HookupGeek has already written numerous reviews of the one night hook up sites, which are positioned as adult dating and hookup sites. If you are our regular reader, you may know that the fuckup sites are not always that fair and credible. What can we say about CraigsHookup website? The Internet is filled with the numerous reviews, which do not actually give any exact conclusion on whether CraigsHookup is scam or not. Also, the feedbacks about this service are also so controversial that it is also complicated to sum up if you can succeed in hookup and adult dating with CraigsHookup. So, HookupGeek is going to sort it all out for you.

As usual, we are going to disclose everything exclusively and make a certain conclusion on how to properly utilize a particular web service for adults, or… we will clearly state if you have to use it at all. This all will be soon fairly and honestly disclosed to you, so that you can always expect the best and the most truthful professional opinion by HookupGeek!


In addition to this, before we start reviewing this adult dating source, we would like to warn you that this is going to be the most emotional and violent review you have ever read from HookupGeek! Yep, we’re not kidding now, so just tight your belt, and be ready to prevent yourself from the scam and fooling, which you will surely have if you don’t read it all.

So, let’s start! We’d love to begin with the stats about the website, which would surprise you, yeah,

  • craig’s hookup.com receives approximately 13.5 thousand of monthly visits;
  • the average time of having spent on the web platform is 00:12 minutes;
  • craigs hook up.com has 1.7 pages requested;
  • the average number of pages per one visit is equal to 1.7;
  • the index of 34.68 is the craigs hookups com bounce rate;
  • it is possible to estimate summary traffic for craigs hookups as 13.5 Thousand visits per month.

Now on, we’d need to move to the data about the company, and this is what HookupGeek has found out. So, what is the overall number of the members? It’d be unfair just to drop the sum, so we have decided to locate the number of members as categorized in accordance with the region/city on the site,

  • the number of members located in New York is 12982;
  • the overall estimates of the users from California are 46323;
  • Illinois-based number of members of criagshookup is 16182;
  • Texas counts 1066;
  • Arizona-based number of members is 3456;
  • Pennsylvania members comprise the rate of 9989;
  • Ohio-based number of members of the web platform is equal to 11981;
  • North Carolina members comprise the rate of 6765;
  • the overall estimates of the users from Massachusetts are 10982;
  • Washington-based number of members of the web platform is equal to 1672;
  • the overall estimates of the users from Colorado are rated as 9987 members;
  • Georgia’s number of users is no more than 8876;
  • Florida has at its disposal 23455 users on the craigs hook ups platform;
  • Oregon members comprise the rate of 1982;
  • the overall estimates of the users from Virginia are 12982;
  • the number of members located in Minnesota is equal to 12982.

CraigshookupWe have also discovered some more facts about this web platform for adult dating,

  • It is quite complicated to find the year of its establishment, however, HookupGeek has investigated it all, and we believe that the site was run approximately in 2008 or 2009;
  • The site as registered with the company named Proxy, LLC, which is an affiliate of another company GoDaddy.com;
  • The place of the website’s registration is Southfield, Michigan, USA;
  • The latest update of the website took place in 2017.

As a rule, all the information listed below is located in the section of Pros and Cons; however, we have nothing to do, since it could’ve been just the only section in this review. So, as opposed to slamming this site to odds and ends, we’ll keep things coherent and clarify precisely why we detest the site. We will kick things off by sharing my considerations on the profile creation and slime ball tricks required here.

  • Initially, craigshookups is positioned as a free of any cost web platform to meet the locals in the adult purposes; however, in reality, it is not, and we will prove it to you!;
  • In the event that you endeavor to make a profile for Craigshookup, at that point you’re going to promptly need to manage more trick locales than you’d initially set out for. You will be diverted immediately to two unique locales that never let up in their journey to get your cash from you;
  • They utilize the majority of the regular signs of trick dating locales by endeavoring to persuade you that there are huge amounts of individuals on the site. The site causes it to appear as though every one of these individuals need to get together with you. That is finished poop!;
  • The basic truth is that you’re going to discover your inbox loaded up with messages from bots and paid representatives. Just in case if you tragically believe that these messages are genuine, at that point you will need to open up your wallet and pay to update your participation so as to react to them;
  • When you do that, you are going to see that each and every one of them was an all out phony. You will never really talk with a solitary genuine individual on the site. It’s old news that such a large number of different spots do and everything prompts a similar spot. You’ll finish up burning through cash and receiving literally nothing as an end-result of it.

However, this is not the end of the tricky stuff the marvelous, of course figuratively saying, craigs hookup.com! you will see some more deceiving stuff, which will just make you crazy and violent, since they do nothing but fool you up! Take a look now,

  • After you traverse the majority of that, you will need to manage considerably more tricks from Craigshookup itself. It’s truly not a decent spot and you will be hit from all bearings regardless of what you endeavor to do with your time;
  • As a matter of first importance, the site is going to endeavor to persuade you that you should overhaul your profile so as to see the promotions that you truly need to see;
  • Shockingly, these promotions are similarly as pointless as the free ones and the site is definitely not a shoddy one. It’s a costly redesign and you don’t get anything for it.

Do you think that’s all over? Huh, unfortunately, no! Regardless of the tricky nature of the site per se, you will encounter the stupid wrongdoings by the members of the platform. Which? Lol, take a glance one more time at the following data,

  • Beside the tricks from the site itself, you will get tricks from the general population who post on the site, too;
  • Regardless of what number of promotions you react to, you’re most likely going to get in excess of a couple of tricks in them;
  • There is no real way to confirm yourself when you need to utilize the site for genuine purposes, and that implies that individuals can set up whatever they need;
  • Regardless of what trick they think of, they have this stage to attempt and fool you into it;
  • There are simply such a large number of approaches to cause you harm with this one spot.

The exact opposite thing that you ought to do is get yourself required with this site. It doesn’t make a difference how safe you endeavor to keep yourself. You’re going to finish up getting misled and there’s simply no chance to get around it.Craigshookup

Pricing Of Craigshookups

Pricing at craig dating network is another scam, since you will get not you wanted to receive when initially trying to sign up. Intrigued? Just read the following data exclusively collected by HookupGeek,

  • regardless of the fact that whenever you try to sign up or log in with this website, you are redirected, there are still the instances of successful sign up and sign in process;
  • the site claims to be absolutely free of cost for all the users regardless of their place of residence;
  • in any case, you are always requested to provide your credit card details;
  • after you provide it, you are immediately charged no less than $39.99;
  • even in case if you don’t want to use their services any more, you cannot delete your profile, and your credit card details are also saved;
  • you will be constantly charged for the so-called usage of the services regardless of your will to quit it all forever;
  • in order to have it been over, you have to visit your bank and change the card details.

So, it is evident that the question of whether craig’s friend finder is real or scam is actually useless, since there is nothing real on it except for the redirects and hidden fees, which you are about to pay until you notice those. So, we see no point in or importance of writing about the pricing anymore, since you do not even receive any (!) service at all. In fact, there is even no need to intrigue you, that is nothing else but the real scam, the scammest scam ever! In any case, we have to proceed to the next section, and you will read about pros and cons. Cons.

Pros And Cons Of Craigs Hook Up

In the view of the information disclosed above, we are not to write about any advantages of using the site. At all. No way to have any benefits. Only awful and cruel shortcomings. If interested, just carry on having it all read,

  • In the event that you investigate straightforwardly underneath the passage of the age limitations to use the web platform, you’ll rapidly see the landing page of Craigs Hookup. Does the page look recognizable? That is on the grounds that the webpage has been worked out to imitate or reflect the first Craigslist site. That is to say, they go to the degree of utilizing a similar wording and terms of administration that Craiglist employments;
  • Here is the thing that you would prefer not to do! The principal thing you need to abstain from doing is tapping on any connections that exist on this landing page. For instance, don’t (!!!) tap the logo or the content that peruses, “Enter to free member section” either. You ought to likewise shun tapping on any of the connections that are appeared underneath the states recorded;
  • Craigshookup isn’t just an enormously costly site with nothing to offer, it will likewise take up an abundant excess of your time. That remains constant when setting up your profile too. When you attempt to make a profile, you’re initially must arrangement with sidetracks;
  • What are these redirects? They’re occurrences when you’re sent far from one site to another. Need it? We’re sure, you don’t!;
  • They convey you to two different locales that will endeavor to trick you similarly as hard as Craigshookup does. If you move beyond that, you will need to round out a ludicrous poll that is such an exercise in futility;
  • Be that as it may, what else? All things considered, they’ll attempt to tempt you with the possibility that you can get whatever you need here on the dating site. The site clarifies that your entire experience will be naughty to the point that you’ll never need to enlighten anybody regarding it. We can disclose to you right since what they state is a finished falsehood.

It’s not worth the exertion at all and once you see what’s coming up for you on the real site, you will be truly disturbed about it. There’s nothing about this spot that is any great, and they just exist to attempt and take your cash from you. In the event that they had something to offer at Craigshookup consequently it would be a certain something, yet they positively don’t.

  • The two destinations that they attempt to divert you to will be significantly increasingly serious in their endeavors to trick you out of money;
  • You’ll get only spam from them. The locales cause it to appear as though there are huge amounts of individuals inside the systems who need to connect with you. Be that as it may, not a solitary one of them is ever genuine;
  • The activity is altogether created by the site and by bots to make you imagine that they have something to offer you. There’s not really a solitary genuine individual who utilizes the spot and it’s every one of the a gigantic exercise in futility;
  • In case you’re unfortunate enough to advance into the free profile area of the site, you will be hit by many scams the whole time that you’re utilizing it. You’re bound to end up on the less than desirable end of a trick than everything else.

CraigshookupSo, there’s simply no positive aspect regarding Craigshookup. Regardless of what number of various ways you see this, you’re never going to discover whatever you really need from it. The general population/organization that runs Craigshookup have no enthusiasm for running a genuine site. They just need to attempt to fool you into burning through cash on their accomplice locales just as their own. They’ll always attempt to persuade you to overhaul your record and that will just prompt you opening yourself up to considerably increasingly crazy tricks.

So, there is nothing else to tell you about the web platform’s drawbacks, since it is one big (!!!) drawback, and it is worth of only a ton of Scam Alert signs! In any case, we’d more to Security section, and – can you guess what? – you will not find anything positive. Yeah, this is another HookupGeek’s spoiler! Too cruel and foolish!

Security: Is Craigshookup Com Legit?

Security of Craigshookup? Lol. Ha-ha-ha! There is merely no security, for there is merely no service and no chance to get in. In any case, HookupGeek prefers to stay professional, and, thus, we’ll narrate you some more about the absolute lack (!!!) of security when it comes to this site,

  • the only positive thing is that the website warns you that in order to become a member you have to be at least 18 years old; Craigshookup
  • the security measures are not prescribed either in Terms of Use or Policies (for there are no (!!!) such sections at all);
  • the hidden fees you are forced to pay off (which we have already communicated) are another proof of absolute, overwhelming, and total scam;
  • the absolute absence of the real profiles is not in need to be proven, for you will not ever encounter any of them at all;
  • the number of users per region of the US is one big fake, which will surely make you think that the platform is great but in fact it’s not!

However, HookupGeek warns you (about a thousand of times at the same time), please, do not follow this link, EVER!


It is because you will be redirected to the adultdatingsites, which will not give you any chance to get back. So, these redirects are nothing else but the nonsense, since they just oh God disturb your comfortable stay online with this tricky platform!

Quality Of Tools

It’s getting more and more ‘interesting’ and ‘appealing’ to fulfil all the sections we generally use for reviewing a particular website. Quality of tools? Another lol, since there are no tools per se.

  • if you decide on signing in, be ready to waste super great amount of time;
  • if you insert your payment details, be sure that this ‘tool’ will definitely fool you up and you will be constantly charged with none of your consent;
  • there are actually no tools for messaging or signing up procedure;
  • there is no service at all, so you will never succeed to contact the support team (which, we are sure, does not even exist).

We are not sure that you’d want to read some more negative facts, and, in fact, we see no point in singling out any other tools-related drawbacks of the system which was honorably named to resemble Craigslist, that famous one.

Quality Of Profiles

To be honest, we cannot even detect for sure what kind of emotions we are currently experiencing towards this web platform for adult dating in the format of local hookup. We’re angry and we have some sort of hysterics, since we want to laugh and cry at the same time. In any case, the quality of profiles section requires us to write at least something. Something. Yep.

  • there are no (!!!) real profiles, for you do not even have access to them;
  • the number of profiles listed as per states of the US are fake;
  • you will never be able to communicate with someone if you are not successful with signing up (which requires too much time and effort from you!);
  • if you successfully signed up, and found someone to communicate with or to discuss the local hookup industry, you will encounter scam only, where the so-called ‘members’ would suggest their pre-paid (!!!) services, such as craigshookup amy who is a champion in doing so!

So, what else should be said about the quality of profiles? We guess, there is nothing else. In any case, we will not ever say anything positive. Don’t believe? Just try it out, if you’re that courageous and desperate!Craigshookup

Final Thoughts

Thanks God, that is the time to say goodbye or even give a farewell to this horrible and awful, useless and stupid web platform for adult dating. In comparison to the other scam sites HookupGeek has written about, this one does not even take any attempt to look like a credible website. See? The only verdict in this case, which HookupGeek has just disclosed to you, is that we do not recommend this site to anyone, since it is just nothing else but an absolute instance of scam! Besides, mind to have a look at our revies on sex web cam sites!

FAQ about Craigshookup

Regardless of the fact that it may seem that the service of Craigshookup is absolutely free of cost, it is not so. It means that if it were free, you’d not be asked to provide any bank details of yours. Also, as we have noticed, after you provide your bank details, you bank card is immediately charged at almost $40 with no consent of yours. Thus, every time when you provide your bank details, be sure to be responsible.

In fact, there is no connection with Craigslist at all. These are just two similar titles of two different web services.

As a matter of fact, it would be quite complicated to prove the credibility of the site, which charges its members regardless of their will. Thus, we have many doubts as for the credibility of the services to be proven in this case.

It is always up to if you want to trust someone’s feedbacks and/or opinions or not, as no one can guarantee that the feedbacks provided are truthful or, oppositely, are all falsified.

Unfortunately, no. As all the other similar websites do, no refund policy is established, for the client’s dissatisfaction is not a reason for the refund.