About Fitprincess

Before we start to share all the data we have succeeded to collect about Fitprincess webcam model, we would like to warn you that you will be reading the unique and secret information about the hot adult best xxx sites model. It is mainly because the web does not possess much information about this actress and model. However, at HookupGeek, we are to provide the most exclusive information to our readers so that they could easily find out the most interesting and unbelievable facts about the models they are definitely in love with!

So, we are moving forward to the general information about Fitprincess, as one of the famous and frequently watched performers. To start with, Fitprincess gained her fame amongst the thousands of her fans because of the experiments she has always been in love with. It means that whenever a viewer decides on peeping on the hot alluring performances by this model, they can easily count for the most unbelievable performances. Also, if you once watched the videos for adults performed by Fitprincess, you may definitely know that her preferences are quite specific and cause much interest from the viewers because she has no limits in exhibiting her talents, you know.

So, what exclusive facts has Hookupgeek found about this horny Fitprincess? Take a glance,

  • the real name of the magnificent and well skilled Fitprincess is frequently unknown to the viewers and her fans. However, we have been so happy that we have succeeded to find out that the real name of Fitprincess is Gianna; however, there is no exact data on her family name. So, in the nearest future we are going to disclose it as we have a strong conviction that we will find it out!;
  • Due to the fact that the Internet provides different dates of birth of Fitprincess, we have been investigating this case in order to find the truth. Here you are! We have done it as well. So, now, we are telling you the date of birth of Fitprincess, so be the first to know that she was born on March 10, 1982. (Don’t forget to congratulate her in the chats when watching her performing);
  • So, now you must know that Fitprincess is 37 years old, and can share her nice titillating experiences with each and every user of the platforms, whereon she tends to perform her hot shows;
  • Fitprincess does not share her home town or city, but we found out that she lives in the USA and is a native speaker of English; so, if you decide to have cam2cam performances with her, you can easily contact her in English.

Now, let us go further and take a look at her physical parameters and understand why is so  loved by the audience who watch her daily. 

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  • the body type of Fitprincess (as it is evident from her nickname) is Athletic/ Slim; so if you’re fond of the slim girls working cool in front of the cams, you can easily watch her videos and get your satisfaction;
  • the height of Fitprincess is 5’8’’, so, you can simply imagine how gorgeous she is being fit and slim;
  • the weight which is a characteristic of Fitprincess is 125 lbs, so just guess how perfect she is and how hot she can get when you chat with her in the course of the performances?;
  • what about the other sizes? The breast size of this incredible cutie is… you won’t believe your eyes!.. is 32DDD. So, the majesty of her silhouette is more than perfect and appealing;
  • her waist is 25 inches (0.64 meters), and her hips are 36 inches (0.91 m), hence, if you have at least any imagination, you can get it that this mistress is more than hot and more than cute and more than fit to deliver everything possible to her fans;
  • the size of shoes which she wears is 7.5 (if the Eurozone sizes format is meant, then, it is 37.5).

How about the stats on her fame on the different platforms? How popular she is?

  • if Fitprincess’ ChaturBate account is considered, we have found out that the total number of views she possesses is no more than 374672 now!;
  • the Fitprincess PornHub videos, which are available to the audience who have no premium account is more than 2 million, and a million ahead by those who are the owners of the premium accounts;
  • the page of Fitprincess CamSoda is similar to the ChaturBate results, so you can just imagine how this cutie is popular regardless of the fact that she cannot suit the teens category.

Having found out all the facts about Fitprincess, we have nothing else to say except the idea that until such passionate and talents models perform, the humanity would never be bored by the dull stuff. In addition, if you know about this model, you can easily escape the problems of the reality around you. So, carry on reading to find out the most interesting and intricate facts about Fitprincess as well as to see why and how she is that special amongst the other models of the same industry! Be sure to collect all the data HookupGeek shares with since it is extremely unique and exclusive!

Interesting Facts about Fitprincess

Some reviewers have a strong conviction that Fitprincess has nothing special to propose to her guests and viewers. However, the number of fans she has now is more than it had been expected initially. So, are there any interesting facts about Fitprincess? What shocking can you expect from her videos and webcam performances? How is she going to marvel her fans? All these questions would be easily answered exclusively for you right away!
So, the interesting facts about Fitprincess are as follows. Now on, we’d wish to have them separated into the generally interesting facts and the so-called hot interesting facts. So, the general interesting facts are as follows,

  • she is so fond of sports and different sports workouts that she devotes 5 days each week to control her muscular weight and weight of her body, as well; So you just can imagine that her body is always fit!;
  • Fitprincess hates when the viewers call her ‘babe,’ ‘baby’ or ‘BB’ in the course of filming her talents in front of the cam. Oppositely, she encourages each user to make any attempts to discover her name by merely enabling the search engine of their choice;
  • Fitprincess would be happy to teach PE when she is tired of camming. That is why, she is preparing her body to show the other how to keep their body feet.

The other facts we are going to share with you would belong to the category of the hot interesting facts. Why? Because some of them may sound quite shocking or extremely appealing to the readers who know not that much about this passionate performer for adult webcam platforms! Also, be advised to know that all these facts are exclusively provided by the model in the interviews to HookupGeek!

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So, come on,

  • Fitprincess does not really like being performing in the same sex formats, for she is too fond of the male company around her;
  • Fitprincess’ interests and preferences of the adult character are not limited by men per se: she is in love with cam shows wherein the participants are transes or couples of men. It makes her more passionate and sets her on fire whenever she knows she is going to be engaged in all this stuff;
  • Fitprincess supports her fans, who are fond of fetish and panties, so she can elaborate some shows for this category of viewers;
  • Fitprincess… sells her panties for fetish lovers using quite moderate pricing. She says that the pants with her odor and smell of her adult-like manipulating actions would cause even more satisfaction when watching her performances;
  • The prices for the Fitprincess’ panties are as follows, a $75 Amazon Gift Card for panties, and $125 Amazon Gift Card for panties being shot on cam to ensure that those were really FitPrincess’ panties with the wet results of her adult manipulations beneath her abdomen.

So, you can now easily comprehend that the nice facts about hot Fitprincess are quite impressive and magnificent, since the girl makes everything possible to promote her talents elsewhere using the most intricate and appealing tools such as panties. So, be sure to find out even more now to gain the highest satisfaction from what this girl does in front of the cam.

Why ChaturBate Fitprincess Is So Special?

Surely, there is actually no point in describing the technical details about the quality of her videos, since they are no doubts cool and bring the most unexpected pleasure to the viewers. Of course, the technical characteristics of the equipment Fitprincess uses is great, so the viewers obtain the top-notch quality of the videos and webcam shows. However, herein, the main task of HookupGeek is to extract the main specific characters of why Fitprincess is that much loved! Also, we’d love to pay your attention to the distinctive features of this model.

So, Fitprincess has numerous distinctive features, which make her exclusive for the viewers, namely,

  • she has the direct pricing list of what she can offer in tokens per show (for instance, she loves doing fingering herself, flex, touching and showing her breasts, feets, and genitals);
  • Fitprincess is in love with the opening up her genitals, so that each user can really watch her inside and get the additional satisfaction;
  • she has personally developed the rules which should be followed in the chat rooms wherein she performs at the moment. Surely, those do not go apart from the webcam sites’ policies, and they are even stricter. So, if you really love what Fitprincess makes, you should obey her rules and follow them with no right to violate;
  • she is not aimed at generating income only. Oppositely, she would prefer making less for better quality of the final outcome. So, if you need to watch the best quality shows, you are most welcome to try Fitprincess out!;
  • Fitprincess does not act up a goddess or a princess per se, she is quite self-confident and open to the new contacts, so you can easily contact her via fitprincess instagram page or use the #fitprincess hashtag on the same social media platform;
  • Fitprincess’ profile on Twitter is also available for all her fans; here you can find her by using her nickname @fitprincess69;
  • Finally, you can subscribe to her Snapchat profile using her nick of @HEYGIANNA316.

So, you can understand that the borders between the models and the audience have been blurred, and you can easily chat with Fitprincess to be grateful for what she’s done and what she is better to do. Thus, all of your suggestions will be heard. Just drop her a message and stay happy that she appreciates the love you send to her!

Summing Her Up

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This is actually all we have collected about Fitprincess and could share with you. Remember that HookupGeek is in constant investigation and research, so be sure to follow us to stay updated on the most unbelievable content and uttermost news about your favourite webcam models and adult films actresses!
As for Fitprincess, we have a strong conviction that you have watched her shows at least one or two times, so you are in bad-bad love with her. If no, if you have not already had a marvelous chance to get acquainted with her nude and passionate creative approach to camming, you are more than welcome to follow her in the social networks or on the adult webcam websites, which contain videos with her participation. Believe us, you will never get disappointed, for this cutie knows how to be hot and set you on fire just by touching her trembling and hot body in front of the cam. Also, if you want to find out even more, stay tuned with HookupGeek, which will give you the most updated info! Finally, if you want to find someone who’d resemble you this beauty, just address our adult dating platforms reviews to find a one night stand near me!