FuckSwipe Review

FuckSwipe is a horny dating site and one night dating app of a new generation. Its most advanced feature is a fully customized search. It enables you to tell the app exactly what kind of girls you want to see among your matches. How?

The possibilities of FuckSwipe app filter grow together with your status as a user. Once you move on to Silver or Gold subscription you’ll be able to filter profiles according to

  • User location
  • ‘Last Seen’ status
  • Hobby
  • Nationality
  • Body type
  • Marital status
  • Other

It means that you can initiate conversations with people you see sense in talking to, whether you view it as a possibility to meet up quick or as person’s meeting up your expectations.

Money is not all that defines your popularity; there is a FuckSwipe free rating called ‘Social Score.’ This score reflects how popular you are among other users. It depends on factors like profile views, likes, your activity, number of photos/videos uploaded, etc.

Is FuckSwipe Legit and Safe?


Hookup Geek tests online dating websites to let the users know if they can trust any given site. We have registered at FuckSwipe and also have put it through some testing to tell if it’s genuinely legit and safe for use.

To protect users from any unfortunate situation such as violation of privacy or data leakage, FuckSwipe is equipt with:

  1. FuckSwipe scam detector
  2. Strict website rules and policies
  3. Verified accounts only

The first one means that it’s unlikely you see profiles of other than real users. There are no profiles of ‘super models’ that start messaging you out of nowhere even though you don’t have a single picture uploaded.

Each user that signs up has to agree to the three main rules of Fuckwipe: 1) not to reveal info about someone you know; 2) treat other members with respect; 3) practice safe sex.

And, finally, each user account is verified with email, phone number or other alternative contact means. This way, Fuckswipe makes sure users are aware of the dangers of irresponsible hookup and prevents them from facing the negative consequences.

FuckSwipe App Pricing


As compared to the number of advantages that this app possesses, the subscription prices aren’t that high. There are several types of subscriptions that you can choose from:

  • for starters, you can buy a 3-day subscription for $3 just to see if the site works for you.

Then, it goes more and more beneficialthe longer a duration of the subscription plan is, the less dollar amount per day you pay.

  • 1 month for $30
  • 3 months for $75
  • 6 months for $120

You can purchase Gold plan for a higher price if you are really serious about hookups. For this money, you protect yourself from the risk of scam, various viruses, and fraud. And, what is more important, you are up to one or several months of casual sex with no obligations! If you continue reading, we will tell you how we know Fuckswipe hookups work.

FuckSwipe Dating: Pros and Cons

Special Discounts
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  • Local FuckSwipe search
  • FuckSwipe scam protection
  • FuckSwipe hookup rules
  • Legit adult FuckSwipe
  • Positive FuckSwipe reviews
  • Tasty prices
  • Variety of communication features

The very common disadvantage of many dating sites is that you cannot be 100% sure that the person you talk to has stated real info in his/her profile. The thing is, dating websites cannot do the precheck because it is simply impossible in the online mode. But there is something you can do not to let it stand on your way.

Tip №1. Don’t take stranger’s confessions, offers, promises, or accusations seriously. It is possible to say anything to a person you never met but it does not mean you have to react.

Tip №2. Don’t reveal confidential information. Scammers and phishers may resort to the most cunning ways to lure you into believing them. Remember that whatever the reason, your credit card and login info should be only yours to know.

Tip №3. Ask for more info, photos, and videos. If a person uses his/her pictures, there won’t be a problem to share some more via private messages.

Hookup Rate


The hookup rate for dating sites is like sales to a shop or marks to a studentit determines how well the provider copes with its promises and how good are the services it delivers. 88% is an excellent result for the website like Fuckswipe, considering the number of people that join in and delete their accounts every hour.

Now, think for yourself: if 88 dudes out of 100 get their hookups at Fuckswipe, your chances are pretty high as well! Plus, you can always influence your rating in an app by

  • being an active everyday user
  • posting more photos
  • writing an intriguing and fun profile info
  • getting lots of profile views
  • being active in private and group conversations

In essence, the more of everything you do on the website or app, the higher rating you have on Fuckswipe. And don’t forget that higher rating means more views and more hookups!

Sites like FuckSwipe


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FAQ about FuckSwipe

The registration with FuckSwipe is absolutely free of price, so that you don’t have to pay additionally. You are expected to order the membership, which goes for money.

At any time, when you feel like your membership is not properly working, you can send the complaints to the following address, Nautell Capital Limited 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, Office 107 1087 Nicosia CYPRUS legal@nautellcapitalltd.com. The complaints are usually considered within 7 business days; however, the administration of FuckSwipe takes care of the users and provide all the responses within the shortest period.

According to the Terms of Use developed by FuckSwipe, the profiles listed on the website (the ones you can see as soon as you utilize the search engine) are real, as they undergo the special procedure of verification. What is more, the administration of the website as well as the support team constantly monitor the activities of the users, so that it is much easier to investigate if a certain profile performs any scamful actions or not.

Similarly to the other hookup and dating websites, the services by FuckSwipe do not provide any guarantees that you will surely find someone you like. This is what the Terms of Use say, “Fuckswipe does not guarantee, at any time, either their paid or free membership holders, that the website will be fully operational all the time. Members may face periodic service interruptions or lost data. Please note that the Website and Services are an entertainment service. All profiles are provided for the entertainment of our members and our users. You are not guaranteed that you will find a date or that you will meet any of our members in person or that any given person or profile manifested on the Website or Services is available or interested in dating or communicating with you or anyone else. You also understand and acknowledge that some users and members may provide inaccurate information, messages, and profile data and you agree that Fuckswipe shall not be liable to you in any manner for the same.” This is mainly because no one from the administration can control and regulate your communication with the other users. So, this is only the matter of your manners and choice.

FuckSwipe functions all over the world. So, it means that no matter where you are located geographically, you can access your profile at any time. What is more, it also means that you can hookup the persons from all over the world, when, for instance, you are on your business trip or when you travel somewhere.