About CollarSpace

If you’re tired of the regular one night stand online free websites and ordinary fuck sites to hook someone up, you are to start in your new search for the most exquisite impressions! Of course, there are things which you would surely prefer trying out and there are the ones, which you would never test. Nevertheless, be always open to any new experience, and, who knows, maybe, you’ll love it! We’re talking about BDSM now, and you do know what it means, and you may be somehow disappointed or, oppositely, adore it. In any case, HookupGeek is going to review the CollarSpace BDSM sexy dating site to show you everything we have investigated for your convenience!

We’d prefer beginning with the general data about the site, its legal registration and similar stuff. It’ll assist us in getting if the site is legit. This is what we’ve discovered,

  • Registration company for CollarSpace is GoDaddy.com, LLC;
  • Address of the website registration is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, USA;
  • The phone numbers to contact the administration are +1-480-624-25-99 and +1-480-624-25-98.

Hence, this is evident that the website was registered officially and properly, which is one of the strongest advantages.

Let’s move on, and discover the key features, which you can use after CollarSpace login, namely,

  • Who’s Viewing Me? —you’ll be able to see who visited your profile;
  • Browse Photos—you’ll see numerous users’ photos at random to pick up a profile;
  • Streaming Video—similarly to any adult cam site, you will be able to stream the xxx videos of yours as well as watch someone’s;
  • Cinema Resources—you’ll be given access to the thematic adult BDSM movies to inspire;
  • Toys—this is an external website with the wide range of adult toys to go at your disposal;
  • Events—you’ll be informed on the upcoming BDSM-related events to participate;
  • Chatrooms—participate in the thematic chat rooms to grab more friends and experience in BDSM;
  • Local Users—find out the nearest located users to have instant dates;
  • Mobile Interface—you can use this section in case if you want to access the site using the mobile phone of yours. Since there is no CollarSpace app, the CollarSpace mobile version would be quite effective;
  • Favorites—you will see the list your favorite users right in this tab;
  • Admirers—find out who likes you;
  • New Messages!—carry on communication via messages to arrange the hottest dates ever;
  • Friends—you’ll be given an opportunity to create your friends’ list to get in touch with them as often as needed; and, finally,
  • Support—in case if you any problems related to the site, you can always contact its support team to have them resolved.

CollarSpace on HookupGeekAlong with these cool features, which are not always presented with the other websites, CollarSpace com provides some more, tools! One of the the nice and easy-to-use search engine, which would let you seek the users using the following criteria,

  • Username;
  • Gender Identity;
  • Orientation;
  • State;
  • Country;
  • Sexuality;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Age Range;
  • Max Weight;
  • Min Height;
  • Max Distance; and
  • They are seeking.

Also, below the search you will see the list of the users going online right away, and who would match your parameters to the utter extent. There, the nicknames in pink are the female users, nicknames in blue are the male profiles, and the violet nicknames are couples.

CollarSpace ReviewSo, it means nothing else but the fact that the search is cool, and you’ll definitely find who you want to.

When you visit someone’s profile, you have a big range of functions to do, including,

  • View All Photos;
  • View Journal;
  • View Full Profile;
  • Block User;
  • Hide User;
  • Add to Favorites;
  • Report User;
  • Invite to Chat; and
  • Send Message.

By pushing one of the buttons, you can decide what you would love to do. Of course, if you’re interested in a certain user, you’d add them to your Favorites list and chat. So, don’t be shy and try to get in touch with as many users as possible.

Finally, we would love to bring you the most significant news ever! When you decide on using the CollarSpace, you should count for the most free adventure. We mean that you will not pay for the signup, for using the site, and for any other thing, which you would have to pay off when joining some other similar platforms. That’s gorgeous, right? We do hope that you’ll try the platform and discover so much new impressions! But now, it’s time to move to the Pros and Cons section, as we have some more nice news for you!

Pros and Cons

Yeah, HookupGeek has already created so much content—reviews and blog posts—so that it is always interesting to know what goes next! When preparing the reviews of the websites for adults, we always try to be as unbiased (but critical) as possible, and the section of pros and cons is always another challenge. What about CollarSpace? We’ll show you everything!

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So, nice to know you’re reading this review! And it’ll surprise you even more and more! So, do you want to know more? We know you do! In this section, we are going to share the pros and cons of CollarSpace, and you’ll know much more than you even expected to!

Traditionally, the advantages would go first, and they are comprised of,

  • the main advantage is that you don’t have to pay for the service provided by CollarSpace;
  • the service is absolutely legal and undergoes all the current legal regulations to be secure and credible;
  • the functionality of the website is quite nice and it would never disturb you but will contribute to the best impressions of yours;
  • the quality of tools and profiles is rather incredible, so that you will successfully use them all to deliver the best moments to your private life;
  • you will almost never come across any annoying ads to spam to your inbox or email (read on to find out why);
  • CollarSpace is indeed the biggest platform which has successfully united all BDSM lovers;
  • there is a special online store for the BDSM lovers to diversify their impressions in private life.

You must admit that not every credible paid website for adults can have the same list of advantages and strong sides, right? But CollarSpace does! Why not test it and get ensured that this all is true?

Nevertheless, we guess, you’d love to find out at least anything about the cons! And it’d be quite unfair if we quitted here. So, we have found some of the drawbacks. The matter of their severity is better to be judged by you. As for us, we believe that they are quite insignificant.

So, HookupGeek has discovered the following shortcomings, namely,

  • you will find that the first impression of the site is not that cute, as the design of the interface can seem some really outdated;
  • the support team can be contacted only via the special form on the site, but there is no phone number or instant chat for this purpose;
  • regardless of mobile version being presented, there is no mobile app for the service, which may seem quite uncomfortable for some users.

As we told you, this is really up to you if you find these cons really convincing. We are sure that they will not spoil your positive search, and you would never get upset you tried CollarSpace!

All in all, we are to keep on our review, and we would love to pay some special attention to the issues related to security, quality of profiles and tools, and to the way you can cancel your profile with CollarSpace. Ready to carry on? So, let’s start!


Yeah, security of CollarSpace can be one of the advantages, as well! Similarly to the other adult dating websites, the CollarSpace website is guided by the legal regulations, namely,

  • 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • regulation 28 U.S.C. §1746 as for the legal age for using the sites like CollarSpace;
  • Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”);
  • CAN-SPAM Act dealing with illegal distribution of unsolicited commercial bulk e-mail (“UCBE”); and
  • 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1).

Therefore, the legality of the website does not require any other proofs, since it is really secured. When you use the website, you should know that all the actions and activities are regulated by the Terms of Use of CollarSpace.

Regardless of being absolutely free of price, CollarSpace takes much care of the users’ secure stay online with their website. When reading the Terms of Use, the company provides the important tips on how to preserve the real protection on the site, “the [CollarSpace] Website does not pre-approve any of its Users, prior to their use of the [CollarSpace] Website. You agree that it is Your responsibility to properly investigate the background, personality, criminal history, financial condition, or any other relevant factor affecting Your potential compatibility with any other User, prior to communicating with other Users. Most importantly, USE COMMON SENSE! Do not provide any personal information to individuals who may misuse that information to Your detriment. While the [CollarSpace] Website provides a venue for the exchange of information, ideas and emotion, it does not act as a guarantor of the accuracy of such information, and all users/Users are encouraged to approach the veracity of any communications occurring on the [CollarSpace] Website with a healthy skepticism.” Thus, if you follow these rules, you’d definitely have success and protection.

Yeah, due to these approaches to the users’ security, we’d refer the www CollarSpace to the most secure adult dating and hookup sites. By the way, we would be happy to know your opinion as for the security of CollarSpace. So, be sure and feel absolutely welcome to share your insights with us in the comments section right after this review! It’ll be highly appreciated by us and all our numerous and beloved readers!

Quality of Tools

As mentioned in the first section of this review, the tools of collar space are numerous, and they will surely make a perfect contribution to the pastime of yours as well as to your private life! In this subsection, we’d love to emphasize some of the tools, which are really great!

  • the quality of chat is great, and, in addition, it serves as a proof that all the profiles of the website are real, as almost all of them do participate in the chatrooms;
  • video streams are a great point to consider, since they would provide you with the insatiable source of energy and inspiration watching how the other users are engaged in those BDSM stuff;
  • support team of the ste is marvelous, as they efficiently and almost instantly respond to help you resolve all the CollarSpace issues including like CollarSpace can’t edit profile;
  • search engine is also great, as it provides the numerous options for the CollarSpace personals search and you will never be able to fail it;
  • external sources including the adult toys shop are another cool feature, as it would surely contribute to the development of your fantasy and will broaden your… mind how to diversify your private life.

CollarSpaceThese are the main reasons, why we would consider the tools of CollarSpace as the real advantage, so you’ll find them all when signing up!

How To Delete CollarSpace Profile?

Similarly to the easy registration process, the process of deleting your profile at CollarSpace is also easy, and it is comprised of several steps,

  • you are to log in your profile;
  • in the right hand toolbar pick up Edit Profile tab and press it;
  • scroll down up to the bottom of the page; and
  • press Deactivation button.

Please mind that until your profile is verified, you cannot delete it.

Quality of Profiles

This current CollarSpace review would be indeed incomplete, if we did not take a look at the quality of profiles, which, by the way, is another advantage of the website.

To properly assess the quality of profiles with CollarSpace, we’d need to know some facts, and we’ve found everything! Now, we’ll share all these data with you,

  • because of the diverse search options, you can accumulate so many users at once, so that you will need some time to pick up;
  • by inserting the zip code, you can easily find the local BDSM lovers, and their information would be much detailed;
  • when communicating with the users of CollarSpace, you do really see that they are all real;
  • there is manual verification of profiles and approval  procedure, so if the administration of the site finds something suspicious with your profile, it’ll never be exhibited to the other users;
  • the information about the users is quite diverse, and you will see their parameters, roles, and sexual orientation.

One of the most pleasant things which we have noticed about this website is that neither of the users makes attempts to spam you. Thus, you can really count for the perfect quality of profiles and reasonable stay online with the website. Isn’t it great?

What is more, the website took much care for the diversity of profiles. The masters of BDSM would surely fall in love with this site, as when you use it you can seek the following categoriees of users,

  • Dominant Women
  • Dominant Men
  • Submissive Women
  • Submissive Men
  • Switch Women
  • Switch Men
  • Dominant Trans
  • Submissive Trans
  • Dom/Domme
  • Couples
  • Sub/Sub Couples
  • Femdom Couples
  • Male Dom Couples
  • Friends Only
  • Online Romance
  • Roommates
  • A Poly Household.

So, we guess you have no doubts no that everything you could only want is possible to find with CollarSpace, right? So, if you have never used it, be sure to join it now to have everything! We are sure, you’ll succeed!

Final Thoughts

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Woohoo, we’ve here now, and we have some final thoughts on CollarSpace to share with you. Yep, some of the fans of this website asked us to review it and provided the questions like what happened to CollarSpace or is CollarSpace down. Dear friends, there is nothing bad, and nothing happened to this site at all! It acts in the same mode as it has been working! We’ve touched upon it, and found soooooo many gorgeous features, so that you will never get bored! What is more, you might have read some of the other CollarSpace reviews, and the opinions were not that positive. However, in reality, no one even needs to seek any CollarSpace alternative, as the platform is ready to keep on providing you with the hottest content!

Well, this review is coming to its end, and we have some last words to pronounce. In case if we did not respond all the questions you might have had, you can address our FAQ section right after the end of the review. Also, we would love to know your success stories and feedback as for this website. Don’t hesitate to leave it right after the FAQ section!

So, now we know that the CollarSpace status is still active, and you can carry on using it in the same way! We do surely recommend you this website, as it is really one of the best platforms to find the most skillful partners to get engaged in BDSM! No time to waste time, yay? Bind them and hang them!

FAQ about CollarSpace

In fact, as we have found, there are no (!) limitations as for the number of chats to run at the same time. You are given all the freedom to choose who you want to communicate with and how many people you should contact. So, be free to misbehave and abuse the CollarSpace website to the fullest extent ever!

One of the prerogatives of CollarSpace is that it does not impose any limits as for the quality of contents you post and/or upload to the website. Also, because of the additional manual verification and approval of your profile, you will find out that there are no under age persons. Thus, you can post any kind of photos which you prefer. By the way, CollarSpace is actually the only website, which does not force you to upload your real photos, so that you can pick up some abstract ones to upload but share your real photos right in the process of communication.

Yes, absolutely! When signing up, you will not have to provide your bank card details (as well as any other payment options). You don’t pay for the service and use it absolutely for free!

Absolutely yes! When picking up sexuality filter, you will see that you can hook up gay and lesbian users, as well. In addition to this, the section of Resources will provide you with the site’s blog, which has many entries about gay people, androgyny, transsexuals, and so one. There are innumerable pieces of advice on how to become friendlier and more tolerant, how to be an ally and much other stuff!

When investigating the Terms of Use of CollarSpace, you will find out that there are no guarantees either for the quality and credibility of the profiles or for the successful results of the search. In any case, no one could have been able to give you such guarantees, since the communication is quite a personal stuff to judge. Thus, be sure to use your reasonable thinking when communicating in order to make it as pleasant and fruitful as possible!