About FriendFinder-x

Well, if you’re again in search of hookup sites that actually work, you’ll need to have some experiences in this field, right? That is why, we’re happy to announce a brand-new review devoted to the site named FriendFinder-x, or FriendFinder x (and don’t misspell it as xfriendfinder or adultfriendfinderx). We’ll tell you all the details about the platform and show you all the secrets it may hide from your eyes! In other words, the site is Friend Finder for sex and only!

What Is FriendFinder-x?

As you might’ve already guessed, FriendFinder-x is among the only for one night sex websites, which was initially powered by Adult Friend Finder (but in any case, this is not adult friendfinder x but can be a real alternative Friend Finder). And if you remember, Adult Friend Finder had much positive feedback, so you’ll maybe have the same with its affiliate, right? However, Friend Finder-x is an adorable mixture of the best hookup apps and live adult webcam sites! Intrigued? We’re sure that your answer is positive! Anyway, we’re going to have it all sorted out right in this review!

So, why would you love this site or why you should try it out at least once?

  • you will have much adult fun when communicating;
  • there will be innumerable profiles to get in touch with;
  • you’ll be able to recognize some extremely professional users to broadcast their videos.

Do you need any other reasons now?


Gender Ratio And Member Structure

FriendFinder-xAnother thing, which we would love to take a look at is the number of members and their structure including the gender ratio. This is quite an important thing to touch upon, since you have to know what to expect from the adult dating sex site and how it is built, right?

  • the overall number of users of FriendFinder-x is about 100M;
  • approximately 75% of the users are of the US origin;
  • the site displays around 900K daily logins;
  • the number of the webcam models streaming the videos is approaching 1K;
  • the number of the users streaming the videos has exceeded the rate of 3K;
  • the average daily activity of the video streams by the models is 400 persons;
  • the average daily activity of the video streams by the users is about 550 persons.

What about the gender structure and age categories presented on the website? HookupGeek possesses this exclusive information, as well! So, let’s start with the users’ gender distribution, in compliance with the officially requested data,

  • there are 35% of men; and
  • there are 65% of women.

So, you’ll have much success if you’re a man, since the girls need more and more guys right in there!

FriendFinder-xWhat about the age categories presented on the site? We’ll depict this information in the form of a diagram, as well, so be sure to both read and observe now,

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 15%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 25%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 15%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 20%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 1%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 4%.

Hence, depending on your age group and age category preferences, you can always know the number of the members to expect to get in touch with. This is quite suitable and useful, right?

Let’s first consider the legal information about the website to be able to judge if it is properly registered by its owners. HookupGeek has found out the following facts,

  • the geolocation of the site is as follows, US (United States), CA, California, 94089 Sunnyvale;
  • the site was created and registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC;
  • the site was initially created on 1996-08-01;
  • the last update of the platform took place in 2019;
  • the expiry date is 2020-08-01;
  • the contact phone number of the registration company is +1-480-624-25-05;
  • you can contact the administration of the site via 888-575-8383 (US toll free), 0800 098 8311 (UK toll-free), 1800 954 607 (AU toll-free) or 408-702-1033 (worldwide);
  • the fax of the company is 408-716-3165.

After these data were elicited, it becomes evident that there are literally no obvious issues or reasons to claim that the site had been illegally registered. That can be treated as one of the advantages of FriendFinder-x, can’t it?

Registration Process

Let’s now briefly consider the registration process, how it is shaped what kind of data you’re to provide in order to become an eligible user of the dating site. The first and the greatest news you’d be interested in is that the process of registration doesn’t take much time! You’ll need to,

  • indicate your email, your username (you make it up on your own), your date of birth, and zip code of your location;
  • you’ll be asked to provide who you seek and what your sexual preferences are; and
  • finally, you’d need to verify your email and provide the payment details (optional).

ally, you’d need to verify your email and provide the payment detaThat’s it. Nothing special! After that you can sign in and use your profile as much as you wish for!


As soon as you’ve undergone all the registration steps, you can start interacting with the other users. What it means? Easy: You can search for the members, using the search filters, you can drop them messages and read the answers, and so on.

Friend Finder-x

When you’re in your Messages tab, you can see numerous functions to make your stay even more comfortable,

  • you’ll be able to sort the messages;
  • there is an option to make friends’ lists;
  • keep record of your profile visits and flirts; and,
  • add up your fans, favorites, and videos to get back to them later.

These numerous features have been designed in order to let all of the possibilities be at your disposal to hook up in the most successful way. By the way, FriendFinder-x resembles to some extent either Coffee Meets Bagel or Flirt4Free, if you used these dating opportunities.


When you have just signed up, the website redirects you to the payment page, whereon you can pick up the tariff plan and the payment method. There are two main things to pay for with FriendFinder-x, namely,

  • points—to watch the videos and have a plenty of additional services;
  • membership tariff—to have access to the wide database of the source.

When you’re a member of the hookup platform in question, you can also be suggested using the so-called points, which are supposed to be purchased additionally. Yep, this is not that hookup site that does not require a credit card from you. So, the costs for the points are as follows,

  • 200 points would cost you just $3;
  • 500 points would go for $6; and, finally,
  • 1000 points are for $10.

Friend Finder-xHence, the membership tariffs are as follows,

  • 1 month of the gold membership would cost you $34.95;
  • 1 of the 3 months membership would be priced at $19.95, so it is in total just $59.85; and
  • 1 of the 12 months in the annual membership costs just $14.95, and totally it is $179.4.

So, you can see that the longer period of your subscription is, the more money you can really save up!

Friend Finder-x

Finally for this subsection, we’d briefly consider the payment methods which are available for the users,

  • Credit Card;
  • Gift Card;
  • Direct Debit;
  • Cash; and, finally,
  • Cheque.

Unfortunately, no other payment options are currently available. If you prefer using the sites that accept PayPal or any other e-wallet, you’d better pick up some other alternatives.

Free Features

If you just want the free of cost membership, you can really count for the following tools to be at your disposal with no payment (and you’ll not need to provide any payment details),

  • signup process;
  • basic search;
  • messaging;
  • conducting your own blog;
  • send likes; and
  • participation in the chat rooms.

So, you’ll have much more than you even expect. By the way, some of the free features can help you earn some points to use them in the future.

The paid features of FriendFinder-x are comprised of the following,

  • you’ll have access to the special features which are not available in the free mode;
  • you’ll participate in the sex academy to discover more and more knowledge on the hottest topics;
  • you’ll be given access to FriendFinder-x’s exclusive magazine;
  • you can watch the adult movies, webcams, read the sex stories; and
  • you can bling the members you liked the most to show them your attitude.

Pros And Cons

In order to fulfil our purpose to review the site properly, we have to pay attention to the comparison of the pros and cons. What will discover in here is as follows. The advantages of the hookup platform tend to include the following,

  • great database of the active users of different sexual preferences (including LGBTQ+);
  • there are a plenty of the great exclusive features available in the paid mode;
  • the number of the free characteristics and tools is also big;
  • there is much interactivity between the users;
  • there is access to the adult movies and webcam shows either by the other users or by the professional webcam models.

Now, let’s see if the site possesses any disadvantages,

  • the Friend Finder x mobile app is possible to install only to the Apple products;
  • the system of navigation can be some confusing for the newcomers.

As you may get it, the number of benefits is prevailing, and we’re happy that it is so!

Quality Of Profiles

When you’re online, you can see the number of the active profiles. Besides, when searching for the members, you’ll be able to tick the box to list the results of the online members only. In fact, this is useful. What is more, we’ve concluded the following about the quality of profiles,

  • it seems that there are no fake profiles, since the responses to our messages were not automatically generated by a bot;
  • almost each user has their erotic profile with the free freind finder mode;
  • the photos of the users are mainly real and they are the same in reality;
  • the number of the profiles is proved to be enormous.

Hence, we believe that there is nothing wrong with the quality of profiles at all! What about the quality of tools provided on the site?

Quality Of Tools

The tools presented on the FriendFinder-x platform—regardless of your membership type and duration—can be characterized in the following way,

  • the search is very sensitive and reflects all of your filters;
  • the messaging system is built in such a way that you can sort all the messages not to get confused;
  • the support team works in the perfect way, so you’ll timely receive all the answers to any questions related to your membership or work of the site;
  • the quality of the webcams is also perfect, so you’ll never get dull when watching those.

What do you think? We believe that the quality of the profiles is to be referred to another advantage of this awesome website, no?


Now let’s briefly take a look at the security of FriendFinder-x. First off, you have to know the legal considerations, which the site is focused on, and they include,

  • the site cooperates with the social organizations under the topic of Protect Kids;
  • section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act;
  • you can always report abuse or sexually explicit ads;
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998; and
  • the overall work of the site is focused on the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.

What is more, the Terms of use state that,

  • you can direct all of your claims and issues to: Various, Inc. , 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA;
  • there are three main offices of the company to solve the legal issues, and their addresses are as follows, (1) Ventnor Enterprise Limited Suite 2, Second Floor 145 High Street, Colchester Essex CO1 1PG 1-408-702-1033 (toll free US & Canada – 888-575-8383); (2) Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. 85 Torquay Rd. Redland Bay QLD 4165 Australia 1-800-954-607 (AU toll-free); and (3) Sinric Processing Pte Ltd. 531A Upper Cross St. #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531 408-702-1033 (worldwide);
  • the Terms of Use clearly indicate that the company “strongly encourages you to use caution before disclosing any personal information… in your public communications. The company is not responsible for information that you choose to communicate to other users or members, or for the actions of other users or members, and you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any losses, liabilities, damages or expenses you may incur due to such communications or actions.”

Hence, the site provides all the legal regulations, as it’s been proven in the current friendfinderx review; however, you should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t disclose your personal data. So, finally, is Friend Finder x legit? We have a strong conviction that YES!

How To Delete Profile

Well, one of the most important issues is that related to the way in which you can delete your profile with FriendFinder-x. Why is it important? Just because when you are not going to use the site anymore, you’d not want other people to see your private photos and your personal data, right? So, in order to delete your FriendFinder-x profile, you’ll need to accomplish the following steps, namely,

  • sign in your profile and find the line saying Edit Profile in the upper left-hand corner, right below your profile pic;
  • scroll down to the end of the page;
  • find the Manage Account section and tap Close Account;
  • then, when you’re redirected to another page, again scroll down and press Delete My Account;
  • retype your password;
  • and there you go: your profile has been successfully deleted from the database of the site.

By the way, you can easily have it restored within 48 hours, so if you occasionally change your mind, you’ll have a chance to come back to the site.

Final Thoughts

We’ve here, in the last subsection of this gorgeous review on FriendFinder-x, and we are all ready to share our feedbacks with you, and, moreover, we’d like you to leave your comments after you read the review, as we’re always interested in the opinions of our beloved readers! The first conclusion to be made is that there is no scam at all—or at least, we’ve been unsuccessful to identify it. This is a perfect thing, right?

The second conclusion we’d want to make considers the balance of pros and cons, and we’re so happy that the latter ones are not that serious and numerous. Why? Just because it seems that this is going to be one more site to trust! Why isn’t that a marvelous news!

The third conclusion would be referred to the security and legality of the platform. Yes, we double ensure you that there is no illegal stuff at all. All the payments are properly processed, and you’ll not need to worry if this is scam or not. Be sure that all your money would be stored perfectly in safety. So, be a happy user of the site after this FriendFinder x review, and you’ll have many new opportunities!

FAQ about FriendFinderx

In case if you like hooking up Afro-Americans, you would better consider some sites like BlackCrush or BlackPeopleMeet, as these web platforms are specialized on the very this type of hookup and dating.

You should trust it because it is written in the most unbiased manner, and we don’t cooperate with the site to get any insights on what to be written on. What is more, we translate only our personal experience out of using the site, so no one could force us to write something what we don’t stand for.

In fact, we’d not want to post any senior friend finder review since there are many websites already reviewed for the people of age. It means that the senior friend finder review would not be possible. As for the couples friend finder, we hardly believe it’d be possible. In any case, we’d wait for your feedback to prepare a new post.

Yes, of course. Each case of refund should be individually discussed with either the administration of the site or with a customer support representative via the special field on the site.

The FriendFinder chat, or erotic finder and x dating free is equipped with the numerous tools. You can join it when you watch another video stream by either a model or an amateur user of the site.