If you’re here, you possibly do not consider hookup as another aberration, and you have definitely abjured your faith in any romance and love and want some lustful experiences! So, why not? As a result, you might’ve been seeking a cool hookup platform to brighten your spare time and to have the greatest and the most passionate experiences! HookupGeek is here now to let you know if you can get those with Flirt Buddies!

Flirt Buddies
So, we’re starting our review and we will surely let you know all the details, so that you could abscond to the most perfect sensations either with this 1 night stand dating sites or any other hookup site or best sex cam sites!

Flirt Buddies

From the very first glance, the Flirt Buddies website clearly resembles the known InstaSext one for the numerous scam instances, nevertheless, it is not the same. Another website for hookup it goes similar with is MegaHookup; however, we want to believe that they are different and Flirt Buddies do not provide any scam in the same manner. So, we’ll sort it all out!

Before we move to the functionality of the Flirt Buddies hookup platform, we would like to let you know some general information about it, which is, by the way, quite abstruse. So, you will never be able to find with any other source except HookupGeek, of course!

  • the officially recognized geolocation of the Flirt Buddies website is as follows, US (United States), VA, Virginia, 20149 Ashburn;
  • the website is registered at the following address, 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, USA;
  • the official registrant of the website is the eNom, LLC company
  • you can always contact the website administration at P.O. Box 6592 Metairie LA 70009 USA;
  • the FlirtBuddies phone number is 507-836-5503;

Let’s consider the process of registration with FlirtBuddies hookup website, since it is important to understand how it is built and what you have to do to become a part of the community! Thus, as soon as you have landed on the main page of the website, you can see that you have to complete the 4 steps to get in. What are they?

  • the first step presupposes to indicate your gender and who you are looking for: if you’re a man, than you can hook up women only, thus, if you’re a woman, you can hook up men only (that is no homosexual ties are enabled by the Flirt Buddies hookup service);
  • the second step is to make up your username, which can be either your real name or your nickname;
  • the third step is to insert the password, which you will need to apply the FlirtBuddies log in function (please, mind that you are expected to create a sound and safe password in order to prevent any leakage of your private data and chats); and, finally,
  • the fourth step presupposes you to type in your email address (we strongly encourage you to use a newly made one, since you cannot trust the site at this stage of your acquaintance).

Well, that’s kinda evident that you’re not going to waste much time to get in. However, what do you receive after the registration process? The answers is laconic: nothing. Nothing—until you release the first payment by opting for a particular membership tariff plan (we will depict everything about the costs in the Pricing section of this Flirt Buddies reviews, so be patient!).

Flirt Buddies

In any case, we can tell you that there some nice features, which will let you feel great with FlirtBuddies.com! Let’s see what exactly you gain when logging in with the website for hook up!

Flirt Buddies
The toolbar of the First Buddies features is comprised of the following items,

  • Home: when utilizing this tab, you will be directed to the homepage of the website where you will be exposed to about 30 profiles of kinky girls to get in touch with (yep, this is kind of the matching system based on the preliminary preferences you indicated, which is quite similar to Flirt.com, if you at least once used it;
  • Search: The search page will let you insert the filters for your search. The filters are comprised of your location (or location of the user you would love to hook up), distance between you, gender, and sexual preferences. You can also hook up those who are going online at the moment and the newest (and,of course, the hottest) ones. In fact, the distance feature is quite similar to xPress.com;
  • Messages: in this section you will be able to receive the messages from the site administration, support team and some users (this section somehow resembles the email inbox of yours);
  • Quickie: this is the tab of the special game (which is quite a unique feature of Flirt Buddies, and you will not encounter the same with any of the sexy dating sites), where you have to arrange a hookup meeting within the shortest period of time but with the best candidate, as for you, surely!);
  • SMS/Text: within this section, you will be eligible to search for the users who have indicated their mobile phone numbers and who are located in the nearest distance to you to write them sexts, which may seem similar to the iSexyChat platform;
  • Newest: The section is called to ensure that you will see the newest registered users to hook them up and the newcomers whose accretion is quite impossible not to notice;
  • Friends/Favorites: the tab is called to enlist all the users who you liked (favorites) and who you have added to your friend list (friends), which is quite usual with such dating and hookup platforms as Milfaholic and, say, FuckSwipe;
  • XXX Movies: oh yes, this is one of the most affluent and magnificent tabs to watch the hottest and the hornies adult movies with the participation of the most well-known actresses, so you just have to have alacrity to go through all of those!;
  • Chat: is the quick and instant way to exchange the messages with the users who you liked or who liked you.

So, in fact, the functionality of the website is quite regular, with the exception of the Quickie game for the adult built in the Flirt Buddies web platform. So, you will surely enjoy it all, and, what is more, the features would not cause your irritation or confusion.

Prices of Flirt Buddies Dating

Inch by inch, we are to move to pricing annexed to Flirt Buddies. What do you have to expect from them? Interested? Let’s get it all sorted out right away together!

  • there are four main tariffs to purchase the Premium (or VIP) subscription: trial, Gold Membership, Silver Membership, and Monthly VIP Membership;
  • the cost of the trial period for three days is just $2.97 a day, which is equal to $8.90 in total;
  • the cost of 1 month of VIP membership with Flirt Buddies is $29.95;
  • the price for 3 months of the Silver membership is $49.95, which is $16.65 a month (the sum of $49.95 is billed as one transaction); and, finally,
  • the price for 6 months of the Gold membership is $69.90, which is no more than $11.65 a month (the sum of $69.90 is billed as one transaction).

Flirt Buddies

What is included in any of the paid options you choose? Which features will go at your disposal right away after you fulfill the first payment for the membership?

  • You will really get the so-called Action Guarantees, which assume that the service grants that you will have numerous partners for your successful hookup;
  • You will be always exposed to the New Members Daily not to feel bored with the ones, who you have already seen;
  • You will have the function of the Cell Phone Texting unlocked;
  • You will get your specially designed Personal Matchmaking to simplify your manual search on the web platform;
  • You will be able to have access to the Private Friends Photos, which, as you understand, are quite kinky;
  • You will never have any limited Profile Views, so all the freedom goes right away to you;
  • Multiple Search Features will let you find exactly who you want to;
  • You will have the Meet Ups Today feature to guarantee that you really have the meetings with the horny girls of your choice.

For now, HookupGeek can claim that the features within the paid subscription are quite great, and you will have much to do there. However, that’s not all over, and we have to not only depict the features but also test their essence and effectiveness. So, scroll down a bit now, and you will have more critical thoughts about Flirt Buddies!

Flirt Buddies
Don’t think that it’s all finished with costs and tariffs. Why? When reading the Terms of Use, we have identified some doubtful points to mention in this current review,

  • be sure to control your subscription fees, since if you do not cancel your profile, the automatic auto renewal of your previous tariff will be applied, as you can read it from the Terms of Use of the FlirtBuddies.com, “Monthly rates of your subscription will be automatically renewed at the rate specified on the site’s JOIN page and your credit card… will be charged at the then-current subscription rate unless you notify the Company that you are cancelling your subscription… to the end of the preceding billing period. You are liable for any subscription charges… until termination of the Service”;
  • you can experience the uncontrolled fees executed by Flirt Buddies, and this is officially mentioned in the Terms of Use, “In the event of an unsuccessful recurring payment, an administrative fee of up to $2.00 may be applied in order to keep your subscription active until the full subscription fee can be processed successfully”;
  • the company does not bear any responsibility for the disputes either between the users or between the user(s) and the company.

Well, to be honest, it has spoiled some of our impressions as for the website, but we are not giving in, and are aimed at carrying on the review to inform you about all of our impressions and experiences with FlirtBuddies com.

Pros and Cons

Yabba dabba! We’ve arrived to the Pros and Cons, and here on, we will consider the critical analysis of the benefits and shortcomings, which you will surely enjoy with the website or, oppositely, will dislike! Traditionally, we are going to start in the pros! So, are you interested in the advantages of Flirt Buddies? Let’s get it all,

  • the functionality of the website is quite nice, and is surely designed in such a way that you will get what you want;
  • there are numerous profiles to communicate with;
  • the website is designed to ensure that the content is horny.

Yikes! it turned out to be the only three pros of the website, as we have identified it. Gah, we are to move to the disadvantages, and, unfortunately they appeared to be more numerous…

  • there are numerous Fantasy Cuties profiles (the ones generated by the computers, so you will communicate not with a real person but with the bots);
  • the website is for the entertaining purposes only—thus, you will be quite deceived—since the guarantees which the site claims in its Upgrade tab are not truthful;Flirt Buddies
  • there are the hidden fees (which we have already depicted in the Pricing section of this review);
  • the design of the website could have been better and smarter;
  • there is no Flirt Buddies apk;
  • the refund policies point to the fact that you can never have your money be refunded under any conditions.

Ugh, great balls of fire! You did not expect the same negative features, right? Neither did we! Unfortunately, we are now quite confused. In any case, we are to keep it on!


Gah, security… whoop de doo. After everything negative we have disclosed about the scamful actions by Flirt Buddies, we cannot actually find anything positive—as you could’ve thought—but we have. But it could hardly save the situation…

  • The Flirt Buddies com is governed by the 47 U.S. Code § 230. Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material (point d), but it would hardly determine any of the activities of the hookup website, since the law deals with the obligations of interactive computer service only;
  • The site undergoes the positions from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA);
  • Another law, which Flirt Buddies state to undergo is 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-keeping Requirements Compliance Statement;
  • Two more laws, which FlirtBuddies utilize are Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA,” 47 USC Section 227) or the FCC’s regulations implementing the TCPA (47 CFR section 64.1200).

If you google these laws and regulations, they would be hardly ever possible to prove that they can protect you as a user.

However, there is even less nice news! That’s—ick!—constant and everlasting deceit which you will surely undergo as soon as you process your payment for the so-called VIP services or Silver or Gold profiles. Let’s see what is meant,

  • the FlirtBuddies homepage contains the prompt that “Membership is free and you decide how much to reveal about yourself to local singles”. Is it so, indeed? Blimey! (We have already indicated the pricing approaches by the web platform);
  • the second instance of deceit, which you also will encounter on the homepage, “FlirtBuddies.com makes online dating easy and fun to flirt with local singles… Hundreds of single men and women in your local area are seeking love, friendship, and romance” What a fiddle de dee! It’s already indicated that you will only the hookup options, so, as a result, no “love, friendship, and romance” are a priority, and it’ll take you God-damn-how-many attempts to handle.

Flirt Buddies

So, what can be said about the security? HookupGeek believes that this is the same approach to the user’s security as we once found in the unfortunate Naked Locals or Cindy Matches. In any case, the Terms of Use of the website point to the fact that you can direct all of your complaints by using the following contacts,

  • The Company’s Agent for Notice of claims of copyright infringement for the Site can be accessed via the following way, Stephen Workman, Esq., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 8400, Chicago, IL 60606;
  • The Company’s Agent for Notice of claims of copyright infringement for the Site can be reached via email as follows: legal@;
  • in addition to this, you can reach the Legal Department of Flirt Buddies at legal@dateprofits.com;
  • You can get in touch with the Support team via  support@ or by calling the customer service at 800-564-9432 (+1-727-755-7249 outside the USA).

So, who knows, may be (which is unlikely, of course) it will all work, heigh-ho.

Quality of Tools

In the view of the details revealed previously, and being based on our personal experiences with Flirt Buddies, we have to say the following about the quality of tools, which will go at your disposal right after you commit the payment to purchase the subscription,

  • yep, there are many promising tools to utilize, but because of the numerous fake profiles, they do not actually work in the way you expect them to;
  • the Quickie game is nice and can really entertain you (that’s merely the only thing which signifies the entertainment function of the website under review);
  • in spite of the innumerable profiles signed up with the service for hookup, you would have to waste tons of time to find someone real;
  • the diversity of the computer-based messages which you start receiving within the first 2 minutes right after the registration will obviously irritate, since they will really seem to be sent by a computer;
  • the process of sign up is actually great, for it does not make you fill out everlasting innumerable lines with the unnecessary questions;
  • in order to delete Flirt Buddies profile, you’ll need to work hard (and we will show you the shortest way to do so).

Hence, HookupGeek’s impression is not that positive about the experiences we had with the Flirt Buddies website. However, if you read the users reviews on the web, you’ll certainly find some positive ones.

How To Delete Flirt Buddies Profile

If you have had a profile run by Flirt Buddies and if you have wanted to cancel it or delete it, you had to come across the innumerable obstacles. Some of them are explained by the technical errors and some of them are the consequence of the failures. In any case, eureka! You are here, and we will let you know how it is easy to accomplish this task!

So, if you want to know how to delete Flirt Buddies profile, you have to do the following,

  • you should first of all log in your profile (only if you have previously completed the payment for the services (otherwise, you will fail to delete your profile);
  • after you logged in, you are supposed to tap the Account Setting button;
  • then, be sure to tap the Profile Status prompt;
  • after that, choose to put the profile on hold and don’t forget to confirm your action;
  • then, you will see the button of Delete / Cancel Services;
  • as soon as you press it, you will have it all deleted; but
  • this is your responsibility to contact the support team in order to notify them about your decision and further actions to fulfill.

Hence, that’s not that complicated but be expecting the errors to come across. Why? Rats, just because you’ll be charged constantly until you cancel the membership. Thus, be responsible!

Quality of Profiles

Flirt Buddies
The profiles with Flirt Buddies being apocryphal to a particular extent may confuse you but… to the greatest extent. We’ll show you now how!

  • this growth actually is determined by the constant generating of profiles via the computer systems (aka bots);
  • the real profiles are much seldom with Flirt Buddies;
  • the majority of the real profiles are male ones, since girls would hardly ever sign up for such purposes of hookup in that great plenty;
  • by the way, you can encounter the same photos of the girls’ profiles on the other websites with the other nicknames, dates of birth and details of sexual preferences.

D’oh, HookupGeek was so happy when we were beginning to write the review about the FlirtBuddies.com. However, reality is sometimes quite harsh, and we got much disappointed with this f— sh*t we came across on this web platform for hookup. So, the only thing you could’ve hooked up there is only your constant disgust and irritation! Anyway, just let’s have it all finished up with the Final Thoughts section…

Final Thoughts

Are there any words to translate our indignation caused by FlirtBuddies.com? We bet, no! Is there any chance that you’d love this website? We bet, no! Is there any chance you will hook someone up? Can you guess what? Again—no! So, as it turned out to be, the motto of this review is to say ‘no’ to the scamful actions committed by this website. However, we mistakenly considered it to be at least (!) promising.

Jinx! We cannot suggest you using this very hookup website, for it would be impossible (or hardly possible) to detect at least several real profiles. Of course, we can be wrong, so we would quite much appreciate if you share your experiences with this website in the comments to this review. In addition, we would be glad as hell if you were able to convince us that FlirtBuddies is quite a right place to hook up! We’re looking forward to reading your feedback at any time!

FAQ about Flirt Buddies

In compliance with the officially acknowledged Terms of Service elaborated by FlirtBuddies.com, unfortunately, no user is eligible to undergo any refunds from the company’s part under any circumstances or conditions. This is mainly because the website does not bear any responsibility for the actions you have on the site, since “You are solely responsible for Your interactions with other users, both on and off the Site.” In addition to this, the Terms of Service of FlirtBuddies.com clearly indicate the fact that “the Company is not responsible for the messages or content posted to or transmitted through the Site.”

As stated in the Terms of Service, “the Company is not responsible for the messages or content posted to or transmitted through the Site.” However, in fact, if your naked photos have been used in the illegal purposes, they undergo the jurisdiction of the copyright laws, namely, Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act and Federal Regulations. So, in case if you have indicated this instance, you can forward your claims to the following institution and exact person, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), is: Stephen Workman, Esq., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 8400, Chicago, IL 60606. Your claims and complaints should be reviewed within 14 business day, in compliance with the US law.

Yes, the website claims that there are tokens to use while utilizing the services provided by FlirtBuddies.com. However, in reality, as the Terms of Service claim, “The interface from the Site will inform the Member of the current Token packages and their costs.” If you came up with such a question, it can mean only one thing: you have not figured out any pricing for tokens packages on the website. Thus, being governed by common sense, we can affirm you that no tokens are available at the moment. For the further explanations, you are always welcome to get in touch with the website Customer Support.

Similarly to any dating and hookup website, if you cancel your membership and delete your profile, all the information stored in it, will be deleted as well. So, you will have no chance to have it restored at any circumstances.

Unfortunately, in compliance with the current Terms of Service by Flirt Buddies, the company is not responsible for any instances of your communication with any other user(s), so they advise you to “use caution and common sense when dealing with another user or Member.” In case if you do not like the communication with someone or you feel like having been offended, you can either be governed by the current US law or quit communicating with the user.