifiers for advertising (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example), Usage Data and various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service.

Well, is Chatiw safe? We are convinced that the answer is yes! Hence, it is evident that all the rules of personal data storage are followed properly. Therefore, we do refer security of Chatiw to the greatest advantage of the service!

Quality of Tools

As you may know, the sites like Chatiw are not supposed to provide the users with the innumerable tools or some exclusive or unique features, as, say, Badoo or Happn designed. This is because the two latter ones are not only chat location but featured social networks. In any case, there are some tools to analyze, and we are ready to commence!

  • the free Chatiw users experience less features and tools, but still all of them, the tools, are nice, and do not cause any annoying impression;
  • the process of registration is easy and does not require the users to provide many details (the VIP membership is meant);
  • the process of search is simple but is still efficient;
  • the messages are instant, and thus, it’ll not take much time to send and receive them;
  • the users are notified when their message is read;
  • the support team works as fast as possible with the free mode users, and it is extremely instant with the VIP members.

So, no doubts can emerge: Chatiw surprises by its cool tools and their quality, so that we have no other options but to state that the quality of tools on Chatiw is also a great advantage to use and abuse!

How To Delete Chatiw Profile?

ChatiwIf you’re tired of Chatiw or if you have found everything you’d been looking for before you joined the website, you may want to try some of the Chatiw alternative sites. However, as you also should know, when you quit your membership with any dating or hookup site, you have to delete your profile, since this is only your responsibility and additional protection measure.

When it comes to Chatiw, the matter of deletion of profiles is quite ambiguous. It means that if you have a free mode of using the app or the site, you don’t need to cancel anything. You just need to delete the app from your mobile device. Nevertheless, if you have your VIP membership with Chatiw, you do surely have to take care of your profile, and have it deleted. This is what you have to do with it to delete your Chatiw profile,

  • you should use your VIP Login field to sign in your profile;
  • find the settings tab and tap it;
  • scroll down to the very bottom of the page;
  • find the line of deleting your profile from the database of the service;
  • press that button and confirm your action.

After you did it, an email notification would be received in your email inbox saying that your profile has been successfully deleted from the database of Chatiw. That’s it. No disturbing actions at all.

Quality of Profiles

One more aspect is quality of profiles, which you would encounter with this service. Of course, if the free mode is meant, there are no profiles, and there is no point in discussing it. However, the VIP members are supposed to fill out their profiles. So, what are they characterized with?

  • as a rule, the VIP members don’t show their photos in the profiles, so you’ll need to ask them to send you the pics of theirs;
  • the profiles are not much informative, so you’ll need to ask some of the questions in chats;
  • there are no bots;
  • there are no computer-based and communication-related profiles that would be fake.

Hm, there is some kind of ambiguous opinion about the quality of profiles. On the one hand, they are nice, and on the other hand, they are not suffice… Decide it by yourself, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

Final Thoughts

In search of the best hookup opportunities, HookupGeek has completed the Chatiw review, and you know what? In fact, there are some points, which would not seem to be pleasant, like the absence of the profiles in their regular meaning or no video communication at all. However, there are a plenty of the cool tools and features, which would surely delight everyone.

The best feature is that you can use the site for free with almost the same features as the VIP membership. In any case, the free mode does not impact the quality of communication. So, HookupGeek does recommend you using the website, as you will surely find something really exciting for you! Finally, don’t forget to share your experiences with us by using the reviews and feedback field. We are always happy to read your messages, as they would help our numerous readers to make up their decision as for the site!

FAQ about Chatiw

There is no function to modify this field, as it is recognized in an automatic manner. It means that the site uses the geolocation principle, and based on which country you’re in now, the site points the geolocation in your profile.

In case of rude behavior or any other unpleasant situation, you’re to direct your insights to the support team by using the special form in your profile. Also, you can block the users, who, you believe, don’t coincide with you and behave improperly.

There are two main ways to get unbanned with Chatiw. The first is to await 48 hours to start using the site anew. The second option is to run a VIP profile, since the VIP users get unbanned much faster, just within a couple of minutes.

You are not prohibited to, since the content you share is your privacy. However, some users can believe that this type of content is explicit, and you can get banned. So, be a responsible user.

Due to the fact that the escort services are acclaimed to be somehow illegal, no one is allowed to publish any ads or suggest any services of this nature. So, Chatiw does not tolerate this violation of the Terms of Use. Be sure to be aimed at the real ties.