10 Best Dates To Remember

We’re sure that all the reviews of dating sites adult content by HookupGeek have been of use for you, and you have found either some sex hook up experiences or hottest instances from the free dating sites one night stands! In any case, the mere act of f— someone is not enough, since everyone wants to have some emotions and experiences, right? Thus, you’d be eager to arrange some cool dates to set your partner of fire and make them feel not only romance but the overwhelming passion to lead to some adult fun afterwards!

Yeah, HookupGeek—being your credible and sound assistant—is able to let you have the best dates to remember! Of course, eating out or going to movies are quite nice ideas but they are quite ordinary and they would have hardly been able to surprise your partner. What is more, you’re always hunted by the constant search of the most unbelievable ideas, which would be also some romantic, yay? So, here, we’re gonna post some 10 perfect ideas to arrange the date for you and your partner to remember forever! Why? Just because they—being extremely easy—will fill your ties with the atmosphere and pleasure.

Oh, how many ideas for dates you could have read before! Oh, how many of them are indeed real? Which of them can really work? You know the answer: not many. HookupGeek’s gonna share with you some ideas how to manage a perfect date, which would not only be remembered but also which would lead you to the unbelievable adult experiences!

No matter of what the aim of the date is, you can clearly get it that the romance is always trendy! Also, the so-called candy-bouquet period ends up some time, and, with time, the peak of romance from a partner seems to be a dinner cooked on time and dishes washed up behind them. Yes, on dates you do not always have the strength, time and money, and over time, trivial trips and the same restaurants bother you. How to diversify your life and arrange an unforgettable date? Grab some ideas no!

A Picnic

Even the most regular and old-school picnic can vary the unexpected elements. So, what you gotta do and how you are supposed to act to make this picnic-style date unbelievable and impossible to forget? You can offer your partner to cook your favorite meal together, create a selection of the best romantic music and spend your picnic on the rooftop of a skyscraper. In such a way, the regular and sometimes boring eating of food on the blanket will be turned into a real date to remember. How? You’re gonna watch the people hurrying about their business, slowly absorbing their favorite food. There are also some options: if you arrange everything in the evening or even at night, you’re gonna look at the starry sky, so that what could be better?

In addition to this, there are some special HookupGeek’s hints to make your picnic some hornier, you know. First, when preparing food for the picnic, you should approach it wisely: pick up the foods which cause the sexual desire. So, you gotta use some pumpkin, celery, pine nuts, ginseng, apples, figs, avocados, oysters, bananas, and salmon. Secondly, drinks? Yep! use special drinks causing the sexual arousal and desire. Drink some red wine or champagne! Thirdly, be strongly advised not to use the milk products or the pop-corn! Finally, if you pick up the night picnic, you can have some nice and intriguing adult fun, which you might have never had before, you know!

Play Strangers

For this game you’re gonna need to change the image of yours for an evening, think up a legend to choose a restaurant or a bar that you had not gone to before and pretend that you are completely unfamiliar. Meet your partner again, tell your story (it will be great if it is full of small details), spend a romantic evening only together. To enhance the effect, pre-arrange that you will not leave the image until the next morning. It will add spice to your evening  and night! As for the stories, you can make up some details, which will draw even more attention to you. Along with the change of your clothes image, be sure to modify your personality. Experiment with who you could have wanted to be or strong enough to imagine someone else to copy to show your other sides.

dates to remember

Home-Based Dates To Arrange

The dates are not always to be arranged somewhere else out of the place you live. You can have much fun at home! However, herein, you gotta remember that every time you decide on having everything done at home, you should create such an atmosphere which is quite irregular for your both, since the home may be quite boring as a setting.

Cinema Marathon Stock

Cinema Marathon Stock up on your favorite drinks and snacks (remember not to use any pop-corn, you know!) and arrange a movie marathon for yourself and your partner: you can pick up films together or arrange for everyone to choose three films that remind you of your partner. You can also watch all the movies with your favorite actor or actress. If you do not be lazy, write out quotes that you both liked and then use them in conversations with your beloved one. This will invariably make them smile, and remind them of the evening pleasantly spent.

If you think there is nothing interesting with this idea or you’ve already done it, you can use some alternatives. For instance,

  • you can pick up the movies where you could watch some erotic scenes
  • you can opt for the romantic movies and copy some episodes, that is act them in the real life right away after watching the short excerpts;
  • you can make up a competition on who acts better, and the person who wins makes some wishes to accomplish (and, as ya guess, the wishes are gonna be some adult-like!).

Memories Evening

On the one hand, this idea can seem some old-school. On the other hand, however, when you arrange an evening of memories you can have some even more than just alluring experiences. How? HookupGeek’s gonna show it all to you! So, what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna review these photos together, tell each other life stories related to the stories, and everything you can make up with the memories. After that, you can offer your partner together to make a list of five things that you would like to do over the next five years or write romantic letters to each other and open them, for example, on the anniversary of the relationship.

But! There are some nice alternatives to diversify the option! Just look,

  • you can have a competition: play some associations. If one of you wins the association ment, they make a wish to fulfill (the nature of desires can be different, and sexual ones are not an exception, you know!);
  • you can recall only the best moments you had in sex (this can be used as a point to make up some newer experiences or repeat the ones which were forgotten).

Board Games

In fact, there are tons of the ideas on which board games to play with your partner. Again, regardless of the purpose of your date, you can always play with your partner in the games to make up wishes. They, as forfeits, can be thought up in advance together, try to make them varied and interesting: from your erotic fantasies that you have been embarrassed to realize for a long time, to a weekly ticket to clean the house, from buying a new dress to a joint trip to a strip club. But, as in the case of paintball, try not to forget that all this is just a game.

The only hint here is that if you feel like having some shame or doubts, so than just serve some red wine to drink, and you will be more frivolous!

Dates For Games… Sexual Games!

Another great way to make the night unforgettable is to give up the usual foreplay with hugs, kisses and memorized caresses. Replace the standard caress fun games. You can play artists. To do this, both of you will need to undress, take brushes, paints and draw an erotic body art on each other. You can highlight all erogenous zones with bright and rich colors, paint each other’s bodies as pictures. In short, give room to your imagination. Meanwhile, you make sure that the touch of wet brushes on the skin is very unusual and very exciting.

You can also play a fun game call the roll fruit. To do this, your man should wear pants, and you should roll an apple or any other fruit from one leg to another without your hands. In short, look for new ways to entertain each other, and you will find fresh and sexy ideas for many nights. And the more unforgettable nights you have, the more unforgettable your love and your life will ultimately be!

There can be an alternative if you want to have some more atmosphere. The 21st century humanity is accustomed to be considered as sex revolutionaries: the most frivolous, the most relaxed, and the most advanced in intima issues. However, if you carefully recall the history, it will become clear that we were not the first to start boldly experimenting and enjoying sex.In some ways, our ancestors were much more open to non-standard sex than we are. Suffice it to recall the savory myths of ancient Greece, the erotic culture of the Ancient East, the freedom-loving manners of the Renaissance, etc.

You may want to try to make a night of love in the so-called retro style. It does not matter which era you choose. You can appear before your beloved in the image of an eastern concubine or a Greek fig tree, you can dress up in the style of a sex symbol of the era of Golden Hollywood, or even appear in the costume of Eve, who tasted the paradise apple. In any case, non-standard entourage will help you to make your sex is not as usual. With the help of semi-historical, semi-erotic fantasies on the theme of past eras, you can break the routine of your intimate life and get out of the usual rut.

dates to remember

Active Dates Ideas

Hey, who told you that romantic dates should be boring and calm as hell? No way! HookupGeek has so many ideas on how to diversify your leisure time and how to lead it all to the desired outcomes! So, remember that every of these ideas on the active dating can really result in the best impressions. By the way, if you do everything perfectly, you will be able to use these experiences as a pre-game for the most erotic impressions and it will always help you know how to make her wet.

A relationship with a loved one is always a difficult (albeit pleasant) job. As a rule, after a short stage of love and reckless acts, the couple calms down, descends from heaven to earth, and begins to look at things more soberly. However, how not to turn from cheerful, playful and insatiable lovers in people sad and uninteresting to each other? To do this, psychologists are advised not to relax, but always to try new things, not to be afraid to go in search of adventure and more often surprise each other. How? For example, try to arrange an unusual, piquant date. You and your partner are unlikely to be disappointed.

Play Tourists

Even if you have a little time and you have a limited budget, there are surely places in your hometown that you have wanted to visit for a long time, but, for some reason, postponed your visit. Thus, you gotta make up a plan-route around the city together, having previously marked the most interesting places on it, stock up on drinking water and light snacks and go on a trip. Your city may surprise you, and you will look at it in a new way. The main thing is do not forget the camera!

How to make this date type hornier?

  • You can mark some places to visit where you could have some sex or just some adult pleasure;
  • Make up a flashmob: for instance, every time you reach the destination point, you have to kiss and make a selfie;
  • As an alternative for this pastime, you can cam the videos of having some sexual activities.

Thus, if you both like (or just need) some extreme, you’ll have it! Just imagine how gorgeous your sex will be!


One of you is supposed to prepare a quest all around your city. That’s easy. A partner who creates a quest, is supposed to think everything up and prepare the hints. Pretend you’re gonna play some hide-n-seek game all around the city. When a person achieves a destination, they can find a hint to move on. (As an additional option, you can want to leave some horny phrases along with the further directions to stimulate your partner’s arousal).

What is to be kept in mind?

  • think about the final destination beforehand and arrange something as a reward for the person who reached it;
  • mind that the quest should not be that exhausting, since it can presuppose some more energy to spend afterwards, if you understand;
  • be sure to arrange the best impressions, which would be deprived of any troubles and issues, since only positive emotions are important here!

In fact, if you’re absolutely free of fears and biases, you can have some gorgeous sex on public! Yep! We’re not kidding! Just a perfect sex on public which you will remember forever! Yes! It may sound like a lot. Sex in a familiar bedroom is nice and perfect, but! You will certainly have an unforgettable experience if your quest is gonna end up with sex!

If you are young and in love, remember that night is not just for sleeping. After your quest, go to a party, a nightclub, a rock concert, street racing competitions or an open-air music festival. Go where there are a lot of people (ideally young, sexy and adventurous). The secret is that the crowd is usually transmitted through a chain reaction. This can be much easier than alone with each other. Most likely, you have sex in a public place, or you just pounce on the adrenaline and impressions. And you will remember this night for a long time, oh believe!

Herein, you can pretend that you’re gonna have a date or sex just for one time. Here we are dealing with a clear statistical paradox. Men claim that they constantly have to deal with women for one night stand who they never meet again. While women say that a relationship that began as a one-night date, in most cases ends for them a long and serious affair. We will not find out who here takes what was desired for real, but rather turn to psychologists. They explain that women, like men, need sexual and psychological relaxation from time to time. A one-night date is a great way to get it. In this case, the so-called fellow traveler syndrome works: a woman behaves more naturally and more willingly “opens up” in front of a man, knowing that he will most likely never see him again. She perceives such relationships as a game, and this feeling as if frees her from responsibility. By the way, as well as from the need to think about how she currently looks in bed. Perhaps somewhere here lies the reason why such “random” relationships often develop into the long ties to remember!

Skydiving And A Parachute Jump

The highest intensity of extreme and the brand-new impressions are granted if you pick up parachute jumping! Just imagine how your babe is gonna be happy when you get back home and jump into your bed? Hah! That’s impossible to imagine—so you gotta test it on your own, and you’ll get the most marvelous results! It’d be great if you could hold each other’s hands when falling! It’ll be both romantic and extreme!

Riding A Balloon

Another romantic and extreme option with the lesser degree of intensity is to ride a balloon! Yep, just imagine the views you’re gonna experience. Pick up some champagne and romantic atmosphere! Don’t forget about the kisses and some secret touches so that no couch could see you doing that. Herein, be sure to keep the following in your mind,

  • you may want to whisper something in her ear to heat some more desire and to make a hint on the date’s continuation;
  • be sure to prepare some of the phrases, which would be both romantic and erotic;
  • try to embrace her standing behind her and make some horny actions in the slightly visible manner.

Thus, in such a way, you can get into the best dating ideas not to be regular and boring!

dates to remember

Final Thoughts

HookupGeek promised you to provide you with the most unbelievable dates to remember, and here you are! You can have the best impressions which will set your gf on fire when you do something like that to her! Do you think an unforgettable night is a notorious combination of wine, candles, strawberries with cream and rose petals scattered on the bed? Forget! This classic script has long been obsolete and become boring.

Perhaps this night will be very romantic. However, it is unlikely to be truly unforgettable! In order for the night of love to be remembered to both of you for the rest of your life, you will have to come up with something much more exciting and crazy!

What is more, if you’re now single and in search of the new gf to have the best adult experiences, you can want to know how to find the best match! So, you’ll love finding out about some of the adult live sex platforms, dating websites or some fuck sites, where you will have a great access to the numerous profiles to communicate with! So, just grab the ideas and be happy with your newest sexual impressions you have never had before!