CooMeet is a brand-new biggest adult site providing an innovative approach to video dating online to find a woman for one night. The video acquaintance was created as a result of work aimed at removing all unnecessary. When implementing their ideas, its creators were guided by the principle of expediency, and this is not an empty phrase. The service is based on a brilliantly simple idea – video roulette (Chat roulette).

The mechanism of this Coomeet chat is simple,

  • You enter the service under your username, and an interlocutor instantly appears in front of you, s/he is exactly the same user as you;
  • If you are interested in a conversation with him/her, you continue communication, as an option, if something does not suit someone of you two, you can press the “next” button, which will lead you to a new interlocutor;
  • This kind of communication very quickly became popular, as evidenced by the frequency of his references in cinema, literature and the media.


On various video dating sites, there are often situations where only men come across in the chat. CooMeet in this regard is a unique resource, as the girls get to know each other first, and if you wish, you can choose a new interlocutor. The resource has only trusted users who are always ready to communicate with new people. The advantage of this service,as this current coomeet review says, lies in the fact that each person can make a choice and communicate only with the girl who will like it. You can always save contacts for communication, make video calls and enjoy the numerous functions of the resource. Statistics says that in just 1 hour each person has the opportunity to meet more than 60 girls and find the one with whom they do not want to interrupt the conversation.


So, how it all works?

  • It is incredibly easy to use the resource, for a start it is worthwhile just to turn on the webcam, and after a couple of seconds a random interlocutor will be connected to the connection;
  • If for some reason you didn’t like the choice, you just have to press the button next, and now you have another lady in front of you.

Why choose this portal?

  • The site is fundamentally new, so you should forget about the usual resources and experience the personal opportunities provided;
  • Recall the service benefits. They are comprised of numerous aspects, like anonymity;
  • Complete safety and security of personal data. The site administration does not require the provision of personal information;
  • Quick work. Connection is carried out in just a couple of seconds;
  • High quality. Advanced technology is used to stream video;
  • There is no need to go through the registration process, fill out a profile, enter personal data and upload photos – just go to the portal and communicate!

We would also like to disclose some data about the website per se by showing you the registration details,

  • the average visitor’s rate per day is 28,200 visitors;
  • the official IP location is USA;
  • the address, which the site is registered with is 665 Third Street #207, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US;
  • the phone number attached to the hosting address is +1-650-319-8930;
  • the date of registration of the website is March, 28, 2014;
  • the company, which owns the website is Cloudflare, Inc. (CLOUD14);
  • the address of the owner’s company is 101 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US;
  • in the rate of the World Site Popular Rating the site occupies the number 8727.

So, this is all as for the general data about the site, and we have to follow the next section of pricing approach. We are sure you want to know the truth of the web service!

Pricing Policies

CooMeetIs coomeet free? Fully communicating in the guest mode does not work, so consider the proposed tariff plans, which you all will encounter to get the coomeet premium profile,

  • $ 4.99 per month: you pay immediately for the year and get 120 gift minutes and a 50% discount;
  • $ 7.99 per month: you order a semi-annual package with a 20% discount and get 60 minutes as a gift;
  • $ 9.99 is a monthly one-time package with gift 20 minutes.

Thanks to the affordable tariff plans about CooMeet, reviews write positively warmly, referring to the service for leisure and finding friends.

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Pay for unlimited communication for a certain period, you can use several popular payment systems:

  • PayPal;
  • Debit card;
  • Web Money (for Coomeet Russian);
  • Yandex. Money (for Coomeet Russian);
  • QIWI (for Coomeet Russian);
  • Bitcoin;
  • Bank cards like VISA and Master Card.

What you get when you pay off the service to get your coomeet account, and what are the additional services?

  • If you are testing the service in guest mode, then while waiting to gain access to communication during the period when the active mode is completed, you can have fun by giving ratings to the girls and adding the ladies you like as friends;
  • Therefore, reviews of CooMeet are always objective, because there is an opportunity to test the chat functionality before making a payment;

New anonymous dating service CooMeet embodies the advantages of instant messengers, social networks and video chat. From the merits of the new platform should be highlighted:

  • the service is completely free, that is, you can search for new acquaintances, communicate and just have fun without registering;
  • Video chat is not the main function: there is a classic chat on CooMeet, in which you can chat with a person, as in a regular messenger, without having to turn on the video camera;
  • CooMeet has become one of the few cross-platform resources for casual dating: you can even use the service from the phone and tablet;
  • The site is available from different countries and, as a result, in different languages;
  • A function of connecting “Camera to Camera” (cam2cam) has appeared, which completely eliminates conversations with bots and non-existent users.


Coomeet is chat roulette of modernity. Some of the other features of the resource it is worth noting are as follows in case if you pay,

  • confidentiality. The user is not required to provide personal data and complete information about their identity;
  • In addition, all data transmission is carried out via hidden channels and is subject to encryption procedure;
  • Broadcast and communication takes place in high quality mode (HQ), which was achieved after the global modernization of the platform.

If you are looking for a soul mate in your region or country, you want to expand your social circle, but can not cope with shyness and timidity? CooMeet helps you solve these problems. The resource will give you a pleasant pastime for free.

So, if you want to have the coomeet premium hack, it is not necessary to do, since the coomeet hack approach will not give you the access to the coomeet free accounts. So, it’d be better to quit this idea and enjoy the coomeet videos for the paid options provided.CooMeet

Pros And Cons

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Most chat roulettes as such are the richest collection of all kinds of freaks. In them, you can easily find anyone here, starting with primitive lovers, moved on sex-soil, to demonstrate to anyone without getting their “virtues” and ending with fans of all sorts of exotic sects. It is unlikely that you will be interested in such anthropological material, if you set out to meet a completely ordinary person. This fact prompted the idea of ​​creating a service based on the same roulette, only with the addition of certain filters and restrictions. As a result, Coomeet appeared.

Coomeet (as well as some of the coomeet alternative sites) service is essentially the same chat roulette, but here the user has the opportunity to pre-set certain desired parameters of a potential interlocutor, for example, specify the gender or age. It is very important that he is aimed at dating – respectively, the local audience also craves for this. And so for everyone to find new interesting and exciting acquaintances – welcome to Coomeet.

The possibility of communicating on the Internet today will not surprise anyone. But the service in question offers something special – communication with the opposite sex via a webcam-based best cam show. So, the pros are following,

  • According to the information published on the CooMeet chat roulette portal, the number of registered users is 13 million users;
  • In this case we are talking about unique profiles, there are no repetitions of interlocutors;
  • Another feature of the resource is the ability to find an interlocutor from any corner of the world, you only need to set the desired location parameters, as well as specify the gender;
  • The service performs a search based on the roulette principle and selects only persons of the opposite sex;
  • The site interface is what everyone pays attention to first. This video chat has a clear and pleasant interface without cluttering up unnecessary elements;
  • The location of the control buttons is convenient for users, it is possible to select the menu language;
  • Visitors to the resource show beautiful advertising, but in general, CooMeet chat roulette requires more detailed study.

Video chat rooms continue to gain popularity, as they have a number of advantages compared to other methods of communication on the Internet. Men and women use such services in order to find not only their other half, but also just an interlocutor to discuss common themes and interests. In principle, the portal in question differs little from similar video chats, with the exception of one particular feature – it offers not only communication, but also earnings.

With a little effort, we found feedback on the resource, thanks to which we concluded that it’s not so easy to earn a substantial amount. Therefore, initially, CooMeet chat roulette should be considered as a way of communication and a source of additional, rather than basic income. Also, judging by the feedback from experienced users, the fair sex (especially attractive) is much easier to earn here. We dare to assume that it works according to the principle: girls should interest guys (or vice versa) so that they want to continue to communicate with them, which will no longer be free. Thus, earnings will increase. The first minute of conversation is not paid, money is charged starting from the second minute.

  • Another interesting feature is that in this video chat there is a section of the category 18+, which allows you to move the communication to a slightly different plane and communicate in the appropriate setting;
  • Unlike other similar services, CooMeet chat roulette has ideal conditions for private communication, since it excludes the presence of outside observers;
  • The opportunity to spend time tête-à-tête with the other person is an indisputable advantage of this site;
  • Each user personally decides to communicate to him in this format or not. Interestingly, despite such a large audience, no one is left without attention;
  • The only thing that alerted us was the too tempting conditions for earning money and the absence of any cash injections.

CooMeetIn this section, we would love to consider CooMeet chat roulette as a way to make money.

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So, this is what HookupGeek has discovered,

  • Information that the Coomeet service provides an opportunity to make money is true;
  • One of the ways to secure additional income is to participate in an affiliate program;
  • To do this, go to the site CooMeet chat roulette and register. Then you need to install applications on the pages where visitors can use chat or place advertising banners;
  • The invitation itself is created using a hyperlink with an identifier. The amount of earnings on such operations is a maximum of 5% of the earnings of other participants;
  • In addition, a person who has such a program installed will receive interest from payments made by users of the service, in the amount of 60% of the total amount;
  • As for payments, the site works with two payment systems WebMoney and PayPal;
  • Payments are made every Thursday, there are restrictions on the minimum withdrawal amount of $ 50;
  • You should pay attention to the fact that according to the rules of service, if it was not possible to accumulate the specified minimum before the payment, the output will be postponed to the next time;
  • This CooMeet chat roulette many do not like, but as a source of passive income is quite an acceptable option.

To pay for services, of course, you need to replenish your account. Money is credited to the account instantly. Some users in their reviews claim that the money is withdrawn even without confirmation of payment. Such a situation can justifiably raise doubts about the reliability of the company, so it is recommended to think carefully before giving your money to a dubious firm.


The matter of security is actually prescribed by the current legal system, and is comprised of and guaranteed by the following aspects,

  • regulated by the law of 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • regulated by Terms of Use;
  • regulated by the Policies.

So, it is quite evident that the legality of the site is proven, and you can absolutely count for the secure online stay with the site.


Quality Of Tools

CooMeet service is designed to search for interlocutors in a video chat. Here you can talk by voice or exchange text messages. Girls that you like, you can immediately add to your friends. You do not need to wait for the approval of the application, the lady will immediately appear on your list and you can start a correspondence with her or leave messages, even when she is offline. Communication is available only when the camera is turned on, and you have to install Adobe Flash Player by downloading it from the official site.

When you get into the video service, you are here in guest mode. You can start searching for girls and, depending on your sympathy, press one of the two buttons “interrupt chat” or “start communication”. Lack of guest mode in its time limit. Chat is interrupted at the most inappropriate moment and you need to wait 10 minutes to resume communication.

Feedback about the service CooMeet is positive for the following reasons and it proves the security and quality of services,

  • limited erotic content: if you came here just to talk, and not to gape at the feminine charms, then you will see a strawberry and a request to choose another interlocutor or to continue communication;
  • search by gender: men come to these services to communicate with the ladies. When another individual male appears on that side of the screen with an enviable periodicity, you have to endlessly press the “Next” button. Chat CooMeet has only positive reviews for the fact that here you can communicate only with girls and no one else;
  • possibility of verbal and textual communication.

CooMeetThe service has a support service with three divisions:

  • chat moderation: if you are blocked for violations or have verification questions, feel free to contact the experts;
  • Finance: learn in detail how to pay for services and remove all restrictions;
  • General questions: ask other questions regarding the work of the company.

Feedback from people about CooMeet confirms the usefulness of the site for spending free time. There are always more than 2000 girls from different countries online, and the interlocutors are always ready to communicate. There is a Russian interface.

Being in search of a girl, you can save yourself from a situation where you constantly stumble upon the same user. Hover over the Next button and get a choice,

  • skip and never find;
  • skip and churn: if a girl behaved badly, then she can be punished by asking to block;
  • to skip and warn about video recording is a really useful feature. If someone instead of talking to you in front of the screen, put the video, then you can block it by reporting a violation of the administration.

Thanks to this service about CooMeet, the reviews are always good, because here everyone is obscenely polite, smiling in an American way, well, or in Russian, they tolerate your presence.

If you liked the interlocutor, and you want to communicate further, then keep in touch in the “Messages” section. The option is available only for activated users. Here you can see whether the girl is online or out of place. Send messages, you can in any case, keeping the contact in remote mode. Such an opportunity turns the CooMeet chat, which is traditionally positive, into a full-fledged social network.

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The section with recent dialogues has several subcategories,

  • recent conversations: all your correspondence is here, not only with friends, but also with new acquaintances;
  • online friends: if the list has grown, then select only the girls who are currently on the site, if you want live communication, and not correspondence;
  • favorites: immediately go to the cutest, cutting off those who have been added to the number;
  • unread: if there are a lot of messages, then highlight those that have not yet had time to read;
  • all friends: a complete list of fighting friends.

Such meticulousness in building a list of friends brings only positive feedback to the CooMeet service.

Quality Of Profiles

Private video communication with girls is the main criteria, which determines the quality of profiles. Many such video services allow cases of incorrect registration, which is why, instead of girls, inappropriate men are caught. CooMeet excludes such cases and guaranteed to provide the site visitor with an exclusively female company in complete privacy. At any time of the day or night, the audience of the site remains unshakable. Therefore, to find a pleasant companion is not difficult.

Why exactly should you pick up CooMeet and its profiles to follow and communicate?

  • In the chat-roulette of this type, the principle of checking all registered girls is used, which in the future will create a unique way of selecting the interlocutor. In addition, unlike similar services, CooMeet lacks annoying registration and filling in forms with a lot of unnecessary information;
  • Moreover, no fake photos on the pages of girls, because each user is carefully checked by a team of administrators.

The following facts will finally convince you to become a member of the site and enjoy its services,

  • Anonymity comes first. The service team does not force users to enter personal data which is undoubtedly safe and completely anonymous;
  • The connection speed of the service works for users. After pressing the corresponding button after a moment, the system will select a girl for you;
  • Technological perfection. Be sure to fully comply with the specified by going to the site. Genuine HD quality transmitted video.

Feel for yourself all the positive aspects of the service. Spend unforgettable hours in communication with unique, interesting girls of different temperaments. Try it all for free and extremely quickly right now using a simple and simplified registration form.

Final Thoughts

Should we trust the service in question? Is Coomeet scam? Each user must decide for himself/herself. With confidence we can say only one thing that the owners of the portal have worked to make it attractive to customers. Here, unobtrusive design, user-friendly interface and the possibility of earning on the affiliate program. But besides the listed advantages, there is also a minus – you have to pay for communication with the interlocutor. And in situations when it comes to money (especially large sums), you should always carefully weigh the pros and cons.

CooMeetCooMeet video chat makes a good impression and is available to almost any user on the Internet. The annual package will cost only $ 60 and this will allow you to communicate with pleasant companions at any time of the day or night. Moderators constantly monitor violations and block users who go beyond the bounds of decency without your permission. Here you will communicate only with girls, and not madly rejoice in their rare appearance, as in other similar resources. The ability to test in trial mode (similarly to the sites like CooMeet) allows you to assess whether you need such communication in principle. If the desire has appeared, then start testing and look for girlfriends online.

Sites Like CooMeet

What else can we give you when you have already read this review? Yep, we can provide you with the sites to be similar to CooMeet. Oh, of course, CooMeet is some a unique website, but still, you will enjoy being a part of the other websites for dating, which HookupGeek has already reviewed for your convenience. By the way, all the sites, which we recommend now in this section are all deprived of any scam, and they have great hookup rate. So, take a glance at these offers,

By following these links, you will be exclusively eligible to read the most credible HookupGeek’s reviews about these horny web platforms. So, you will have so much choice at your disposal, and this all is possible only with HookupGeek!

FAQ about CooMeet

You can quit your membership at any time regardless of the reasons and circumstances. However, you should keep in mind that you would hardly ever expect any refund to be sent to your bank card. This is mainly because the website can provide a refund if it had not functioned properly. Therefore, if you just want to quit it is no good reason for any refund, at least partial, as well.

Coomeet establishes no limitations. It means that everything depends on the users and their style of communication. Some of them are in search of hookup, indeed, while some of them do really want to find some really serious ties. Thus, when communicating or even when searching for something, be sure to attentively learn the user’s profile, where they inform on their intentions. Therefore, everything is possible. Thus, be sure to communicate your aims and intentions beforehand in order to omit any misunderstanding.

The fake profiles are most often located on the scam websites. As one can see, Coomeet has quite a high hookup rate, so we would not ever refer this website to scam. In addition to this, when preparing the review, we did not find any scam or fake profiles. This is mainly because the website provides special two steps verification of the profiles as well as the verification of the phone number and email address. So, you would hardly ever be able to encounter any fake profiles.

The safety measures by Coomeet are numerous, indeed. The first of them is additional verification of the profiles, phone numbers and emails. Secondly, the Terms of Use of the Coomeet website clearly inform you on the on-disclosure of your private data as well as of your bank details. Thus, it is evident that the website is designed to have provided you with all the possible security. Finally, there is quite an easy procedure to delete your profile. It means that as soon as you delete it, all of the data related to you will also disappear.

Because of the monthly-based payment procedure, there is no limitation in the number of users you can get across. What is more, you are eligible to send an unlimited number messages as well as to receive the same unlimited number of messages and lead the unlimited number of the chats at any time when you want to. Thus, when you subscribe for the membership with Coomeet, you will probably have the best range of the unlimited opportunities from the point of view of the search and communication with the hot cuties whose profiles are located on Coomeet.