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The top hookup websites andmerely each one night stand app have always caused much interest, since they are the only source to obtain the most mind-boggling satisfaction instantly! FuckBook (as well as the apps like FuckBook) is the place, where you can really find these practices, since the site is equipped with a special local fuck book feature to hook up the persons being located next to you! Intrigued? We’ll tell you even more!

Let’s briefly take a glance at what FuckBook is good for and what you can truly seek there on,

  • the free Fuckbook search ensures that there are diverse filters to satisfy all of your desires (including gay dating solutions);
  • the current Fuckbook members are supposed to date the men, the women, and look for the couple;
  • the free fuckbook.com features would also ensure that you can really use the site but in some limited mode;
  • Fuckbook is one of the adult dating sites that use gift cards as money;
  • when using the websites like Fuckbook, you will be able to have much similar impressions but they’ll never be the same.

My personal choice and my favorite is FuckBook. If I feel like having something new but regular I sign in with it!

Anton "Yurchman" Yurchenko

Hence, it is obvious that if you’re indeed ready for the most instant and along with this the most lustful sexual experiences, dating and hookup cases, you’ll have those with Fuckbook!

  • Fuckbook was initially created in 2009 and functions up to these days for the services provided are of super quality;
  • due to the quality of the services, the Fuckbook adult site was awarded some cool prizes (XBiz Dating Site of the Year and YNOT Best Newcomer of the Year awards) in 2014;
  • the Fuckbook adult platform is based on the ultramodern HTTPS protocol in order to protect each action of the user including the money-related transactions;
  • Cargo Media AG has owned the site since its creation and stimulates its growth in order to provide the regular users with the uttermost range of features to satisfy their search aims;
  • Fuckbook is currently registered in Switzerland, so there are numerous legal guarantees that no scamful actions can be encountered  either from the site or its members;
  • the reliability of the site is supported by the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Notice for Fuckbook, which regulates the hub’s work and all legal aspects, which a user can come across;
  • the main countries-users of the site are the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK; however, it can be used all over around the world;
  • the principle of work of the site is similar to the social network, whose name is well-known, and makes it much accessible and comfortable for the users of different computer skills;
  • tons of hot profiles are registered on the basis, so no boredom can be experienced as soon as you become a member of this famous adult social network;
  • to bill the users for the usage of the services, Fuckbook utilizes the functions of my-bill, whose reputation goes with no doubts and, as a consequence, the safety of the payments is granted to each member;
  • for now, the official website states that Fuckbook consists of 30 million profiles, so the diversity is ensured exclusively to each member.

Registration Process

Being a casual dating site, Fuckbook requires its users to get signed up to use, as a consequence, the feature of Fuckbook login. What you need to get in the site is as follows,

  • indicate your gender;
  • point out who you are seeking (straight, bisexual, homosexual or swinger experiences);
  • choose your age category (to mainly ensure you’re over 18 y.o.);
  • fill in your valid email;
  • create a username of yours;
  • make up a password to ensure your security; and
  • agree on terms of use of Fuckbook premium features.

That’s it! You’d not have to waste any more time to start in hooking up!


In order to succeed with FuckBook. com, the system gives you access to the innumerable features. In such a way the interaction between the FuckBook profile owners is built, and you’ll be all ears in love with it! So, the functionality of the site is as follows,

  • Feed
  • FuckBook profile search search
  • Matches
  • Premium Upgrade
  • Live Cams
  • Find Love
  • Free Porn App
  • Men’s Health/Women’s Health
  • Adult Games
  • Messages
  • Friend Requests
  • Who Viewed Me
  • My Profile
  • Account

Can you see what it all means? Yeah: you can never get bored with the functionality and interactivity, since the options on FuckBook are adorable and will make a perfect contribution to your pastimes!


Whenever you want to have the everlasting dating and hookup success on FuckBook, be advised to take into consideration the fact that you’re expected to upgrade your profile via releasing the payment. Let’s then look at the pricing of the site,

  • 1 month of the premium membership costs $29.95;
  • 3 months of the premium subscription would go for $14.95/mo (billed $44.85 each 90 days).

The range of the unlimited features of the premium membership is shaped by,

  • Unlimited Messages and Gifts
  • Premium Badge and Karma Boost
  • No Advertisement
  • Reply to Members.

As a result, by investing into the service, you get the absolute and the most profound freedom to use each and every feature to hook up those cuties fast and efficiently!

In addition to this, we’d love to single out some details on the payment procedure when it comes to Fuckbook, namely,

  • if you thought Fuckbook is one of the sites to accept PayPal, it’s not that;
  • it is also impossible to refer it to the sites that don’t request the bank card;
  • you can pay for the service using your bank card only (either credit or debit or pre-paid one);
  • the function of the membership auto renewal is built in the site, so be sure to control your funds;
  • you can release the payment in any currency of your choice or of the country of your residence (the auto conversion would be applied);
  • no additional fees would be applied regardless of the country of your residence or your bank policies.

What is more, the bank cards to be accepted by FuckBook are to belong to one of the following payment systems,

  • MasterCard;
  • VISA;
  • Maestro;
  • Discover; and/or
  • JCB.

Therefore, to make the payment, you’d not need to waste much time. In addition to this, as we have found out, there is the safety of payment approach by the company, so that you may not worry about the transactions.

Fuckbook Review

At www Fuckbook, you will find hundreds of like-minded people over 18 who are into no-strings-attached relationships and casual hookups. Whether you are straight or gay, lesbian or bisexual, transgendersingle or couplebe sure there are lots of people who’d like to hook up with you here.

Fuckbook has become a lucky find for thousands of people online. You must be thinking, there are dozens of apps and sites like Fuckbook and even better. True. But there’s something about Fuckbook that makes it stand out: lots of pretty people’s profiles, only active users, free membership and variety of communication means.

The diversity of Fuckbook of sex opportunities amazes. There is Asian Fuckbook, gay Fuckbook, teen Fuckbook, adult Fuckbookyou choose what’s best for you. And that’s not all to it! Keep on reading our Fuckbook review to find out how Fuckbook dating can change the way you think about hookup.

Is Fuckbook legit and safe?


Fuckbook app is on your phone by no mistake. Probably, you’ve heard about it from friends or friends of friends. Fuckbook is a legit dating provider, which is why so many people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds trust it.

Fuckbook owners put the safety of each and every user as their priority. The security system guards your privacy by making sure that your info does not get into the hands of the third party. Sure enough, not a single dating app can guarantee that each user’s profile picture belongs to this very person. Fuckbook does not do any pre-checks because it would also mean violenting privacy. Instead, Fuckbook

  • Verifies user profiles and emails
  • Uses HTTPS encryption for transactions
  • Uses Captchas for scam protection

If you fear about the safety of your personal data when on adult sexual dating sites, leave it aside with Fuckbook and just enjoy casual dating with thousands of other Fuckbook community members.


Is Fuckbook Free?


Yes and no. Traditionally, you can take advantage of checking the website and an app for free. For example, Fuckbook lets you scroll through profiles, add people you like to your friend list, add photos and edit info on your profile.

Upgrading your free memberships to premium will cost you only $29.95 for 1 month and $44.85 for 3 months! In fact, there are many kinds of flexible subscription for any period of timeup to lifelong plans!

For less than $1 per day (or even less with 3 months + plans), you gonna be up to a number of entertainments and benefits:

  • Private and group messaging
  • Gifts, Badges, and in-app Ratings
  • Local Fuckbook filter
  • Ad block
  • and more Premium Membership features.

If you want to get by with the Guest account all the way, we afraid, you will have to look for a different app. The reason is pragmatic: there are no high-quality services that go for free. Surely, it’s possible to find free of charge dating sites that work in low maintenance mode. By saving money you take on risks of bumping into scams or even catching viruses. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you want to pay money or the price of your security, which can be much higher.

Therefore, we recommend you to shell out and sleep soundly. Whether you are ready to get a premium upgrade or still checking free Fuckbook, we want to ensure you that either way your time won’t be wasted!

Pros and Cons of Fuckbook Online

Having consulted with other Fuckbook com reviews, we identified the main advantages and disadvantages of this website.

  • over 20 million real user profiles
  • affordable pricing
  • lifelong subscription possibility
  • legit and safe
  • advanced security measures
  • granted anonymity
  • invisible mode
  • videos and cam shows live

This dating provider has made sure that you can conveniently log in to your account from any device you’ve got at hand at the moment. If it is a PC or a laptop, the website is to your services. On the move with a smartphone? Not a problem as well. Fuckbook app is free for download for iOS and Android. The best part is that you can communicate, text and video chat, and do everything you do on the website from the phone.

There are only two things that we and many users of the app agree to be a disadvantage of Fuckbook, namely

  • instant messages only with a paid subscription
  • users can see who checked their profile

The reason we included the latter to the list of cons is that many users confuse profiles that viewed them with those that liked them. As to all the rest, we found no reason to spoil the picture by including minor issues you won’t even notice.

Fuckbook Site Security


No Fuckbook reviews will tell you more about dating site’s security precautions than the website itself. To evaluate Is Fuckbook for real as safe and secure as painted, we personally tested it and found out the following proofs of Fuckbook legit conduct:

  • ‘XBiz Dating Site of the Year’ and ‘YNOT Best Newcomer of the Year’ Awards
  • No info displayed on the billing statement
  • Only users over 18 y.o.
  • Ability to blocklist, flag, and report suspicious users
  • Instant delete of account at user’s will
  • Advanced encryption of data

Is Fuckbook safe?

We hope we’ve answered this question in full and you don’t need to worry about the safety of your profile, transactions, or whatever concerns you. Fuckbook has already done everything to take it out of the plate, and your only task is to sing up and have fun!

Yet, there is always something you can do to protect your own safety as well. In fact, many unfortunate accidents related to data leakage happen out of user’s fault. Fuckbook aims at protecting you from the latter and warns against doing the following:

  • Giving your credit card info in private messages. Regardless of how long you two have been texting or video chatting, don’t you hurry to help this person solve his/her problems with your money. Getting mislead by skilled manipulators online is a frequent occurrence on the dating websitesso be careful.
  • Revealing your real name. While you can decide if you want to do that or not, Fuckbook encourages to go by username when on the website.
  • Don’t share your login and pass with other Fuckbook users or non-users. Needless to say, a person who gets access to your profile, private messages and billing info has control over the situation. There are cases of people being blackmailed due to their negligence, so you gotta keep your head on a swivel.

With your understanding of basic privacy protection mechanisms together with Fuckbook security measures, your privacy is invulnerable.

Does Fuckbook Work and How to Tell?


The efficiency of dating websites depends on many factors. HookupGeek tests and rates these sites according to the criteria you’ve seen at the top of this page. Hookup rate, interface, customer support, and othersis what we pay attention to. However, the hookup rate stands first because this one is what you, as a user, are the most interested in.

We believe that this rate expressed in % responds to many questions you otherwise would not have answers to. How else would you know whether the money you are going to pay for the site is to pay off?

Fuckbook Hookup Rate

Fuckbook hookup rate is something not to keep from the public89% is a success for any dating online site. But what does it tell you about the website? It tells that Fuckbook hookups is not something extraordinary because 89% of users manage to hook up and have casual sex within the first week of using the app.

Not all users come to the site with the aim to meet someone in real life. Fuckbook has taken this into account and now they have cam features available. Even though virtual meetings with girls via webcam aren’t considered hookup, we believe they work great if you just want to relax instead of going on a date.

You have many entertainment options when it comes to webcam hookups: you can use the private services of professional cam models, you can talk cam to cam with random girls on the site, or you can watch live performances of a model streamed on the site together with other users.

Thus, even though you might find some negative reviews about Fuckbook, we can assure you that the site really works. If you are serious about finding a hookup, you will see that Fuckbook gives you this possibility.

In order to always be successful in finding casual hookups on dating sites, Fuckbook gives you the following pieces of advice:

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  • Full profile. There is nothing interesting about an empty profile page. The very essence of online hookups is to get to know as much about a person as possible just from checking his/her profile. This way, you can see right away whether it is worth initiating the conversation or not.
  • Stand out. Once a girl enters your profile and starts checking your personal info, she has to find something that will make her think you aren’t just some boring dude that dreams to finally get laid. Your profile on the Internet is like your face in real lifethus, you gotta make it present you in the best light. Boast away with your hobbies and accomplishments, make yourself look like a person who has a busy lifeand you won’t spend a single minute with no messages in your inbox.
  • Don’t wait, act. Usually, the most active users get the most hookups. Regardless of whether you want to move on after a breakup, meet the girl of your dreams, or just have casual sexFuckbook can solve any problem of the kind. However, you’ve got to be the first to text people you like and not just wait untill someone messages you first.
  • Use Fuckbook features. Fuckbook has come up with lots of cute things that you can use to express your affection. Starting with regular winks and ending with exclusive presents to a girl you likeit’s up to you how far you’d want to go.
  • Make friends and have fun! At Fuckbook app, you can add people you like or find interesting to your friend list in order to keep them all in one place. So do make this list as long as possible!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your dating Fuckbook experience.

How To Delete Fuckbook Profile?

In fact, it is quite a natural approach to want to stop your membership with a dating platform, since it may be not efficient for you or, oppositely, you’ve really found what’s been needed. When it comes to FuckBook, you are expected to accomplish the following steps to quit your membership,

  1. log in your profile using the credentials for your signup;
  2. in the upper left-hand corner press the menu button;
  3. scroll down till the end to find the Account tab;
  4. pick it up;
  5. on the new page, right beneath your username, see the line of Delete My Profile;
  6. insert the captcha proposed; and
  7. press Delete My Profile.

By confirming this action, you will have all of your personal and banking details deleted from the database of the site. Herein, do kindly consider that

  • after you have deleted you profile, you’ll not restore it;
  • no refund of your membership fee is possible;
  • regardless of the reason of your cancellation, neither of the chats would be saved.

So, it means that you’d better be reasonable, and delete your profile with the overall understanding that nothing would be back after that action! Anyway, now you are aware of how to cancel FuckBook profile!

Final Thoughts About FuckBook


I’m a writer and a head editor for HookupGeek and just a person keen on horny activities in my life to feel the constantly changing taste of satisfaction!

Having investigated the essence and the algorithm of work of FuckBook and its approach to dating and hookup, we can assume that indeed, this website is to be referred to as one of the revolutionary ones. In fact, we have some reasons to believe so, namely,

  • the functionality of the site is adorable as it is aimed at providing the most effective outcomes;
  • the great database of the users as well as the diverse sexual preferences to be opted for will created the overwhelming diversity;
  • the efficacy of the tools would advance you closer to the best hookup cases;
  • the absence of scam and transparency of the payments would make your use even more comfortable;
  • the site is available in about 20 languages, so you’d have no language obstacles on your way to communicate with the cuties to make them fountain as hell, you know;
  • the interactive tools like games and web cams (as on all sex cam sites) will let you gain more experience in adult stuff and will amuse you, as well.

On the one hand, these reasons may seem some vague if you’ve never tried FuckBook. On the other hand, we have a strong conviction that the entertainment you get with dating site is awesome! So, is FuckBook for real? Well, you can always have it checked out on your own to understand if the tools of the site suit you and your needs.

Finally, we would love to make an emphasis on the fact that the we always appreciate your feedback on our reviews. It means that you can surely leave it right after the FAQ section. It is paramount, as you would also assist our readers to better understand if they should or should not use a particular dating brand. So, do really feel free, and express your opinion! Thank you!

FAQ about Fuckbook

In compliance with the policies and Terms of Use which Fuckbook has exclusively composed, you can have both heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual relations found. What is more, there is a unique function of getting acquainted for the threesome purposes or for swingers experiments. Thus, you can opt for the choice of “couple” when you sign up. Remember that you can change and/or modify your preferences as many times as needed.

The official Terms of Use communicate that the usage of Fuckbook is absolutely legal, as its services are based on the following legal regulations, “Digital Millenium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)” and “18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Notice” for Fuckbook. Both legal documents are called to ensure that the site undergoes all the legal bases. What is more, in compliance with the Terms of Use of Fuckbook, “pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2257(h)(2)(B)(v) and 47 U.S.C. § 230(c), the operators of this website reserve the right to delete materials appearing on the site as the result of actions taken by the website’s users, which materials are deemed, in the operator’s sole discretion, to be indecent, obscene, defamatory, or inconsistent with the policies and terms of service for this website”. Hence, you can really count for the most legal bases of using the dating service online.

In fact, all the profiles listed on Fuckbook can be divided into two categories: real and the icebreaker-based ones (this is clearly stated in the Terms of use of the site). The icebreaker-based profiles are optional, which means that you can pick up if you want to use them with the purpose of getting more acquainted with the way the website functions. Otherwise, you are exposed to the credible profiles only. For more details, feel free to go through the Terms of use of Fuckbook or get in touch with the support team to have all of your questions answered.

Under any circumstances, if you have any troubles and/or questions on how the site works, you’re most welcome to get in touch with the support team of the site. They will surely assist you in resolving any troubles or questions emerged.

As a matter of fact, the Fuckbook dating service has been exclusively designed for the users located in the USA. However, if you do still want to join the site in order to date someone from the USA but your geolocation is off the borders of the USA, you’re welcome to enable the VPN extension or app to have the site work.

There are three main types of the FuckBook carma: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Crowns. Your carma rating is always accessible from your profile setting tab or if you tap your photo icon in the upper right-hand corner, right next to your nickname. The carma level on member’s profiles reflect their reputation and behavior on the platform. You can earn these rates organically through having an active membership, contributing through blogs, comments, status’ and photos; as well as reputation points being awarded or deducted in response to how other members interact with your profile and its content.

You can avoid having your reputation damaged by interacting with other profiles in a polite and respectful manner, using your profile honestly and ensuring you don’t break any of the site conduct rules.

If you have not still got an idea of what is fuck book, we’d say that you need to know what you’re aimed at to have efficient use of the site! For instance, if you’re aimed at watching the webcam shows on the platform, you’d love the feature of fuckbook tv being available for both free and fuckbook premium accounts. You will have efficient use of the site as you will love watching those horny cuties getting undressed!

In fact, for now there are no legal means to use Fuckbook no credit card method not to pay for the membership but have it premium. Every time when you fuckbook sing in, you’ll see that you’d better release the payment to get even more results out of your hook up! As a matter of fact, it is mainly because free fuck book dating mode is much limited, and you will not ever have the overall range of tools at your disposal.

To be honest, there are many ways to ask the same question: is fuckbook any good? or you may wonder is fuckbook worth it? In compliance with our opinion, there are no negative features to worry about, as the site is not aimed at scamming its members. We’d say that the most negative aspect is that no one could be able to get the FuckBook free premium account