About ChatStep

Regardless of the fact that the Internet is overloaded with the innumerable paid live stream sex platforms, dating apps and hookup sites, we are sure that our readers would be happy to read about the chat adult dating services, which work absolutely for free, like, say, iSexyChat or CollarSpace. We will show you how they work, what their essence is, what you can expect them to bring you, and, finally, if you should be aware of scam on them. As you can know, there are so many fans of social network dating sites like Fubar or CooMeet; there are the users who adore some hornier web locations like WellHello or Ashley Madison; and finally, there are those, who can’t live without minimalist approach to dating and hookup and use the chats only to avoid all the complicated things,listed on the sites and apps.

Yes, this is all about ChatStep! So, what you should expect from this review, is as follows,

  • we’ll traditionally give you general idea on what ChatStep is;
  • we’ll definitely provide you with all legal information related to the website;
  • by comparing pros and cons, we’ll show you the way the site is built and what you should expect from it;
  • having concerned the security measures, we’ll let you know if it safe to use it;
  • we’ll uncover all the most interesting ChatStep rooms list;
  • we’ll surely reveal some nice ChatStep alternative sites and apps for your convenience; and, finally,
  • we’d share our insights as for the quality of tools and profiles, so that you could have the overall idea on what ChatStep is like and if you should really join it.

Hm, we forgot to say that one of the questions is “what is ChatStep”, and we have a response, of course! ChatStep is a cool free of price chat website, where you can take part either in the chat rooms or communicate with some users in the private messages. What is more, you’ll never have to pay for the service and… you’ll never get exposed to any ads to annoy you! Marvelous thing, right?

ChatStep screenshotTo be honest, this review is going to be quite a complicated one, as there are innumerable rumors as for the work of the one night stand free online offer given. Of course, it goes without saying that the main issue, which worries the users is what happened to ChatStep! And you know what? HookupGeek is aware of everything, and we’ll show you the truth for sure!

So, the main rumors related to ChatStep are focused on the idea that the site is out of work forever. Is this so? What are the other assumptions? Some other points are the following,

  • some of the users found the data that there was a ChatStep arrest, and all the databases of the site were deleted (of course, if this is possible to arrest a website);
  • there are some facts that there was a conflict in the format ChatStep police, and because of this, the website stopped its work;
  • also, there are some rumors saying that ChatStep is a law enforcement guide, so that when you sign up, police can control you; finally,
  • because of all these rumors the ChatStep index of popularity has lowered insignificantly.

In any case, we can reputably claim ChatStep does not cooperate with the police, since there is no point in it, as the site does not even presuppose any registration. What is more, all the other fake news about ChatStep are not credible sources, and can’t be classified as a reason to leave the site. Besides, HookupGeek will prove why you should not keep away from ChatStep but carry on using it!

Well, that’s actually a perfect time to move to the general information as for the legality of the site. Just take a look at what HookupGeek has found,

  • the ChatStep website was initially created back in 2012;
  • the last update of the site took place in 2018;
  • the expiry date of the work of ChatStep is 2021;
  • the company that registered the site is NameCheap Inc.;
  • the company owning the site is NameSilo, LLC;
  • the contact phone numbers are +1-661-310-21-07 and +1-347-871-77-26;
  • the location of the site is Croatia;
  • the official address ChatStep is assigned to is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, USA.

Hence, for now, it is evident that the website works properly, it has been registered in compliance with the current law, and the contact data corresponds to actual situation. Hence, this is a tiny—but significant—advantage, already!

In any case, let’s carry on! We have too much to tell you, and we hope it’ll be very useful for you!

So, we’ll tell you now how everything works on ChatStep, and you’ll see that the simplicity of the platform is really an advantage!

ChatStep log in

  • to begin using the site, you don’t need to sign up in it regular meaning—it’ll be enough just to make up a nickname and pick up a chat to participate in;
  • after you did it, you’ll be directed to the chat itself;
  • the chat is a made in the form of a chatroom, where you can communicate with all the users at the same time; however, there is a nice option to drop a private message to a particular user, who you find nice;
  • when using the chat you don’t have to upload any photos of yours (however, you can send them when chatting via a special button);
  • in the left-hand toolbar, there are the nicknames of all participants of the chat, so you can search them by using their nicknames and dropping them the private messages.

ChatStep chatHowever, that’s not over, and there are some interesting details about the site and its functioning. HookupGeek has collected them all for your convenience, and we’ll inform you on them right away,

  • in general, the purpose of the site is not only ordinary hookup or dating but some nice communication in the chatrooms;
  • since you don’t have to upload the picture of yours (and there is even no such a filed to do so), you can really count for the security;
  • there is no verification either of your phone number or email;
  • the users of the chat do not use any ads to promote (however, you should agree, they might have done that);
  • the site itself is not a platform for any ads—it means that you’ll never come across any ads at all (unbelievable!);
  • you can share any YouTube videos either with the chat room participants or in private messages to make more fun.

So, we’d say that this chat platform is quite a unique one, and it would be quite complicated to think of any other similar website to provide the users with so many gorgeous functions with no ads at all. At all. At all! Just cool, don’t you think so?

There are some more facts. Hope, you’re not tired, and want to keep on reading to find out everything on ChatStep and chat sites like ChatStep! You know, we’re always here to assist you and to guide you in the world of adult fun and entertainment!

We’d love to consider the Setting tab and what you can do with it when you use the ChatStep site,

  • you can customize the themes of the chat to make it either light or darker;
  • you can change the language of the interface (however, all chats are in English with the rarest exception), and the interface is accessible in any language of the world, which is quite a useful thing, right?;
  • you can also create and modify the ban list, and you’ll control the users who put the messages down to you;
  • you can categorize the messages you receive in order not to get confused with all the innumerable private chats, which you can take part in;
  • the messages tab will let you modify the other customizing tools like timestamps, use 24-hour timestamps, show emoticons, block new private messages, and show the autocomplete box;
  • you can modify the settings as for the notifications of the website, including join and part channel notifications, include join or part messages as activity, and mute sound notifications.

So, regardless of the fact that the website is free of cost, you can count for really cool approach to the users. It means that you can have access to all the possible functions to diversify your communication and even find the best partner(s) for dating and hooking up. Nevertheless, you have to follow certain rules in order to make your communication respectful and meaningful, namely,

  • don’t be rude to the other members (in case of offense, you can ban a particular user);
  • don’t share any sexually explicit content in the public chats (you can do that only in the private chats);
  • don’t spam the users, as it is strictly forbidden;
  • if you share any video files, you should take them from YouTube only, and it concerns the public chats only, not the private ones;
  • you’re strongly forbidden to share any contact or private data in the public chats, so do it just in the private chats only.

So, when following these easy rules, you will surely succeed in finding the best dates and hookup ever! Don’t forget to indicate where you are from to minimize the search! Why so? Just because the website is popular in such countries as,

  • Australia;
  • United States;
  • Canada;
  • India;
  • Europe;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Norway;
  • Germany;
  • Sweden; and
  • almost all European countries.

Thus, when you join the chats with the purpose of getting acquainted, you should bear in mind that all users can originate from different countries. So, if you want it all to be successful, it’s better to indicate where you are from.

There is also a special branch of the site which is focused on dating only, with no general topics or hookup. Hence, you should count for the following traits as for the dating chats,

  • you will see all the users who participate in the chat, with no limitations;
  • you can create the chats by uniting the users, who you prefer to chat separately from the public chat;
  • you will have the same features like changing your nickname, changing the topic of the chats (which you’ve made up);
  • you can share any content in the chats, which you created by yourself;
  • you can sign up for dating chats, and after that, you can use your login details in order to sign in.

ChatStepSo, there are innumerable opportunities with ChatStep, and you can easily become a part of this multinational chat platform, so that you’ll enjoy pleasant communication and dating! In any case, it’s time to move on, and we’ll show you all pros and cons of ChatStep, so that you will find out if you can encounter the same ones with the other ChatStep alternatives!

Pros and Cons

Well, after such a pretty long About section, you can already make some conclusions on what the advantages and drawbacks are. However, our task is to pronounce everything in the clearest manner, so that you would never encounter any misunderstanding. Yep, we know that even the tiniest misunderstanding as for dating can lead to the awful consequences. Thus, we would prefer to stay transparent and provide you with the greatest and the most detailed reviews ever!

All in all, we are moving to the advantages of the ChatStep chat platform, so you’ll have a chance to easier judge if you need this site for your private purposes or not. Thus, take a look at the advantages of ChatStep, which we have found out when testing the website and when chatting with the other users.

  • there are numerous ChatStep rooms to communicate and have fun including the chatrooms, which you can create on your own to limit the number of users;
  • you can have unlimited access to all the users and chat rooms;
  • the number of messages you get and receive is unlimited;
  • there are no (absolutely no) ads which would have ruined your positive impression;
  • neither of the users would expose you to spam;
  • in case if you encounter any offense or abuse, you can ban the users and report this issue to the admin of the chat given;
  • you can easily change everything related to your nickname and stay online with ChatStep;
  • regardless of the fact that there is no traditional search tool, you can seek the chats by using the hashtags like, say, #chat, #friends, #Germany, #UK, #India;
  • you can easily sign in with no extra time wasted;
  • there is a special ChatStep mobile version of the site to suit your mobile devices;
  • nice approach to systematizing the messages; and
  • you don’t have to spend much time and afford to ChatStep join room and commence chatting.

Huh, the list of pros is big, isn’t it? We do hope that you’re not tired and will carry on reading us! Yes, we did not expect by ourselves that there will be so many advantages! In any case, it’s in fact cool to understand that there free (!) and credible platforms.

Well, one more thing we would love to add up. If you read any other review on ChatStep, you would be able to encounter some unpleasant facts about this chat, which can include,

  • they can claim that ChatStep down but it is not, and we’ve just proven it to you;
  • some of the reviewers refer the site to the place, where all the maniacs are, and no one can have any fun at all;
  • different reviewers of the ChatStep site are sure that you’ll come across offenses and abuse only.

In any case, this all is not true, and you know it now. So, you can always try the site, as it does not cost you anything at all!

By the way, regardless of the fact that the site is characterized with the numerous pros, we have to take a look at the cons. Do you think they are present or absent? Heh, yes, there are some, and we’ll leave the right to judge if they are harsh right to you. So, take a glance at the short list of the drawbacks that you can encounter when joining and using the chat.

  • the website does not have any ChatStep app to install to your mobile device for the more convenient usage (however, there is a special mobile version, which you can access via any browser installed to your device);
  • there is no search tool, so you’ll not be able to seek the ChatStep boys or girls or whatever;
  • the design of the site is not that appealing as well as the design themes of the chat.

Well, you can judge it on your own, if you believe that these cons are serious or not for you. HookupGeek has a strong conviction that these drawbacks are not that serious, and won’t ever ruin your positive experiences with ChatStep.

What is more, we would love to show you the key features of the quality of profiles, quality of tools, and security. So, let’s consider these features to understand if they are pros or cons of this website. Carry on!


Well, security matter is interesting, when it comes to ChatStep. Why? Just have a look at this all,

  • you don’t provide any private data of yours to join the chat;
  • no one can force you to provide any photos of yours or any personal information;
  • the only threat to your security is if you on your own share your private data;
  • regardless of absence of the Terms of Use, the site is really nice from the point of view of security, as there is no need in Terms of Use at all.

Well, is ChatStep safe? Definitely yes! Why? Just because you are never exposed to any scam at all with this chat platform.

Quality of Tools

We’ll shortly let you know everything about the tools built in the site, so that one could have overall vision over the work of the chat platform. Due to the lack of the most frequently met tools like, say, search, you will not have to waste much time to get to understanding! So, what about the quality of the tools?

  • the system of messages is quite comfortable to manage;
  • the search of the chat rooms is easy because of the hashtags to use;
  • the settings of the privacy are nice and easy to use;
  • the tool to modify your nickname works efficiently.

You can see that there are no negative sides as for the security. The main and the most significant thing is that you don’t have to share any private data, and, thus, you can claim them to be secure to maximum! Why not abusing this chat platform, yay?

How To Delete ChatStep Profile?

One more advantage of the site is that you don’t have to delete your profile and cancel your membership, which is, as you may know, quite a time-consuming stuff and all. No kidding, yay! Just because you don’t create any account of yours, you don’t have to delete it, right? Logic! You may wonder how the nickname exists in the database of StepChat? Heh, that’s easy. Every time when you join the chats, your nickname can be different, and after you quit the website, it all disappears. So, no difficulties at all, yay?

Quality of Profiles

Another complicated task in this review, yes! To understand the quality of the profiles of ChatStep (as well as of some of the sites like ChatStep), it is necessary understand if there any profiles with ChatStep! Sounds really weird, right? Anyway, we have to tell you that there are no profiles to store in the database of ChatStep, as no one has to sign up with the website. What is more, in fact, the ‘profile’ of yours exists only by the time when you quit the site. Even if you quitted the site by mistake, you’ll not be able to recover, however, you’ll be able to use the same nick to get recognized.

Final Thoughts

Well, well, well… It’s been one of the most complicated reviews to compose to share with you, and we hope we’ve completed it successfully! If not, just let us know when sharing your feedback as for the review or as for the website we’ve been talking about here! Anyway, in this Final Thoughts section we would love to share some insights which we did not communicate directly in the previous parts of the current review.

So, the main thing, which delighted us to the biggest extent, is the fact that the chat is absolutely free of price and contains no ads at all. Also, the number of users is quite nice, and you will never get bored with the site. What is more, by making up the chat rooms, you’ll be able to discuss what you love to and who you would love it to with. In general, we have a pretty nice impression, and we’re sure that you’d like to try it out. Why not?

Finally, as always, we are always happy to read your comments and feedbacks as for the work of ChatStep. It is usually a pleasure to read it all to modify our reviews to make them more transparent and even more credible! You do know that our readers do enjoy that reading the reviews by us will give them what they need! So, become a part of this process, and don’t hesitate to contact as at any possible and suitable for your time. We’re always here for you! So, see you soon in the series of our next reviews to make your pleasure even more approaching and affordable! It’ll be like that, believe! In case if you feel like having any questions not responded, welcome to the FAQ section, wherein we would share some additional information to let you know even more and more about the work of the chat platform!

FAQ about ChatStep

You have no limits in using ChatStep, so you can take part in any chat rooms of your choice. Also, you can create your own chat rooms. What is more, when it comes to dating and public chats, you can change your nickname(s) as many times as needed or as many times as you want to. So, get deprived of any limits at all! It’s all possible with ChatStep!

This is very easy, in fact. Regardless of the fact that there is no option to upload a photo of yours to the profile, you can send your pics in the chats (both in private and public ones). Keep in mind that when you share your photos this is your responsibility and your threat to your security. What is more, you don’t have to send your naked or sexually explicit content in the public chats. This option is possible only in private messages. So, you can send your photo in the public chat and state your location (country and/or city). Thus, you’ll easily find the persons to date with.

Unfortunately, this is absolutely impossible. Why? Just because the site is based on the principle of ICQ chat, that is it is of quite an old school type. No charges are possible, as the site does not have any account to send money to. Also, the users of ChatStep are all equal with no exceptions, so you can really count for the equal treatment of all the users on the site. Enjoy!

In case if you have a case of offense, you should know that the site stands for the respectful communication only. It means that the administration of the site bans all the abusive users with no right to be back. This is what the site states about it, “ChatStep is a dating alternative is a strictly a free chatroom service platform. You are able to sign up anonymously or through a free or registered account. Free chat rooms are monitored by Chatstep chatbots staff for usage violation. Chatstep dating permanently bans abusive users from rooms. Chat guidelines are clearly stated when entering joining the room Many users are active in main or private chat room.” Hence, respect the other users and you’ll be respected, as well, in turn.

Because of the fact that the essence of the site is anonymous communication, anonymous dating, and anonymous hookup, there is no need to know who is who. As for the admins and moderators, they are just ordinary employees hired by the company owning ChatStep. The role of moderators is to ensure that the communication takes place in compliance with the rules (we indicated them in the review) and no one gives offenses to the other users as well as no one publishes any sexually explicit content in the public chats. Thus, moderators and admins perform this function. Therefore, every time when you decide on joining the chat platform, please, ensure, that you meet all the requirements and respect the other users and administration in order to successfully carry on communication, and it’ll be extremely fruitful!