About www fabswingers com

When we decided to review Fabswingers, we did not expect much, to be honest, as the interface of the site might have been much better and fresher, that would be some similar to the sites for the best way to get a one night stand! In fact, we don’t consider the design of the websites for hookups as the main factor of the service success. Why? Just because we’re more interested in the quality of the online stay and, of course, in the result you gain. Thus, Fabswingers being a well-promoted adult dating site, would necessarily let you have the most piquant experiences!

The first impression about Fabswingers is shaped right after the registration, and we have to say that it is more than positive. However, our task is not to advertise the service but critically review it, and we’re ready to start in doing that! This is why, we’ll consider all related information, stats, essence, algorithms, and pros and cons. In such a way, we’ll have all necessary vision on the fact if the Fabswingers is worth of your attention!

Some of the features being presented on the site may seem similar to the other websites for adult dating and hookup. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing unique about Fabswingers! Oppositely, we’ve found a plenty of the greatest features! We’ll share them all with you a bit later!


It goes without saying that one of the features of the site is the access to the webcam services, which are, as a rule, a prerogative of the adult webcam sites only. However, neither of them (neither male cams nor female webcams) possess the same functionality as the ones on Fabswingers! Intrigued? Right on, in this section, you’ll know everything! So, first off, it’d be nice to consider the essence of the website in detail.

What Is Fab Swinger Site?

Whenever you want to have the most exquisite and top-notch experiences via Fabswingers, you can really count for the overwhelming sexual preferences to be satisfied! As a result, we know that Fabswingers USA

  • is suitable for the straight and bisexual relations (as swingers experiences cannot be purely straight, right?);
  • is absolutely comfortable for the purely same-sex relations between both men and women similarly to HER dating or Taimi gay hookup app;
  • is alright for those who like bdsm practices (if you did not succeed with CollarSpace and Alt.com);
  • is ok for the hunters for the constant diversity.

In any case, when we noticed all features suggested on the Fabswingers dating site, we’ve been extremely happy and joyous, as the functionality of the platform is adorable!

Before you start using the site, you have to know some details. They’re not aimed to limit your actions but still it’s our task to inform you! The Fabswingers website is available only for the users from the following countries,

  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • Ireland;
  • New Zealand;
  • UK;
  • USA.

Let’s gradually consider the functionality of the site that is the features to use for the most unbelievably successful usage of the site,

Home: you will be able to do the following in the tab, namely, sent mails, search for the users, see who looked at your profile, get access to the galleries of the newest public photos, Hot photos: Most Fab’d, watch the latest videos, and photos by category, friends, cams, chats, have extra goodies, and great discounts (up to 16% off the sex toys);

My account: you’ll see the messages you’ve been sent to, the messages you sent, the winks received, and the friends added. In addition to this, you’ll be able to have access to the following options of the tab menu, including, Account Home, Read Messages, Sent Messages, Saved Messages, Looked at me, Tips & Getting Started, Friends Invites, Friends List, Friend Updates, Winks, Manage Photos, Photos you Fab’d, Recently Fab’d Photos, Manage Verifications, Edit Account, Edit Personal Details, Edit Profile, Message Filters, Change Password, Change Email, Change Username, Block List, Email Notifications, Privacy, Recommend Us, and Delete Account;

Browse + Search: establish the filters like who you want to find (Male, Female, Couple (MF), Male Couple (MM), Female Couple (FF), and TV/TS/CD) and who looks the same (Man, Woman, Couple (MF), Male Couple (MM), Female Couple (FF), and TV/TS). In addition, you’ll have some more options of the search, namely, Saved searches, Old Basic Search, Map, Local Updates, New Photos, Top Photos, New Couples, New Women, New Men, New TV/TS, Couples Online Now, Women Online Now, Men Online Now, TV/TS Online Now, Username search, and Countries;

Search also ensures that you can look for the following, Who are bisexual (or bi-curious), Who have at least one verification by meeting, Who can accommodate, Who can travel, and New in the past 5 days;

Chat: you will have access to chat rooms, profiles being chatting now, access to the webcams (small, medium, and large);

Hotlist: you’ll have access to all the messages and you’ll be able to filter the activities by your profile;

Forum: be sure to participate in the forum to participate the following forum threads including The Lounge, fabswingers chat, Swinging Support and …, Swinging Club Discuss, Introductions, Stories and Fantasies, Fabswingers.com site, Site help, Chat room feedback, fabswingers mobile App feedback, Swinging Club/Event, UK, Meet Requests and Participants, Ireland, France, Spain, Politics, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, London, Scotland, Wales, World Wide, Bikers, Camping, and Games;

Clubs: have access to the most famous swinger clubs in your country/region;

Pics: see the most recent photos of the users as well as the top ones in the present year.

In addition to these sections, you will be exposed to the special glossary to be aware of the key terms needed for the successful usage of the site. Hence, there is going to be no obstacles on your way to gaining the most incredible sensations ever!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

Of course, we’ll let you know everything about the Fabswingers dating site, and you will have access to everything. However, first off, we’d love to draw your attention to the following stats,

  • there are more than 2M registered members on FabSwingers;
  • there are more than 2,5M monthly conversations and chats;
  • there are 20K new responses on the Fabswingers forum;
  • the tons of the most positive feedback as for the work of the platform;
  • the number of users going online on the daily basis is about 65K;
  • the countries, which the site is mostly visited from is the US, Canada, Thailand, and Australia;
  • the proportion of females on the site is 60%, while the men comprise only 40%;
  • the average age of the users is between 25 y.o. and 27 y.o.

Hence, it is really possible to claim that the activity of the service is steep, and it means that the swingers service is of importance for the users!

Anyway, we need to carry on, and now on we’ll show you the age and gender ratio of the site. Why does it matter? In fact, just because you need to know if you can find who you need beforehand. Otherwise, there is no point in wasting your time.

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 12%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 15%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 10%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 1%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 2%.


So, the gender and age diversity of the site would surely advance you to the most incredible practices and risqué experiences! Don’t believe us? Just try it out, and you’ll see that everything is going to be as horny as possible!

Before we show you all legal facts we have found about the registration of the site, we’d love to point to the fact that this part is really significant, for it would comprise our opinion as for the credibility of the platform.

  • the geo location of the site is GB (United Kingdom), D3, Derbyshire, DE73 Melbourne;
  • Fabswingers was established in 2006;
  • the last update of the site took place in 2018;
  • the platform’s expiry date is known to be 2027;
  • the registering companies are NameCheap, Inc. and Winchester Consultancy Ltd;
  • the address to which the site is assigned is as follows, 4 Old Park Lane, London, Greater London, W1K 1QW, UK;
  • the phone number of access the site administration is +44-2034-744-458;
  • the fax of the site is +44-2036-759-458.

What’s more, we’ve discovered some more interesting facts related to the stats of Fabswingers, namely,

  • there are about 20.20M total visits a year;
  • the number of visits a month is some more than 65K;
  • the countries which the site is accessed from are United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany.

In any case, if you know, in case if we have all data found, we can surely attribute them to the positive feature of the site. What is more, because of having this information disclosed, you can really count for the most unbelievable security ever! you should admit that security does really matter!

Being sure in one’s security, we’d propose you scrolling down to find out if it is worth of getting signed up. By the way, the next subsection would also depict in what way you can subscribe!

Registration Process

Similarly to any other dating app or fuck site, you’d need to undergo the process of registration to be an eligible user of the service. As for the platform of FabSwingers, you will need to accomplish the following steps,

  • create your user name (the website suggests not to use your real name, by the way);
  • insert your email address;
  • make up a password;
  • indicate your gender and your role on the site (Male, Female, Couple (MF), Male Couple (MM), Female Couple (FF), and TV/TS/CD);
  • show your date of birth;
  • enter the security code (captcha).

Along with this, it’ll be paramount to fill out your profile to enable the search engine exhibit your profile as a part of the other users’ search. Therefore, there is the second step in the signup process, namely,

  • point out who you are looking for (Male, Female, Couple (MF), Male Couple (MM), Female Couple (FF), and TV/TS/CD);
  • locate the age of the possible partners who you would love to seek;
  • indicate your attitude towards people who smoke;
  • choose if you would love to travel or accomodate;
  • be sure to inform on your country of residence.

Along with this, you will also have to indicate what kind of sexual practices you would love to have with users you get acquainted, namely,

  • Adult Parties
  • Spanking
  • Swingers Clubs
  • Taking Photos
  • Threesomes
  • Toys
  • Voyeurism
  • Anal
  • Blindfolds
  • Gangbangs
  • Group Sex
  • Making Videos
  • Oral
  • Phone Sex
  • Rimming
  • Role Play
  • Cross-dressing
  • Cuckolding
  • Cybersex
  • Dogging
  • DP
  • FistingSafe Sex
  • Same Room Swapping
  • Separate Room Swapping
  • SM
  • Soft Swing
  • Watersports
  • Webcams

So, you can see that the diversity of the entertaining tools and sexual preferences for the successful search are awesome!


The interaction on Fabswingers is built in the interesting way, because the administration of site is aware of the fact that the users are fond of diversity. Thus, you’ll have so many ways to get in touch with the other members. For instance,

  • you can use the classic approach: messages;
  • it would be nice to also participate in the forum to see the persons who have the same interests as you do;
  • you can visit the video chat (and pick up the video chat rooms of the size you’d love to watch);
  • you will be given a chance to use innumerable modes of search to generate the most suitable search results;
  • by putting likes to the other and adding them up to the lists of friends and favorites, you’ll also interact;
  • you can arrange or visit the swinger parties and events by attending the swinger clubs (they are enlisted on the website).

Hence, we believe that such diversity of the dating and hookup interaction would surely play the most fruitful role, and you will find the best swinger partners.


For the faster mode of interaction, you’d be able to use the so-called quick links, including,

  • New Couples
  • New Women
  • New Men
  • Couples Online Now
  • Chatting Now

In any case, whichever method of interaction you’d be fond of, you’d surely have much fun! In case if you are not sure what you would like to test (especially, if you’re a newbie), the glossary would assist you to the greatest extent. Anyway, when communicating in the most diverse ways with the other users of the site, you’d be able to see who they are and understand what you would like to be engaged in! Easy, right?


Fabswingers is really one of the rarest dating and hookup locations on the web, whereon there is no such an approach to membership as on any other platform. We mean that the site doesn’t ask you directly to pay for your membership, as they refer it to support. In other words, when you literally purchase your membership, you support the service. So, it makes senses, since it is a friendly approach to the users.

In any case, you’ll be supposed to come across some payment system. Our task here is to depict it!

There are different ways to support the fabswingers, namely,

  • Upgrade by Text
  • Text Upgrade Help
  • Upgrade by Phone Call
  • Call Upgrade Help
  • Upgrade by Card
  • Supporters FAQ
  • Become a site supporter at FabSwingers.com

As for the payment by your credit card, the tariffs are as follows. There are two main packages to pay for,

  • Silver membership
  • Gold membership

Now on, the costs would matter, and we’re ready to show them to you right away, and we’ll start off with the silver membership,

  • 6x 50 day of Silver membership PLUS 40 days FREE (that is 340 days in total) would cost you £30;
  • 4x 50 day Silver PLUS 24 days FREE (that is 224 days in total) would cost you £20;
  • 2.5x 50 day Silver PLUS 5 days FREE (that is 130 days in total) would cost you £12.50.

The gold membership of Fabswingers would be shaped in the following way,

  • 6x 32 day Gold PLUS 60 days FREE (that is 252 days in total) would go for £30;
  • 4x 32 day Gold PLUS 32 days FREE (that is 160 days in total) would go for £20;
  • 2.5x 32 day Gold PLUS 10 days FREE (that is 90 days in total) would cost you £12.50.

fb price

Free Features

In fact, the website can be easily used absolutely for free of cost, as the key functions are available from the free mode. However, there are some paid ones that you would be capable of receiving only in case if you released payment, or support, for the website. So, it’d be more suitable if we single out the paid features, right?

As soon as you pick up a special tariff for yourself and release the payment, you’d be able to,

  • See who has looked at your profile
  • No more ads on site or in chat
  • Wider, cleaner pages with more info
  • View larger, high quality photos
  • Site supporter badge on your profile
  • See distances on profiles
  • View multiple cams in chat: SILVER Dock 1 cam (view 2 total) and GOLD Dock 3 cams (view 4 total)
  • More photos on your profile: SILVER 50 photos (8 per day) and GOLD 150 photos (15 per day)
  • Use different smilies on your messages
  • View searchable gallery of latest public photo uploads
  • Save messages to archive folder
  • View full message thread on all mails
  • Access to the site supporter cam room
  • Email photos to us from your mobile
  • Request a change of username.

Regardless of which mode you would prefer, you’ll have to decide for yourself what you expect and what you want to do. We’ll help you understand it especially clearly in the next section of pros and cons.

Pros And Cons

We’d not want to write much in this section, since we have mentioned much before. Anyway, we’re just briefly making some sumup. So, the key advantages of the service can be narrated as

  • regardless of some outdated interface, Fabswingers is equipped with the numerous efficient features;
  • there are millions of users to interact with;
  • marvelous tools like webcams and forum would surely make a great contribution to your perception of swingers;
  • there is an app to use;
  • the glossary section would educate you to the hugest extent so that you’d be a master of swingers experiences.

What about the cons? We’d elicit just a couple, which would no play any serious role, namely,

  • the app of the site is available for downloading only from the site itself (not from the platforms like GooglePlay or iTunes);
  • the interface is to be refreshed, since the credibility of the website may seem to be lower.

Yep, we’d not strictly judge these two points, as they are impossible to ruin the effective nature of the swinger hookup services by Fabswingers!

Quality Of Profiles

In short, HookupGeek has discovered the following points about the quality of the profiles,

  • you can post not only the photos of your face but also some sexually explicit ones (however, their number may vary in compliance with the pricing tariff you’re going to pick up);
  • the profiles of the users are filled out in such a way that you will see what their preferences are and how they correlate to your own ones;
  • in the course of our examination we’ve not found any fake profiles or any scam at all.

Yes, as you may see, we’d refer the quality of profiles to another advantage of using the Fabswingers hookup location on the web.

Quality Of Tools

We’re not even going to analyze it all much as for the quality of tools, since it’s been actually done. Yes, the tools are so diverse that you’d never feel bored. In addition to this, regardless of the obsolete interface, they are all efficient. It means that they work properly both in the free mode and in the paid one. Thus, there is literally no even smallest chance to fail with fab swinger!


Because of the fact that you don’t communicate any of your private details, you can feel safe when using the site. In any case, we do strongly encourage you to follow the common sense and be extremely attentive when arranging the dates. This is not now the main focus of the review, but still whenever you are going to make a date via any dating site, be sure that you have all protection.

How To Delete Profile

In order to delete your fabswingers profile, you’d need to accomplish the following actions,

  • fabswingers log in your profile;
  • in the upper toolbar pick up Account tab;
  • scroll down a bit and pick up the button of your account deactivation;
  • dissimilarly from the other dating sites, Fabswingers ensures that you can restore your profile within 14 days after you decided to quit your membership.

To be sure that your profile’s deleted, you’ll receive an email notifying that this action was taken. In case if you’ve not restored your profile within 14 days, it’ll be totally deleted from the database of the site automatically.

Final Thoughts

Well, no intrigue is going to be here, right? Fabswingers is really one of the best dating sites in its niche to find the credible partners for the most frivolous and lustful actions, you know. HookupGeek is always happy to be a part of such sites, since they prove that the adult dating industry is not dead, and it can really marvel us with the top quality of the services!

In addition to this, we would love to remind you that we’re always happy to see your feedback. We are sure that many of our readers have not ever used this site, so you’ll be amazed by the new inspirations! Just drop your comments right after the FAQ section to inform both us and our other readers on your attitudes towards the work of Fabswingers, their credibility, and maybe your own experiences! Anyway, HookupGeek recommends Fabswingers, as we’re sure that you’d definitely fall in love with this diversity and adorable efficacy! Don’t think you’d be eager to look for the sites like fabswingers!

FAQ about Fabswingers

You need to find someone who is already verified and ask them to verify you. If you are a couple or a woman then you can get verified by webcam. An easy way to do this is to go into the chatroom while you are both there, switch your webcam on and ask someone to verify you. If you are a single guy then you need to meet someone.

One of you needs to be verified in order to verify the other person. Your best bet is for the female to get verified by another member e.g. on cam or by phone call.

If you're trying to verify another fab swingers.com account that you have created yourself or you're trying to verify someone who is using the same PC as yourself, or you're on the same internet connection, then the verification won't be recorded. We do this to stop people creating fake accounts and verifying them themselves.

No. Everything (including friends, verifications) stays the same and the only thing that changes is your username on www.fabswingers.com

You can manage your www Fabswingers blocks on individual users on your block list page (you can also get to this page via your "my account" page).