About Daisy Marie

As you can know, HookupGeek has started the new section of the interesting articles on the participants of the adult dating services, free 1 night stand dating sites and adult webcam industry. All this time, we worked on the collection of the horniest and the most beautiful models for webcams and porn stars who act up as webcam models.

Today, we are considering the work and creative activity of Daisy Marie, a famous porn actress and webcam model, who has been working in the industry since 2002. It goes without doubts that Daisy Marie has gained her fame because of the hottest experiences in front of the cam and because she took part in the xxx videos for adults.

So, HookupGeek is currently going to investigate all the secret information about Daisy Marie, since, as usually, we have been successful to reveal the most unbelievable and mysterious facts about this gorgeous hot girl, which you will never find somewhere else on the web! So, be sure that we are providing you with the most exclusive and unique information on one of your favorite and one of the best models you could have ever dreamed of!

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So, what we have succeeded to find out is as follows,

  • The real name of the famous webcam model and porn star is Brittania Ochoa; nevertheless, her fans can know her using some other nicknames, which she used to change in the course of the career;
  • The other names which Brittania Ochoa is also well known with are comprised of Daisy Tattoo, Daisey Marie, Brittania, Daisey, Maria, Daisy, and Daisy Dukes; and herein, it is evident that the first name of ‘Daisy’ is prevailing since the first attempts to shoot in the adult movies;
  • From her biography it is known that she had spent her childhood mainly in the city of Salem, Oregon, the USA; however, Daisy Marie was born in Los Angeles, the USA. This is why she could be even more successful, for the city of Los Angeles gave her a perfect platform to start off;
  • When being a child, Daisy Marie was known to frequently attend her other part of the family, which used to live in Zacatecas, Mexico; therefore, we can fairly claim that the origin of this passionate and horny webcam model is both the US and Mexico, which determine the features of her appearance and appealing silhouette;
  • Daisy Marie had started her career as a model for fashion shows; however, after being a bikini model, she realized that she would try to be ‘another’ model and actress in some more interesting movies;
  • In such a way, since 2002, when she started her porn actress career, she has appeared in more than 300 adult films and short videos. Because of the model’s experience she has been quite successful in posing for many adult magazines both for men and women;
  • In order to become more and more famous, in 2005 she starred in the scandalously xxx adult music video clip of the rapper 50 Cent for the track Disco Inferno;
  • However, already in 2007 she decided on shooting in one more video and it was titled as Rockstar by Nickelback.

daisy marie modelThus, it is now obvious that the girl is well aware of the shooting and camming process and has had numerous experiences of being a star not only in the adult movies but in the music videos for the world famous musicians. As a result, you just can imagine the level of professionalism of this cutie! So, when watching Daisy Marie performing naked shows in front of her camera or for the famous porn studios, don’t forget that she is a real star and she is worth of loving her!

Now on, it would be suitable to pay attention to the physical characteristics of this nice and gorgeous sweet candy. So, what kind of body does she possess and why is it so adorable for the fans of the talent by Daisy Marie?

  • The height of Daisy Marie is 5 ft 4 in (that is 1.63 m), which means that her silhouette is quite appealing and alluring when watching at her;
  • Daisy Marie’s weight is just 110 lb (50 kg), which means that in the view of her height she is quite slim and fit. So, you will definitely adore this babe, we bet!;
  • Daisy Marie’s hair color is definitely and constantly brunette, so she is amazing especially for the lovers of the dark-haired women who know how to behave badly in front of the cams;
  • Having brunette hair and brown (hazel) eye color, Daisy Marie seems to be extremely beauteous and appealing to the viewers from all over the world;
  • The measurements of her body are 91 cm – 61 cm – 86 cm;
  • HookupGeek even succeeded in finding out the real size of her breasts (!), and we can claim that the natural breast volume of Daisy Marie used to be 81 cm;
  • However, after she augmented her breasts with silicone, she got 91 cm. In any case, her fans admire her body;
  • The body of Daisy Marie is known to be covered with a bid Cherub tattoo on her back, so the lovers of the tattoed girls would go mad after seeing this passionate girl.

daisy marieThe media career of Daisy Marie is no less saturated and prominent than her life per se. So, what have we found out at HookupGeek about the media releases with her participation?

  • Daisy Marie has also been a successful finalist in the Jenna’s American Sex Star reality show contest, on the Playboy TV (a cable TV channel);
  • Later on, Daisy Marie hosted another Playboy TV series which are titled as  All Nite Party Girls. (By the way, in 2007, it served as a reason why Daisy Marie decided to undergo the breast augmentation);
  • The webcam model, Daisy Marie, in the past, in 2008, if to be precise, emerged on the June issue’s cover of the famous Penthouse magazine;
  • Daisy Marie had made numerous appearances within the framework of The Howard Stern Show;
  • As a professional and famous model, Daisy Marie used to posed for various adult magazines (such as Chéri) for both printed and online releases of the magazines;
  • As a professional and famous model, Daisy Marie used to have worked with some famous photographers including Suze Randall and her daughter named Holly Randall. This cooperation had finally resulted in the mainstream sports brand which has been spread all over the USA, Fantasy Fitness;
  • Daisy Marie is known to support the active sports, so she is frequently referred to being a real sports enthusiast. In this view, she has cooperated with AIP Daily as die-hard Laker fan;
  • Daisy Marie has been amongst the pornographic actresses who emerged in the welcome home party scene for Jax Teller after his release from prison in the Sons of Anarchy Season 7’s first night being broadcast on September 9, 2014.

Interesting Facts On Daisy Marie Webcam Model

So, it is already the time to move to the interesting facts, which would definitely marvel you as a viewer of the shows by Daisy Marie. So, what special about this model have we found out? What kind of interesting facts are we going to share with you in view of the work by Daisy Marie? Take a glance,

  • Daisy Marie is a lesbian performer mainly, since she is fond of the beauty of the female body; however, it does not mean that men do not like her. Oppositely, the men adore and admire her because she is too hot and can indulge them even if she is cammed with another girl;
  • Daisy has been nominated in numerous awards, which are mainly devoted to the lesbian scenes (including 2012 AVN Award Nomination for the best lesbian scene in the RolePlay);
  • The other awards by Daisy Marie are comprised of the following ones (2007 AVN Award nomination for the most valuable starlet (in the scene of the Unrecognized Excellence); 2007 AVN Award nomination for the Best Doubles Scene (video) in the Aphrodisiac movie (starred by Evan Stone); 2007 AVN Award nomination as the Best masturbation scene in the movie Barely Legal School Girls; 2008 AVN Award nomination for the Best lesbian porn (video) for the Evilution 3 movie (with the participation of Jenna Haze), and finally, 2008 AVN Award nomination for the Best Triolism Scene in the Facade movie;
  • Daisy Marie is fond of experimenting with the images, and, this is one of the reasons why she at least sometimes gets shot with the man.

daisy marie instaramWhat is more, Daisy Marie is known to be fond of the social networks, as she has a strong conviction that the social networks can bring her even more fame. In this article, we are exclusively sharing the social networks’ profiles of Daisy Marie for your convenience to start following her and get in touch with her. So, 

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  • if you want to find Daisy Marie Instagram (/1daisymarie/) profile, you can easily follow all the most cutting edge news of this nice webcam model. Of course, because of the internal policies of Instagram, you will not be able to see any explicit content; however, you would be the one who can admire exquisite erotic pics by Daisy Marie;
  • The Daisy Marie Twitter (1daisymarie)  profile will give you even more insights on the short posts by the webcam model wherein she frequently announces the nearest shows of hers;
  • If you are eager to see some piquant videos online by Daisy Marie, you’d love attending and following this webcam model on SnapChat (/add/onedaisymarie), since she has been running her profile there, as well.

So, there are so many ways to get in touch with Daisy Marie. In spite of her heavenly beauty, she is easy going and can sometimes respond you. So, if you want to chat with her you can choose one of the options provided above and use your favorite social network to get on with Daisy Marie and have fun all the time even when she is not going online. Perfect, yeah?

Why Is She So Special?

The mere job of any webcam model in the adult video chats is one of the most popular ways for young girls to become more famous. This was one of the reasons why Daisy Marie had decided on turning to the webcam modeling industry. This profession allows her not only to earn good money, but also to develop some of her personal qualities, which she had evolved when being a fashion model. These features, for example, are comprised of the interpersonal skills, charisma, and artistry.

  • When working, Daisy Marie cam soda in a chat is compared by this model with a theatrical production, in which the girl has to transform every day to become interesting and desirable for men. This is the first special feature of the model;
  • As we all know, monotony of the webcam shows is believed to tire the viewers. Thus, Daisy Marie believes that a simple display of your charms or charisma and a charming smile at the camera will not work perfectly. Thus, another secret of Daisy Marie is the one of the best ways to make the private show popular is to choose the right image for herself;
  • Daisy Marie’s fans and members want to see her on the screen not just as a beautiful girl, but the embodiment of their own ideal. Therefore, the images of the same model should be of… different variety;
  • Daisy Marie is aware that the very process of work in front of a webcam requires a creative approach. The chosen style of clothing, hairstyles, and makeup should have a certain character with pronounced features.

In addition to this, Daisy Marie does not only take care of the present state of her career but also, she looks ahead in order to plan the images she’d use when performing in the future. Therefore,

  • The future image of the model should be carefully considered, as Daisy Marie has a strong conviction. It means that contrary to all the established stereotypes, frank clothing and cheeky behavior are far from being the key to success in all cases;
  • The development of the image of Daisy Marie as a webcam model should take into account every detail: features of appearance, character, and silhouette. In this case, the selected role absolutely matches the temperament of Daisy Marie;
  • A relaxed and sociable woman, Daisy Marie prefers to be the center of public attention, it will be quite difficult to play a prude, and vice versa.

Of course, it is worth trying everything, but, as practice shows, the model succeeds best of all with an image that meets the characteristics of its character. Thus, these features seem to be special about the image of the model. So, if you love these points about Daisy Marie, you would definitely fall in love with her shows and Daisy Marie xVideos with her piquant and alluring participation.

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What is more, Daisy Marie believes that being different is not easy, but it is the surest way to stand out from the crowd of the other webcam models. To clarify: this is not about costumes and makeup of the model, but about the manner of communication. Daisy Marie believes that if nine out of ten girls prefer stamped phrases, and one has spent time developing their own bright image, it is easy to understand who will cause more interest.

To stay unique and special, Daisy Marie believes that the communication style can and has to be very different. Beginner models often make the mistake of trying to look too accessible. But even on sites where men are looking for communication, and not for a wife for the rest of their lives, bright personalities occupy the first places in the ratings. So, what is Daisy Marie’s calling card? Sometimes, Daisy Marie offers her visitors to solve a riddle or a joke. They do it every time they enter the chat. As a result, they form their own circle of fans who are looking forward to each meeting.

daisy marie instaram photoInteresting speeches in the cam rooms and in the chats by Daisy Marie are another way to be remembered. Truth to be told in this case, this tool for creating an individual style of communication is available only to those web models that are well aware of the language, and Daisy Marie is one of those. Communication style of Daisy Marie matches her selected image. If she plays a lady, then, her youth slang is better to be refused, and vice versa.

Daisy Marie tinks over the general relation to the interlocutor. The most deadly mixture this webcam model is fond of is a combination of light irony with wide erudition and optimism. Daisy Marie being a girl with a good sense of humor is valued all the time.

The hobby of Daisy Marie is another source of inspiration. Thus, Daisy Marie sometimes creates new programs and shows them in private video chat rooms. She also learns tricks and fire shows, dresses up in costumes from the distant past or future, reads poems in ancient languages, and sings — yeah, all this stuff works with her especially if the private visitor is eager to obtain this sometimes weird approach. So, Daisy Marie found what she can do especially well and tries to use it in her horny work.

Summing Up On Daisy Marie CamSoda

Charisma and charm of Daisy Marie is what she has been given from her birth, or is it a set of skills that has successfully gained in the course of her career development. The talent of Daisy Marie is that she is absolutely able to attract everyone’s attention even wearing some baggy clothes, being without any make-up and with disheveled hair. She is no less successful and appealing even after visiting the beauty salon, and gains looks of men and… women. On the other hand, the queen makes the environment as Daisy Marie makes an emphasis and when saying ‘the queen’ you know who she means – hers! This means that the level of attractiveness can be increased to the marvelous extent.

Daisy Marie’s charisma is not only and not so much external beauty per se. This is a charm and ability to like and to be liked. Three more essential components of the Daisy Marie’s charisma are emotional vitality, the ability to ‘read’ the viewers in the video chats and self-confidence. Charm of Daisy Marie is always being developed, if since she makes much effort. There are no ready-made recipes, but Daisy Marie is aware of some nice tips on this topic.

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The first thing that is required for the development of charisma is an emotional attitude. If you want to work as a web model, you must first feel its attractiveness, learn to accept yourself as a whole, and not piecemeal; so Daisy Marie did like that when she used to be a fashion model and transformed this knowledge to the live cam girls webcam industry and porn movies.

In any case, the work of Daisy Marie is that marvelous that no one can escape either her charisma or talent. So, if you have never had a chance to watch her performing live in front of her webcam, you should better do that as soon as possible in order to get how satisfying she is and how beauteous she gets when her audience supports her.

As always, if you have any inquiries about the models or porn actresses, you can always get in touch with us at HookupGeek, and we will try to provide with all the possible information. In addition to this, if you have some particular models to be discussed by our professionals, you can always send messages to HookupGeek and, believe, you will be able to read about the most secret and along with this credible details about your favorite webcam model or porn actress. So, stay tuned and do not forget that your satisfaction is definitely the matter of your choice and preferences, however, HookupGeek can assist you in the choice of the best options, for we have much work done in this field