Coffee Meets Bagel (don’t have it confused with bagel meets coffee) is a brand-new word in the field of the adult dating. Why? Woohoo, there are many unique features, there are many nice approaches to the pastimes with the app, and, finally, and what is more and more important, there are cool chances to date the person who you will create the best relations with and who you make love to! So, HookupGeek will let you see how Coffee Meets Bagel is different from the other adult sex site platforms and the best free one night stand websites. What is more, by reading this present Coffee Meets Bagel review, you will see that, on the one hand, the apk has some similar features with Tinder and Zoosk, whilst, on the other hand, it is an absolutely unique approach to dating in general!

As traditionally we approach with issue in each of the reviews by HookupGeek, we would love to pay some attention to the overall information about the service, the way it was registered and all. Thus, let’s have some general data covered first,

  • the date of the Coffee Meets Bagel dating sites creation is 2011;
  • the last update of the website took place in 2019;
  • the expiry date of the website is 2019;
  • the registration company of the site is, LLC;
  • the address, which the website is registered with is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, 85260, Arizona, US;
  • the officially assigned phone number is +1-480-624-25-99;
  • the Terms of Service were updated February 19, 2019 the last time.

For now, it is evident that the company does not hide much information, and it go at your disposal at any time. By the way, the similar situation is with the sites and apps like FirstMet and Badoo; nevertheless, CMB is much different and resembles the well-known Happn and OkCupid to a certain extent. In any case, we gotta carry on writing our review about Coffee Meets Bagel and show you more and more!

Coffee Meets Bagel

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Let’s now see the main stats related to the app and to the website per se,

  • currently, CMB app has a database of about 15 million people;
  • the average number of users from the US is more than 12,000,000;
  • there are more than 500K new users on the monthly basis;
  • the proportion of men on the app in compliance with the preliminary estimates is 65%;
  • the proportion of the female users is 35%;
  • the average age of the male users is between 21 and 37 years old;
  • the average age of the female users is between 19 and 33 years old;
  • about 45% of the users from Hong Kong have been using the CMB app for more than a year.

By the way, HookGeek has some more tasty details about the dating apk at our disposal, and we are going to generously share them all with you! Right away! Yep! What about the app and website per se and their history?

  • in compliance with the Coffee Meets Bagel wiki page, the dating service in question was founded in April 17, 2012;
  • the Coffee Meets Bagel founders are Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang, who are the sisters;
  • the co-founder of the service is Peng T. Ong;
  • the initial investors of the dating service are DCM Ventures and Atami Capital;
  • the Coffee Meets Bagel net worth is $2.9 billion as of the end of 2018, in accordance with the data by Forbes;
  • the overall Coffee Meets Bagel worth was estimated at $10 billion in 2014, whilst the Coffee Meets Bagel revenue as of 2019 has already reached the index of $30 billion;
  • the platform is positioned as dating and social networking service; and, finally,
  • because of the hackers attack in February 2019, it is estimated that 6,174,513 accounts were affected.

Coffee Meets BagelHence, it is now evident that the numerous Coffee Meets Bagel reviews do not possess any of this information! Hah! Well, how else would they be able to grab that info if only HookupGeek has some quite intricate and nice sources for it?

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Moving on, right? What are the key features of the Coffee Meets Bagel dating websites? No, no way, we are not to analyze now how does Coffee Meets Bagel work, but what it can provide you, our honorable and beloved reader! Thus, just take a look at the following,

  • the CMB website serves as business card for the app for dating;
  • the main sections of website are comprised of the following, Home, Jobs (Welcome, Open Positions, Locations), Blog, Help Center, Contact, Press, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy);
  • In the Blog section you can read numerous pieces of advice on dating and general tips on how to arrange the dates;
  • The Blog section of CMB is comprised of the numerous subsections, including Boston, Chicago, CMB 101, CMB Experiences, CMB Says, CMB Updates, Date Ideas, Date Stats, Date Stories, Date Tips, Dating for Men, Dating in LA, Dating in NYC, Dating in SF, DC, For Her, For Him, From the founders, Funny & Videos, Home, LA LGBT, Dating list moments, News NYC, Product, SF, Stats, Stories, Tips, Tips on CMB, and Uncategorized;
  • the Press section will allow you contact the website for the inquiries related with brand assets, partnership, and press per se;
  • the Contact section is to get in touch with either the support team of the app or with the administration;
  • the Jobs tab contains all the possible current vacancies with the website, and now, this number is more than 10.

So, what is our first and preliminary impression? Well, we are glad that the founders of the Coffee Meets Bagel dating apps do not hide much information, and that’s another advantage. However, we believe that if you have been tired of such improper dating services like Instant Fuckbook or SnapCougar, you would surely be eager to utilize the app by CMB!

Prices of Coffee Meets Bagel Dating Service

So, what do you have to pay for the usage of the dating app? Let’s have it all considered in order to better understand if the app can suit all of your purposes and how it goes in consistency with your financial situation! Hene, there are two tariffs to pay off for,

  • premium membership; and
  • Coffee Meet Bagel beans (the so-called currency used in the in-app format).

First of all, how much do you pay for the premium subscription to the services by CMB? Yep, HookupGeek knows it and is ready to share it all with you,

  • in case if you want to have just 1 month of the premium membership with Coffee Meet Bagel hookup and dating services, it will cost you just $ 34.99;
  • the 3 months of the premium membership with Coffee Meet Bagel will go for $74.99, wherein the price of the month is $25.00;
  • the 6 months period of the premium membership with Coffee Meet Bagel service for dating will be priced at $119.99, with the $20.00 cost per month within this tariff; and
  • the 12 months (annual subscription) of the premium membership with Coffee Meet Bagel app is for $179.99, and the price of one month in this case is $15.00.

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What else do you have to know about the pricing for the premium membership of CMB? Yep, there are some features in this case, which you should always bear in mind in order not to have any issues,

  • in case of the 3 months subscription to the Coffee Meets Bagel premium service, you will have a chance to save up $30, which is about 30% of the sum in comparison with the 1 month membership;
  • in case of the 6 months subscription to the Coffee Meets Bagel premium service, you will have a chance to save up $70, which is about 40% of savings; and, finally,
  • if you order the annual subscription, the cost of the month is about 55% lower within the package than the cost of one month if the monthly premium membership is meant;
  • if you order either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of subscription to the Coffee Meets Bagel premium service, you admit that the cost of the package will be billed as one transaction for all the months at once;
  • in compliance with the official policies of the website and app, the CMB Premium subscription-based prices can and do vary being based on country and length of subscription; and, finally,
  • there is a function of the Coffee Meets Bagel premium service subscription auto-renewal, so be careful with it.

In any case, these conditions are not that bad, and—what is more important—is that you will have a chance to pay lower costs! That’s a super great approach, which is not always encountered with the other dating services.

Well, alright, we need to proceed, and the turn goes to the so-called Beans, which are the specially designed currency for the app users (irrespectively of iOs or Android operating systems). So, in order to have the Beans to charge your account, you will need to purchase them, as well. Thus, the pricing for the bundles of the Coffee Meets Bagel premium Beans are as follows,

  • the package of 100 Credits (Beans) will go for 1.99, wherein the cost per one Bean is $0.02;
  • the package of 2,000 Credits (Beans) will cost you $23.99 with $0.01 per a Bean;
  • the package of 3,000 Credits (Beans) is priced at $24.99 with $0.01 cost per a Bean.

So, what are these Coffee Meets Bagel premium Beans for? In this HookupGeek’s review, we will show you everything! Just have a look at these details,

  • You can use the Coffee Meets Bagel premium Beans to unlock and get access to the various extra features;
  • like Read Receipts and Activity Reports, or to potentially see more bagels in Suggested if they’re available;
  • You will be provided with some Coffee Meets Bagel Beans absolutely for free, when first signing up with an account with Coffee Meets Bagel;
  • You are also eligible to earn more Coffee Meets Bagel Beans by referring friends or following the Coffee Meets Bagel dating service on the social media and networks or you can purchase them from the Bean Shop (you know the prices now).

Before we proceed with the other sections of the current review, you—as we believe—have to know the following features of the pricing approaches by CMB dating service,

  • regardless of the fact that there are no hidden fees, you will experience different pricing tariffs in compliance with the country you originate from (in this review, we provide the standard pricing for the US);
  • if you purchase the premium membership, you have to know that the number of the features and their essence can vary (the users of iOs operating system will have more priorities, than the users of Android), and we will shed light on this fact in the app section;
  • there are no refund policies in case if you decide to quit your membership before it expires (this is because—as the FAQ tab of the site states—“unfortunately, Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t handle refunds because CMB purchases are made directly through the App Store”).

Of course, these features seem to be quite different from the other similar dating apps and websites, however, maybe, we should refer this situation to the app’s uniqueness?!

Pros and Cons

As usually, we are to touch upon those God-knows-how-perfect aspects along with the possible shity stuff of Coffee Meets Bagel dating apk! To be honest, don’t know why on Earth but this section was the most complicated to narrate, for the app is cool but still we had to dig in deeper to single out all the features both positive and negative!

We are going to commence with the pros, of course, as the sweet-bagel-like details are of the most important attention than the hard roasted coffee grains, you know–literally saying, of course, heh!

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Thus, HookupGeek has discovered the following positive features of the apk under review,

  • The adorable and great number of the profiles in the database of the apk is the main advantage, since it serves as proof to the super great level of trust;
  • The magnificence of the features uniqueness will surely create the best impression;
  • The work of support team is more than great, for they are always eager to assist you in any issue related to the work of the apk;
  • The fact that Coffee Meets Bagel apk possesses the nice design and exquisite tools is another strong point;
  • The apk works perfect and does not force your mobile device to lag as hell;
  • The profiles and their quality is also great, for there are no fake profiles or the so-called online cupids;
  • The system of dating matching is perfect, since it does not force you to waste oh-my-God-how-many time;
  • The unique features such as search by a famous hashtag will bring you even more magnificence  and adoration;
  • There are numerous features, which will simplify the search of yours;
  • The procedure to delete Coffee Meets Bagel account is quite easy (and we will show it to you exclusively in one of the subsections of the CMB review given!).

Coffee Meets BagelWoohoo! In fact, we’re over the pros of the apk, and we can’t believe our eyes, since the number of benefits is super great, as we think! Heh, it’s possible to claim that it resembles somehow the work of the InstaBang or Jaumo, for the pros are innumerable!

Inch by inch, we’re stepping closer to the cons of the service. We don’t wanna spoil it all but we have not disclosed a plenty of the shortcomings, however, some of them are quite serious, as we think—but, of course, we can be mistaken. So, that’s really up to you to decide! In any case, the following disadvantages have been found out in the course of our review,

  • the users tend to claim that the costs of the services are sometimes high, since along with the membership price you are supposed to purchase the Beans bundles, which in total can be some pricy;
  • the free features are almost not presented (they include only free registration, in fact).

Hence, we want to believe that the seriousness of the cons mentioned should not destroy your impression about the app.


If you remember—and we’re sure you do!—we have already made some hints on the security. We’re going to develop them in this section. First off, be sure to read this section of our CoffeeMeetsBagel review in order to stay tuned about all the protection and security measures. Why is it important? Well, just because we do care of your protection online and want you to also take care of your security of the personal data and chats you share with the app and with the users.

Thus, in this case, we would like to start with the negative point, which we have actually already told you—because of the hackers attack, the millions of the profiles from the CMB app database were affected because of the leakage of information. However, after that case, the security measures were more elaborated by the website and app designers in order to protect each and every user from any negative effects.

What is more, when analyzing the security measures, we do always analyze the policies, which the app is governed by, since they also are related to the security. Hence, what we know is as follows,

  • the Terms of Service of CMB clearly communicate that there are some points which can prevent you from being a part of the app, and this case is that “you have been convicted of a felony, are required to register as a sex offender with any government entity, and/or are identified as a “Specially Designated National””;
  • you and every user of the app are prohibited to use any pornographic content or express no respectful attitude towards the other users, so if you don’t want to have any vulgar practices as on One Night Friend or iSexyChat, you will have much protection from that sexually explicit content;Coffee Meets Bagel
  • the website and app are not responsible for any communication you have and for its quality as well. Thus, they do not have any limits as for your communication, but they do not guarantee that you will have something what you have come for.

Well, actually, the security of Coffee Meets Bagel is currently great—maybe because of the hackers attack which had happened before. Thus, we believe that the same negative situation would be hardly ever possible with the CMB app.

Quality of Tools

After we told you about the pricing, we had made a hint that the tools are quite nice. What is more, we told you already that the tools would stimulate you to date someone! In any case, in this section we would like to consider the qualitative compound of the app. Hence, in short, we are going to show you our impressions now,

  • because of the numerous profiles (yep, you remember that they are millions and millions) the tools are not numerous but effective;
  • the matching process is greatly installed, since it does not overload the app and, thus, does not consume your time for the search and/or choice;
  • the process of deleting your profile is possible (dissimilarly of InstantHookups, Erotic Affairs, and xCheaters);
  • the process of signing is as easy as possible and it will also not consume your time!

In fact, we have nothing to say more about the quality of the CMB tools, since they are effective and, obviously, fruitful! Let’s carry on!

About Coffee Meets Bagel App

As a matter of fact, this section is a core of the current review, since we have to show you the essence of the app and Coffee Meets Bagel how it works. Thus, HookupGeek will do it right away, as promised!

Coffee Meets Bagel

So, let’s see the main distinctive features of the app,

  • evidently, the Coffee Meets Bagel apk is merely the only app, which makes the real and quite outstanding difference between the app for iOs and app for Android;
  • the procedure of deleting the profile of yours is also dependent on the operating system you are using;
  • the payment procedure is also dependent on it as well as the possible refund instances.

So, first of all, let’s take a glance at the differences between the CMB app for iOs and the one for Android. Thus, the CMB Premium profile on iOS is characterized by the following features,

  • You are eligible to get the so-called Activity Reports: it means that you will grab access to the reports on bagels, including the stats on how frequently they tend to send you their first message;
  • You will have a chance to read the so-called Receipts, for they will let you know when your messages have been read;
  • You will obtain the unlimited Skip the Line function. It presupposes that you will get seen and match up to 3x faster by skipping to the front of a bagel’s queue;
  • You will be given the special Bonus Beans by CMB: it means that you will be eligible to get 15% (!) more beans on purchases in the Coffee Meets Bagel’s Bean Shop; and
  • The users of iOs are given 8 Takes in Discover, that is if you use iOs, you’ll receive 8 free Takes to like the bagels in Discover tab.

Yep, as you can guess now, the CMB Premium account for the Android users is quite a different approach, and it is characterized by the lesser number of the features,

  • You are eligible to get the so-called Activity Reports: it means that you will grab access to the reports on bagels, including the stats on how frequently they tend to send you their first message;
  • You will have a chance to read the so-called Receipts, for they will let you know when your messages have been read; and, finally,
  • You will be given the Bonus Beans by Coffee Meets Bagel: you will receive 6,000 (!!!) free Coffee Meets Bagel Beans to use on special features (you can read about them in the Pricing section of this review).

In any case, we have to move on narrating the information on the Coffee Meets Bagel dating apk!

before we show you how Coffee Meets Bagel works, we would love to depict some analogies it possesses with Tinder and/or Coffee Meets Bagel vs Bumble. Both Bumble and Tinder turned the world of dating, literally saying it, upside down: they both gave the users the most simple interface and all Badoo-like mechanics turned out to be superfluous. So, what it is all about?

  • A new Coffee Meets Bagel profile appears in front of the user;
  • A person with a swipe shows “yes” or “no”, and then sees the next potential partner;
  • If two people say “yes” about each other, then they have a function of a chat.

New dating applications copy a successful model, but are trying to improve it somehow. After all, an exact copy is difficult to advertise. When the original is available, the clone loses. The well-known startup, Coffee Meets Bagel apk for dating and networking, limits the number of approving swipes. In the original Tinder or other similar ones, some men generally like all girls in a row, but think and filter later when they match. This is generally terrifying, but even without them, endless choices give a large number of matches. This devalues ​​the contact and even the future meeting in life—in the application a dozen more are waiting.

With the CMB dating platform, everything is completely different,

  • Each assessment of “yes” is worth a certain amount of the in-app currency, named CMB Beans;
  • They are given to the new user for three consents, the additive will come the next day or the beans can be bought for real money;
  • Approval, of course, is not always mutual, bilateral likes get even less;
  • Chat and date are a value, many of them can not be, a person invests more in them, a partner gets more;
  • The theoretical result is more weddings;
  • In practice, it is unlikely that someone correctly counted the statistics, but the main thing is the sensations of others regarding Tinder and/or Bumble, there is something to advertise.

Coffee Meets BagelSo, how to use Coffee Meets Bagel? Coffee Meets Bagel works in a similar way, but here the last word is left for women. Every day, men are offered to consider 21 profiles. Girls are shown only those who are interested in their profile. It is they who decide with whom to engage in dialogue.

How To Delete CoffeeMeetsBagel Profile

As HookupGeek has already informed you about it, there are different rules on deleting the profiles with CMB in relation to the operating system of your mobile device: either it is Android or iOS. So, in order to Coffee Meets Bagel delete account if you use iOS mobile device, you will need to do the following,

  • first of all, you have to open the Coffee Meets Bagel app of yours on your mobile device. (In case if you have already reinstalled the app from your phone, you can easily have it re-downloaded from the App Store account of yours);
  • Secondly, you are to go to the “Settings” tab of the Coffee Meets Bagel apk;
  • Thirdly, if you look under the “Account” tab, you will be supposed to tap “Go On Hold.” (After selecting this option, you are going to notice the following prompt, “You can continue chatting with your current matches, but won’t get any new connections.” You may, of course, ignore this prompt);
  • Fourthly and finally, once the Coffee Meets Bagel profile of yours is set on hold, you’d go back to the main Settings tab. Herein, you are to scroll down the page, and opt for the option with the prompt, “Delete Account.”

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The iOS based app warns you that as soon as you delete your profile you will not be able to restore it ever. In addition to this, right after you have your Coffee Meets Bagel profile deleted, please, be kindly advised not to tape in “log in” again, for you are going to be signed up again as a new user.

The procedure of having you Coffee Meets Bagel cancelled permanently on an Android device is a bit different. So, take a look now,

  • First of all, go open the CMB app on your mobile device. (In case if you have already reinstalled the app from your phone, you can easily have it re-downloaded from the Google Play Store account of yours);
  • Secondly, touch on your “profile icon” section;
  • Thirdly, go and tap on the “3 dots” in the top right corner of your Coffee Meets Bagel apk;
  • Fourthly, proceed to go to “Settings” tab;
  • Fifthly, if you look under the “Account” tab, you will be supposed to tap “Go On Hold.” (After selecting this option, you are going to notice the following prompt, “You can continue chatting with your current matches, but won’t get any new connections.” You may, of course, ignore this prompt);
  • After you picked up this option, you are going to see the following prompt, “You can continue chatting with your current matches, but will not be shown to new bagels.” Thus, be advised to confirm that you would really like to set your Coffee Meets Bagel profile on hold by tapping “Go on Hold” or “No Thanks”, if immediately you’ve changed your mind;
  • Then, you are to pick up your reason(s) for going on hold/cancelling your Coffee Meets Bagel profile and tap the arrow in the right corner when done.

The Android based app warns you that as soon as you delete your profile you will not be able to restore it ever. In addition to this, right after you have your Coffee Meets Bagel profile deleted, please, be kindly advised not to tape in “log in” again, for you are going to be signed up again as a new user.

Quality of Profiles

Well, you must be thinking that there is no point in depicting the quality of profiles with Coffee Meets Bagel app; however, we would love to shortly express everything we have experienced,

  • there are no online cupids, run by the administration of the site and app;
  • there are no fake profiles at all, since the numerous real profiles are numerous with the Coffee Meets Bagel app;
  • the informativity of the Coffee Meets Bagel profile will prove that the profile is real;
  • the ability to link your Facebook profile to the Coffee Meets Bagel  profile will result in also the same positive experiences and lack of scam and fraud.

Thus, HookupGeek can really claim now that the app has been nicely built. The other and more detailed conclusions will be made in the proceeding section right away!

Final Thoughts

HookupGeek has just reviewed everything about the Coffee Meets Bagel dating service, and we have come up with the following conclusions! First off, we are glad to claim that we have had only the most positive experiences, since we did not encounter any issues. Secondly, the information we discovered about the app is quite convincing, and, thus, we are happy that this is a plenty of info to consider. Thirdly, the transparency of the payment procedure is quite a good feature, so you are insured not to have any hidden fees. As a result, we have to say the following, HookupGeek is proud of claiming that Coffee Meets Bagel is a nice app which is worth of the money you are going to pay off for. Thus, we suggest this apk for you, our lovely readers!

What is more, as usual, we would love to recall you that the base of the article by HookupGeek is growing in geometric progression, and we have already so much to surprise you! So, if you want some intricate impressions of the most adult character, feel free and be welcome to visit our reviews about the webcams adult sites. What is more, if you have been interested in the CMB, you will love the unique HookupGeek’s special dating phrases to make your communication more appealing and brighter!

Finally, we’d love to thank you for staying with us and using us a cool and professional guide to the world of the adult dating, webcam sites, and adult models! So, you will surely get the best with us! In case if you have any questions, be free and welcome to leave your comments and experiences with us in the section of the comments!

See you all soon in our next reviews! Cheers!

FAQ about Coffee Meets Bagel

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your premium profile with CMB to any other user under any conditions. So, if you want to quit your membership and if you want to bestow it to anyone, you will not be able to do so. For the further explanations, be advised to contact the support team of the app.

In fact, Coffee Meets Bagel cannot provide you with any refunds under any conditions, since the app does not deal with any financial operations you accomplish when paying for your services. But do not think you cannot have your money back in case if you need to, since the app closely cooperates with the operating systems like iOS and Android. Thus, to have the refund, you have to direct your request to either App Store or Google Play respectively.

Similarly to the other similar dating platforms, websites, and app, CMB cannot make any real guarantees as for the success of your searching process. Why? That’s actually more than simple: this is only you who can direct, govern, and shape your communication and preferences. Thus, in compliance with the official Terms of Service of CMB app, “you understand that Coffee Meets Bagel does not guarantee you any matches, does not guarantee any number or frequency of matches, or the accuracy, availability, or other attributes of any User. You understand that Coffee Meets Bagel makes no guarantees about the Services, either explicit or implied, including your compatibility with any other User.”

Unfortunately, there are actually no real features to go for free with CMB. Thus, you are supposed to complete your payment for the subscription to the premium membership.

When coming across any issues which signify the errors of CMB work, be advised to immediately contact the CMB support team.