Fubar is currently positioned as one of the most famous adult dating social networks (pay attention: not just website, but a real and big social network, so it’s not just a one night stand website review). But what is Fubar in reality? Are there any alternatives? What is Fubar meaning? What are the main features of the Fubar website? HookupGeek will provide you with the most unique and the most unexpected information about the social network. Believe, you will never find anything like this review on the web!

In fact, there are not that many social networks aimed at delivering the adult dating services. Yeah, you have to distinguish between the ordinary dating website and adult social networks, since they have some different aspects to compare. Thus, the main difference between them is that the social networks are equipped with the more diversity of the functions (like browser-based games, groups, communities, music, videos, and so on), whilst the regular dating sites are nothing else but strictly the sites with a database for getting acquainted only.

HookupGeek has already reviewed some of the social networks, and the majority of them prove to be more credible than the adult dating websites. For instance,  when we reviewed the Adult Friend Finder (by following the link you can access our review), we found out that it has been the pioneer in social networks for adult dating and hookup. There are also some more interesting alternatives like Jaumo, Happn, and Badoo. So, now it’s turn of the very famous and frequently used adult dating social network named Fubar, or just Fu.

fubarIn order to define Fubar it would be necessary to understand what the word means, since it would help you better understand the essence of the web platform. So, this is what we have exclusively found out about both the word per se and the social network,

  • first off, what is Fubar stand for? Fubar is an abbreviation of the following phrase, “F*cked up beyond any recognition/all repair”;
  • secondly, the essence of the social network under review is that it is not just Fubar dating site but a social network, which utilizes the principle of… a bar or a pub (we’ll explain it later on how it all works and what you can do there);
  • thirdly, Fubar is a game platform;
  • fourthly, Fubar serves as perfect website for getting acquainted with different persons in different purposes including adult dating and hookup.

So, even for now, you can see that there so many things to do when you use the function of Fubar login.

Fubar Login
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Now let’s take a look at the general information about the site and define what is fubar com, who it is owned by and how long it has been working,

  • The geolocation of the site is as follows, US (United States), MA, Massachusetts, 02112 Boston;
  • The site was initially made up in 1997, so it has been functioning for more than 20 years for now;
  • The official registration company name is GoDaddy.com;
  • The phone number which you can use to get in touch with the company is +1-480-624-25-05;
  • The site is owned by the Social Concepts, Inc.;
  • Currently there are more than 11 million active users of the service;
  • To contact Support of Fubar just drop a message to support@fubar.com;
  • In order to discuss the copyright issues, write a message to copyright@fubar.com;
  • Business inquiries can be discussed via bizdev@fubar.com.

fubarLet’s see the most active countries, where the users originate from. The following stats are based on the online users at the moment per a country,

  • United States (7,454,485);
  • United Kingdom (113,811);
  • Canada (44,088);
  • India (30,434);
  • Philippines (23,188);
  • Australia (18,432).

Fubar Login
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We would also like to deliver you some age-related stats, that is the number of users in compliance with the categories,

  • the number of users from 18 to 24 years old is 7,278,948;
  • the number of users from 25 to 29 years old is 732,974;
  • the number of users from 30 to 39 years old is 1,836,475;
  • the number of users from 40 to 49 years old is 1,130,924;
  • the number of users from 50 to 69 years old is 2,923,711; and, finally,
  • the number of users of 70+ years old is 72,361.

By the way neither of these data can be freely found anywhere on the web, since HookupGeek is providing it in the most exclusive way. So, be sure to read on in order to grab even more unique information about the Fubar social network.

In any case, we have so much to narrate about Fubar, so tight your belt and follow us! We’re going to provide some information about the way you are getting signed up with the web platform. So, when you only insert fubar.com in the address line, and press ‘enter’ you will see the following Fubar home page, where you have to click SIGN UP to get started.


  • then you will be redirected to the sign-up page, where you have to insert your email, your password, date of birth (to prove you’re over 18 y.o.), and indicate your gender;fubar
  • after that you will have to provide your nickname to be displayed to the other members along with the photo of yours (all the naked and 18+ photos are not tolerated);fubar
  • sometimes you will be asked to prove you’re a human by inserting a letter or a digit as it is depicted on the screenshot,fubar
  • after you did it, you can be considered as a legit user of the network, for your profile’s page is all there instantly and you can use your Fubar login page;fubar

However, this is not all over, and you are at once provided with some nice opportunities. For example, you can easily gain the so-called Fubar free credits (points and fubucks) by sharing a referral link to your friends as it is depicted at the screenshot below,fubar

After you spent at least 2 or 3 minutes being logged in, you will immediately start receiving the notifications and messages.
Right after you had seen the number of messages and notifications, you can easily open them by pressing the line with the messages, and they will open to you to see all the whole list of messages to start communication. So, it now seems to be evident that the number of messages is great, and you will never get dull with Fubar. This is a pic of how our messages list looked like after a couple of minutes after getting signed up with Fubar,fubar

So, how it all works? What are the key features which you can freely utilize to get some entertainment and fun? And, what is more interesting, in what way can you get acquainted with the persons, who you liked or who liked you. HookupGeek will determine it all right now exclusively for you!

So, we’ll start off the main features to be analyzed and to be obtained by you at your disposal right away after you have signed up successfully and signed in with the Fubar website. So, the first thing which you can see and use is the tools panel, which is equipped with the most popular users’ profiles, the home page, Bling shop, Leader Boards, Latest, Games, and Filters to search.


Fubar Login
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So, what is the tool of the best rated users who are available at the moment? What it gives? So, you will find out the following information about the person,

  • his or her nickname;
  • the level which she or he is at on the website;
  • the number of photos uploaded to the website;
  • the number of fans and friends;
  • the fame rate (marked with the number of stars);
  • the level of the so-called Bling Power;
  • the user’s ability to use not only the website but also the Fubar app;
  • you can see how long this person has been active with Fubar;
  • you can see the status this user possesses;
  • you can also send the like to this person;
  • you can also get in touch with the person by sending a ‘drink’ or dropping a message to them.


All the same functions are properly inbuilt with any other profile as well as with yours.

What’s next? The home page of yours, or, as it can be also referred to, you Profile (and some settings), where you can, fubar

  • see the number messages;
  • see the number of notifications;
  • observe the surveys available;
  • the number of photos uploaded (and also you can upload the photos here, as well);
  • you can see the number of likes sent to you today;
  • the level of your fame (marked with the number of the stars);
  • observe your stats as shown below fubar

What is more, you are eligible to

  • see the top members (categorized by gender, friends’ friends, and newcomers);
  • get a discount and see the general stats of the credits’ spends;
  • purchase the credits in order to upgrade your profile and to be able to send the drinks and gifts to the other users (we’ll give you more insights about it in the Pricing Section); fubar
  • see the list of things to do and FAQ and Top Support Questions to find out more about the service or to resolve any issues which you might have encountered when first using the website fubar

By the way, you will also have a chance to upgrade your status of the profile by purchasing the credits (points and fubucks). For doing so, you will need to press POWERUPS button in the left lower corner of the screen, and you will be redirected to the Bling Shop, which will disclose you later on. fubar


My top loved social network-based site to pick up hookups is Fubar. An insane ton of the interactive features will drive you wild!

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko

The next section of the Profile of yours is called MY and it is marked as NEW. So, what it gives you? First off, we would like to point to the fact that you can immediately see numerous functions in this section, namely,

  • Messages: in this folder you will be able to see messages sent and received, the number of notifications and drinks you have received; also you are eligible to compose messages in this section, as well;
  • Photos: you will be able to upload and delete the photos of yours (including the default photo of yours); what is more, you can enter the caption and see your ratings of your photos;
  • Family: here you can add your real family members to communicate with;
  • Friends: here you can add the persons you communicate to the friend list;
  • Settings: you can arrange and manage your personal settings like your email, geo location, birthday, relationship status, your referrals, chat settings, and notifications;
  • Bling: you can give the blings to the other users (these are the pictures and animations of different character). By the way, here you will receive 100,000 fubucks and points per credit for free by blinging another person;
  • Achievements: the new section, which gives you a general idea about the progress you have on the site. In other words, you can see the stats you have and you can have some tools to gain some free fubucks and points, as well;
  • Surveys: this is another new section, wherein you can undergo the surveys and get extra credits for this (the number of surveys as well as their complicatedness go in consistency with the city and country you are a resident of);
  • img
    Fubar Login
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    Videos: here you can save up your YouTube videos (or the youTube videos which you watched and would like to share within the Fubar website);
  • MUMMs: this abbreviation stands for “Make up My Mind”, and these are the polls, which would let you make your mind up, but no adult explicit sexual content is allowed in here;
  • Blogs: in this section you can either read the other users’ blogs by interests or compose your own one to attract the other members to read it;
  • Lounges: it is a nice function to be engaged in, since you can earn free credits here. Thus, lounge is the virtual room which you make up to attract the other users. If the lounge by you gets popular, you can have free beneficial credits with no charging for your account;
  • Blasts: these are the short messages, which cannot be edited after having been published and they can be easily seen by all the other members;
  • Skins:  this is a section of customization of your profile  with the diverse skins, which are either created by the website (or other users) or made  up by you personally;
  • Contacts: this is a contact book, where you can locate users’ phone numbers, emails, and names;
  • History: this section gives you an opportunity to monitor your activities, profile’s modifications, and time when they were committed;
  • Public Profile: you can see the way how your profile looks like when the other users visit it;
  • Pokes: the section to check who sent you the pokes; and finally,
  • Log Out Function: serves to have you account left for a certain period of time.

So, you may now see that the functionality of the MY section is great and will provide you with the most interesting pastimes. What is more, you can use the website as your advisor or time manager, for you are able to see when someone’s birthday is or what someone’s contacts are.


Now, let’s move to the Bling Shop section and find out what it is and what you can do there. So,

  • this is the place where you can purchase the so-called blings;
  • the number of blings is determined by you in compliance with the number of the credits you possess at the moment;
  • you use the blings in order to send them or give them to the other users in the form of an ice breaker or a gift;
  • the blings are called to simplify the start of communication;
  • the blings are a cool tool to sustain the nice character of communication;
  • the blings serve as a perfect virtual gift to a person on any occasion;
  • you can use the blings in order to make any person like you or give a hint that you like a particular person.


The next section we are to narrate about is the Leader Boards, where you can easily see the most progressive users, their achievements and their top advantages.

Fubar Login
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What is more, the section is equipped with the following features,

  • Ranked Members: these are the top users of the site;
  • Members (overall): here, you will see the whole database of the members listed randomly;
  • Most Famous Now: these are the top users, who are going online at the moment;
  • Most Active Yesterday: you will observe the rating of the top members as of yesterday;
  • Top Members This Week: the best and the most progressive users as of the period of the current week;
  • Top MVP: the list of the Most Valuable Profiles taken both yesterday and today;
  • Ability Points!: the list of users who performed the biggest number of the activities per 24 hours;
  • Bling Likes!: the persons, who received the biggest number of likes per 24 hours;
  • Promoters: the users, who spend their credits to have their profiles promoted;
  • Bands: here you will see the list of charts of the bands, and you will be able to listen to their songs and rate them all;
  • Legends: in this section you will be able to get in touch with the users with the biggest number of fans, since their status on the website is Legend;
  • Slots Winners: the list of the winners who played slots and won them.


So, you can see that the diversity of the platform is everlasting, and you will never get bored here. What is more, if you are tired of communication, you just can see the Latest section, in which you can amuse yourself with the newest and latest,

  • photos uploaded;
  • MUMMs;
  • Lounges created; and
  • Salutes.


In case if you want to have some more amusement and fun, you can easily follow the section of Games, which is located right after Latest one. What can you expect from the Games section?

Fubar Login
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  • the numerous games, where you can earn the points and fubucks;
  • diverse casino-like games (including the slots);
  • the Weekly Challenges section will motivate you to earn more and more points and credits;
  • you will get access to the fuMafia game (which is an alternative for the famous Mafia game);
  • you can play a game to date someone, it is called “Secret Admirer”;
  • the I’m Bored section will provide you with some experiences, which will quit your being dull, however, there are no games in the very this section;
  • there are two more types of the games: game rooms (with the different types of games) and Arcades game room.


Thus, we can generally claim that even if your purpose is not just to get acquainted, you can easily utilize the diversity of the tools to make yourself some fun. Believe, you will even not notice the speed of the time. However, each of the tools described in the section of the HookupGeek’s review are called to establish the easiness of the virtual communication, which is expected to be transformed to the offline one. Thus, the initial purpose of the website is to let you more chances for communication and finding not only the friends but also the private life partners.

The final section we are to discuss is the section of Drinks. So, when you decide to send someone a drink, you should know the following,

  • the main purpose of this section is to serve as an ice breaker in starting or sustaining communication with a particular user and/or users;
  • by sending someone a virtual drink, you attract attention and, by this, express that you like a particular person and/or persons;
  • as a matter of fact, this section means that you can easily invite someone out to meet in real life, which is the meaning of dating and/or hookup;
  • you can send the drinks to the persons in the first message to establish the connection or you can send the drinks to the persons to sustain the successful communication;
  • each of the drinks is characterized by a particular price to be calculated in fubucks;
  • there are constant discounts which are located right above the price of the drink (from 5% up to 25%), so that you can save up your credits.


Well, this was the section about the Fubar website version of the service. Hence, we would love to move to the Fubar app, since it is slightly different from the web version.

Fubar App

The Fubar app has been designed even in the funnier manner than the website, and we’ll show you the differences and functionality of the app. So, first off, the app’s icon looks like this,fubar

What else can be said about the app per se? We have collected some stats for your convenience,

  • the app is both officially available from iTunes and Google Play platforms;
  • on both platforms, the app is free of cost to download and install;
  • the current number of the Fubar app users is about 10.7 million members;
  • the downloads in iTunes as of April 2019 are about 5K;
  • the downloads in Google Play as of April 2019 are about 4K;
  • the date of official release of the Fubar app is 2011;
  • the date of the last update of the Fubar app is 04/17/2019;
  • the overall file size is 144 MB.


So, what are main functions, which you can accomplish with the Fubar app?

  • you can both sign in and sign up as well as restore the password;
  • you can manage all the functions available from the web version of the site;
  • you can have access to the additional functions which are available from the app version, and we’ll consider it right away.

The main differences between the web version and app version are as follows,

  • to sign up with the Fubar app you just need to insert the nickname of yours (as depicted on the screenshot above);
  • when using the app version, you can see the Alert stats, which are unavailable from the web version; fubar
  • the menu of the app version is some different as well, since it is comprised additionally of Send Beer (which is not immediately accessible on the web version), fubar
  • In the MY section, you will see Friend Requests, Family, Fans, & Friends are united in one category, and My Stats; fubar
  • the following functions are also unique in the app: Photo Comments, My Alerts, fuMarriage, and Rate App/Feedback. fubar

Fubar Login
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So, it means that you can utilize both the web version and the app version in order to constantly stay in touch with the members of the site who you like. By the way, it is another perfect feature: you can easily date someone and hookup someone by getting engaged in the interactive tools by Fubar!

In any case, we’d love to move on, and we’re going to describe the approaches to payment and tariffs by the Fubar. Also, we’ll show you how to get the website functions absolutely for free of price! So, carry on reading us now!




Whenever you try to sign up or sign in with the Fubar website, you will need to know that the social network is built on the principle of providing some services for absolutely for free, while some of the services are paid. So, HookupGeek is going to depict all the pricing approaches by Fubar as well as explain the way, in which you can gain the points and credits for free.

Let’s start off the pricing. The site is based on the system of credits to be purchased in order to use some of the features of the site.

Fubar Login
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Thus, you can purchase the following packages of credits (which include both the so-called fubucks and points),

  • 1 credit would cost you just $0.99;
  • the 5 credits package would go for $6.99;
  • the 10 credits package would cost you $13.99;
  • the price for the 25 credits package is $27.99;
  • the package of 35 credits will be priced at $69.99;
  • the 65 credits package would go just for $49.99 (including the discount of 23%);
  • the 135 credits package would go for $99.99 (including the discount of 26%);
  • the 350 credits package costs just $249.99 (including the discount of 29%);
  • the 1000 credits package would be evaluated at $679.99 (including the discount of 32%);
  • the 2500 credits package would cost you $1624.99.

So, you can see that the Fubar rules presuppose that you can even save up your funds when buying the credits, which are then translated into the points and fubucks (the currency which is exclusively used on the site).


Now on, we would love to give you some hints on how to get Fubar free credits. Yep, HookupGeek has an exclusive list of ways to get the numerous Fubar free credits! So, just be ready enough, you know, to get it right away,

  • when you sign up with the website, you are eligible to gain about 50,000 points and fubucks;
  • by uploading more and more photos (10 maximum) you will be given the points and fubucks as well;
  • by running the brand-new lounge rooms you can attract up to a million of points and fubucks;
  • by winning the slots you can also get some free points and fubucks (approximately, the number of points and fubucks can even exceed 5,000,000 points and fubucks);
  • by sending your blings to the other users, both you and the user you sent them, you can both gain up to 1,000,000 points and fubucks;
  • by accomplishing the surveys proposed by the fubar social network you can earn even more points and fubucks.

fubarSo, you can see now that the Fubar dating site does not really attempts to charge your bank cardyou can easily get the Fubar points and fubucks. So, just do everything possible to get it all for absolutely free!

What are the Fubar free features? Remember that HookupGeek is now disclosing these facts in the most exclusive way!

  • the process to be signed up is free of price;
  • the messages are unlimited and do not require any additional payment;
  • the site exposes you the stats of yours for free;
  • all the aspects of communication go absolutely for free;
  • uploading and deleting photos would not be charging you;
  • writing you blog is also for free;
  • some of the games, which you can play, are also for free;
  • the blasts, likes, and pokes are also for free of price.

Thus, it is even more than just obvious that the numerous features and functions of the site go absolutely for free, so you can even not spend a penny when using the site. Just be active enough and gain your points and fubucks for completing certain tasks. So, we can fairly judge that the Fubar dating web platform is not really based on pumping your money, but on providing you with the numerous opportunities of how to spend your free pastime!

Pros and Cons

fubarAs you may have already observed it, Fubar has numerous opportunities to provide you with as soon as you enter your Fubar login. However, we have to single out now the advantages and disadvantages, which is going to be another complicated task to accomplish. So, as usual, let’s begin with the pros of the Fubar social network,

  • the Fubar website is equipped with the plenty of the interesting tools and interactive features, which are aimed at simplifying the communication between the members of the web platform;
  • both the Fubar app and Fubar website are accompanied with the biggest diversity of the members’ profiles, so that you will receive the new notifications all around the day;
  • you can never be bored when online with the Fubar website, since it can provide you with not only communication but also with the numerous games, where you can earn the Fubar free points and fubucks, and, as a result, save up your real money;
  • the site contains numerous ice breakers for the successful and effective communication, so that if you’re shy, you can, in any case, succeed in communicating with and dating someone in real life;
  • the tools, which have been designed for the site are exclusive and unique, so that the majority of them cannot be encountered anywhere else;
  • when using the site, you will never get exposed to the ads;
  • the pricing approaches are more or less accessible and affordable;
  • the owners of the profiles, who you communicate are mostly real (about 99.9%), so that you can really arrange the dates with the persons of your choice, if they also agree;
  • the customization of the profiles is available and can be accompanied by the animations;
  • non-standard format of the Fubar social network is another prerogative of the site, which attracts millions of real (!!!) users.

In fact, we could’ve carried on the list of advantages, however, we decided on enumerating the key ones, so that you would be exhausted to read it all out. In any case, we have to move to the drawbacks of the site. Let’s discover if there are any, and if there are some of them, what they are and how they can spoil your attitude about the social network under review. So, this is what we have been successful to find out and share with you,

  • the diversity of the tools and interactive features may irritate and cause you to spend some time to get accustomed to the interface;
  • the numerous notifications from the other members can either irritate, for there are millions of users who are ready to communicate.

fubarThese are namely all the disadvantages, which you are likely to experience. In any case, none of them can be fairly referred to as disadvantage, for they are another manifestation of the positive features of the site. In any case, we would like to leave the right to decide exclusively to you. We are sure that our readers are reasonable enough in order to understand if the website is nice or not.


The matter of security herein should be considered in a separate way, that is apart from the functions and nice features provided in the site. So, what is the security like with the Fubar social network? Here is what HookupGeek has detected,

  • the first positive moment is that the site allows you seeing the Terms of Service right before the sign-up process, which deprives you of any ability to get trapped in the scam issues;
  • the Terms of Service clearly communicate what Fubar is and what Fubar means as well as the key Fubar rules to follow when logged in;fubar
  • the site strictly follows the confidentiality of the users, so it means that nothing from what you share will be transmitted to the third parties;
  • you can easily share any content of your choice, but if you upload any nude pics or photos of yourself, your account can be disabled for violating the rule of not providing any sexually explicit content;
  • the site clearly indicates all the contacts, so that you may easily contact them to resolve any issues emerged;
  • Fubar clearly stands for the non-violation of the basic human rights, and this is communicated in the Terms of Service;fubar
  • finally, the website stands for ads-free space and forbids any ads sharing and/or spam letters distribution, as it is mentioned in the Terms of Service.fubar

So, because of these facts as well as by bearing in mind all the advantages and positive features of the site, we have a strong conviction that no scam can be expected with Fubar, since there are literally no Fubar website cheats. However, we always try to leave all the choice to you personally.

Quality of Tools

We’ve already narrated so much about the tools, so that you have not only general vision of them but also the detailed description of what you can do with the interactive tools and features. In this section, we would like to give you more ideas about the quality which you can expect from the tools mentioned in About Fubar section. Hence,

  • the search, which is located on the website will provide you with the diverse filters, including distance from you, gender, age, country, the number of activated bling, relationship status, level on the website, and extras (Has Primary Photo, Has Salute, Has FUPONY, Plays FuMafia, Search Friends, Only Search, Names Only (that is Fubar member search)). Also, you can utilize the local search like, say, searching for the members Fubar St Louis or Fubar LA;
  • the messaging system is called to provide you with the ability to send and receive the letters (however, with Fubar, you can also see all the notifications in this section as well);
  • the interactive tools are numerous and are all working, so that you can have fun at any time when you signed up (by the way, some of the games are really free of cost and some of them can bring you even some free points and fubucks);
  • the support team works all around the clock and can be accessed via the email which we indicated in the About Fubar section;
  • you can always have access to the FAQ section, so that you may not even contact the Support team.

fubarHaving analyzed the quality of tools of Fubar, we can claim that they are another proof to the fact that the site is absolutely legit and is deprived of any scam, which can be found on some other adult sexual dating websites reviewed by HookupGeek. By the way, in order to make your communication on Fubar more effective and appealing, you can easily use the HookupGeek’s exclusive sexual quotes, which will serve as an additional ice breaker along with the ones given on Fubar.

Quality of Profiles

Well, in order to analyze and review the quality of the profiles, we had to get in touch with some of the members. Thus, we have been communicating with 30 persons, andyou know what?they are all real, and we even have succeeded to arrange the meetings with a half of them. So, this is what we have discovered about the quality of profiles listed on Fubar which you would see after Fubar com login,

  • because of the millions of users, there are numerous users online, and you can easily communicate with them;
  • the profiles of the members are accompanied with the detailed information including the marital status (in case if you are aimed at dating);
  • the more you upgrade your profile the more chance to be more famous on the platform, which serves as a firm proof for the lack of scam and fake profiles;
  • the majority of the persons, who we got in touch with, were friendly and talkative, so that we did not feel any obstacles on our way to successfully communicate;
  • dissimilarly from some scamful dating websites, Fubar does not run any profiles, which would send you computer-automated or bot-based messages, so you have chats with real people only.

After the examination of the quality of profiles, we can really claim that the website is designed in such a way that you will have the greatest (!!!) diversity of people to get in touch with and discuss whatever you are similar in. What is more, you will be easily found by someone who’s aimed at dating, so you will never feel lonely if you are a member of Fubar!

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of how good the Fubar social network is, we are about to sum up everything we have written. Yeah, this is one of the most extensive reviews by HookupGeek. What is more, because of the fact that HookupGeek is merely the first professional reviewer of this website, all the facts enumerated and located in this Fubar review are exclusive, so that you will never be able to find anything similar on the web, elsewhere. Hence, what is Fubar website? That’s a cool virtual social network space where you can feel real freedom to do what you want to!fubar

So, that’s the high time to make our verdict on the website of Fubar and the way it functions. If you have read all the review entirely, you may actually guess that we are going to burst with the most positive feedbacks about the platform, for merely no drawbacks have been recorded by us. Thus, we cannot but recommend using Fubar as a social network and as a dating web platform, since it is able to provide you with the most unbelievable experiences, brightest moments, and, finally, cool pastimes! HookupGeek is sure that you will love it to the greatest extent, for in the diversity of the scam, you would be hardly ever possible to encounter such a perfect website, where you can entrust your private data!

In any case, if you want to read some more reviews of the dating sites or webcam sites by HookupGeek, you can just do it, since we are here to assist you in generating more and more satisfaction of life in general and of personal life, in particular!

FAQ about Fubar

The terms of use of Fubar do not allow posting any sexually explicit content publically. However, in case if your purpose with Fubar is to find hookup, you can make your nude photos private (locked from the public) and allow watching them to the chosen users who ask for permission to have a look at your nudes.

The philosophy of Fubar consists in the fact that the site is not regular hookup and/or adult dating website but a social network. Thus, along with the dating opportunities, there are numerous communities, games, and other interesting functions developed in the review.

One of the most magnificent features of Fubar is that you can really use it for free of price. You can purchase the tokens only if you really believe you need them. Almost all the features for dating are available within the free mode.

Fubar has no limits as for the types of relations: you can search for both heterosexual and homosexual ties as well as for the bisexual ones. In addition, both one night stand and serious relations can also be possible.

No, you can freely sign up with Fubar and use all of the features of the site for free with the slight exception.