About Gianna Nicole

Oh yes! HookupGeek has reached the real necessity to depict some facts from the Gianna Nicole bio. Being an extremely popular porn actress, Gianna Nicole webcam shows also appeal millions of her fans all over the globe! Yep, this cute babe knows well how to be misbehaving when being shot with another hot guy. Her stunning—literally brilliant—body would cause the satisfaction among both men and women, for the girl goes in for sports and takes care of her magnifying appearance!

So, as you can understand it, HookupGeek is going to take a look at the cutie, named Gianna Nicole, her biography, movies, and interesting facts! What is more, you are going to read the most exclusive facts about the porn actress, for you want to know more and more about her, and—what a fortune!—we have so much to tell you, and all! So, get ready and let’s start!

The seductive Guiana Nicole has a graceful body that can—with all those appetizing and alluring proportions—drive anyone, even the most brutal cowboy, just crazy, or even more! The breasts of this actress can boast of a conical shape, creating the feeling that this chick is experiencing the strongest sexual arousal constantly and everywhere—if you don’t believe, you just watch some of those f— movies she starred in. But who knows: maybe this is not far from the truth?

HookupGeek is going to investigated everything! So, just be patient and keep being anticipating the horniest details about her life and career!

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As a rule, we start off the general facts of a porn actress, so this time is not actually an exception, and you will have it right away,

  • The real name of Gianna Nicole is Alisa Marie Kotvas, and don’t even ask how we have found it out;
  • Her ethnicity is Caucasian;
  • The country of origin of this marvelous cutie is the United States;
  • The state, where she was born is Florida (FL);
  • The town which serves as her place of birth is Tampa;
  • The date of birth of Gianna Nicole is March 16, 1995;
  • So, the girl is just 24 years old;
  • Her astrological sign is, as a consequence, Pisces;
  • Currently, the girl is known to live in Las Vegas, and believes that this her real home;
  • Gianna’s career started in 2014 (so, she has been 5 years in the adult business).

After finding out the general details of the biography of Gianna Nicole, you can see that being quite a young lady, she has already some interesting facts, but this is just a beginning of the numerous more interesting and… hornier facts about this misbehaving and teasing cutie, who you’d love to know more in detail!

So, the next point, which are to shed light on is the physical parameters of the porn actress, whose name is known all around the globe, and whose fame is not going to stop at the achieved level. So, what we know about physical parameters of Gianna? Let’s see the list of her sexy characteristics and start adoring her even more,

  • Gianna’s eye color is Hazel; while
  • her hair color is black, so she is already nice with these characteristics;
  • The height of the cutie is 170 cm, or 5 feet and 7 inches; whilst
  • The weight of Gianna is just 55 kg, that is 121 lbs;
  • The measurements of this babe are as follows, 34C-28-38;
  • What is quite surprising the girl has real natural boobs (!);
  • The shoe size of this porn actress is 8 (U.S. & Canada Women Size);
  • The girl has some nice tattoos on her left shoulder, on her stomach, and behind her ear;
  • In addition to this, she’s got a piercing in her navel.

So, it would be some difficult to find another similar babe on any one night stands dating service, who would be as cute and stunning as she is. However, yep, HookupGeek knows some, but Gianna is still no less gorgeous and appealing to both men and women. Why? Heh, you’ll know it right after you read the things she performs and the things she likes when being cammed. So, now, HookupGeek is going to let you know the most piquant and the most unbelievable things about the most beloved experiences in bed she adores to do and what she adores to be done to.

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So, let’s see—since she has much to surprise,

  • Gianna Nicole loves being cammed in the course of the performances and she cannot really imagine having sex with someone without being cammed at all;
  • She loves to have shown the following, topless, full frontal, and pink;
  • In the course of her solo webcam shows, she loves being engaged in masturbation and use her numerous dildos in different purposes, you know;
  • Along with being with the men in the bed, she stands for the bisexual and lesbian experiences, including mainly the softcore, and some nice games with a dildo;
  • When she is both with a boy and a girl (with only one partner), she likes doing blowjob, vaginal pleasures, and some anal games; and, finally,
  • A special thing Gianna likes and tries to implement in her movies is bondage.

So, what we know about the life of Gianna before she became a super duper famous porn actress? Yep, as we told you already, she was born in the US state of Florida. The house of the future actress was on the very shore of Tampa Bay, in whose honor the city was named, in which the beauty spent her most tender years. The proximity to the picturesque bay was the reason that all her early youth, this chick spent on the shore of a huge reservoir, entertaining herself with fun water games with her peers. Swimming and frolicking in the warm waters of the bay, young people often indulged in very passionate games there, because hypersexuality at such a tender age did not leave them any choice and pushed friends to throw out the accumulated sexual energy.

Now, let’s see the way Gianna’s career was like,

  • Gianna began her career in the adult movie world following the example of her longtime friend, and part-time mistress, porn actress Grace Hut, who recommended a young chick to the DMT Production studio, which she had worked for at that time for almost two years;
  • The lifestyle of a friend always fascinated our heroine, who admired that Grace not only does what she really likes, but also leads a life of a real star, attending numerous social events and glamorous parties where adult adult film actresses constantly invite;
  • She quickly agrees with the idea of ​​a mistress to try their capabilities on the stage of an adult movie. Considering that the chick had secretly dreamed about it for a long time, everything went very well;
  • The debut film starring actress Guiana Nicole was released in February 2014, it was called My Brother Has a Big Dick;
  • In her first scene, the young talent showed itself as a fantastic supermodel;
  • Given that this was her first role in life, we can say that the beauty coped with her one hundred and ten percent;
  • According to the script of this film, she plays the character of a young girl who accidentally saw her older brother taking a shower;
  • The young lady, struck by the size of the organ of his relative, who, unaware that they were spying on him, slowly rubbed his huge device under warm streams of water;
  • Being unable to restrain the excitement that gripped her, the heroine begins to gently massage her pussy with her finger;
  • Her brother notices her sister’s presence and, seeing what she is doing, watching her naked body, without hesitation, invites her sister to join in the adoption of a hot shower.

Further, as it is not difficult to guess, a passionate, skillfully executed blowjob follows, after which the viewer becomes a witness to passionate sex between the heroes of the motion picture. This role was played by aspiring actress Nicole so convincingly that after the release of this debut film, she receives invitations from several major studios at once.

Gianna Nicole is a newcomer to the adult industry, originally from Tampa, Florida, but now Gianna calls her sins city Las Vegas home. In addition to this, we have also identified that

  • She describes herself on Twitter as “Entertainer, makeup artist and ingenious sex symbol”;
  • As well as Gianna boasts a huge number of fans (3.2 million people) in the Instagram system, which she managed to conquer her career in the pornographic industry over the year;
  • Gianna Nicole has appeared in several porn films such as Spin Class Ass 2 (series taken from the Warmup for Pop 2), Lesbian Family Ties, and Women’s Car Wash 2;
  • Regarding why she entered the porn industry, Gianna Nicole replied: “And just like having sex.”
  • When she was asked to name her best body parts, Gianna replied that these are her eyes and backside. And it is very easy to understand by looking at her Instagram page, where there are a lot of pictures in the style of ‘selfie’ with an emphasis on her ass and stories with Gianna Nicole naked videos.

In addition to porn filming, Gianna Nicole spends her free time on the beach, enjoys fishing, diving, traveling a lot, loves animals, actively goes in for sports and loves to cook. As for her sexual fantasies, Gianna replied that she was not quite ready for some porn scenes, for example, at the expense of filming with several guys at once, she would refuse.

Interesting Facts

After we have considered some of the points from the biography of this horny girl, we would love to pay your attention to the interesting facts, which HookupGeek has successfully found out about Gianna! Believe, there are some more even nice details which you would be eager to know about Gianna. Yep, this girl—regardless of the fact that she is quite a young one—has numerous interesting facts about the girl’s performances.

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We will also disclose the rating of the best movies, which you will surely admire when thinking of Gianna Nicole!

So, HookupGeek has found out the following,

  • Gianna Nicole has been in relationships with Drake (the period between 2014 and 2015) and Riff Raff (the period between 2014 and 2015);
  • Gianna Nicole is at the moment single and lives in Las Vegas.
  • HookupGeek has discovered that Gianna’s mother has always been an alcoholic, but the girl anyway succeeded in her life;
  • In compliance to Gianna Nicole interview, her father is a wannabe MMA fighter;
  • The only plus about this girl is she is raising her two high-school aged brothers at her own apartment

Furthermore, HookupGeek gives you a perfect opportunity to have a rating of the best Gianna Nicole nude videos and movies to watch and show your little bro how the real indulgence looks like!

  1. Spring Break Fuck Parties 2 [cammed by Pulse Distribution] (2014)
  2. Barefoot Confidential 85 [released by Kick Ass Pictures] (2015)
  3. Casting Couch Amateurs 15 [released by Pulse Distribution] (2016)
  4. Pure Sexual Attraction 3 [cammed by Digital Sin] (2015)
  5. Sibling Sex Stories 2 [shot by Forbidden Fruits Films] (2014)
  6. World’s Nicest Nurses [shot by Brazzers Network] (2015)
  7. Jules Jordan’s Eye Contact [cammed by Jules Jordan Video] (2015)
  8. Brazzers House 5 [shot by Brazzers Network] (2015)
  9. Three of Us [cammed by PornPros] (2015)
  10. Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty 5 [shot by Pulse Distribution] (2015)
  11. Naughty Rich Girls 13 [cammed by Pure Play Media] (2015)
  12. Wingmen [released by Digital Playground] (2014)
  13. Nympho Nurses and Dirty Doctors [released by Brazzers] (2016)
  14. Sweet 18 [shot by Girls Gone Wild] (2015)
  15. Perfectly Natural 5 [released by PornPros] (2015)
  16. Perfectly Natural 2 [cammed by PornPros] (2014)
  17. Come Home To Bone [created by Brazzers Network] (2014)
  18. Handjob, Footjob and Blowjob 2 [released by Exile Distribution] (2015)
  19. Rubbing That Tight Pussy [prepared by Kick Ass Pictures] (2015)
  20. Anal Provocateur [shot by Jules Jordan Video] (2015)

If you think that this is everything we could tell you, you’re not right, hehe! We have some more interesting facts about this cutie,

  • the girl adores pets and animals but because of her schedule, she cannot adopt any pet, unfortunately;
  • because of her love to pets, Gianna is often involved in the charity for the pets and animals;
  • the decision to become a porn star was made partially because of the family matters the girl had in the future (as we have also already depicted at the beginning of the section);
  • the decision to become a porn actress was also accompanied by the necessity to decide on what sexual preferences are to be chosen for the camming process;
  • the first movie which Gianna was shot in surprised her and inspired her for the future process of camming.

Now, it’d logical to touch upon the preferences of this hot girl in sex. You would, then, know what to expect from her when you are going to watch one or even several of the movies, which she took part in. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about the sexually favorite things of Gianna Nicole,

  • the girl adores different experiments, and, as a consequence, she no limits in sex;
  • being bisexual, she is eager to participate in both straight, group, and lesbian movies, and does it with the same perfection;
  • the straight role in the movies is frequently accompanied by the hottest men cammed with Gianna;
  • she adores the men whose body shape is athletic;
  • the same can be said about the girls, who the porn actress is cammed with;
  • when Gianna Nicole opts for making another solo video with only her participation in the most horny manner, she applies numerous interesting sex toys, so that her solo performances are not less interesting and piquant than the movies, where she is not alone;
  • Gianna likes the interracial intercourses, since it is always a super horny and new experience for the porn actress; and
  • the most favorite movies categories, where Gianna Nicole adores participating are as follows (but, of course, are not limited to), Black, Big Tits, Office, Glory Hole, Pov, Licking, Anal Creampie,Doggystyle, Wife Swap Ass Licking, Threesome, Petite, Vibrator, Amateur, Cum Swallowing, Swallowing, Riding, Close-up, Stripping, and Panties;
  • Gianna has had successful cooperation with such porn studios as Brazzers Network, Tonights Girlfriend, Naughty America,  Porn Fidelity, Bang Pass, Digital Playground, Naughty Bookworms, Cum Fiesta, Monster Curves, I Have A Wife, My Wife’s Hot Friend, BangBros Network, Seduced By A Cougar, Money Talks, Teens Loves Huge Cock.

Thus, you can see that the most versatile and horny experiences when you watch the best movies with Gianna’s participation.  The diversity of the girl’s preferences is never over, and you can admire her acting in the movies every time when you want, since Gianna knows how to attract men and women and how to set them on fire both in the process of camming and when it comes to the viewers’ satisfaction, as well.

HookupGeek would also like to show some of the awards she was nominated to, but, unfortunately, by this time, she has nothing won,

  • back in 2015, Gianna was a nominee for the Fan Award, and the nomination was called the Cutest Newcomer in the porn industry and adult xxx movies;
  • back in 2016, Gianna Nicole became a nominee with the nomination of the Best POV Sex Scene, and the movies Jules Jordan’s Eye Contact (2015) was marked as one of the best scenes where Gianna expressed herself;
  • again, back in 2016, she was also a nominee with the Fan Award, and her nomination was named as Hottest Newcomer.

Unfortunately, neither of the nominations brought this cutie to the win. But we are sure that such a talent will never be faded out, and her fans would push her to the new nominations and, of course, the awards, since the awards are also some important for the actress.

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Having already starred in more than 50 movies for adults, Gianna has been working with such porn platforms and companies as,

  • 8th Street Latinas;
  • Assparade;
  • Babes;
  • Digital Playground;
  • Glory Hole Loads;
  • In The Vip;
  • Casting Couch X;
  • Drone Hunter;
  • Porn Fidelity;
  • Monster Curves;
  • Naughty Office;
  • Public Bang; and
  • Twistys Hard.

So, in spite of the quite young age, the girl has much experience in cooperation with the most famous and prosperous websites, web platforms for adults, and porn movies companies. If you think, why she has done it all and why she has been so interesting to them all, we can only say that she knows how the talent of her body can work and she improves it in order to deliver the biggest satisfaction to the fans of hers. Yep, she is aware of being adored, but it is not just that enough to know it—it is paramount to stimulate and encourage herself to carry on doing everything in the greatest manner. In fact, it can serve as the best approach to how to become famous and how to sustain the position of the most desired and loved porn star ever!

Why Is Gianna Nicole So Unique?

Tan chick from Florida hit the porn video only in 2014, but in a few months managed to gain not weak popularity on the Internet. On the vote, she entered the top hundred actresses of the erotic genre among netizens, so she clearly has not only a smart appearance, but also a huge talent, which you can easily observe when seeing, say, Gianna Nicole gif. Gianna Nicole is still a very young actress, she recently just passed over her twenty, so this chick will still have time to surprise everyone with her achievements. She allows herself participating in the scenes with rather rough frames, not only with anal and vaginal sex, but also with double penetration. Her main secret is that she always wants sex, which allows her not to completely play in the frame, namely to enjoy what is happening, which is very good for the picture and makes every viewer madly excited.

Boobs cones are a huge temptation, which Guiana Nicole used to enjoy to the fullest—especially in the course of Gianna Nicole cam shows. Constantly protruding nipples create the effect of the strongest sexual arousal. At an early age, the skater coquette was constantly snooping around the shore in a bikini, seducing men with perfect forms. As we told you, her acquaintance with the already held actress Grace Hut pushed an attractive young lady on to the path of outright debauchery.

A nice bonus after the debut in porn became secular parties, pompous parties in glamorous outfits, uncommon fun with colleagues. Lesbian fun becomes an expected step in the career of a porn actress who has long dreamed of licking her friend’s cap and letting other tiptoes moisten her tongue with tongue. The experience gained provided Gianna Nicole with a role that provided for full-fledged sex with a man who had an impressively sized device. In order not to seem a foolish girl, the dark-haired beast dressed up worse than any model, and then effectively coped with the task set by the director. Persuasive orgasm provoked several valuable proposals from reputable studios.

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Gianna’s fans in social networks arrive endlessly, their number is several million people. A celebrity loves her ass so greatly, because often the members of a large caliber cram in there, and she regularly uploads photos showing her elastic ass for fans. Water sports, fishing, cooking and pranks with pets are the main hobbies of Gianna Nicole. Her passion for travel does not allow an active beauty to sit on the spot without any movement. The only frightening direction she considers f— with several men, because she herself does not know what a particular interest in anal penetration can lead to. Until recently, the holes in the celebrity’s body were actively stuffed with men’s organs only on the set, since she had no serious relationship.

If you want to have access to more information about this porn star and watch Gianna Nicole pics of erotic and casual format, you may want to follow the social networks profiles, where the girl is quite active with her followers and has pretty audience! So, let us see it all now right away,

  • Gianna Nicole Instagram profile is followed by more than 7 million people;
  • About 250K followers can be seen with the Gianna Nicole Twitter page;
  • In case if you want to see some nice, funny, and erotic short videos, you may follow the Gianna Nicole SnapChat profile via @HeyGianna316 to have constant adult fun merely every day!

Thus, you can now have numerous ways in which you will be able to find out more and more about the gorgeous young girl, whose career in porn industry will never fail. What is more, you can always adore her numerous movies and short webcam videos, so that you can have the best impressions only if really want to. Gianna Nicole has numerous things to surprise her fans, and she actively implements those in the movies and live cam sex shows by her. Thus, you will never her phantasy exhausted!

Gianna Nicole is a delectable minimal teenager treat coming to us straight from the core of the daylight state. Furthermore, similar to the excellent sandy shorelines of her local Florida, this brilliant cleaned sex goddess is hot. A normally sexual individual, Gianna got her begin in the business when she was only 18 years of age, and watching her in real life, obviously she adores each second of it. From her lively squeezable tits to her tight adjust ass, every last bit of tissue on Gianna Nicole’s body is sans flaw and all common. At the point when she’s not occupied with screwing in movie form, you can likely locate this indiscriminate excellence at the shoreline, setting up some astonishing sound nourishment, or angling, her preferred approaches to loosen up that don’t include getting her tight high schooler pussy beat. So, help yourself out and check our pornography’s next huge thing in her smoking hot MilfFox debut!

Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed, the life and career of Gianna Nicole is more than just an ordinary porn actress’ one. In fact, we would exaggerate anything if we state that Gianna is a real phenomenon! Yeah, she is, for the talent of hers and the charisma she possesses can easily create the new revolution in the porn industry in general, and thus will create the newest approaches to how the pleasure can be communicated via the format of porn movies and webcam shows. Thus, everytime when you watch the movies of this cutie or watch the most piquant webcam shows by her, you can get what you have always wanted to grab. Yep, all the secret pleasure and most unbearable indulgence is all hers, and it can be all yours as well if you just watch a couple of her videos, which HookupGeek recommended. Believe you will have the most exquisite impressions!

In addition to this, the facts which we have uncovered about Gianna are really unique and they will surely give you more intensity of satisfaction. As you may know, at HookupGeek we have investigated so many personalities of the most alluring webcam models and porn actresses. And, along with this, we find something exclusive, so each time when you read about the biographies of the porn actresses you can count for the most exquisite content. Yep, if you are tired of ordinary and regular posts about those hot and passionate babes, you can really entrust it all to HookupGeek, for we have the unique sources of getting the most confidential and intricate data.

Turning back to the personality and skills by Gianna Nicole, you can really admire her, since her stunning body is really appealing and can wake everyone up. Each of the movies which the porn actress was shot for, are to deliver the highest satisfaction to the Gianna’s viewers.

Finally, we’d point to the sex dating sites and we would love to conclude this article by thanking you for visiting us and for taking care of your satisfaction, for it is the best approach and the most responsible way to gain the best!

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