What Is Erotic Affairs?

As a rule, the Erotic Affairs reviews name several reasons why you should at least once utilize the site and why it is included in the dating adult list to assist you how to get a one night stand online. However, along with this, there are some negative feedbacks. So, is Erotic Affairs scam? We will show it to you!
So, as soon as you signed up, you can consider that you obtained the free basic account. However, it does not give you any functions at all, so you will need to release a certain payment to obtain access to all the tools. The tariffs are comprised in the following way,
The Gold Membership would cost you the following,

  • it would be needed to pay $34.95 for 1 month of your premium membership;
  • it would be needed to pay $69.95 for 3 months of your premium membership;
  • it would be needed to pay $149.95 for 12 months of your premium membership.

In case if you are about to order your Silver Membership you would need to pay the following,

  • only $1.95 would be needed to pay off for a 3 day trial membership period;
  • only $29.95 for 1 month of your premium membership;
  • only $59.95 for 3 months of your premium membership.

So, because of the diversity of the tariffs, you can easily understand that the costs are average, and you would be able to satisfy your needs. The cost is calculated in such a way that you will be able to save up your funds. However, it’s a pity they have no top adult websites connection to watch the cams!

Pros and Cons of Erotic Affairs

First and foremost, let’s look at the key beneficial features of the site, which are comprised of,

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  • nicely designed interface, which does not elicit any complicated impressions;
  • the number of profiles approaches the index of two millions;
  • the diversity of the preferences, which you can easily indulge is great;
  • numerous positive as well as negative feedbacks;
  • the work of support team is properly formed and organized;
  • the galleries with the xxx pictures are available for all registered users.

Hence, is Erotic Affairs real? In fact, we have a strong conviction that it is, for the level of the successfully arranged dates is high. But, is Erotic Affairs free? Let’s have a look.
Next, cons.

  • Some reviewers consider Erotic Affairs dating scam;
  • Some of the Erotic Affairs reviews make an emphasis on the fake profiles;
  • There is no app to utilize;
  • Sometimes, the support team does not respond immediately.

So, decide yourself if you like the platform paying attention to the pros and cons.

Is Erotic Affairs a Scam?

Well, how is Erotic Affairs legit? After examination, we believe that it is all ok, and it is legitimate. Is Erotic Affairs safe? Yes, if you do not disclose your privacy data to the third parties. The site guarantees not to disclose these. Hence, it is Erotic Affairs legit approach.

Concluding on the Erotic Affairs Dating

To sum it all up, it is up to you classify Erotic Affairs as scam or not, since different experiences can be encountered. How is Erotic Affairs legit? In fact, it is almost totally legit, so be of no fears to utilize it in a responsible manner. However, we cannot suggest you any free sites like Erotic Affairs since good sites would require you to pay.

FAQ about Erotic Affairs

In compliance with the Terms of Use of Erotic Affairs, there is no need in executing any payments for the signup process. So, it means that you can freely register to start hooking up.

For now, the site does not provide any discounts. Nevertheless, this policy can be changed in the future.

Similarly to all the other numerous dating and hookup sites, you are not (and cannot be) eligible to have any refund on your request, since in compliance with the Terms of Use of the site, the refund is possible only in case if the web platform does not provide you with the proper functioning of the services. In all the other cases, you cannot receive any refund if you decide on quitting the site (no matter what kind of reason(s) you tend to have).

Be advised to contact the support team in any case when you believe you need any assistance as for the work of the site. In order to get in touch with the support team you can just drop them a direct message via the special form located in your profile.

When signing up with Erotic Affairs you are given a chance to pick up if you want to have the straight (heterosexual) relations, homosexual relations (both man–man and woman–woman), and bisexual and swingers (couples). What is more, the newest feature is the dates for the transexuals. So, you can really count for the most interesting relations. By the way, you can pick up from one to three options of who you are searching when using Erotic Affairs.