Elite Singles is an easy of the one night stand sex site. It has different functions that allow you to find the right match in a short period of time. The smart matching feature makes the whole process of finding your favorite match is very simple. You will easily create a profile and dating for sex. The registration process is not that very simple, however. You must provide the basic details and you will start… responding numerous questions about your psychological nature. As the Elitesingles reviews point, the platform conducts background research of users of the program so that you are not exposed to fraud. Many people have tried the dating platform, and most of them are very pleased with the quality services offered.

So, what is Elite singles? More than 82% of participants have upgraded their profiles. Therefore, it has established itself as the best portal for exploring highly educated people on the Internet. At the moment, as all of the Elite singles reviews state, more than 13 million users are registered on the site. Online registration is fast, but this will require you to fill out basic information about yourself and pass a psychological test. Test questions relate to personal and professional qualities, character, appearance, self-esteem and future partner. That is, after many questions about the participant, should be the question of the proposed partner. After testing, registration is considered completed. For convenience, a special mobile application was created on iOs and Android, which supports the same functions as the site.

So, as usually, this present HookupGeek’s Elite singles review takes a look at the general info about the website. HookupGeek always provides you with the most unique and exclusive facts, and Elitesingles dating sites is not an exception.

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So, what the present Elitesingles review has found out about the data about the site is as follows,

  • the geolocation of the site is US (United States), NY, New York, 11530 Garden City;
  • the site has functioned since 1999;
  • the Elitesingles dating apps run since 2011;
  • The last update of the Elitesingles dating site took place in 2019;
  • The CEOs of the site and of the company are Jeronimo Federico Folgueira Sanchez and Michael Schrezenmaier;
  • HookupGeek has also succeeded to discover the real address of the site to be assigned with: 874 Walker Rd. Ste C Dover, Delaware 19904, US; however, the Terms of Use of the site point to the fact that there is another address: Spark Networks Services GmbH, Kohlfurter Strasse 41/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany;
  • the Elitesingles contact number, which you can use to get in touch with the site is +1 (646) 760-2453 or one more Elite singles phone number which is +49 30 991 949 5 32;
  • in case if you have any issues to be resolved, you can access the following email address: support@Elitesingles.com ;
  • 45% of mobile app users are located in the USA;
  • there are about 165K new users on the monthly basis;
  • with the dating Elitesingles, the gender ratio is as follows, 44% are men, and 56% are women;
  • there about 2 million original page views on the monthly basis;
  • the users of the site are mostly aged from 35 up to 50 years old.

Therefore, HookupGeeks now has a strong conviction that the site absolutely officially registered. So, no issues can emerge, as it seems now. We’ll discover more in this review and inform you about it, as well!

Now, let’s see how you can get signed up with the service in order to Elitesingles com login. Yep, you’re supposed to take several steps to do so,

  • first of all, you have to determine the sexual preferences of yours: either you look for a man or woman EliteSingles
  • the next step is to insert your email and your password (which we recommend not to communicate to anyone else)
  • next, you will have to point that you are ready to get started, and after this point, you will have to identify your gender;
  • after you picked up your gender, you will need to indicate the gender you are searching for;
  • the next step is to identify your date of birth to ensure that you are eligible to use the service (in other words, you’re supposed to be at least 18 years old)
  • after that, you’re expected to inform the site on the marital status of yours,
  • What is very interesting is that the website pays too much  attention to the education level of the users, so that you will have to indicate which level of education you possess;elitesingles
  • the next step is to make an emphasis on how the education is important for you;
  • after that you will need to indicate what job you perform in real life
  • you will also need to insert your physical parameters like your height
  • what is more, you will need to indicate how you believe your partner’s hight is important
  • well, the next step is quite strange for the adult dating sites, but in any case, you’ll be proposed to choose between two pics,
  • you will laugh, but you will have to choose the following options to further sign up, for instance, what’s your favorite season;
  • the site also asks you verify your religious beliefs (which may seem quite improper, since it may negatively impacted the religious persons);
  • the topic of religious attitudes is carried on in the next question, where you’re supposed to identify the religious beliefs of your partner to be preferred;
  • the next question, which you’re supposed to accomplish, is your attitude to your own appearance;
  • the same question will be asked as for your partner’s appearance;
  • you will also need to identify the ethnic group you belong to (which is not always ethically correct and suitable), and you will need to indicate the partner’s ethnicity you prefer;
  • In fact, you will have to go through… 38 questions! OMG, it’s oh so exhausting! But if you think, it’s over, you’re wrong. In total you will need to respond… 116 questions! Goodness, that’s just too long, really! The other questions, which you will have to respond are both either psychological or related to your financial wellbeing. In any case, it seems good to know everything in detail, on the one hand; however, on the other hand, it it quite a time consuming process;
  • what is more, you will need to either upload the photos of your or import them from your Facebook profile. Pay attention to the fact that it will help you boost the profile of yours for free; EliteSingles

As a result, after you have done it all, you will need to complete the payment procedure by opting for either PayPal or bank card. Then, you will be eligible to use your profile to date everyone who you like and who liked you! In any case, let’s proceed with the payment procedure, Elite singles dating site’s pricing tariffs, and different options available with the site under each particular tariff package!

EliteSingles streamlines the coordinating procedure by finding and proposing perfect singles just as sparing your hunt inclinations – so the diligent work is accomplished for you. There’s even an intelligent guide on the landing page that will indicate you increasingly confined matches in your city.

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The Elite singles dating likewise offers tips all through the website and blog to help singles improve their perceivability and increment the quantity of matches in their inboxes. For instance, EliteSingles says a well-rounded out profile gets 8 times a bigger number of messages than one that is meagerly rounded out. Individuals need to know as much as they can about their potential matches, along these lines, on a dating site, less isn’t more – more will be more.

Notwithstanding the internet coordinating choices, EliteSingles offers selective singles occasion that will put you vis-à-vis with an assortment of fruitful single experts. When you’ve coordinated with individuals, peruse through their profiles. Your choices for connecting are various yet basic. You can send a grin (essentially an emoticon) that tells somebody you’re intrigued, a message, or basically spare them to your Top Choices in the event that you’re not prepared to connect yet. You get assortment in a basic, simple to-utilize position. While this could be useful for the individuals who don’t have sufficient energy to continually look through a dating site and are searching for to a greater extent a go between administration, the individuals who have become used to filling the time with swiping through an application looking for a date may turn into somewhat fidgety.

In the drawback, the sign-up procedure takes some time. The way that you need to round out the whole test before you’re ready to perceive what the site’s about could without much of a stretch be a hindrance for some enthusiastic or anxious singles. Expecting clients to put time in the character venture however can help to remove individuals who aren’t paying attention to this entire internet dating thing. On the off chance that they’ve painstakingly rounded out a profile, at that point you know they’re not kidding about finding a decent match.elitesingles

Additionally deserving of taking note of: the free form doesn’t generally go anyplace. Without buying in, you’re essentially just ready to see the way that you have matches or potentially messages. Client pictures are obscured and informing is very restricted. Additionally, from what we can tell from audits and from our own rundown of matches, EliteSingles doesn’t do the best occupation of submitting to your set criteria.

Pricing Tariffs

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Let’s now see the pricing approaches. Is Elite singles free? Yep, partially. The Elitesingles free features has the following features,

  • You can find a half of any gender here;
  • There are more registered women than men;
  • Tracking features let you know who viewed your profile;
  • Communication on the Elitesingles dating site is provided in compliance with all security measures (protection against spam, fraud) and confidentiality;
  • Blog articles are written by professional psychologists on topics of interest to participants;
  • The usage of the Elitesingles app;
  • This is an international resource that is available in many countries.

Paid site functions include the purchase of membership in EliteSingles, the Elitesingles cost of which depends on the period,

  • For 1 month of premium membership, the price is going to be $64.95;
  • For 3 months premium membership package, the cost per month is $34.95;
  • For half a year premium membership package, the price is $24.95 a month;
  • For the annual premium membership package, the cost is $14.95 a month

To increase the functionality and purchase the status of Premium / Premium PLUS you will need to pay extra. With a premium membership,

  • you can view all photos of participants;
  • see profile visitors and have unlimited communication with other users.

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With Premium PLUS and its Elite singles cost,

  • you get all these benefits, plus 20 additional matches in one day,
  • authentication, and
  • other services.

The how much does Elite singles cost of the premium PLUS membership is as follows,

  • 1 month of the premium PLUS membership package would go for $ 89.95;
  • 3 months of the premium PLUS membership package would go for $ 69.95 per month;
  • 6 months of the premium PLUS membership package would go for $ 44.95 per month; and
  • 12 months (that is annual subscription) of the premium PLUS membership package would go for $ 29.95 per month.

As you can see, it is much more profitable to issue the Premium PLUS status immediately for a year and have the full freedom to do what you want after you Elite singles login.

elitesinglesHowever, there are some free site features you get when Elite singles sign in, including the following,

  • Registration in the system, change settings;
  • The ability to send smiles and messages to users;
  • The Get Information feature allows you to send participants five questions with multiple choices that you have selected from the list;
  • In response, you also get five questions, the answers to which are most interesting to the interlocutor;
  • You can add a profile to your favorites list and return to it later for communication;
  • You’re eligible to use the Elite singles customer service
  • You have the opportunity to see the last profiles you viewed and some visitors to your profile.

So, you may now see that there numerous options to pick up when you sign up with this site! So, why wait for this?

By the way, regardless of how much is Elite singles in order to save up, you can easily search for the Elite singles coupon and you will have additional discount up to 25%! Cool, right?

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s go though the pros and cons of the site when you Elite singles login usa or elsewhere. What are they and how great they can damage your positive impression of the website? Ordinarily, we would start off the pros, which are as follows,

  • Selection and matching of appropriate partners based on the results of psychological testing;
  • The form is easily edited;
  • Communication security is ensured;
  • The selected contingent on EliteSingles eliminates the likelihood of rude, impolite communication;
  • The administration provides user support around the clock by phone, e-mail;
  • The blog has not only interesting articles, but also useful tips for the participants;
  • The process of registration is quite a detailed approach, so be sure to spend about 40 minutes to respond 100+ questions, upload the pics of yours, and choose the package and commit the payment;
  • there is a quite professional and comfortable Elite singles app to Elite singles search the site by using your mobile device;
  • diversity of the profiles and matches, which emerge on the daily basis in order to make your getting acquaintance easier;
  • super great and over protecting Policies of Privacy.

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However, in spite of the numerous pros we have just mentioned, you are required to know the cons of the site. Yep, there are some, and, of course, it’s up to if you want to subscribe and use the site in the view of the cons appeared. Thus, the cons of the website are as following,

  • The portal is not for those who are looking for an easy relationship, if you are on them;
  • The cost of membership is very high;
  • As we mentioned, the process of signing up can take you up to 40 minutes, so it’s a time consuming process.

As a result, now, HookupGeek believes that the cons are not that serious, and neither users will actually experience any disappointment after getting signed up. Meanwhile, we are supposed to move to the Security section. Believe, you will be positively shocked about the security. Intrigued? So, just proceed with the reading!


The matter of security is one of the most crucial and paramount aspects, when it comes to the adult dating, for it touches upon the private data, which – if being disclosed illegally – can harm your wellbeing. Thus, what about the security of the EliteSingles website for adult dating?elitesingles

  • the administration of the site pays pretty much attention to the security and, it is in spite of the fact that the other adult dating sites are not operating in the same way. In the Privacy Policies section there is a special point named “Personal Information,” which clearly communicate the approaches to your private information;
  • The Privacy Policies state that the web platform for adult dating is responsible for the data you share;
  • All the information you share in your profile as well as all the correspondence you commit are stored in Berlin, as the Privacy Policies state;EliteSingles
  • what is more, the Privacy Policies get you even more secure by disclosing who of the third parties can access to your information: in case of any legal intervention, the jurisdictions of different levels and importance can require the website to provide your correspondence. In any case, it seems quite legal and proper; EliteSingles
  • the policies of the site presuppose that the users of the site have to be at least 13 y.o., so whenever you indicate a person of this age, you will have to report it to the site’s administration in order not to violate the law. What is more, we strongly suggest you communicating with the persons, who are at least 18. It’ll make you even more protected. EliteSingles

In addition to this, we would love to draw your attention to the fact that the cookies policies are also clearly emphasized by the site, so you can easily read them. What’s more, you will see now that information collected via the cookies is not actually private and will never destroy your protection. The cookies used by the site collect the following information,

  • as usual, the IP address of the accessing computer or mobile device;
  • the websites from which you visit us (in case if you use the referral program);
  • the sites that you visit from the EliteSingles’ websites (in case if someone sent you the links, for instance);
  • the cookies will also indicate the date and time of your visit to the website;
  • the cookies will collect the type of the browser settings; and
  • the Operating System you use.

As you can see know, the cookies policies are quite easy and will never go beyond the zone of comfort of yours. So, we can clearly prove that the website is secure and you can always be sure that the source will surely keep your information in secret and no third parties will have access to it (with the exception of the governmental organizations and bodies mentioned).

We are so sure that you enjoyed reading this part, since it ensures your trust to the site. In addition to this, we would like to pay your attention to the quality of both tools of the site and the profiles located on the web platform. We’re sure you’re going to be intrigued! Carry on now!

Quality of Tools

In this section we would like to consider the number and the quality of tools, which you will encounter when using the website. What is more, similarly to some other Elite singles reviews usa, we are going to give you not only the description but also the critical analysis of how the tools work and what kind of quality you are to expect from them. So, let’s first see the matching system, which is built in the site,

  • Within the Match System, you will be eligible to get the Daily Verified Compatible Matches: so, you will usually receive matches being dependent on relationship inclinations, area, and answers to the Personality Questionnaire. This incorporates inquiries concerning your demeanor, character, diversions, and way of life propensities just as the qualities that you favor in an accomplice.
  • The option of search will let you easily sort by an assortment of classes including age and height, education and income, distance, desire to have kids, smoking and drinking habits, and ethnicity and religion.
  • The Have You Met feature will be aimed to recommend the singles, who you might not have seen while looking without anyone else.
  • The function of the Wildcard Matches will expose you to the premium individuals, so that you will get 20 additional matches every day.

elitesinglesThere are some more nice different features, which have been inserted in the work of the service, so that you have the best comfort ever,

  • Correspondence and messaging system: you will be eligible to interact with matches by sending them a virtual smile, customized message, or one of five icebreaker questions produced by EliteSingles;
  • You will be also able to follow the Capabilities: so, you will be capable of seeing who’s taken a gander at your profile or potentially read your messages;
  • The Top choice Singles section will show enthusiasm for individuals who get your attention and keep a rundown of your top online pulverizes;
  • Security and Safety Measures of the website is going to include the following, ID Authentication, Manual Profile Verification, SSL Encryption, and a demonstrated Fraud Detection System.
  • Spam Precautions: You will have all the inactive clients and clients who aren’t searching for genuine connections totally expelled from the site.
  • Dynamic Blog will share the most useful dating and relationship tips from eminent clinicians, industry specialists, and the EliteSingles group with you.

So, HookupGeek can fairly claim that the tools which are built in the site are nicely designed. In addition, we have checked all the tool mentioned above, and we can create the opinion as follows, we do recommend the site to each of our readers, since you will receive the best impressions! Intrigued to find out more? We have not already made our verdict. So, keep on reading now!

Quality of Profiles

After we have signed up with the platform, we encountered numerous aspects to analyze the quality of the profiles, which are located on the web platform. To be honest, we’d not want to pay much attention to this section, since, everything’s more than evident,

  • the site does not empower any fake accounts or online cupids to sustain the users’ fun communication;
  • the site does not employ the persons to run the fake accounts;
  • the profiles belong exclusively to real persons;
  • of course, the site does not guarantee any result of the search, for this is the personal choice of the users; however, because of the super great diversity of the profiles, you will find that there are many options to hook up and pick up for the dating;
  • the profiles, which exist on the site, are not only aimed at hookup and easy one time dating, but also at the serious relations and family creation.

HookupGeek, hence, has a conviction that everyone, who dates on EliteSingles will surely find what they’ve been looking for. As for the quality of profiles, dissimilarly of the other websites for dating, EliteSingles can provide you with the truthful and real ones. So, we are absolutely sure will fall in love with the profiles of the web platform. What is more, we are strongly encouraging you to finish up reading this review in the next section, since HookupGeek will give you our professional verdict.

EliteSingles brags more than 13 million individuals around the world, asserting that a normal 2,000 couples pair off each month. Neither of those are little numbers, so in case you’re willing to invest the effort to round out a profile and hazard filtering out some not exactly perfect matches or an irritating client administration experience, who knows, you may arrive on a pearl.

Final Thoughts

In an ocean of hookup-based dating destinations and applications, EliteSingles.com is a much needed refresher for aspiring and marriage-disapproved of daters who would like to discover enduring affection with an authentic individual. Some portion of what makes EliteSingles emerge is its astounding participation base. Over 87% of EliteSingles’ individuals hold in any event a four year college education, and over 90% are beyond 30 years old.elitesingles

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Because of its focused on client base, on-point coordinating framework, and innovative application, instructed experts can blend and blend with individuals on their dimension. In case you’re a school taught single more than 30, you will wind up encompassed by qualified date prospects on EliteSingles in light of the fact that this dating stage was structured explicitly in light of occupied single experts.

While we appreciated the itemized character examination, we’re not totally sold on the exactness of the outcomes. This is for the most part since individuals twist reality when they have to look great. Maybe setting up a dating profile is an ideal opportunity to assemble your most great resume – not recognize your character blemishes and tattoo them over your dating profile. Individuals are documenting this out realizing their answers are intended to cause them to seem appealing, so chances are you’re not going to hazard sharing something off-putting before you even escape the door.

While we adore the way that you can channel your matches dependent on separation, we think EliteSingles could’ve completed somewhat superior to setting thirty miles as the most minimal choice. For somewhere in the range of, a 30-mile contrast is an extensive duty – particularly for a first date. The capacity to limit this down to a littler territory would be particularly useful for individuals who live in refers to. Urban communities that are loaded up with experts. We’d at any rate like the choice to limit it down further, to five miles.

EliteSingles cases to physically confirm their profiles to maintain a strategic distance from phony records, utilizing SSL encryption and extortion identification innovation. While this may enable them to distinguish con artists, it isn’t preventing individuals from being untrustworthy on their profiles. We lied about my pay and was never hailed, which makes me feel like we most likely could’ve lied about different things, including my instructive foundation, so as to appear to be all the more engaging.

FAQ about EliteSingles

As a matter of fact, this is a part of philosophy of Elite Singles. However, it does not mean that you can encounter any escort or something like that. In any case, the material situation of the users is not the first parameter to use. There are many users, and you can always pick up only those who you truly like. So, don’t limit your search to the wealthy men or women.

You can quit your membership at any time regardless of the reasons and circumstances. However, you should keep in mind that you would hardly ever expect any refund to be sent to your bank card. This is mainly because the website can provide a refund if it had not functioned properly. Therefore, if you just want to quit it is no good reason for any refund, at least partial, as well.

In fact, everything depends on the users. Some of them are in search of hookup, indeed, while some of them do really want to find some really serious ties. Thus, when communicating or even when searching for something, be sure to attentively learn the user’s profile, where they inform on their intentions. Therefore, everything is possible. Thus, be sure to communicate your aims and intentions beforehand in order to omit any misunderstanding.

When preparing the review, we did not find any scam or fake profiles. This is mainly because the website provides special two steps verification of the profiles as well as the verification of the phone number and email address. So, you would hardly ever be able to encounter any fake profiles.

The safety measures by EliteSingles are numerous. The first of them is additional verification of the profiles, phone numbers and emails. Secondly, the Terms of Use of the website clearly inform you on the on-disclosure of your private data as well as of your bank details. Thus, it is evident that the website is designed to have provided you with all the possible security.