The numerous reviews by HookupGeek including the ones on live cam websites have already shown that there are numerous opportunities to date the persons in the rapid way. Today, we would love to take a glance at one of the most famous web platforms, Fling, which is called to give its users the numerous opportunities to hook up in the most successful mode. What is more, we are going to conclude if the site is legit and working or it is just another scam. So, if you need to know it all, just take a look at the data below.

So, what is a Fling? We’ll start with the Fling meaning. As a matter of fact, the word means the same as hookup, so every time when you Fling sign in, you can really count for the adult experiences related to hookup. In other words, every time, when you decide on getting in touch with someone, you can easily find what you are looking for, since the members of the site are all aimed at the process of hooking up.fling

Fling website as well as the Fling app exist for a huge number of years and their only goal is to help you find someone to have sexual intercourse(s) with the people in your area.

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Their website and network are legends in the world of sex culture, and if you really are in search of someone for a little affair, there’s no better place. In the end, these guys even have a symbolic name,

  • Registering to requires only a few small details to understand who you are and what you are looking for;
  • After a couple of minutes, you can see a long list of people in your area who are online and looking for fun without commitment;
  • Unbelievably great number of users to pick up out of;
  • Exquisite interactive tools.



Fling is truly the place to grab some perfect diversity. The only advice here is manage your time not to be in a hurry with all dates appointed

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko

Well, sex is a pretty funny process, so we believe that such sites are used and work. Of course, I have to emphasize that is about cracking things, not about “building love” or a romantic connection. Looks like this is exactly what interests you? Millions of registered users are waiting for you at Fling!

Let’s see some stats about Fling website in order to better understand the way it functions and the quality of experiences, which you are likely to feel when using the web platform for hookup and adult dating,

  • Fling was created in 2004;
  • The owner of the website is the Global Personals Media company;
  • The overall number of users is approximately 50 million people;
  • Regardless of being created in the USA, the most number of visits comes from Singapore, Russia and Australia;
  • The overall number of members from Singapore is currently approaching the index of 250,000 as of May 2019;
  • There are about 300 daily logins;
  • The number of the daily visits of the website is on average 11,000;
  • The average age of members ranks from 30 up to 35;
  • The average percentage of male Fling members on the site is 65% as of May 2019;
  • The average percentage of female representatives on the site is 35% as of May 2019.


Herein, we will also disclose the contact information, which you are supposed to know about the site,

  • The official company name is Fling, LLC;
  • The address, which is assigned to the company and to the site is 705 Washington Ave 2nd Floor;
  • The zip code and city code is 33139 Miami Beach;
  • The country of the website location is the United States;
  • Customer Support Email:;
  • Customer Support Phone: +1-305-712-6612.

What are the main features of the site, which you will get as soon as you release the payment for the gold membership?

  • Video chat;
  • Fling Live Girls;
  • Sex Shop;
  • Who’s Cute section;
  • Guarantees;
  • Premium Content.

Most often, women are looking for a serious relationship and romance, but it also happens when you just want to have sex at oncewithout commitment, subsequent calls and dates. It turns out that this phenomenon has already come up with a nameFling. The simple, non-binding relationship between two adults is becoming increasingly popular. Now sex without relationships is no longer considered shameful, you just need to take care of security. Fling becomes fun on vacation, an emotional outburst after a break up or even a way of revenge. Bright one-time relationships are good because they are honest and do not require additional emotional costs. You will enjoy and have a good time, and you will not have to pay for it by fighting jealousy, everyday problems and quarrels.fling

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So, what do you have to do to get everything the website provides for its regular users? There are some steps to complete in this case,

  • Begin by making a profile to be able to further use the Fling login page (incorporate a photograph on the off chance that you need to get more contacts);
  • Peruse through different profiles;
  • Buy in to premium enrollment so as to contact and get reached.
  • Give the typical essential data so as to get your profile and running. The best activity, on the off chance that you need to guarantee better shots for contacts, is to have your profile up also. Individuals will demonstrate much more enthusiasm for you in the event that you do.
  • When you have joined, investigate your territory and further away from home (on the off chance that you are happy to go that far) to perceive what singles are near. You can likewise utilize a fundamental pursuit to limit it down.
  • In case if what you see, make a point to get a membership and begin informing!

flingSo, there are nice features to be enjoyed, so you will definitely fall in love with the majority of them. What is more, the diversity of the tools, which we are going to discuss some later, will also surprise you.

Pricing Policies

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There are two main tariff plans, which you will encounter when you use Fling com login function,

  • Silver membership of Fling dating; and
  • Gold membership of Fling web site.

So, let us consider the tariff plans mentioned in detail. We will inform you on the prices of each particular package and we will let you know what you get if you choose either Silver membership with Fling dater or Gold membership Fling dating site. Thus, we’ll start with Silver membership pricing,

  • the 3 days trial within the Silver membership package will cost you just $4.95;
  • the 1 month of Silver membership with Fling adult will go just for $24.95; and
  • the 3 months membership period of the Fling Silver package is assessed as $49.95.

What pricing approach can be encountered if you prefer running the Gold membership by Fling? First off, the pricing tariffs of Gld package are some different from the Silver ones. The first difference is the two options of trial period, namely,

  • the 2 days trial would be worth of $4.95; and
  • the 7 days trial period of Gold membership with Fling will cost you $14.05.

The months which you can choose are also some kind different, and are comprised of the following,

  • you can pick up 1 month period of Gold membership would cost you $34.95;
  • you can opt for 6 months of Gold membership package will go for just $69.95; and
  • 12 months that is an annual subscription would cost you $80.04.

As you can see, the longer period of membership is, the more money you can save up. So, in this case, you should consider the amount you are ready to spend and pick up the tariff plan of your choice.

flingSo, what can you get as soon as you opt for either silver or gold membership packages? What are the key features which you obtain when you choose either Silver or Gold membership packages? Let’s go through this all now.

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The Silver Membership is comprised of the following features,

  • you can have an access to the function of viewing all Profiles & Photos;
  • you become eligible to read and compose new messages to the persons you like;
  • you can access the Video Chat via Public and Private Rooms;
  • after you purchased the pricing tariff, you become eligible to have 3 Month Guarantee.

What about the Gold Membership Features? What you get if you pick up this one? In what way is it different from the silver membership package? Let’s see it now,

  • After the Gold Membership package is bought, you will gain all the benefits of a Silver Membership communicated above;
  • After you get Gold Membership, you will be on top of every search result by the other users of the site;
  • After creating the Gold Membership profile, you are going to get featured on all search results;
  • You will be able to have free users emailed and have them sent the emails to you back;
  • after you purchased the pricing tariff, you become eligible to have 3 Month Guarantee.

So, it is evident and logic, actually, that the Gold membership is ready to provide you with the major number of functions to utilize. So, every time when you have doubts as for the choice of the tariff, you can compare the features and pick up the one, which better suits your plans and expectations. By the way, you can release your payment by using either PayPal or your credit card.

Pros and Cons

When assessing a particular web platform, it is paramount to clearly understand that there are both pros and cons of the service, and their balance is quite a decisive factor, which would directly impact your impression and which would determine the final outcomes you are aimed at receiving. What is more, HookupGeek always discusses the pros and cons of the particular website, so Fling is not going to be an exception, since the platform has both advantages and some disadvantages. We’ll start off the pros first,

  • A lot of experience with regards to grown-up dating: has been going since 2004;
  • The so-called Optional Discreet Profiles empower you to keep your profile photographs private (and careful!) which means you can pick and pick who you show them to;
  • Offers a multi month ensure – your cash back in case if you don’t get laid inside 3 months;
  • There is a great diversity of the interactive tools, which would make your pastime more and more appealing, alluring, and engaging;
  • Live cams are accessible, in spite of the fact that this really connections to an alternate site;
  • Interior email framework accessible;
  • Video talk and texting are additionally available.

flingSo, you can see that the advantages of the site are quite interesting, and can appeal you. However, we have to warn you that there are some disadvantages, so be sure read through them in order to be aware of everything which could spoil your impression.

So, the cons are as follows,

  • the support team for the users of the site does not work 24/7, since the hours of their operation are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm eastern time;
  • too many images located on the site’s page, so that the platform seems to be some kind of inexpensive;
  • it would be quite complicated to find a Fling hook up app, since the Fling app has been removed from the Internet because of the illegal nature of the services (that is the law does not really tolerate the 18+ erotic dating sites).

In any case, HookupGeek leaves the choice to you exclusively, since you are the only person, who knows what’s better for you. In addition to this, you are expected to read some more facts about the site.


The matter of security is well-designed with Fling. Let’s see why and what security gives you at the end?

  • The site does not allow you to see profiles if you are not registered as a member. This approach gives each member a basic level of security;
  • You can hide your profile photos on Fling and grant access to them only to selected members who only you can choose from the list of the contacts;
  • You can usually upload a series of images into your profile;
  • Fling offers the option of adding personal photos and defining access to them only for specific participants;
  • Some dating sites offer an alarm button that allows you to immediately redirect the user to another site. This feature is not available on Fling;
  • All data on is sent via an SSL connection, which makes it technically impossible to intercept your messages by anyone.fling

There are some issues connected with security,

  • Fling app has been disabled on the platforms like Google Play and iTunes;
  • The direct measures on protection of the private data are not provided in the Terms of use;
  • There are almost no data about the Fling dates.

So, is Fling legit? We can claim that yes, regardless of the certain points mentioned above.

Quality of Tools

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There are nice tools to be built in the site, which would ensure your comfortable stay with the site. Let’s see them all.

  • The function of the local search. It serves to find people who want to meet in their region. It is usually hard to get enough attention from other participants  on large dating sites. This is mainly due to too many participants with similar profiles, against which it is difficult to stand out. Fortunately, in addition to this, Fling offers a paid priority in their search results, which will allow your profile to be more visible. What is more, you have the opportunity to create a video profile that will help you stand out among other participants;
  • You can have the ability to block members from contacting you with Fling. This can be especially useful if you receive too many messages from participants who are not interested in you;
  • Group chat option with Fling. This chat feature that allows you to chat with other members who are logged in to a group chat session. You also have the opportunity to invite and / or start a private chat with other participants. Fling also offers video chat. Video chat is a good and safe option for a first date;
  • Fling has an internal messaging feature that has the following features: The ability to see when your contacts are online.
  • The option to be invisible and switch to the status of offline;
  • There are real-time updates that allow you to see that the other person is typing a message.


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What about the tool of quitting your membership? How is it going with Fling?

  • The dating site allows members to cancel a paid membership, but leave the profile active;
  • To remove your profile from the site you have two ways;
  • You can easily deactivate a profile by hiding it so that participants cannot see it. This option allows you to log in and restart your profile at any time;
  • Another option is to close your account and your profile will be deleted. After deletion, a new profile should be created if you want to use the site in the future again;
  • With the Fling site you can disable your account, but you can close your account;
  • If you decide to quit your account, it can be done absolutely for free;
  • What is more, you are able to unsubscribe from any mailing lists and/or material distribution.

There are some more tools to look upon, since they are so numerous,

  • Nearby, national and worldwide personals can be looked;
  • has a portable site for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry and different gadgets.
  • Optional discreet profiles – Explicit profiles can be blocked.
  • Discretionary cautious profiles. This implies you don’t need to demonstrate your profile photographs off to everybody and can stay unknown and private, just uncovering yourself to those clients you pick, for example, companions that you include.
  • One of a kind Who’s Cute? Game: You can rate up to 50 clients for every day. The more clients that you rate, the greater perceivability your profile additions and consequently your odds of being reached increment altogether.
  • The Trending Now segment in the toolbar will demonstrate to you the absolute most recent and most famous profile photographs that have been transferred to the site.

Quality of Profiles

The quality of profiles, when it comes to, is quite interesting to discuss, for the website is known to be real and credible, and, as a result, can deliver you the numerous interesting experiences. So, HookupGeek has rediscovered the following,

  • the majority of the profiles (about 98% of the profiles) are real, and the fake profiles are controlled by the administration and undergo the instant deletion;
  • the number of men is bigger than the number of women, so, women have much more chances to hook some up successfully;
  • the pics of the profiles are real, for they frequently undergo the process of verification, so you will be happy to know that the person you are communicating with provides the real profiles only.


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Thus, in the view of the information narrated, it is evident that the credibility of the website is proved not only by the number of regular users but also by the features, which characterize the quality of profiles.

Final Thoughts

Well, Fling is amongst the best platforms for the adult dating and hookup of the modern times, since the website ensures that each user has access to the credible and numerous horny accounts of the other users. So, this is one of the reasons why the great popularity of the website emerged. Therefore, the clients of this website are always satisfied with the quality of the service, since the dates arranged are successful. What is more, the diversity of the profiles as well as the intelligence of the interactive tools (including the webcam ones) will surely create all the necessary conditions for your successful pastime.

FAQ about Fling

When signing up with Fling you are given a chance to pick up if you want to have the straight (heterosexual) relations, homosexual relations (both man–man and woman–woman), and bisexual and swingers (couples). What is more, the newest feature is the dates for the transexuals. So, you can really count for the most interesting relations. By the way, you can pick up from one to three options of who you are searching when using Fling.

In fact, the payment process is quite a safe thing with Fling, for the company cooperates with the third party bank agents like Epoch, SegPay, CCBill, and InstaHelp247. Thus, when you provide your bank details, Flinig does not see them. Only the reputable and authorized companies can have access to it in order to process your payments.

As any other website of the similar nature, Fling cannot and should not give you any promises, as it would not be fair enough. In order to achieve the best result, just be a responsible user, and you will surely find what you have been searching for since you signed up. Thus, it means that Fling “cannot guarantee, and assume no responsibility for verifying, the accuracy of the information provided by any other user of the Site, including but not limited to, information regarding a member's age and marital status. Additionally, as users may discontinue or suspend their membership at any time, we cannot guarantee that individuals seen in various advertisements are currently active members. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we have no responsibilities or liabilities for any inaccuracies, intentional or unintentional, made by users or as a result of out of date information.”

Yes, in spite of the fact that the Fling service is quite similar to the numerous hookup and dating sites, there is an interesting feature to consider: you can claim the free tokens to have them used with CamSoda, a famous webcam models’ platform to watch the live webcam performances by the most skillful and horniest models ever!

In compliance with the terms of use of the site, you are to be at least 18 years old to use it. What is more, the Fling site works under the regulations of the 17 U.S.C. §512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), §512 of the DMCA, and 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.