If you don’t seek the straight relations or gay experiences or if you don’t wanta lot some best nude cams, you will still be eager to discover them at least once! If you don’t need any lesbian experiences, you will want it, as well! If you are not about any serious ties or experiences with the dating social networks, you will be aching to have it grabbed! So, cougar format of ties is of yours, absolutely! No, we’re not going to speak about the well-known SnapMilfs or Lonely Wife Hookups. We are going to take a glance at CougarLife, one of the cougar-like websites, which are aimed at providing the experiences for the lovers of the elder persons, whose magnificence is not lower than the one of the younger girls. So, tighten your belts—all of your belts, you know!

What we have found out about the CougarLife? You’ll get it all right within this CougarLife com review by genius HookupGeek!

  • the website is owned by SafeNames Ltd under the partnership with Cougar Life Inc.;
  • the Cougar website was established in 2006, and it was last updated in 2018;
  • the expiry date of the CougarLife com commercial website is 2020;
  • the website is assigned to the following address, 2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1400, M4P1E4 Toronto, Ontario, CA, Canada;
  • the address of the headquarter of Safenames Ltd. is Safenames House, Sunrise Parkway, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK14 6LS, UK, the United Kingdom;
  • the CougarLife phone number is +44(190)820-00-22;
  • the CougarLife fax number is +44(190)832-51-92; and
  • the email you are to use if needed is legal@cougarlife.com.

CougarLife dating

HookupGeek—and you, all of our sexy readers—can now be sure that the website is officially and legally registered, and you can really count for the lawful resolution of all of the issues and questions in case if they appear, of course.

Let’s move to the functions and features of the CougarLife. So, does CougarLife work and how? Hence, the key functions of the hookup site are comprised of the following,

  • Chat: you will be able to send and receive the messages instantly;
  • Send gifts: similarly to some social networks for dating, you will be able to show your feelings by sending (and receiving) the special virtual gifts elaborated y CougarLife;
  • Send flirts: if you liked a person more than everyone else, you’ll get a chance to show it by sending the so-called CougarLife flirts similar to OkCupid and Badoo;
  • See new members: in case if you have been a part of the cougar community for quite a long time, you might be eager to constantly see the newest members of the CougarLife web platform for cougar dating;
  • See recently online: in case if you are too touchy about the details, you will be able to recognize who was online and when with CougarLife;
  • Browse by location: similarly to Zoosk and/or Tinder, you’ll be able to search the partners for cougar ties based on their geolocation and the distance between you;
  • Private photos: within the membership with CougarLife, you will have the most private (and, of course, horny) photos of the users unblocked;
  • See who’s viewed your profile recently: this will let you simplify the search of yours.

Thus, the functionality of the website is nice, yay! What do you think? In fact, our impression is quite positive now, since, when you are looking for the instant hookup or nice and kinky experiences, you will not want to waste your time to sort out what the functionality is all about, as you might have seen it with Fubar dating social network, right?


Prices of CougarLife Dating

Now on, welcome the pricing section! What will cost you to join the CougarLife dating platform online? Well, in compliance with the CougarLife reviews and official website of the dating service, you will come across the following costs,

  • there is a CougarLife free mode for $0.00;
  • the monthly membership will cost you just $34.00;
  • the 3 month special membership with CougarLife will price at $66.00, that is just $22.00 a month with the cool opportunity to save up to 25%;
  • the annual subscription will go for $120, wherein one month would cost you just $10 with the opportunity to save up to 70% of your funds.

So, is CougarLife free? Unfortunately, nope!


Herein, please kindly take into consideration that the payments for the 3 months and annual subscription are billed as one payment for all the months of the package at once.

Now, let’s shortly consider what you get when you order the paid subscription to CougarLife?

  • Premium Member: you will be able to have your profile badged with a special badge that lets everyone know you’re on the A-list of Cougar Life dating platform, which, as you understand, will let you have even more chance for the most successful hookup;
  • Exclusive Viewing Access: you will be able to see the new members (newcomers) of the CougarLife dating website first with exclusive access to new Cougar profiles for their first 6 hours after they had been signed up;
  • Recommended Member: You will be on the mode of a recommended match to new Cougars when they sign up similarly to EstablishedMen dating service.

So, in search of the most desired sexual experiences with cougars, you can succeed with CougarLife platform, right?

Pros and Cons

Let’s shortly analyze the advantages and shortcomings, which you can face with CougarLife dating. We’ve investigated the numerous CougarLife com reviews by the users, and included our own experience in order to find out how good or bad the dating platform is! So, we bet you’re interested, yay? Take a look, then, at the pros of Cougar Life!

  • there are numerous users of the website (approximately 3 million people);
  • when searching, you will see that all the users’ profiles are more than informative, so you will not need to elicit any additional details in communication, and will start in the communication and dating;
  • in order to get in, you will encounter the easiest process of sign up;
  • the exquisite design of the website will surely attract you;
  • there is a nice app;
  • nice and effective functionality.

What about the cons? In the course of HookupGeek’s investigation, we have detected the following,

  • there are several fake profiles run by the company in order to provide the users with the introductory information on how to use the website;
  • there are almost no functions in the free basic mode of the website;
  • the pricing is a bit high, so that it can be affordable to not all of the users.

In any case, this CougarLife review by HookupGeek is about to be glad about the quality of the site in general. But, please, don’t think we’re over, since we have much to tell you!

Security: Is CougarLife Legit?

What is the next with this dating website? Is CougarLife legit? HookupGeek is aware of everything, indeed! Follow us now!

So, first off, to find out if the platform is really legit, let’s consider the lawful bases of the site, which are marked in the Terms of Use and which the website claims to undergo,

  • If you are from Quebec (or Canada in general), you can count for the real protection by Quebec Consumer Protection Act, which regulates the rights of yours and protects them;
  • for the users of the USA, such a legal regulation as Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) is applied;
  • also, the US citizens can count for the legal protection by the Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”);
  • the special regulation goes for the inhabitants of California, and the law regulating their rights is Under California Civil Code Section 1789.3, California;
  • the EU users can count for the online protection by the EU laws in general (and the laws of their countries, in particular).

visit site
Also, in order to refer CougarLife real, we have indicated the institutions and parties, which you can direct your claims and issues to, namely,

  • you are always welcome to kindly contact the Customer Service at support@cougarlife.com;
  • for any more serious issues be free and welcome to send letters to Cougar Life Inc., using the following address, PO Box 67027, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4P 1E4;
  • the Customer Service for the California residents may be reached via the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs;
  • you can use the postal services and send your letters at 1625 North Market Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834;
  • you are also eligible to contact Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by telephone at (916) 445-1254 or (800) 952-5210 or Hearing Impaired at TDD (800) 326-2297 or TDD (916) 322-1700.

Thus, is CougarLife real? We guess, yes, for all the phone numbers are active, and all the addresses are real, indeed. What is more, can you encounter any CougarLife scam? We don’t think, to be honest—and this fact pleases us!

Quality of Tools

Yep, as you may know (or may not), at HookupGeek, we also test the tools you are given at your disposal in order to search for the best and most passionate experiences! So, what we have here?

  • the geolocation tool to date the nearest persons is nice, and it works, in fact, effectively (checked by us!);
  • the functions, which you receive at your disposal are cool and not irritating;
  • all the features of the website work properly;
  • the sign up and deletion tools are super fast.

Oh, yes! My, you will be glad to be a part of this website if you’re looking for some unbelievable cougar experiences!

About CougarLife com App

The CougarLife app for successful cougar dating is characterized by the following features,

  • the CougarLife dating app possesses the same features as the web version of the website;
  • you can do both: sign up with the service and/or delete your profile;
  • you can upload the photos and chat with the users;
  • you are eligible to edit your profile settings and your personal information with CougarLife apk;
  • you can have your CougarLife apk downloaded and installed for free.


Hence, there is nothing much to depict here, since the CougarLife apk is the same as the web version, and you will have a perfect chance to use it in the most successful way from any mobile device irrespectively of the operating system (Android or iOS).

How To Delete CougarLife Account

As we have already marked it above, the process of deleting the profile with CougarLife is quite easy. So, how to delete CougarLife profile? What you have to do is as follows,

  • use the function of CougarLife log in (possible with both website and app);
  • go tap the Settings section at the bottom of the page;
  • find the prompt of Membership (status) and tap it on;
  • then choose the Deactivate function and confirm it;
  • after that, scroll down a bit and choose the Delete Profile section;
  • you will be directed to the page where you will need to rate the dating service;
  • touch the button of delete the profile, and confirm your action.

Hence, you’ll spend about 2 or 3 minutes maximum in order to have your membership cancelled!

Quality of Profiles

What have detected about the profiles of the CougarLife dating database? Interested? Well, HookupGeek can inform you even more about this dating service in this section,

  • the majority of the CougarLife profiles (98%) are real, since there is additional verification and approval procedure executed by CougarLife administration;
  • the profiles of the users are much informed and the photos of the users are real;
  • the choice of the users is nice and will surely provide you with the uttermost diversity of search and dating.

Nice, isn’t it? We do think the same, in fact!

Final Thoughts

The time to to have it all finished with CougarLife now, and we feel pity, to be frank! Why? Just because we have been encharmed with that marvelous design of both the site and the app, and with the quality of the service in general. We’re not going to have any intrigue in this case, since you can really judge it all on your own: the Cougar Life is a great web platform to be engaged in both hookup and adult dating with the most passionate cougars! So, HookupGeek would recommend you using the site if you really like the age category of the users. You will surely find the hottest and the cutest women, s you know now how to get a girl for one night stand!

FAQ about CougarLife

In compliance with the official Terms of Use of the site, there is no trial period. So, you can either enjoy the free mode (which is quite useless, to be honest) or pay at least for one month to admire all the pleasances of the service.

Lol, no, of course, since the website is built on the principle of the double security online, and you will be eligible to use the services after the payment has been processed.

Yes. You can always read the blog located on the site to have numerous tips on how to date and how to search. Believe, you’ll find numerous interesting data.

Unfortunately, this feature is impossible, and it even functions within the 14 days period. It means that you can never renew your profile with CougarLife. This is what the Terms of Use claim about the deletion of profile, “your profile will be removed from all search results and will not… be viewable by other users. ...Your message history will be left intact and any users with whom you have previously interacted will still be able to access and view the messages you have exchanged. If you select this option, your account, including any personal information related thereto, will be deleted from our systems in accordance with our Privacy Policy. At that point your account cannot be restored.”

As it goes similarly to the other dating web platforms, you are not given any guarantees. In compliance with the Terms of Use, the CougarLife “platform and... Service give users the opportunity to explore their fantasies and to interact with others in the Platform… There is no guarantee you will find a date or partner on our Platform or by using our Service... Platform and... Service are also intended to provide users with amusement and entertainment. You agree that some of the features of our Platform and our Service may be used for such amusement and entertainment purposes.”