All the diversity of the cougar-like dating websites is quite a promising niche of the dating industry in general. HookupGeek as a professional reviewer of the online one night stand services, sex dating online and sex cam live services has numerous ideas and details about Cougared, and we are ready to shortly depict them.

ougared by HookupGeek

Let’s irregularly start with the overall impressions about Cougared com. We have some, yep,

  •  when you just attend the homepage of, you will be totally disappointed about the language it is composed in: a part of the page goes English, while another part seems to resemble German with a few typos;
  • one of the most positive impressions is that the website (as well as the dating service) is provided absolutely (!) for free, indeed, and we can affirm that this is really true (by the way, because of this we will not include the traditional Pricing section in the review);
  • the design of the site is not that exquisite and resembles the old-school photoshop;
  • the website claims to have only about 100K users (which is, as you can understand, quite a low rate in comparison to all the other dating and hookup sites);
  • in order to use the function of Cougared login you will have to wait about 5 hours, since the manual approval of the profiles should take place;
  • when everything is ok, you’ll be informed about the approval (but be sure to constantly check up the spam bin of your email account);
  • because of the free nature of the website, you will encounter the ads on the page;
  • one of the weirdest things of the site is that it advertises the other dating websites like AdultFriendFinder.

cougared screenshot

Hm, that’s quite a weird website, indeed. In other cases, we would refer it to the unique ones, and it’d serve like a special compliment. Nevertheless, in this case, we are not sure if we could’ve pay such a compliment. Anyway, we have to keep on our review.

What about the functionality of the website?

  • registration: the process to sign up is easy and will take up to 2 minutes only;
  • search: you will utilize it in the limited (or simplified) manner, since there are not that many filters;
  • messages: you’d message any member in compliance with your preferences, and the number of messages is absolutely unlimited;
  • uploading: you can upload photos of yours but there is no way to upload any videos;
  • to delete your profile, you will spend about two or three minutes.

On the one hand, everything seems more or less simple, and, to be honest, this all resembles the websites of the end of the 2000s.

Pros and Cons

Hm, that’s really quite complicated to criticize the website in question, since it is really out of the blue! However, we have rather much professionalism to accomplish this purpose! So, the pros of the website are as follows,

  • the utilization of the website is very easy;
  • the free of cost service is another plus.

Unfortunately, this is the whole list of the benefits. Also, it is unfortunately that there some more cons,

  • the number of profiles signed up is quite low;
  • the majority of the profiles are not active, for there is nothing to do on the site and there is almost no one to chat with;
  • there are almost no positive Cougared reviews and feedbacks by the users on the web;
  • it is impossible to find any Terms of Use of the site or any Policies on Privacy of the users;
  • after your profile is approved, you’ll receive innumerable spam emails (goodness, thanks that it appears in the spam folder);
  • there is no Cougared app to use with the mobile devices;
  • the design of the platform is not appealing at all.

Ho hum, there is nothing much to say anymore about the balance and comparison of the benefits and shortcomings. In any case, as a part of this section, we’d need to consider the aspect of security. See what we have discovered about it.


Because of the numerous reasons, we would never refer the website to the secure ones. There is a list a proofs for this fact,

  • the Terms of Use are not presented, so you cannot even know what you agree to do or not;
  • the half of the site is written in German, so if you don’t speak this language, you’ll need to try to understand it somehow;
  • the process of sign up will necessarily send you a letter to your email inbox, however, expect it to arrive to your spam folder;
  • the constant ads of the other dating websites will make you think that itself asks you to omit using it.

By the way, this is actually one of those rare cases, when HookupGeek analyzed the other Cougared com reviews on the Internet in order to understand what the site is all about, and you know what? There are no positive reviews at all, and the majority of the reviewers consider Cougared scam. On our side, we do not refer it to scam, but to the platform, where you will never find anything because there is no choice at all.

Quality of Tools

As you may already guess, the quality of tools is at the lowest level, and this is another drawback. Why so?

  • the search is quite simple and it is impossible to provide you with any fruitful results, for the number of active profiles is not that outstanding;
  • in case if you use messaging, you’d never get responses, since this is either messaging system lags or there are no active profiles at all;
  • the process of registration is possibly the only positive tool to work properly;
  • the manual approval of the profiles is so time-consuming that you’d rather prefer searching for any other cougar dating and hookup web platform.

No good, truly!

How To Delete Cougared Account

Thanks heaven, you’d not need to waste tons of time to quit the site and never get back to it under any circumstances. In order to delete your profile with, you’d need to

  • log in your profile (in case if you achieved its manual approval);
  • go to the Settings section;
  • choose the line of Profile status;
  • opt for the Deactivate button;
  • tap it and confirm your action.

A couple of seconds, and there you go, your profile is deleted forever.

Quality of Profiles

As a matter of fact, you can already know what we are going to say about the profiles’ quality which you will encounter on In any case, we’ll shortly do that,

  • the majority of the profiles are not visited by their users, so they are referred to be not active;
  • there are no fake profiles, since there is even no point in generating them.

So, that’s quite a pity to see such a situation, for the website is free of cost and could have brought the success to the users. However, as it turns out, it would not take place at least until the administration of the website provides the proper approach to managing the platform.

Final Thoughts

No intrigue is expected, indeed, since you see that the website is quite a strange place on the web. What is more, this is merely the first time when we did not know how to structure this Cougared review. In any case, as we told you, there will be no intrigue. On the one hand, there are no fake or scam instances on the site. On the other hand, there is nothing to do. What is more, everything is absolutely free of price. So, it means that could’ve been the best option for dating. However, for now, it is not. We do hope that the situation and the conditions are going to change at least some time later on. But for now HookupGeek would strongly advise you to omit this website to use. There are too many alternatives, and you can grab them all at once with HookupGeek!

FAQ about Cougared

In this case, you are most welcome to contact the support team of the website by using the Kontakt tab located in the upper toolbar (however, the knowledge of German would be needed, since the section is partially in German).

As a matter of fact, the only thing, which is known about the domain and the way it was registered is that it is located in Texas, TX, US, and it was signed in 2007.

Because of the fact that the website is absolutely free, there is no need in providing any of your payment details.