First off, let us tell you what Compatible Partners website is for?

  • this one night hookup dating app (and site) supports and sustains the lesbian dating services (wishing they’d had some lesbian live web cam sex features);
  • this site supports and sustains the gay dating services;
  • this site supports and sustains the bisexual dating services;
  • the website strongly discourages having the straight persons signed up, since they will fail to find something what could suit their tastes and preferences.

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Well, then, let’s understand if the website is official and if it was properly registered,

  • the website is a property of MarkMonitor Inc. and eHarmony, Inc.;
  • it was run in 2008;
  • the officially acclaimed geolocation of the website is US (United States), CA, California, 94107 San Francisco;
  • the official address which the website is registered with is P.O. Box 241810, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA;
  • the website has innumerable affiliates referred to as eHarmony Compatible Partners, which can also assist you in search of the same-sex ties (Gay Dating, Gay Hispanic Dating, Gay Black Dating, Gay Asian Dating,  Gay Jewish Dating, Gay Christian Dating, Gay Indian Dating, Gay Senior Dating, Gay Professional Dating, Lesbian Indian Dating, Lesbian Christian Dating, Lesbian Hispanic Dating, Lesbian Black Dating, Lesbian Dating, Lesbian Asian Dating, Lesbian Jewish Dating, Lesbian Senior Dating, Lesbian Professional Dating, eHarmony United States, eHarmony Canada, eHarmony Australia, and eHarmony United Kingdom);
  • as soon as you are registered with Compatible Partners, you will be able to promote your profiles with one or several options from the previous point;
  • the date when the site was updated is May, 31, 2019.

Compatible PartnersThe website was designed to meet the expectations and dating needs of the following categories of users,

  • Gay;
  • Bisexual;
  • Lesbian;
  • Single persons;
  • Divorced persons;
  • Widowed persons;
  • Dating; and
  • Long-Term ties.

Compatible PartnersThe next point we are going to touch upon is the functionality of the website, that is what the tools are presented and how they function for your convenience. So, let’s see,

  • registration process: you will need to indicate your name, your gender, and point what and who you are looking for (man looking for a man, woman looking for a woman); you will also need to insert your zip code for the easier search throughout your country;
  • in order to fill out your profile you will need to undergo some psychological questions to detect how passionate you are and what personality you possess (there are about 100 questions to answer or it was around 200 questions; in fact, we actually got f— tired of these questions);
  • after you are in, you will be asked to choose between the Standard and Premium membership to follow;
  • until you choose the membership status, you will have nothing to do with the website, since all the functionality is actually absent for the free mode;

Compatible PartnersLet’s have some more vision on the features of the profile,

  • the Activity tab will be informing you on the activities you take in your profile as well as about the other users’ activities as for your profile (likes, gifts, messages, and so on);
  • the Matches tab will get you encountered with the possible matches which have been suggested by the website in order to simplify your search. Herein, the matches are enlisted on the principle of the matching with the profile of yours and your preferences;
  • the Messages tab will provide you with the ability filter the messages you have had as well as sort them like sent or received ones;
  • the Account Settings tab will let you manage all the data of yours as well as see the membership status you have;
  • the Account Settings tab will also let you insert your payment details in order to release the payment for one of the membership statuses of your choice (the next section will shed light on all of the details);
  • the Account Settings tab will let you delete your profile.

HookupGeek can now point to the fact that the functionality of the website is quite nice, and it will not annoy you with the numerous unclear points. So, the laconic approach to the functionality is among the most progressive nowadays, so you can fairly count for the best and the fastest process of search and dating.

In any case, HookupGeek is to proceed with the other steps of the review, and we—as promised—are going to consider the payment approach to the services and what you get as soon as you pick up a certain tariff. So, carry on!

Prices Of Compatible Partners Service

When it comes to the pricing tariffs, we would like to first of all show you the possible membership  statuses you are welcome to have after you sign up with Compatible Partners,

  • Basic profile, which will hardly ever let you have any functions acting;
  • Standard membership; and
  • Premium membership.

So, let’s have the two latter memberships compared and reviewed (the Basic profile is no point to consider, for it gives nothing, indeed!).

So, the first goes the Standard Membership by Compatible Partners. Here, we will consider not only the pricing of the membership pack but also the contents, which you should expect. So, the pricing tariffs for the Standard membership are as follows,

  • the 3-Month Plan of the standard membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $57.95 per month;
  • the 6-Month Plan of the standard membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $34.95 a month; and, finally,
  • the 12-Month Plan of the standard membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $18.95 a month.

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What about the Premium membership? What are its costs?

  • the 3-Month Plan of the Premium membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $70.95 a month;
  • the 6-Month Plan of the Premium membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $45.95 a month; and, finally,
  • the 12-Month Plan of the standard membership with the Compatible Partners dating services would cost you $27.95 per month.

Thus, in both cases—with the Standard membership and Premium membership—you have a great chance to save up by picking up the annual subscription. By the way, in case if you do not like the standard membership—but have already paid it off for—you can contact the Compatible Partners customer service in order to add additional payment to switch to the Premium status.

So, what is the difference between the two types of the membership? The official Compatible Partners dating website states that the Premium membership—and it is logical—gives you much more opportunities for the more successful dating! So, have the memberships compared right below,

Compatible PartnersHence, indeed, the prevailing number of the features is really accessible within the Premium membership package, and you will then have the best and the most fruitful results of the search if you choose the Premium pack. However, the standard one is also nice—everything depends on your intentions, as usual!

What is more, HookupGeek would love to pay attention to the payment methods available in order to commit the payment for the services. thus, the official website claims that there are two main payment methods,

  • Debit card of any bank; and
  • PayPal.

Compatible PartnersThus, it is more than evident that the issues related to the payment processing would hardly ever arise with the Compatible Partners dating platform. Thus, we would refer this fact to another pros of the website. By the way, it is really the proper time to move to the pros and cons of the Compatible Partners website for dating.

Pros and Cons

Yep, we gotta consider the pros and cons of the day and lesbian dating site, since we have to know what correlation there is between the site’s positive and negative sides. Traditionally, we would love to start with the advantages, since we love writing about the most positive sides first, you know. So, have a look at them right away,

  • the website is equipped with the most necessary tools, with no unnecessary functions;
  • the payment procedure is quite simple;
  • the pricing tariffs are accessible and affordable;
  • the policies of the website state firmly for the security;
  • there is a wide choice of the profiles (both gay and lesbian ones);
  • there are options for the boosting the profile;
  • the website ensures the version of the Compatible Partners test so that the users could evaluate the membership which they are expected to pay off for;
  • the search engine is so sensitive that it ensures the search by Compatible Partners zodiac signs of the members;
  • the policies and the terms of use clearly define the legal basis of the website’s functioning.

The disadvantages of the web service can be as follows,

  • the process of registration is quite time-consuming;
  • the process of registration can be even more time-consuming, since the system lags;
  • the Compatible Partners free trial does not show all the possible features and does not give the clear vision of what the website is like.

Thanks God (or someone else), we have identified the number of advantages prevailing the cons. (In fact, HookupGeek has been tired of the numerous scamful websites, which never accomplish what they have promised). Thus, we are always glad to know that there are some nice platforms! However, we are not over now, and we have to look at the security measures. What are they like? Proceed with the next section!


We are obligatory to analyze the aspect of security, for the gay and lesbian dating is to be even more protected than any other type of dating. Similarly to Badoo and Happn, the Compatible Partners dating services aims to fulfil all the possible bases of the protection to prevent the users of the service from any scamful or fraudulent actions. Thus, because of this, Compatible Partners have the following,

  • being Compatible Partners eHarmony partner, they have the similar security measures;
  • the website has successfully incorporated the anti-scam filters to prevent the profiles accumulation with the purpose of spam or blackmailing;
  • the terms of use clearly state that the users’ personal data will never be exposed to the share to the third parties unless the users per se do not share their personal data;
  • the site does not support and does not tolerate the signup of the underage persons;
  • you can always direct your claims and complaints to the support team so that your stay online with the Compatible Partners is always protected.

Hence, as both from the first glance as well as from the detailed analysis of the security of the Compatible Partners, we can really sum up it all like the best approach to the security. Of course, everything depends on you—if you don’t communicate any personal details, you will not have any troubles. However, the only thing, which irritated HookupGeek, is the fact that you have to provide your real name and surname to release the payment (this concerns only the payment via the bank cards). Of course, it is a necessary step, but it can be quite dangerous from the point of view of the security. However, we want to believe that the site’s administration will never be engaged in sharing your privacy data. At least, we have not heard of any similar case from the Compatible Partners!

Quality of Tools

As HookupGeek has previously told you, the tools presented on the website are quite laconic and they are not that numerous. However, they are perfect for the successful search for the best partner in compliance with your needs and preferences, you know. Thus, what about the quality? Can all of those tools provide you with the desired effect?

  • as HookupGeek has also told you, the process of registration is quite a time-consuming affair, however, it is not in vain, it will let your approach the search in the most serious manner;
  • the messages work perfectly in the paid mode (either the Standard membership or with the Premium one);
  • the search is quite a sensitive tool, which will let you grab the best results;
  • the automatically provided matches for you by the website will ensure that you are exposed to the best profiles to simplify your search and save up your time;
  • the procedure to delete your profile is not that complicated, and you will be able to accomplish this task within the shortest period of time.

Hence, the quality of tools would be equal to five stars, if we had had any stars-based criteria. However, the only thing which we would like to ask you to do is to check everything out in the profile to understand if all of these details do really suit your expectations.

About Compatible Partners App For Dating

Similarly to the numerous dating sites for homosexual ties like EliteSingles or CooMeet (as the adult social media sites), the app of the Compatible Partners dating is possible to provide you with the best impressions and give you the same functionality as the web version of the website provides you with. Thus, what is the apk about?

  • the Compatible Partners app is available only for the users of iPhones, that is it is possible to install it to the system if you use the iOs;
  • there is no Android-based app;
  • the app will give you the same functionality as the website;
  • you will be able to both subscribe, sign in and up, delete your profile, and, what is more, communicate with the app;
  • the Compatible Partners apk will let you release the payment for the services;
  • the Compatible Partners app will ensure that you have clear communication with the support team in cases of necessity.

Hence, the the overall quality of the app for Compatible Partners is nice, but we wish there had been an app for Android, since the Android users can also want to have it installed. In any case, we do believe that in the nearest future there will be the version of the Compatible Partners apk for Android.

How To Delete Compatible Partners Account

One of the issues which we would like to shed light on is the matter of having your membership cancelled. Herein, it is important not only consider in what way it is all possible but also it is paramount to know the options for the refund of your money in case if you did not want to carry on using the website. Hence, what HookupGeek knows is as follows,

  • you should log in (if you have not been logged in yet);
  • you go to the settings of your profile (they are situated right under your nickname in the upper line/bar of the website);
  • you pick up the option of seeing your profile status;
  • in the status line you can opt for editing your status;
  • then you press deactivate your account;
  • finally, you have to confirm the action and that’s all.

So, the procedure of having your profile deleted from the Compatible Partners database is not that complicated. In case if you have had any troubles do not hesitate to contact the customer service of the platform. They will surely assist you.

Quality of Profiles

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Hell, we did not tell you that at once, but you can link your Compatible Partners profile to the Facebook profile of yours. It means that the probability of encountering the fake profiles is quite low. In addition to this, the website is equipped with the anti-scam and anti-spam filters, so that no one will ever contact you if the account is unreal or belong to a fake person. The HookupGeek’s personal opinion about the communication with the profiles’ owners is that we did really communicate with the real people, and no fake profiles were possible. Thus, you should not even take a worry about this.

Final Thoughts

Again, no matter what we have written in this review, we can assume that no intrigue emerges. Lol! We do recommend the website to the readers of ours, since we really have had the best impressions. Of course, there have been some drawbacks, but—as we know, our readers are quite reasonable—you can always make your choice on your own. Our task was just to provide you with the review and our personal experience.

In any case, we are more than convinced that you will experience the best impressions ever. By the way, in order to have your communication even more successful, be sure to take a glance at the special—almost magical—phrases for the most unbelievable and successful chats and communication by HookupGeek. We believe you will surely succeed!

FAQ about Compatible Partners

In accordance with the terms of use, there are no limitations in this case. However, if you are straight and you need only straight experiences and ties, so there would be no point in getting signed up. Of course, if you are ready to experiment, you can sign up and pick up the category which is of interest for you.

The terms of use clearly indicate that “your subscription will terminate at the end of the subscription term for which you have paid, and you will not receive any refund for any unused days of such subscription term. If you purchase a subscription on an installation payment basis (such as three-part pay), cancellation will not affect your obligation to pay the total contractual amount due on your subscription and your credit card will continue to be charged the scheduled payments until the remaining balance is paid in full.” However, it does not mean that no refund is possible. Every case should be considered in an individual manner. Thus, in any special case when you want to cancel your account and obtain the refund, you should better contact the customer service.

Of course, we could have said that they have all the guarantees, but in reality it is not like that. In compliance with the official terms of use, the site claims that, “The Company may not be able to provide matches for everyone seeking to use its services. Further, the Company makes no guarantees as to number or frequency of matches through the Service, or to such matches' ability, desire or criteria to communicate with any user. You understand that the Company makes no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with individuals you meet through the Service or as to the conduct of such individuals.” But you should not be quite afraid of this, since all the success of the communication depends totally on you. We are sure that you will find what you have been looking for, since the choice is great!

No, this is absolutely impossible. So, when quitting your membership be reasonable. However, you can always have another new profile with Compatible Partners.

This aspect of your activities on the website is not a responsibility of the website per se, since you are the only person to decide who you date and who you agree on the date with. For more security, you are welcome to read the security dating tips on the website.