Chatzy Informative Analysis

With the aim to replace global chatting services, Chatzy proposes a quick registration process, possibility to join public chat rooms, and access to some site features without registration. Along with this, it turns into the adult dating offer that will never let you feel exhausted!

It’s relatively easy to create an account with the use of one of several registration methods, offered by this Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft account. (However, it is not as easy as visiting some of the hookup bars in real life, like we did in so many US cities, for instance, New York or Los Angeles, Chicago or Austin, and so on.

Chatzy can also attract you with the possibility to start conversations in Chatzy rooms anonymously and for free. Do these features make you eager to create an account?

About Chatzy

Chatzy review should start from the impression of the first touch with it. Well, the interface is plain and easy to understand. But compared to other sites, it isn’t that much stylish. But this does not affect the appliance of Chatzy tools, right?

By using this site, you can find new people to talk to. How? Chatzy chat room list is immense, all chat rooms are created by Chatzy members. So you can join one of the popular Chatzy rooms, or you can create your own chat and invite friends there. Chat rooms within this platform may be private or public.

As you can guess, some of the features listed on Chatzy can be genuinely attributed to some similar websites and best hookup apps. Still, Chatzy is filled with adorable interesting features to use to arrange the hottest dates to remember.


What’s your opinion about these features? Which adult dating website or app resembles the same to you? As for us, we’d added some more categories for the search like Christian dating or sober dating, since it is a social network-based offer.

What Is Chatzy?

Chatzy is a service for communication with people that do not need any registration. You can join public chats without logging in. However, signing up for free gives you access to a larger list of features. For example, you will have a list of rooms you have joined, so you don’t need to save links.

You can also save changes, made to the visual profile of the rooms. Signing up, you also will be allowed to control a circle of people, who may send you invitations. The process is quick and easy, but after fulfilling it, you will have access to advanced features and can access chat rooms with verified users only.

Gender Ratio and Member Structure

It is quite hard to understand who communicates with you on the other side, but there is some analysis that can help us find out who the audience of Chatzy rooms is.

As it is shown in the first diagram, most part of the Chatzy audience are women. The number of female users is 51%. Men are not much less: just 44%. So, we can guess that anyone can find a couple. There are also people who want to hide their gender or do not identify themselves with either of the genders. We suppose these people are representatives of Chatzy lgbt.

Now on, let’s touch upon the gender and age group structures that you can encounter in more details, of course:

  • The percentage of male users aged 18–25 is 25%;
  • The number of female users aged 18–25 is 20%;
  • The quantity of male users aged 26–35 is 15%;
  • The percentage of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • The number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • The number of female users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • The quantity of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • The number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • The percentage of male users aged 46+ is 6%; and
  • The number of female users aged 46+ is 4%.


What is intricate is the age of people who interact on Chatzy. The bigger part of them is young individuals from 18 to 35. Only around 20% of all visitors are older than 35.


Herein, you should keep in mind that this kind of percentage may seem some vague, since there is a feature on the website not to locate your gender. In other words, you can not be sure about the gender of the person you’re communicating until you get acquainted with a person closer or until you ask for directly.

Chatzy was created in 2001 but has been operating since 19 September 2002. However, it is strictly confidential information, who was the founder of a platform. It is only said that it was two people, who were full-time occupied, but were inspired by sites like Chatzy decided to create virtual rooms for communication.

The registry expiry date of the domain is 19 September 2021. But mind that this date is not the actual date of the site’s operation quitting. The date specifies when the registrar’s sponsorship of the domain name will expire. This platform, including Chatzy mobile, will continue to operate.

Chatzy was created in Europe, probably in the capital of Romania.

Registration Process

The process of creating a new account is quick and deprived of any difficulties. Chatzy login is ready in two stages as entering and then verifying your email address. Or even one step: registering via your account in a social network.


Then just create some password and that’s it!

But we have some safeguard concerns. First of all, no one can see the profile information of the other user. There isn’t even a possibility to upload a photo. Therefore, identities in the site can easily be faked. But on the other hand, such restrictions allow you to stay anonymous.


One can interact with people on Chatzy by joining public chat rooms or private ones. There are different tools, offered by a platform that make your communication easier.

There is an option for silencing Newbies, ignoring visitors, and closing a chat temporarily. Each of these tools helps to control people’s sayings.

Due to a large number of users, there happens harassment in chats. But you can easily leave a chat that you don’t like.

In any case, in order to have the most suitable and pleasant interaction, you should always keep in mind that you are to know what you really want to have out of the communication. For instance, if you’re just into some chatting for no special purpose, you can just do that, but don’t count for any one-night stand site opportunities, since you didn’t mention it at all.

What’s more, if you truly need some more experiences or new sensations, you’d better locate it in your profile or clearly state it when you communicate with the other users. It is paramount, for the site is not only for adult hookup but also for making friends only.

Yes, it’d be also steeping, if one could be engaged in watching some live sex cams on the site not to sign up with the similar apps and platforms to grab the very this experience. In any case, we believe that you know what to do if you’re eager to see how the horny models break bad in front of their webcams!


Depending on the type of Premium subscription, you will pay a slightly different sum. For Premium User subscription you can choose a tariff for 3, 6, or 12 months. It will cost you 10, 15 or 24 dollars respectively. You also have a 3-day free trial.


Premium Room subscription is slightly pricier. Here you have 4 options: 10.9$ for 14 days, 16.9 $ for 1 month,39.90$ for 3 months, and 129$ for a year.

Payment options offered by Chatzy are credit card Visa or Mastercard and PayPal.

Free Features

Chatzy offers you some features without registration. Some additional ones you receive after Chatzy sign up. But yet all of these are free.

  • creating an account;
  • set up a quick chat;
  • make a virtual room;
  • join chat rooms of any theme;
  • maintain a list of the rooms that you have created;
  • write private texts to people in a chat room;
  • manage a list of created rooms;
  • save a register of chat rooms that you have entered;
  • use various emoji;
  • customize your personal profile;
  • use particular chat commands.

If you think that these are not enough tools for you, then you should pay attention to the paid features. Maybe, that’s what you are looking for.

Chatzy has two types of premium subscriptions. If you like to be a guest on lots of ‘parties’, to chat with different people and on various themes, you would better choose Premium User. What does this give you? Unlimited amount of rooms that you can enter: any theme, any owner, you can come in easily.

You also receive a possibility to send private messages to any person in any Chatzy chat rooms. And vice versa, you can receive private messages. The classic feature of all premium subscriptions: no ads. Chatzy offers HTTPS privacy and a low monthly payment.

The second option is Premium Room. It is for managers of chat rooms. It has some similar features to the first option, as no advertisement and the possibility of sending private messages between members. You will receive a full history of the chat room and promote your room on other sites. However, with this type, you will not have such preferences in other chat rooms, except for one Chatzy premium room.


Pros And Cons

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to this site. We gathered them, so you can find out what is more weighty to you.


When it comes to the advantages and benefits of any adult dating offer, we tend to compare the number (and the quality) of the pros and cons. If the number of the latter is prevailing, there is nothing to speak about. So, let’s what’s more prevailing, pros or cons?

You know Chatzy is so fabulous because it possesses so many nice features and sides. Some of them are as follows:

  • Different methods of signup
  • A couple of features are accessible without registration
  • Signing up is free of charge
  • Chat commands are available, what makes conversations more vivid
  • Chatzy has its own emoji library
  • Big list of chat rooms
  • You may remain anonymous.

The latter one is still ambiguous, since one can consider anonymity as an advantage, while in some cases it can also be a drawback, since one cannot be sure who they’re communicating with.

What do you think of this aspect? Where would you categorize it?


As for the cons, we’ve managed to find four essential and prominent points to share with you. They’re as follows:

  • Searching for chats isn’t an easy process
  • Members cannot see profile information of each other
  • There is not a possibility to upload a profile photo
  • It is not hard to fake someone’s personality.

Hence, we’re actually confused, if you can truly succeed with the Chatzy adult dating offer. What are your thoughts about it?

Quality Of Profiles

The quality of personal pages isn’t high enough. Actually, it is almost impossible to identify who you are talking to. We say that because there are no photos on a profile page. Not because people do not upload them, the reason is that there isn’t such a possibility.

You can’t even read some information about your pen friend. Maybe you noticed that Chatzy didn’t ask you to fill in your interests, character, and other personal information.

So the only thing that you know about other people is their name. Which can also be faked.


Quality Of Tools

Chatzy offers a wide range of tools that help to communicate with the other users or to control sayings that may be offensive.

  • visitor status: makes people understand whether you’re online or away;
  • private messages: are just private messages;
  • locally saved messages: list of messages that you receive from all joined chats;
  • global messages: private messages that are sent to every member of a room;
  • room board: brief text that describes the theme of a room;
  • preview mode: is only for admins and moderators to follow conversations silently;
  • closing a chat temporarily: during this time no one can write a message in a chat;
  • silence newbies: premium rooms automatically silence people, who joined a chat for the first time without invitation. In regular rooms, silenced may be unregistered members and new members;
  • ignore visitors: you won’t be able to interact with a certain identity not in chat, nor in private messages.


As you almost don’t enter any personal information, you don’t have reasons to worry. No information–no preoccupation.

Chatzy can be named a rather secure platform, as it doesn’t require the installation of third programs to your computer. So there is less chance that your laptop will be under attack of viruses or hackers. At least, they won’t reach you via Chatzy.

However, there are some security concerns related to the accessibility of unauthorized persons to any public chat. The platform tries to struggle with harassment in chats.

How to Delete Profile

To delete your account, you only have to click Log out. The pop-up window will suggest permanently delete device settings.


Final Thoughts

Actually, as everything in this world, Chatzy has its pros and cons. The main of them were listed above.

This is not a specialized site for adult dating: people here gather to discuss anything. Of course, you can find here chat rooms with every topic you can only think of. In case you are a pioneer, and there isn’t any topic on the theme that interests you, it is possible to create your own chat room for free.

Also bear in mind that anyone can join your chat, or you can join any chat.

We suppose that Chatzy is most likely to be a reliable platform. Everything depends on your aims of spending your time there. If you want to talk to people on various themes – this is the right place. In case you only want to find someone to date – Chatzy is not the best idea, because very few people come here with this target.

FAQ about Chatzy

Chatzy was designed for easy communication between groups of people. Now there are public chat rooms which anyone can join and private ones. The last you can join only after the invitation.

Chatzy rooms are available in every browser, you don't have to install additional programs on your computer. So we assume it to be rather safe.

Unfortunately, there is not any possibility to see your counterpart in Chatzy.

You can choose between the Premium User and Premium Room. The difference is that the first applies to all the rooms, which Premium User visits, and the last gives premium status for all the visitors of a certain room.

No, but there is an adapted mobile version of the platform for phones.