2019 HOOKUPGEEK’s Datingology


Have you had troubles in choosing a credible dating website or app? Have you had any issues with the way how the sites for dating work? Are you tired of the constant deceit following you every time you get signed up with a peculiar dating service? There is a real and efficient solution!

At HOOKUPGEEK, we have considered and analyzed about 200 dating and hookup sites and apps, 50 000 profiles of the users, and 100 000 users’ reviews, so that we could have the most sound basis for the current anti-research! Yes, HOOKUPGEEK has developed a real and… revolutionary anti-research within our BRAND-NEW and UNIQUE project called DATINGOLOGY.

Why is this research goes with the anti- prefix? It’s all easy!

  • we have narrated everything in a funny and interesting manner, that is with no boring scholar language means;
  • we have collected the data only based on our own analysis (as a part of research, but we did not engage in
  • the complicated analytical tools’ description and so on, which is needed in the regular research);
  • we have devoted our work to the field of human expertise, which is not of the scientific interest in most cases;
  • we have invented the science of Datigology but of course no one would treat it seriously, so that our research turns out to be anti!

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By reading this cool anti-research, you will,

  • forever forget about the troubles of getting the best match when hooking up and dating online;
  • clearly understand how to detect any possible scam and how to avoid it;
  • better evaluate which dating and hookup site is better for you;
  • surely get how to pick up the credible profiles only and arrange the real dates only;
  • learn the principles to successfully fill the profiles out;
  • grab the psychological mechanisms of the dating and hookup online platforms’ users;
  • know how to save up your funds and not to waste your money in vain with the fraudulent services.

What is more?

HOOKUPGEEK’s Datingology is able to let you know,

  • the key stats on dating as of 2019;
  • the core principles of finding the best match in compliance with your needs and expectations;
  • the main secrets of both local and global dating;
  • the predominant types of the sites and how to use each of them in particular;
  • the credible data on the different ratios in connection with adult dating and hookup.

Special features:

  • tons of appealing and erotic photos;
  • special and unique stats;
  • a plenty of real and working hints; and
  • super great bonus at the end.

So, as soon as you get started with reading our exceptional and exclusive Datingology anti-research, you’ll be the God of dating and horniest experiences ever! Yap, don’t hesitate and grab another copy to be on the top of the dating world!

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Richard Dorment, editor-in-chief of Men's Health

“HookupGeek’s Datingology is a real Breakthrough of the Year! Personally, I am sure that this so-called anti-research is going to become a new and sound revolution in the world of dating! The daters all over the world now have a real chance to succeed! At Men’s Health, we support such a cool tendency!”

Hugh Hefner, Editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises

“To be honest, we didn’t believe that this project by HookupGeek is going to have at least any damn success! But! Yes, the work conducted will really contribute to the great adult experiences of the contemporary daters and hookupers!”

Will Welch, editor-in-chief of GQ

“Regardless of the fact that this is not that perfect type of work which I expected to read but it turned out to be one of the best works I’ve gone through this year! I guess, our GQ’s readers would be happy to read it to gain some more cool experience.”

Mitch Moxley, executive editor of Maxim

“Having read the anti-research for the first time, I didn’t actually believe that it can have any success. Why? Just it seemed to be quite a progressive and revolutionary book. Audience is not that ready to perceive this all. In reality, thanks God, it’s been ok!”

Mark Healy, editor-in-chief of Men’s Journal

“Yes, the dating industry sucks nowadays, and the mission of HookupGeek is great. Everything they’ve listed in the Datingology’s anti-research is going to assist the users all over the world. I wish it appeared long time ago!”