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Whenever you need to relax using the adult dating and hookup sites, you surely have to be aware of the fact that you will receive everything you have been promised when you released your payment for the services. However, if you read HookupGeek on the regular basis, you can surely know that not all of the websites for adults have the credible approach. So, what about FreeLocalDates? Is is created to make your dream come true? Is freelocaldates legit? We’re not going to disclose everything about this web service!

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Oh, how tremendously many scam websites for adults has HookupGeek come through when reviewing them. Oh, how dramatically small the number of credible and fruitful adult dating platforms exist, as HookupGeek has also proved in the previous reviews. So, what is FreeLocalDates? How is it built? What should you expect from this particular web platform? Will you receive what you have been aimed at when signing up?

Before we start responding all these questions, we’d wish to cover the general information and background of the site. In the course of HookupGeek’s investigation, we have found out that,

  • the address, which is attached to the host registered, is 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor, Agoura, CA, 91301, USA;
  • the address, which the site is attached to is 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, office 107, P.C. 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus;
  • the company owning the site is named as Nautell Capital Ltd;
  • the phone numbers which you can dial when having some issues with the work of the site are as follows, +1-818-591-4518 or +1-866-990-4140;
  • the only official email address you can use is cs@freelocaldates.com;
  • if you are aimed at canceling account on FreeLocalDates, you can do it via the service of wagelog.

FreeLocalDatesThis was just ordinary general information about the dating service. Now, it is necessary to go through the stats, which are associated with FreeLocalDates and which we are exclusively depicting in this current FreeLocalDates review,

  • the number of the instances of freelocaldates login daily is approaching the index of 6K as of May 2019;
  • the number of the unauthorized page views of the website is comprised of the rate of 5.91K / Day as of May 2019;
  • the estimated income of the site a day is $12.95K as of May 2019;
  • the rate of the Daily Time on Site is 2 minutes 39 seconds;
  • the Bounce rate of the site is 61%.

So, on the one hand, it seems that one can trust this site; however, along with this the numbed of the negative feedbacks about the platform as well as our personal experiences push us not to believe anything the site promotes. We will disclose all the details within article, and, believe us, you are going to shocked!

Pricing Approach

So, let’s move on, and consider the pricing approaches, which you will have to encounter if you decide to sign up (of course, as you may have already understood, that is not the best decision of yours!). Well, in spite of the fact that the website claims that all the services are absolutely free of cost, don’t even start believing it. We’ll prove why!

Yep, when you’re in, you can see numerous horny females looking for adult kinky experiences, and they’re advertised on the main page of the site. Yeah, you here should believe they are there to hook up for free. lol. Also, in order to force you to believe that everything is quite credible, the administration of the site inserted some ‘awards’ the site won, but are those true? As we have found out, they’re not…

The most phony and fantastic thing in this case is that neither of these ‘awards’ even exists! God, can you just imagine that they are aimed at deceiving you from the first seconds you are online with their website! Remember that each time when you’re going to invest in such a platform, you should have everything double checked in order not to be fooled up!

FreeLocalDatesDo you think, why we have located all these data here, in Pricing Approach section? That’s actually logical, since we want to prove that you will just waste your budget when paying for the fake information and fake profiles.

So, what you have to pay off for the fake and scam proposed kindly whenever you use freelocaldates sign in. Just take a look at the options, which they provide,

  • Basic VIP subscription will cost you just $49.95, which is not the average price in the market, but the higher one;
  • if you want to upgrade your profile and have more functions, you opt for the so-called extra mobile services, whose price is $39.61;
  • the extra video services are evaluated by $28.87.

So, here comes another weird thing which will force you to go nuts. Which one, you may ask? Well, the basic VIP account does not give you everything, even in spite of the fact that it is a ‘VIP’ account. In other words, regardless of the fact if you want it or not, as soon as you provide your payment bank card details, the two additional services will also be billed. It means that even if you just prefer having you basic VIP subscription package, you will have to pay for extra mobile services and extra video services. However, no one would even ask for your permission to release the payment. Why? Just because there is nothing else but only scam on the site. Nice? Of course, we’d say, if it were not that tragical!

By the way, as soon as you provided your credit bank card details, the sum will be charged. Even if you decide on quitting the membership and close your profile, the bank card you had initially provided will have anyway been charged by the time you change the credit card details. So, be extremely (!!!) careful about the site and the payment procedure.

Pros and Cons

Hope, we’ll be able to single out at least any advantages of being a member with this platform for the adult dating and hookup. Well, among the pros of using FreeLocaDates, we’re able to enumerate the following ones,

  • easy registration process, which would not take much time, since you will have to insert your name, email address, and the age you are;
  • the diversity of the interactive tools promised is nice, for they are comprised of the live webcam shows and adult videos;
  • there is a specially designed freelocaldates app, which is in fact aimed to assist you in gaining more and more appealing experiences.

Well, wished there’d been more and more nice features to be referred to as pros, nonetheless, we’ve failed to find any more. Or they just do not exist at all.

FreeLocalDatesWhat about the cons? Gosh, oh how many are there of them! Just take a look,

  • the hidden fees for the additional services (as we have already stated) are presented, and they cannot be tolerated, since they are charged with no user’s consent;
  • the numerous Love Stars are the only source of communication, for almost no real people are there;
  • diverse spam messages both to your email and your account will come across (about 25 emails a day) with nothing else but trash inside;
  • scam and fake profiles, which will never let you date anyone real, for there is almost no one to be real.

Herein, we have conducted some kind of the investigation by using the different VPN countries to access the site. So, the same accounts can emerge regardless of your location but the cities which these profiles belong to are different. Isn’t it a sign of scam? We hope it is enough for now. So, can you see that the same girl is from different cities and countries, which changed as soon as we switched on the VPN and picking up any other country. Need more proofs? You’ll get it!

The girls, who are ‘online now’ in the USA look like this, as well as the the girls, who are ‘online now’ in the UK and the girls, who are ‘online now’ in Australia look absolutely (!!!) the same, but the cities which they live in are some different. Yep, this is not the riddle from FreeLocalDates, that is just another instance of how they execute scam and how you can prevent it to happen to you! Don’t thank!


Practically all fake dating administrations utilize a similar old duplicity – the trap with the bogus free membership, individuals still get bulldozed by it. Now and then, it is past our insight how this occurs yet we surmise that individuals truly like complimentary gifts – particularly when they incorporate potential sex with hot chicks. Along these lines, when a hot young lady visits you up, you can without much of a stretch fall prey to her strategies, regardless of whether he is only a prepared representative who needs to coerce membership from you, or even of she is a PC bot that does not have anything to do with being a real human individual. FreeLocalDates.com are a thing from the dream, and without a doubt not something you are going to discover on this site. So, regardless of the fact if you want to freelocaldates browse men or women, you will never have any chance to chat with a real person to hook up. So, of course, the matter of choice is all yours, but we’ve got some doubts about the perfectly great consequences.

In addition to this, there are some issues related to security, namely,

  • the uncontrolled theft of your funds from your credit card will take place on the constant basis as soon as you provide the details of your bank card to release the payment for the ‘free’ services;
  • the platform does not ever guarantee the safety of your personal data, which you share in order to get signed up;
  • none of the photos you upload are guaranteed to be protected from the illegal usage.

So, can you judge it by yourself now? Honestly, FreeLocalDates is the site, which is bringing nothing else but disenchantment and regrets about the wasted time and money. So, be careful when you decide to sign up or even freelocaldates sign in. Finally, if you still have doubts if is freelocaldates legit or not, we are about to believe that it is not!

Quality of Tools

FreeLocalDatesOne of the tools to be considered is the way to delete your account. So, if you are about to quit your membership with FreeLocalDates, you should know the following particularities,

  • In compliance with the terms of use and internal policies, Freelocaldates notifies you of the use of moderators / animators for maintaining conversations and premium access;
  • Most users regard as fraud the impossibility of meeting these people in real life;
  • An account on Freelocaldates can be used without confirming your email address;
  • This does not protect against the creation of fictitious accounts and is expressed in a significant number of them;
  • Additionally, all images must be checked by a moderator before they become visible on the site;
  • This prevents the appearance of photos not belonging to the participants (animals, cartoon characters, stars, etc.) that can be uploaded.

Quality of Profiles

Just in case, we’d removed this section’s name or have it modified, since there are no real profiles at all. What you get with the site is just limited to,

  • robot-based communication with the fake profiles;
  • love stars profiles which tend to communicate with you in a sexy manner, but give you nothing;
  • the scam accounts which got registered just to have you spammed.

Which conclusion should we be able to do in this case? Right you are – no good you can expect from them. If you decide on paying them off, be sure that you will be scammed and totally fooled. If you need it all, you’re most welcome to proceed with the registration process. However, we’re sure, you will never want it to happen to you! So, just be reasonable!

Final Thoughts

In fact, you are probably expecting nothing else but a bad and extremely negative conclusion about the site, and, we have to say, how right you are! After everything we have written and everything you have read, there is nothing to count for. If you need just virtual fun with the profiles, whose owners do not really exist on the site, surely, you can get yourself engaged with this doubtful affair. However, if you prefer having your purposes accomplished, we’d suggest you browsing the HookupGeek’s reviews to find out about the best options to hook up, since we’ve reviewed a plenty or even a ton of the horny adult dating sites as well as the hook up web platforms. So, don’t waste your time and money for the fraudulent locations.

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FreeLocalDates customers reviews

Anonymous #1

!!! thnx for the review of yours here !!! i do believe it all ‘coz i’d some bad bad experiences !!! hate that freelocaldate site !!! but you gave me even more ideas on how to omit them and how they stipud bastards fool people !!!

Lensy Cline #2

These folks are poop. they propose send a blessing to get the “date’s consideration”.

You get charges for bull$#*! pictures of whipped cream, condoms, and beverages. . .. A fraction of the time the young ladies don’t react . .you quit . .you PC explodes. Presently there young ladies compose poo they’d never state to get you to rejoin .. I’ll take a multi day complimentary gift just to reveal to you what happenes . more to come . .

Beth Bath #3

This site is only a trick . thjanks for preventing me from using it. luv u guyz <3

Anonymous #4

1) Immediately after information exchange theres out of the blue such huge numbers of ‘young ladies’ intrigued by you, and ‘close’ you . 2) You can’t speak with anybody until you opgrade “for nothing”. In any case, to do that they need you’re charge card for “age check”. There is no conceivable method to tell how old somebody is simply cuz they can put 16 numbers into a site . 3) You’re not permitted to transfer photographs w/bareness (or even an excess of skin) or that have logos in them. However, each and every young lady is totally stripped in the majority of their pics . 4) All the profiles state a similar nonexclusive “only a young lady searching for sex” kind of thing. No identities by any means These sort of site m The main Mastercard you should utilize is a “verified credit/charge card” this the thoughtful you have to stack cash at your nearby 7 eleven. These sorts of cards will group like a run of the mill Master Card/Visa yet Scam organizations can’t take cash from your card if there isn’t any in the record. You don’t have a bank appended to these kind of cards , only 7 eleven

Dark Grey L #5

I also turned into a part yet I didn’t overhaul. The thing is I am 56 years of age monstrous man. Still they pressed my email with sends from young ladies more youthful than 30 years of age. In spite of the fact that in the alleged profiles they all searching for men under their 50 years old. That is another BS to add to the abovementioned.

Lonely Wolf #6

HookupGeek thanks for sharing the most truthful info! You can’t even imagine how much money you have already saved up for your readers!

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